Michael Grimm - You Don't Know Me Lyrics

You give your hand to me and then you say hello
And I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so
And anyone could tell, you think you know me well
But you don't know me

No, you don't know the one who dreams of you at night
And longs to kiss your lips and longs to hold you tight
To you I'm just a friend and that's all I've ever been
No, you don't know me

For I never knew the art of making love
Though my heart aches with love for you
Afraid and shy, I let my chance go by
The chance that you might love me too

You give your hand to me and then you say goodbye
I watch you walk away beside the lucky guy
To never, never know the one who loves you so
No, you don't know me

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Michael Grimm You Don't Know Me Comments
  1. Lynn Miller

    horrible manufactured shit. Listen to someone who really WROTE the song!

  2. Nikke Yue

    Micheal singing has his own style

  3. Harry Ng

    Michael, have seen you on AGT and never get bored with your vocal since then. 2-Thumbs up

  4. Lance Manyon

    Lose the stupid hat man .

  5. Carrie See

    Huh, America? How is there any question?

  6. Kathy Riggs

    I remember sitting and watching this exact episode. When Michael started singing I got goosebumps/chills all over from hearing him sing. I've gone back through the years and rewatched as many of the video's of Michael on AGT that I can from time to time. His voice is one that I will absolutely love till my dying day. I actually have in my will for one of his songs to be played at my funeral. Keep on singing Michael because God has definitely blessed you with an amazing gift. God Bless you.

  7. Karen Berino

    A special moment /performance in time. He nailed it!

  8. Kaleb Mandrake

    you mean more like Rod Stewarts voice ;-)

  9. Phil Saraceni

    2019 anyone?!!!

  10. Marie Toscano

    Love you Michael Grimm !!!

  11. Russell Portugais

    Love it . NICE VOICE

  12. Edgar Oro

    He is one of the sexiest men i have ever seen. Add his voice and im done

  13. musik102

    Shove "step it up" you know where, idiot!

  14. Frederick Pledge

    he has an amazing voice

  15. Lisbeth Holst

    Danmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰 lytter ❤️

  16. Shine &Drive

    He sounds like Michael Bolton

  17. DK Dempcey Knight DK

    There are some songs that, in my world should NEVER be touched, Ray Charles "You Don'T Know Me" is one of them HOWEVER, MR. Grimm gets a pass on this one.

    Pat Downs

    I don't think Ray would agree with that --- AT ALL. Especially since he did many covers himself during his career.

    DK Dempcey Knight DK

    @Pat Downs I wasn't speaking for Ray, I was speaking for myself =)

  18. MrSugardove

    judges trying to be unimpressed.....gtfoh.... this dude was better than all their talent combined.... don't give him tips get out your seat and be grateful for what u just witnessed

  19. Juancho Santiago

    You tube is full of AD shit these people. Pardon my word

  20. AlainaLou Estrella

    Lord have mercy what a gorgeous hunk !!!! 💕🙌 GOD bless you.

  21. Count Monte Cristo

    That was soothing to my ears

  22. Shiela Shales

    Beautiful voice Michael

  23. Edgar Oro

    I believe every woman there stood up.

  24. Lorna Lewis

    It’s very sweet of him to say how much he wants to help his grandmother or grandparents and it just says how much he truly cares.

  25. Joe Bland

    You want him to step it up? Coming from a bald hack who was never funny, that's a fucking insult. You step it up, bitch. Get you comic career back on track or shut your pie hole.

  26. Chaos Gonaway

    He sounds almost like Michael Bolton, love his voice! 🎸🎸

  27. Edgar Oro

    Good god he is so sexy and can sing too

  28. Angela Magic Salveson

    9 yrs later & he got what he dreamed! He felt obligated since his grandparents took him & sis in, but that's what family should be, doing what's right.

  29. Ana Santamaria

    Still listening in 2019

    Lisbeth Holst

    Ana Santamaria d

  30. PrizePirate

    This an okay performance. Needs more soul and less blues.

