Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm Lyrics

She dances in his sheets at night
She dances to his needs
She dances 'til he feels just right
Until he falls asleep

She dances at the crack of dawn
And quickly cooks his food
She can't be late, can't take too long
The kids must get to school

She's a slave to the rhythm
She's a slave to the rhythm of
She's a slave to the rhythm
A slave to the rhythm of
The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love
She's a slave to the rhythm
She's a slave to the rhythm of
She's a slave to the rhythm
A slave to the rhythm of
The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love

She dances for the man at work
Who works her overtime
She can't be rude as she says sir
I must be home tonight

She dances to the kitchen stove
Dinner is served by nine
He says his food's an hour late
She must be out her mind

She's a slave to the rhythm
She's a slave to the rhythm of
She's a slave to the rhythm
A slave to the rhythm of
The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love
She's a slave to the rhythm
She's a slave to the rhythm of
She's a slave to the rhythm
A slave to the rhythm of
The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love

She works so hard just to make her way
For a man who just don't appreciate
And though he takes her love in vain
Yet she could not stop, couldn't break his chains

She danced the night that they fell out
She swore she'd dance no more
But dance she did, he did not quit
As she ran out the door

She danced through the night in fear of her life
She danced to a beat of her own
She let out a cry and swallowed her pride
She knew she was needed back home, home

Cause she's a slave to the rhythm
She's a slave to the rhythm of
She's a slave to the rhythm
A slave to the rhythm of
The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love
She's a slave to the rhythm
She's a slave to the rhythm of
She's a slave to the rhythm
A slave to the rhythm of
The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love

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Michael Jackson Slave To The Rhythm Comments
  1. Düz Dünya Uzmanı

    I love you King of Pop and Dance.
    1:40 İlluminati sign made with his fingers. :)
    The best Michael Jackson hologram dance I've ever seen.
    I don't care if the news and the cases are slander.
    Because his sexual orientation is not our business.
    LGBT is God's work.
    The sexual desires of the king do not concern anyone.
    We : M.J. admired her heart, her dance, her music and her voice.
    M.J. King of pop forever.

  2. gabriel sylvestre

    That ain't Michael. They pullin' another alternate reverse Milli Vanilli - kriss krossed out gimmick out of their tail to make more money? Or would/did he approve of this before hand? Anyone who grew up watching him can tell from a glance. Like me.

  3. Gavin Monie

    no man could on earth could make this good of a man agan

  4. Daniel Santana

    Escrava do Ritmo

  5. Paula Andrea López

    Esto es hermosooooo

  6. Wagner Xaruruca

    love musica.1000000000000/0000000000000

  7. Valeria Paredes

    Como quisiera que Michael Jackson este vivo para poder conocerle

  8. skrrt skrrt


  9. あびまる


  10. sonic Hetagig

    What are the kids doing in a voice

  11. Hulgo animation's

    Queria saber quem e que posta os vídeos

  12. Zabir Islam

    Michael jackson king of POP foreverr 😍😍😍❤❤😍😍❤❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍😍❤

  13. Gilles Tchepkowsky

    .... what... is... this... crap....


    Hologram Michael Jackson of course

    Gilles Tchepkowsky

    @Shak U mean Hologram Michael Jackson double

  14. No Name

    Что за обман, я не поняла?

  15. Brittney Nelson

    Fell in love with this song the moment I heard it

  16. joe hammond

    The Weekend redo this song like he did dirty diana he'd kill it

  17. Daniel Santana


  18. Josiane Fialho Jôh

    Shoooow amazing

  19. Tiffany Curtis

    I wish that he knew that people loved him soooo much. I love him so much it's crazy that he never felt that awee😩

  20. Tiffany Curtis

    I feel like the horrible shit that goes on in this world today never wouldbe happened if him & mr. Roger's and a whole lot of people were still alive😭

  21. Tiffany Curtis

    So sweet that this is even a thing. I love it❤ but it cant and never will be the real deal😭 the man him self😩

  22. Adeameghi

    *_Was He Really A Hologram?_*

    *_Please Like I It Was A Hologram Reply If It Wast_*

  23. Adeameghi



    *Is that all people*?

  24. Jonnyreverb

    It's not 3D, it's not a hologram, this is pepper's ghost. It is a reflection of a VERY FLAT screen under the stage. This is crap.

  25. David

    asuu, gran musical, claro no va a igualar al original pero buen video

  26. KeithGoCrazy

    There’s a hidden message behind this song and video that only a select few will understand...

  27. Ingrid

    Meu Deus a imagem tá muito boa para ser de 5 anos atrás


    Mas em 2014 a imagem era boa 😂

  28. Jhennifer Yampasi

    Buenas estoy llorando

  29. Mark Maxwell

    This is terrible, at least it's not his fault cause he's dead.

  30. M Green

    Anyone else seen the resemblance between “In the Night” by the Weeknd and Slave to the rhythm ?

    Michael Jackson “She danced through the night in fear of her life“

    The Weeknd “In the night she's dancing to relieve the pain“

  31. Don Salluste

    The dancer who made the moves for the hologram definitely needs to improve to pretend reproducing the dancing style of the real MJ...

