Michael Jackson - Doggin' Around Lyrics

You better stop
Your doggin' around
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause if you don't stop
I'm gonna have to put you down

I can't take it much longer
My heart's getting weak
It's not getting any stronger
You keep me so upset
My head's in a whirl
But if you wanna be, yeah
Be my girl

You better stop
Your doggin' around
You know what I'm talkin' about
Yeah, yeah, yeah
If you don't stop
I'm gonna have to put you down
Baby, yes I do, yes I do
Gonna, gonna put you down
You're doggin' me [repeat 7x]
I'm gonna have to put you down Yeah

Yes you do, you're doggin' me [repeat 3x]
You better stop
Your doggin' me around

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Michael Jackson Doggin' Around Comments
  1. Afraz •

    It's crazy to think that as time goes by, this song becomes more and more relevant. I think the Media missed the Memo.

  2. Dayziah Applewhite


  3. Mridula Srikanth

    What a beautiful music video !! 💗

  4. JustThisGuy

    that video has a weird and unexplainable aesthetic... smh

  5. Juan Rojas

    2020?💞 Best Song

  6. KenshinRyujin

    Anyone else remember seeing this music video for the first time in Moonwalker?

  7. Almighty Bunny

    Damn he was weird

  8. Gissel Jimenez

    The fact that I understand the whole video now that I’m older ... wow

  9. Mario Casanova

    Whos here in 2020???🎉❤️❤️

  10. sunny d

    The symbolism in this video showing how ridiculous all of the claims about him are is great. I love one man and one man only lmao

  11. Magara Music

    michael confides to pet chimp

  12. Kelly Day

    Why do people keep coming in the comments and saying Michael was innocent/guilty and talking about his court bullshit? Whether he was innocent or guilty,do people really not think that Michael wouldnt want this legacy left on his videos? He would want people talkin about his MUSIC! So stop talking about it now....It was a long time ago. Let's just talk about the wonderful music he left us

  13. bababum #

    I love michael jackson😍😭😭

  14. Оксана Юнкина

    Песня просто класс жалко что ты умер!!!!

  15. Dark Raman

    This video used to scare the shit out of me.

  16. Lionel Kennedy

    Just a dope ass song and video! We love you Mike!!

  17. Steve Harvey

    Cole Bennett making banger vids even in da 80s and 90s

  18. John Ames

    this was the cutting edge of video graphics at the time

  19. Nancy Gabriela Silva


  20. Valentina Celis

    Yo amo sus cansiones

  21. Giovanni Penate

    This song is for me when I’m depressed

  22. Elizabeth RA


  23. Sameer Maldisa

    This song is not on Bad cassette tape album

  24. J K

    2020 anyone my favourite video and song Mj global family we have good taste in music ❤ I went to the 02 when MJs clothing and artifacts were on show in 2010 and saw Michael's props from this video the rocket ship it was fantastic and a dream come true xxx

  25. Gol Lum

    When I watch this superb video, I see Michael evolving in a world in which a danger awaits him at every turn ... this is what his life really was ...😒

  26. noya boo

    The King of poor😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😌😭😭

  27. Kalan

    2020 and Michael is still the King!

  28. Jaxon TM

    Not a single soul:
    Me, walking through my room at night and stepping on a lego: 0:11

  29. Irma laura Arellano alvarado

    me gustó cuando va pasando por la cueva

  30. Declan

    Fame mixed with money is the worst drug you could take.

    X_39 Declan

    Declan hello other Declan


    X_39 Declan
    Yes DEC!!!!

  31. Monika Pupcia Dupcia


  32. Aleksej Bogić

    No one is better than MJ

  33. juyarkodim0833 kotamalang

    I love you

  34. さこ


  35. Elizabeth Girard

    When you have a bad day , listen to music it makes your life feel better

  36. Jorge Antonio

    Sim da hora meu veio

  37. Hᴀʀᴍᴏɴɪᴇ ,ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ

    The dislikes are from those people who believes in tabloids 👎🏽 {𝓜𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓮𝓵 𝓙𝓪𝓬𝓴𝓼𝓸𝓷 is innocent}

  38. maria hernandez

    One of the sadest music videos I ever seen

  39. Changuito Brawl

    michael you are innocent people just like you to take your money

  40. Changuito Brawl

    michael you are inoccent

  41. Climee nikol kika ynko

    2020 here?))