  31. Monkey Man

    53 dislikes this
    doesn't have any talent..LOL

  32. David Croucher

    what has what he has under his hat got anything to do with his voice Sharon hmm big time hmmm. Makes no sense woman!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Marilucia Blanco


  34. Cecilia reinheimer

    Just beautiful

  35. joe pesci

    God Bless my Man..You are a Super Star.

  36. Janet Roach

    really...how beautiful...amazing talent...where are you now?

  37. Martha Gray

    wow..what a beautiful voice you have!!! i love it. i would love to see you in concert!!!

  38. Linda Lee

    I just love Michael & his beautiful voice, never get tired of listening him sing such soul fool songs he is amazing... Hope your making bunchs of money & having great success you deserve it, amazing young man 1-15-19.....

  39. Rob Rogers

    This voice reminds me of Michael Bolton.

    Thomas Christopher White

    Oh god.. yes it is.

  40. Maryann Anderson

    The advice Howie gave Michael to "step it up" I think was a bit misguided.  There are many of us who just love beautiful music and if we wanted to see someone strutting around on stage and going through all sorts of gyrations we would go to Vegas.  I attended a George Jones concert and he said right up front that he hoped we didn't come expecting a lot of smoke and mirrors and wanting him to dance around.  He said, "I just sing".  Guess what.  That's all we wanted him to do.  Same thing with Michael Grimm.  His voice is good enough that he doesn't have to do a bunch of garbage with it to get people to come and see him.  I guess I worded that incorrectly.  They wouldn't just come to SEE him.  They would come to HEAR him.  I hope Michael is playing much larger venues now and is making a good living and can help his grandma.  What a genuinely nice man.

  41. Dante Russo

    FUCK your ads! I am so tired of this advertisement shit.

  42. Braeden Parsons

    The judges don’t understand the soul Sharon wanted him to stop closing his eyes

  43. Wandaria Newton

    Truly bloody awesome what pipes. This guys got a really soulful voice.
    What the hell the hat got to do with talent. Sharon did you ever try to make Aussie stop fucken swearing No!!!

  44. Mariette Graham

    This is talent

  45. Clay

    What a man....what a heart....A real man !

  46. Nate Eller

    Great performance! It's disappointing that you block others on YouTube from reacting to your AGT performances.

  47. zbigkahuna

    His voice is uniquely similar to Michael Bolton

    Alice's Rabbit

    There WAS nothing wrong with that name, until that no-talent ass clown became famous and started winning grammys.

  48. Leeann springer

    Such a fine young man with a pure talent!!

  49. Karen Tenhundfeld

    Your story is very close to home
    Beyond talented
    God bless you

  50. Bruce Frank

    Michael Grimm does this song better than the guy who made the song famous, Ray Charles...and I love Ray Charles!

  51. Cashflow Glo

    I remember watching this on TV back in the day. I fell for this guy ,, the audition ,, All Of It.
    It is now 8 years later and it still stays with me. I decided to see if it was on YouTube. And here I am again .. with the same chills and lift inside along with a little weeping. Love Wins !
    and You Don t Know Me .......

  52. James Michael

    As good a version as there has been.

  53. savanna

    Lol I got the same last name anspd my father's name is Michael. This is a very VERY where coincidence. Like once in a lifetime thing! I love singing as well

  54. TeamDead Meme

    What a sob story, ugh

  55. Marilucia Blanco


  56. Chase Dennis

    Does anyone know the song playing during the interview before the audition?

    Paris Brown

    Chase Dennis Falling Slowly. I looked it up too :)

  57. PNG M4

    Very rarely does someone do a cover better than the original but I blown away by the fact that he really has done a rarely done job!!!!

  58. Paul Ahton

    Goose bumps every time...

  59. Thoughtsurfer Zone

    One of my favorites. I'll always love Ray Charles version, but this guy is tops.

