Michael Jackson - Price Of Fame Lyrics

I took my baby on a river boat cruise
And she was well aware
I was excited about the way that things could have been
She said that I don't care
I want a face no one can recognize, in disguise
Someone called out my name
They thought of taking pictures, autographs, then they grab
My joy had turned to pain

Father always told me,
You won't live a quiet life
If you're reaching for fortune and fame
I feel the pressure setting in, I'm living just to win
I'm done in my pain, don't you feel no pain? (No way!)

It's the price of fame, you pay the price of fame
So don't be feelin' no pain!
It's the price of fame, it's the price of fame
So don't you ever complain!

I am the cover of the magazine, what a scene
They know my every do's
“Just sign your name on the dotted line, you'll be fine.”
That always bothers me
Get in your car, you wanna take a ride, look behind
Someone is following you
You try to get away, you turn real fast, but too bad
They know your every move!

My father always told me
You won't live a quiet life
If you're reaching for fortune and fame
I feel the pressure setting in, I'm living just to win
I bleed all this pain, don't you ever complain!

It's the price of fame, you pay the price of fame
So don't you ever complain!
It's the price of fame, you pay the price for fame
So don't be feelin' no pain!

It's the price of fame, you pay the price of fame! (uh)
Father never lies
My father never lies (price of fame)
My father never lies (price of fame)
So don't be feeling this way boy!

I'd like to take sometime and get away, then they'll say,
Is that boy still alive? (uh)
The week in village...what a thrill
Only the strong survive

My father always told me,
You won't live a quiet life,
They startin' to wonderin' where have you been?
I feel their envious looks at me
Their mistaken jealousy (oh?)
Then stand here in my shoes
And then think of my blues!

It’s the price of fame!
You pay the price of fame
So don't you ever complain
It's the price of fame
You pay the price of fame
So don't be feeling this way
It's the price of fame
You pay the price of fame
So don't you ever complain
It's the price of fame
You pay the price of fame
My father never lies (price of fame)
My father never lies, baby
My father never lies (price of fame)
So don't be feeling no pain boy!

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Michael Jackson Price Of Fame Comments
  1. Monika Otłowska

    wszystko co by nie stworzył Michael Jackson zawsze będzie dobre a nie które to przechodzą same siebie piosenki i za to go kocham i lubię


    Someone told me to Write this so Michael my ❤️❤️ will come back
    Kiss ur left hand
    Say the name of ur love - Michael
    Close ur hand
    Say a day of the week- Friday
    Say ur name- Saraya
    Open ur hand
    Paste this to 15 comments
    If do it will go right if not something wrong will happen

  3. MYA miami

    My whatsup status always michael's video..how is it? reply..

  4. afzal mian

    Lyrics are written very clearly and are easily readable,welldone sir Micheal Jackson,keep it up,we need more such kind of new songs covering a lot of new topics ,as you always did before, which we are still enjoying up till now with our new generations, your videos are also very meaningful and unique.God bless you where ever you are sir.You are rightly said king of pop, rock and disco music by the world sir,nobody can ever beat you,I have said this before and I will keep on saying it always.I bought your first cassette thriller accidently or fortunately at the age of twelve years when I went to a shop selling cassettes and storybooks in sadder Rawalpindi,where we use to go every month with my mother and both of my younger brothers to buy such type of things,the shop keeper said that daughter ,this month any cassette of hits is not released ,instead there is a cassette of a new singer whose name is Micheal Jackson,you can buy it instead, you will like the songs inshaAllah,and than he gave me the cassette,I took it and than I saw the face of the shopkeeper with strange and inquiring eyes ,and as it was a very new name for me,I was thinking that the shopkeeper was dodging me just in order to sell his cassette,after seeing my face the shopkeeper said that sentence which I have just described to you.When we heard the songs,each and every family member of our family liked each and everysong,after that we all became lifetime fans of the Jackson's music .A lot of appreciations from Rawalpindi,Islamic Republic of Pakistan ,Asia.7:00am,winters,monday,room temperature approximately 15 degree celcius.Mrs. Mian Mohammed Afzal.

  5. melisa kim م

    The pain is getting me endless tears... ohh poor Michael

  6. Sahara Kemipt

    i love this song ... rang true ....

  7. Michael M

    The beat and music of this song is from another planet

    Michael M

    But its from Michael Jackson, what do you expect ?!

  8. Jerrell Warren


  9. jasmine martinez

    Trust me when I say this the price of fame is your soul

  10. xXoticMythxX

    If feel like this song was made because Michael was pissed off . This might be the only song I could say he didn’t put his all in to and he just wanted 2 send a quick message .