  44. Revolving Traveler

    Who else is here to keep the King of pop alive throught his music? Micheal Jackson is still the best and will always be legendary.

  45. Айсулу Мухамеджан

    2020 привет всем

  46. La bocca della verità

    Who watch this in 2020 has a great taste of music 👍

  47. Blake Raines


    Michael: Just stop dogging me around!

    *Dog shows up in a suit*

    Michael: Hee, hee...am I a joke to you?

  48. Isaac Beverly

    I hate this music video

  49. Charlesetta Mccartney

    Love you Michael Jackson rest in peace.

    MC Em

    You cant love him! Only MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  50. Jean Baptiste eichmann

    écoutez bien il veut rompre le pacte avec....

  51. New King

    Primer canción que escucho en 2020; mi canción favorita de Mj.

  52. •Applehead Material Girl 58•

    I sent this to my ex.

  53. Gol Lum

    I wish that 2020 will be the year when finally "they" will leave you alone 🙏... And your 🌻🌎 fans will pay tribute to you by obtaining a minimum of 100M views on each of your masterpieces.👑🧡💙❤

  54. Patrick Bateman

    My dad likes this song, so, i fucking love his song.

  55. Angie Jo

    2020 and this song is still fresh

  56. Sajid Ali

    miss u buddy
    happy new year 2020 January first

  57. Sajid Ali

    good answer for all reporters n anchors

  58. Darrien pennington

    Please understand Mr Jackson, I'm trying really hard to take you with me where ever I go. :-D

  59. raptorx89x

    Fantastic song !

  60. Toree Hartman

    I still jam to this on the regular!! 🙋🏻‍♀️❤

  61. IzzyG82

    Still bumpin 2020

  62. bastek bass

    i was so scared,

  63. Kenishia Green

    This man was too fine for worlds. And this song is still relevant to this damn day. Smh

  64. Alanis Tharon

    And to think he got crushed in a first-round tournament even being paired with Weird Al Yankovic

  65. Patrick Stewart

    December 2019

  66. Naeem Ramos

    my brother likes michael jackson so much😍

  67. Galaxy Ninja

    This music video is so weird. I just listen to the song, and then when I go to flip the phone over, I see a dog standing up like a human, oh my lord...😂


    Everyone and everything is chasing him...

    Galaxy Ninja

    @chocolatefan27 Yea, 🤣🤣

    Vanessa Hamilton

    Galaxy Ninja His life was a circus. The dogs are supposed to represent “journalists”/the media in this video. “Just stop doggin’ me around”?

    Galaxy Ninja

    Ahhh...thanks for that. I'm new in the community, so I don't know anything..😅🤣

  68. NinaVu Cuisine

    1/1/2020 Happy New Year🎊🎊🎊😘☘️❤️
    May you have a prosperous New Year.” “Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year.” “May the new year bless you with health, wealth and happiness.😍👋🎉🎉🥰🥰

    Gol Lum


  69. Tamiris Ap De Franca Ramos De Franca Ramos

    I love you

  70. ZXRD

    So my song favorite of Mj

  71. 片耳チェロ

    Great love from japan
    Michael forever

  72. Jan Boomkamp

    *🎉15,7 M SUBSCRIBERS Ya'll !! 🎉*
    *Happy New Year !! (Michael) ❤❤*

  73. Zak Thanos

    How I feel all the time MJ❤️🇺🇸👌🍾

  74. Sempre Que Você Ler Os Comentários Eu Vou Estar Lá

    Janeiro 2020 Tem Brasileiros aii 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 👊 👊 😥Leave Me Alone ❤️😭🙏✊✊😔

