Michael Jackson - Dangerous (Immortal Version) Lyrics

[Michael Jackson:]
The way she came into the place
I knew right then and there
There was something different about this girl
The way she moved
Her hair, her face, her lines
Divinity in motion
As she stalked the room
I could feel the aura of her presence
Every head turned feeling passion and lust
The girl was persuasive
The girl I could not trust
The girl was bad
The girl was dangerous

One thing in life you must understand
The truth of lust woman to man
So open the door, and you will see
There are no secrets
Make your move, set me free

[Michael Jackson:]
I never knew but I was walking the line
Come go with me
I said I have no time
And don't you pretend
We didn't talk on the phone
My baby cried she left me standing alone

She's so dangerous
The girl is so dangerous
Take away my money
Throw away my time
You can call me honey
But you're no damn good for me
The girl is so dangerous
I have to pray to God
'Cause I know how lust can blind
It's a passion in my soul
But you're no damn lover friend of mine

[Female & MJ:]
Just open the door, and you will see
This passion burns inside of me
Don't say to me, you'll never tell
Touch me there, make the move
Cast the spell
Keep it in the closet

Do, do, do, do
It that, it that

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