  11. Rajashree Mukherjee

    Rahul Gandhi, Brendan Fraser, Brendon Urie and. Yanni.....are the four prime accused in Nirbhaya case.....

  12. Rajashree Mukherjee

    Oh!! By the way, ....i learnt from news today, that.....nirbhaya's guilty..... All four of them.... Are to be hanged till death on 22nd January, 2020 at 7.am sharp.

  13. Rajashree Mukherjee

    I will keep you all posted about the latest developments.... In this case!!....

  14. Rajashree Mukherjee

    For, investigative purposes, I had to make up these stories, and trap Princess Diana.... The hyena... Bloodthirsty about Mr. Michael Jackson.....the clean Clintons who were, sweetly threatening Mr. Jackson....every night to dance to his death..... The Royal terrorists.....The Windsors.... Who at present are enjoying the legal hospitality of this.... So -called bloody native country.... My motherland called India..... On terrorism, sedition, murder charges. Whoever is making a public appearance elsewhere is a clone..... A human clone!!!!!

  15. Rajashree Mukherjee

    Now... I, Dr. Rajashree Mukherjee, daughter of Dr. Narayan Mukherjee, the chief of RAW( research and analysis) wing of Indian intelligence, in order to save Mr. Jackson and Mr. Nelson Mandela, his father, who also is very much alive, .....Now I hope you know all.... Why Mr. Jackson was victimised.all thru out his life, ..... Because, The windy Windsors could not break, or buy or murder Mr. Mandela in jail and the whole world clamoured for his much-awaited release.....

  16. Rajashree Mukherjee

    She is very much alive, and had been in India, Pakistan, China, in last twenty years, feigning her death. And scheming plans along with Prince Charles, how to malign and terrorize, plot 9/11 and 26/11, and execute them, in India, and USA,.... You all get it!!

  17. Rajashree Mukherjee

    Princess Diana.... Is the Osama Bin Laden.... In reality....

  18. Rajashree Mukherjee

    Now, since, Mr. Jackson, is making a comeback and he is enjoying the true love and care and good wishes from the world who are loving his music with tenfold attention and appreciation, , and he is claiming back that, all the piano pieces of Yanni actually are all,

    either Mr. Jackson's compositions, as he had to stay supposedly dead, for personal investigation of who was responsible for all these papparazzi led motivated humiliation for him and his children, only, or they were unpolished, unfinished pieces or unedited raw compositions of Beethoven, yanni and his brother, Fraser have pounced and kidnapped my mother, Mrs. Krishna Mukherjee, and my sister, Advocate Debashree Mukherjee, and torturing them sexually in an unknown place, with Pappu Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi's local logistic support... To make me admit..... Forcibly that their permanent bed-partner, Rajashree Khastogir... Which was the body double created by my terrorist maternal uncles...... To trap me into so-called Mr. Michael Jackson's death..... As if, I am the so-called master-planner of all the heinous terrorist activities carried out althroughout the world, in the last, at least thirty years......

  19. Rajashree Mukherjee

    Promoting terrorism and earning their richness from murder of mass of human beings, and feeding on human flesh is an old practice of This British Royal family..... I heard that. There was a blast a small one in the royal kitchen, at Fuckinham Palace, and four chefs were burnt.... I don't know whether dead or still alive... But, promptly, Prince Charles went and started nibbling at the raw burnt flesh of his chefs at once...... They never expected this shock in their whole life.... Cannibals!!!!!!......... British Royals are cannibals!!!!!

  20. Rajashree Mukherjee

    Fraser, is an avid fan of black magic, and he is the jealous bastard, behind all the ordeal behind Mr. Michael Jackson's life, and humiliations, Fraser deals adeptly with all the black dead souls, along with his son Brendon Urie, daughter-in-law, TaylorSwift, equally a murderer and daughter Billie Ellish...... And helped by his sweetheart Pimpy auntie....... Afton Smith Fraser, actually their whole marital discord and drama about, their alimony fight was a total gimmick for the world,....... Whitening of black money thru terrorism.... And nothing else.....

  21. Rajashree Mukherjee

    Brendan Fraser is the direct grandson or son(biological) of Legendary John Lennon's murderer Champ. ....ead the internet content about John's murder...... And is the illegitimate son of Western Elizabeth of Great Britain.....

  22. Rajashree Mukherjee

    Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and the whole family of Hollywood star, Brendan Fraser, and Tanning are holding my biological mother. Sister, hostage, and repeatedly raping them, trying to break me down, along with the local help of my three terrorist maternal uncle, and their pimp families and children.... Gangraping my mother and sister, repeatedly trying to pressurize me to accept the crimes and terrorism that I have not committed including severe allegations like, like I plotted Princess Diana's so-called murder in Paris, when all the time, she was enjoying fair Indian weather with Prince Charles.