  75. Gol Lum

    I would like to be 20 years old to write a thesis on this extraordinary video ... and even, why not, a book, and thus win the Goncourt Prize There are so many hidden meanings in "Leave Me Alone" that the book could have 1000 pages 📖 and even several volumes! 📚

    Jan Boomkamp

    @Gol Lum We should have protected this man in the first place...
    He's a goddamn National and International Treasure, [Werelderfgoed]. Iemand zó mooi, zó impactvol en belangrijk als hij hadden we moeten beschermen.
    Ik ben hier heel boos om

    Jan Boomkamp

    We hadden het nooit mogen laten gebeuren met zijn allen.
    Arme man, ik kan niet eens beginnen te begrijpen wat hij heeft moeten doormaken, en we weten de helft er nog niet van!
    Hij was een bron van inspiratie, een bron van schitterende (creatieve) energie,
    één en al Liefde... en goedheid, met zoveel invloed op de wereld


    Gol Lum This Michael Jackson channel has actually 15,7 millions subscribers. So I think this is a good indicator of the number of MJ fans (who have access to modern technology) around the world.


    Gol Lum Please watch Lettre d‘amour à Michael Jackson par Yoann Bomal. It‘s also a kind of a thesis.

    Gol Lum

    @chocolatefan27 I saw it ! and I already shared the link before Yoann even put the English subtitles This is really well done! Yoann is a pro 👍👌

  76. Yaboiarie

    2020 anyone?

  77. Ryan Weller

    In the 80s and 90s he told you to leave him alone but NOPE! LET THE FRICKING MAN REST IN PEACE GOSH!

  78. Gaming T Rex 123

    The Dislikers Disliked Because They Were Left Alone


    They didn't understand anything about Michael Jackson!

  79. Ale :D

    2:41 I didn't understand that when I was a child... Now I see that in that frame he is trying to show how everybody took "Michael Jackson" as an entertainment... Just like the old times when there was circus where were exposed strange humans like the Woman with beard or the two headed girl. He is an entertainment.

    Ale :D

    Curiously, in the following scenes, there are "human marvels" letters.

  80. Ale :D

    0:24 If that ain't true, I'm the president of America...

  81. James Brown

    Best singer/ entertainer in the planet

  82. The Piscean Nicole

    One of my favs from him! Love me some MJ!

  83. Cynric 42

    People just wanna profit from others success and popularity...especially when they‘re super famous. Will Smith gets sewed 25 times a year

  84. anneaux ni mousse

    Now, are you OK Mike?

  85. Angie Jo

    Leave me alone!!😉

    Jan Boomkamp

    😉❤Yes... 😙

    Gol Lum

    Sorry ... it's not possible ... you're a Moonwalker 🌻 and we have a common mission, to get 100M views for all the videos of the most wonderful and most talented artist of our time: Michael Jackson 👑🌎❤

  86. Paulette Little

    Hey y'all let's go into 2020 with this one come and go with me!!😉😉😉😉😉🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🏃🏃🏃

    Angie Jo

    100million is the goal,but now we are on Give in to me, Dirty Diana and Ghost

  87. mariana elmore

    Michael Jackson is INNOCENT ♥️✌️

  88. Armaan Z

    Wish that place existed that place looks fun to enjoy

  89. Jose Anaquin Flores Salvatierra

    Michael Jackson1990👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👇👍👍👍

  90. Good Times

    Amazing. This man was legend. He thought in music. How beautifully he depicted his situation. But no one leave him alone now even now!

  91. The LA2028 Olympics

    It's great that we are talking about him but I don't like how we talk about him in a negative way, can we start talking about him in a positive way and can we leave the negativity behind and start being positive to people and the world.

    Jan Boomkamp

    yes...❤ thank you
    and also, Michael was a beautiful human being, beautiful heart, great philantropist. He was a King in the true sense of the word, he wás love...
    We should really focus on that❤👑

  92. Keegan Minecraft And More

    Id rather me go through this than him