  32. Armyvetgrl

    Ever heard of Uncanny Valley? It is why I cried watching this. I could immediately tell it wasn't him. Song is amazing, holograms are not

  33. lil billxx

    The dance was trash asf for real there can only be ☝️ king

  34. Feelix sparkz /ITS_3ND3RCR4FT0192

    I'm a grade 6 pianist

  35. Feelix sparkz /ITS_3ND3RCR4FT0192

    Plus the world class pianist me

  36. Feelix sparkz /ITS_3ND3RCR4FT0192

    All hail the king of pop Michael Jackson

  37. Su and john

    Is he Sergio Cortes ?....and Is Micheal Jackson voice ?

  38. Corporativo MYM

    Michael jackson king of pop🎤🎺🎻🔊🇺🇸

  39. Sheila Kissick

    I get chills and a feeling so overwhelming inside watching this. I can't explain it. 😘❤❤🥰❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏


    It's not Micheal that's very clear a hologram cannot just not replace what was I think its Navi...

  41. Mckever Lewis

    This the show Mike was putting on ,my first time seeing, OMG Michael did it then. Y'all know they named him after the driver and the car right just little American history. Aka. he gets it done ya heard me!

  42. lisa lee

    Let the man rest in peace

  43. Joseph Brown

    Who's here January 2020❤?

  44. Qunisth

    Сука лучший братишка

  45. quintan caldwell

    This was stupid. Some cheap MJ impersonator filmed in a sounstage. That's not even MJs style of performance, he never did anything blatantly demonic like this performance clearly was.

  46. auroraborealise me

    The media treated him like he was a hologram with no feelings when he was alive..like he wasn't human..

  47. Marlene Anderson

    What was the name of the model that was used to create this holograph?


    Think it was Navi....

    Marlene Anderson

    @THEWATCHINGOBSERVER76 thank you ❤✌🏽

    Marlene Anderson

    @THEWATCHINGOBSERVER76 I only saw the background dancers. They never talked about the MJ model use which I found odd.

  48. Maggie Mata

    simplemente estalló mi cabeza! magnífico el rey del pop!😚

  49. Risnox

    Adam ölü ama hâla ayakta alkışlanıyor, işte pop kralı olmak bunu gerektirir. Allah rahmet eylesin. ❤🖤

  50. Kemuel Miller

    This is so demonic! Let these people sleep in peace!

  51. Kurt Cometa

    The real michael is still better than the hologram

  52. LemonBlox

    Work it willis

  53. the salt that child it's not that job Sonic

    This song kill my 13th birthday

  54. Larissa Sousa

    Very good lindooooo amei😍😍😍😍😍

  55. rez rezax

    what year is this

  56. Ademario Pereira

    forever immortal

  57. Shaz Jazz

    I get bad vibes from this and idk why

  58. Yasenid Querubin

    Alavio Maicol 😘♥️🎤

  59. 123rock Sold

    That would have been hot if it actually looks like him

  60. fred34

    not M.J in hologram  , just a poor dopplenger in hologram !

  61. Felipe

    Respeita o pai maior de todos hoje é sempre

  62. Yasenid Querubin


  63. Ken

    King of Pop ❤

  64. 陳宥恩

    Legend never die

  65. tairz2013

    This man was so great that his hologram was selling out and we're here on YouTube missing him.👏👏👏

  66. Natan Ferreira



    Y’all overreacting so much It’s for ppl who hasn’t been able to see him preform, not money


    Bruh everybody is just standing there i would be going crazy🤣

  69. G P

    Never in a million years would I have ever thought a dancing security guard would get me here loool

  70. nicolas linares

    2020 Listen ?? Like great Emperor of pop !!! Like 👑😙

  71. gấu bé

    theo y kiến của 1 người vn biết cảm nhận thì không nên sản suất cái 3d này

  72. BlackgurlMo

    the best hologram Performance since..Tupac!!

  73. Dari Styles

    He is slave to the rhythm ❤️😍

  74. K W

    I know people are against holograms but this shit is soooo dope to me

  75. WackTheYack

    Where are the kids Michael!!

  76. Mohammed Rizwan

    Okay, this should cover me for a while... Thumbs up if you're watching in:
    2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033, 2034, 2035, 2036, 2037, 2038, 2039, 2040

  77. Елена Д

    Miss you MJ sooo much(((❤❤2020

  78. MATEUS 1.7

    podiam ter caprichado mais no olograma, mais fiquei imaginando o MJ em carne osso dançando e td mains... slk nem lembro da ultima vez q me arrepiei tanto...

  79. Мистер Али

    Казахи или рускии поставьте лайк.(*Пусть американцы думает написал что-то годное*)

  80. Aidar Sagadee


  81. Kuwa Mak

    looks just another impersonator

  82. Jonny Mars

    Doesn’t look a thing like mj

  83. SkibopDaSequel

    this hologram is stiff AF... they should've went with a cartoon instead

  84. Mic G

    Michael's alive

  85. Людмила Биятенкло


  86. Catherine DeCambre

    michael wud have done a better freestyle...he wud prolly have new dance moves you never seen before too

  87. Andrea Sanchez

    I miss you King

  88. Anton Harboe

    Thought it Was Real at first

  89. Goofy Goober

    Work it Willis

  90. Nama Farm

    Why is Mike totally caucasian in this video? Its honestly a kind of strange effect... But ...
    he is still the King