  23. Gigi DaDoll

    Who's listenin to this in 2020

    Damn this song sounds so sad tbh I cry just knowing how lonely he was 😢😢💔

    We miss you everyday Michael❤

    Will forever be the




  24. MYA miami

    Life is going with better mj music..no problem...I am silent 🤗😍😉😘☺️

  25. Faith Carol

    I don't sing it if I don't mean it.

  26. missval7

    Not one of his better songs but it's alright.the chorus is catchy

  27. Max Ferdy

    Truly sad, I feel so bad for Michael... he didn’t deserve to be insecure! But the beat is super awesome

  28. Lamont Wallace

    Did he say,

    "The week In village, started taking pills what a trill, only the strong survive" ???

  29. DJcyberslash

    I'm guessing this was an unreleased demo. I can see why.

  30. Maureen Oleary



    you paid your music, dance, love , joy, happiness and finally your life as the price of your fame but at the end you got false allegations & hate from this world.

  32. Lena P

    FUCK I just heard this for the first time and I literally want to cry now. This hurts so much just listening to it

  33. Bea Canilao

    Its 2019 and its my first time to hear this song. Its really for him. I miss you Michael. I hope and pray that you are now at peace with the loving arms of our Lord God.

  34. Buticia Smith

    I never heard this song! It's good, must have been a "vault song" Michael Jackson put everything he wanted to say in his work. I didn't realize that til I got older, that he lived through his music.

  35. Brandon LC

    He said more than in the village what a thrill

  36. Falando de quase tudo

    Michael sings his life in this song..

  37. sushanta roy

    So painful life ....

  38. Carolyn Watson

    What a song you picked a very good one here Michael worked his Butt off always... and he was Perfect...💙💙💙💙💙💙💙👑

  39. Uzaygül Jackson

    l won't stop listen Michael's songs till l die 💙

  40. Gomathi mj fan

    I'm 15 yrs old now studyies are very important for me in this age before being a mj fan I'm first in my class but now I'm not so my teachers said to concentrate on studies instead of listening my mj.I also did that after a few months I thought myself "if i gonna forgot mj"but after listening this I'm not.His songs are magnet which attracts everyone's heart
    Love his songs
    Love him
    Love his character😍😍
    "Love is the most important thing in the world"
    -michael jackson

  41. dan damur ayettey

    Price of fame from, Yeah you really paid the price mike. Love you

  42. Karrington Williams

    There will never be another musician with the amount of fame that MJ had and still has....even in death.

  43. jong dolauta

    Michael Jackson forever in my heart and soul

  44. Evelin Zarate

    There trying to make people hate mj what did he ever do whyyy people im sitting and wondering why

  45. Evelin Zarate

    Its been a year and im still wondering why mj keeps being acused of child abuse

  46. Lynn Marie Anderson

    That freaked me out. Reminded me of Drowned World by Madonna. I don't think you realize when you're young the price you pay for fame and fortune . You are natively drawn to the glitz and glamour. You're striving to get noticed, then if it actually happens, I think a lot of stars eventually start to feel like birds in gilded cages. What freedom is that????

  47. Ana Solin

    So sad. The price of fame . Whole of life in front of the cameras .

  48. Alexander Karajan

    Death caused by slander, monstrous allegations and global scale bullying instigated by the media was the price of fame for Michael Jackson, the greatest celebrity of all time

  49. Stella Astral

    he writes a song bout his life…nice…

  50. mjwife 312

    the best song everrr literally💕🥺

  51. Eva Dee

    In 2019 this song is si true. : (

  52. Lee Stevens

    Lol I wanna be famous, but not like Michael was. I just want a lot of people to listen to and like my music.

  53. Fatima Amaray

    Happy everyday to You applehead we love You so much for ever

    Gabriele R.

    Michael,Where ever you are. They safe and happy!!!You deserve a normal life outside the media with family and kids. God bless you!!!

    Fatima Amaray


  54. Fatima Amaray

    Happy birthday Michael all the love and happeniss to You 61 we love You angel more and more success
    انشاء الله

  55. alcudiababe1

    To be fair I like his words. Everybody dreams of somehow being successful, singer, songwriter, actor, actress but there's a price for it but who admires someone if they complain

  56. Ral B

    i loveeeeeeeeee this song ❤

  57. La-seine VITHOND

    he continues to pay the price of his fame even after his death. Beautiful and sad song...

  58. Rita F. Kurian

    2:54 that made me giggle a bit.