  60. yankeeladee02

    I would love to see him open for Chris Stapleton on tour or a Vegas show. The two of them have GOLDEN voices, raw talent and I have chills from their first note to the last.💛💛

  61. silverdropstang

    Still get goosebumps when he starts singing

  62. Annmarie Lloyd

    I performed and I saw him in person

  63. Luis Fernando Yepez Silva

    Better than Elvis!👌

  64. Marwa Raafat

    He’s great the song originally sang by leonard whiting who played romeo in marco zefferelli’s movie not michael bubblé

    Valarie Lambrecht

    Ray Charles sang the original

  65. Katherine Fisher

    You shpuld put that song on a cd or something. I love the way he sings thats true soul

  66. Lina 17


  67. asad ullah

    Michael Grimm my brother you are real hero of me . You are so honest and have good mind. I love you my brother. 💙💚💛🧡❤️

  68. KaLion BarKai

    Should've been a Golden Buzzer moment!!!


    Golden buzzers didn't exist in this year, but yea he truly does!

  69. loodiamexican


  70. liberty research

    Nick Cannon is great, and 2:36 is probably my favorite moment of him. Michael Grimm you are a great talent as well.

    Roel Fleur

    Mack V8

  71. Jenilyn Naval

    Did he win ?

    em gee

    Jenilyn Naval y
    Yes, he did

  72. Anis Ws

    u'r Best man !

  73. Lliam Burke

    Oh, hell ya!!!

  74. Eya delrosario


  75. netta gomez

    AGT brought me here.The voice is incredible

  76. Johanna Carnet

    He sonds like Michael Bolton D: sdjas omg

    Lottie Jozwiak

    Johanna Carnet wildwood flower

  77. Dirk Scholten

    Best performence in a talent show world wide!

  78. napoleao souza junior#youtubersdedireita

    what's name of music and singer in time 00:20

    Gijs van der Molen

    napoleao souza junior#ConTV glen hansard - falling slowely

    napoleao souza junior#youtubersdedireita

    thank you

  79. ForwardUntoYawn

    michael bolton

    Tom Redmond

    That's what the Wife said when I was viewing this the 1st time.
    2nd-3rd-upteenth time watching it now.
    Dude has a voice!!!

    Angel Deville

    Thank you. I was racking my brain trying to figure out who he sounds like, someone famous, a big-name singer. Michael Bolton, yes indeed. Amazing.

  80. Earl Troy

    Song start at 2:15

    donny wilkins

    Earl Troy was

  81. Bluesbabesrv

    One of the best versions of this song I've ever heard, right behind Doyle Bramhall l (Big D).

  82. hategreed1

    How can people sit and watch this MANIPULATIVE sht? It's all a bunch of karaoke mimics.

    Pat Downs

    It gets better when you remember to take your meds

    Lisa Dailey

    hategreed1 your name says it all, this guy is talented, and wgat is manipulative, everything he said is true, I a! friends with him and I know, you should delete your comment and go away.

  83. Hubetta Lear

    awesome all the way!!! so glad Mr Grimm went on to win it because he truly deserves it!!! that dudes got pipes!!!

    Minakshi Dighe

    Kiss mah black ass

  84. Joe Ip

    What a voice!👍👍👍✌

  85. SuperGrowPlants

    Jackie smokes

    Lisa Dailey

    SuperGrowPlants I don't know what that means but whatever it is, it's not true. I hope Jackie doesn't smoke cigarettes, it would kill her.

  86. -Veridis_ Quo-

    best audition and now your doing music videos great job bravo man

  87. Kobi Uta

    Best audition ever

    Lisa Dailey

    Kobi Kenobi you really like his singing.

  88. Mrmusikman 82

    thank you for sharing this

    Ralph DellaCamera

    Mrmusikman 82 Am n

  89. shihtzu81

    The first time I saw Michael Grimm on AGT, his amazing voice hit my heart and soul - I knew he was a sure winner. This is an artist/songwriter the whole world should know and hear.

    Noah Gipson

    shihtzu81 agreed

    Noah Gipson

    Out of curiosity. What would you say his voice sounds like ? 😅

    betty cogswell

    it makes me mad they don't