  59. Dionna Brooks

    he has delt with so much and yet still keeps his fans smiling!!! I miss him so much!!!

  60. Shellyann Scott

    This song is scary and sad at the same time

  61. Benny Legend

    At 2:58 do you hear what he said?...that's why i believe in fake death...i truly believe Michael is not dead..he just disappeared...

  62. Taakii 123

    I don't know why are you all saying like it's sad because he lived the price of fame. I understand that he doesn't have a private life,he can never be alone,but that's the path he chose and all those people are his fans,the ones who love him so much. All celebrities should appreciate that they have fans. And yes,it is price of fame,but he worked hard for it and that is the life of a celebrity.

    Ashley van Buuren

    Yes and the lyrics is don't you ever complain

  63. Sobia Sheikh

    There is nothing free. Everything comes with price.

  64. Murada

    I could see Joe Jackson saying this to him.

  65. Marina and pearl

    Wow!❤️ love it!

  66. Terri Chastain

    Well he paid the ultimate price for fame. You can hear the saddness in his voice in this song. God bless and keep you MJ...I know you are safe and happy now. Love and miss you always. RIP

  67. Tuwana Ford

    2:53 listen to this mabye he not dead hes tooken some time away think about it makes sense kinda right?

  68. crystal diamond

    I guess this was true...

  69. Thurman Merman

    At 2:49 look at his eyes, he has no emotion. Just dull and flat.

  70. Chris Chris

    Charlie Chaplin mentioned this in his book sadly. He missed walking the street like other humans without intrusion. He suddenly felt utter loneliness in a world he was once part of. Now he's isolated. Can't even trust the friends he had. Its depressing if you're at the level

  71. Tyler Andre Goodmans

    2:38 I love how the china music plays

  72. Genevieve Hansen

    ☂️ 2019

  73. Mime Memi

    💕MJ love u💕

  74. aj lee

    Price of Fame so true

  75. aj lee

    This is so true, talented and legends have to pay the price of Fame but mj had to pay a big price of Fame because he was the King of Pop and the best entertainer of all time.

  76. aj lee

    I feel so sorry for mj he was never happy being famous because he wanted a normal life that we all have like going shopping without anyone following him.and he didn't have much benefits being famous because people made fake news about him to get moneyand they accused him for something he didn't do just to get money.micheal we love u and know no one can follow you now and you have your own privacy now love u mj forever 😘💞

  77. Paula Jackson

    Where is 2:38-2:54 from??❤️❤️Please let me know😁

  78. maria mistretta

    Always know what your in for because there good and the not Good things.
    Only the strong survivor. The 😁🙂
    Proof I'm strong because I survivor alot of things.

  79. Malgorzata Niekurzak

    Nigdy nie zdolaja zniszczyc Michaela, miliony ludzi go kochaja , przede wszystkim za cudowna osobowosc.

  80. Sheila Kissick

    He found out! Hes warning you! Look what Happened to him! Be careful about what you want!!!!! 😔🙏🙏🙏🙏❤🌹💘🤔✌

  81. Just Someone

    All ignorant celebrities should listen to this like y’all are famous like what y’all expect

    Shae Hines

    doesn't make it right though:///

  82. Helga Bach

    He just lived this song...So sad.

  83. Mickael Jackson I love you!!!!!!!! Король


  84. Samantha Holsapple

    2019😘🙏R. I. P

  85. Liz Neptune

    This song sounds tooooo much like Billie Jean to me, I can’t unhear it lol who the hell wrote this?! Love the lyrics tho

    Jennifer Bleuse

    Liz Neptune Michael wrote it

  86. Maxime van Branden

    uhhhh is this weird micheal jackson died in 2009 and i was born in 2009?

  87. Cristo Antonio Marenco Saborio

    Thanks for warning me

  88. Deedee jones

    "Father always told me you won't live a quite life if you're reaching for fortune and fame" Michael Jackson

  89. Nitisha Sahu

    It's such a sad reality , such sadness.. OMG.. I'm crying.. I love you Michael.....forever

  90. Nitisha Sahu

    I felt like a "Who is it" kinda touch in this song... In the lines... My father....

  91. Genevieve Hansen

    Still paying 10 years after death! Media is again making a lot of money and ratings,,,,, now that's powerful MJ

  92. LL45

    Michael Jackson king of the music industry 👑

  93. Khesrow Bahram


  94. Moudeu Djietcheu

    R.I. P Michael Jackson ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  95. Deedee jones

    his my idol so i dont care about what people say

  96. Neo T

    My father never lies. Joseph never lies.

  97. observer 33

    And even dead, he 's still paying....