Michael Grimm - You Can Leave Your Hat On Lyrics

Baby take off your coat. Real slow.
Now take off your shoes. Aww take off your shoes Yeah.
Take off your dress. Yes, baby yes, yes.

But you can leave your hat on.
Yeah you can leave your hat on.
You can leave your hat on.

Go over there. Turn on the lights. I want all the lights on babe.
Yeah, now come back here, stand on the chair. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh you know what I like!
Raise your arms way up in the air. Ooh honey now shake 'em.

You give me reason to live.
You give me reason to live.
You give me reason to live.
You give me reason to live.
Now Ooh Whoa now baby, yeah baby,
you can leave your hat on!
Just leave it on now!
Now Ooh Whoa now baby, yeah baby,
Gotta, gotta, gotta leave your hat on now!

Suspicious minds keep talking. Their trying to tear us apart.
They don't believe in this love of ours. No they don't.
Cause they don't know what love is.

No they don't know what love is.
They don't know what love is.
They don't know what love is.
But I know what love is.

You can leave your hat on.
Just leave it on yeah.

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Michael Grimm You Can Leave Your Hat On Comments
  1. Hair.Doc.Martin. martin

    I remember that performance, one of my favorites of yours.
    Can't wait to watch you on AGT the Champions

  2. Candis Gauvin

    Michael, You're Awesome! I voted for you and had everyone I know vote 😅
    This is one of my favorites!

  3. Pamela Pope

    You are my new Tom Jones!
    I love you!!!

  4. Dudie

    Sexy song, sexy man!!!!!!

  5. ted evans

    I am a new fan and I am so impressed with the covers he does . I grew up in the 60's and 70's with so many soul singers on the radio and when I here this guy do , stuff from Bob Segar , to Al Green , Joe Cocker , BB King , I mean holy crap , he has nailed every one of those guys songs , and was actually giving me goosebumps on several of them . His voice just seems so easy and effortless . I have to go listen to all of his stuff now , I am a fan for life , thank you MIchael , for reviving the old school songs !

  6. Bernard Liu

    Wow ! What a voice !

  7. john knowing

    This is NOT his real natural voice . Seen him on Y tube vids singing in the streets and this voice not even close to this FAKE voice. His career couldn't take of you cant sustain forcing your voice to sound sultry like Bolton all the time

  8. Carole Siipola

    Oh Sharon you should not be a judge

  9. Carole Siipola

    You go Micheal and leave your hat on sweetie

  10. Bernard Liu

    Endearing. Sorry. Typo.

  11. Bernard Liu

    Wonderful voice, great technique, endeavoring presence !

  12. Joanne Pacino

    Love you,,,love your voice,,,,

  13. byron p

    This is one tough mother to attempt to perform. First, Randy Newman does it. Well, of course he does. He wrote it. Tom Jones does it and, well, Tom Jones . Joe Cocker nails it live. Basically, anything after this trinity is going to have problems coming close, let alone equaling a definitive version.

  14. Linda Lee

    just love this young man beautiful voice , just amazing singer God Bless Michael , cann't get enough of his singing 10-27-18

  15. Patricia Bewley

    What's he doing now ??? He's dropped out of sight . Love the blues and he does it well . Great voice !!!!

    Eddie Haskel

    Patricia Bewley ......He has a web site. Concert dates albums and I bought a couple tee shirts. All quality. You should check it out.

  16. Dixiele

    He can sing hot damm!

  17. Alex Shiva Botez

    not bad but it lacks the fire and spark. nothing special here.

    Eddie Haskel

    Alex Shiva Botez ....I was going to critique your comment, but your comment is ridicules.

    Alex Shiva Botez

    Eddie Haskel feel free to do whatever you want. i am entitled to my own oppinion. i wasn't that moved by his performance as the rest of the people here, or you. if i state my mind, that means it's ridiculous? what world we live in? what is great about the internet is the power of free speech and expression. i don't have to agree with anybody or anything if i'm not on the same page as they are.

  18. Elviskat1

    He's got a magnificent voice!!'

    Jake Voronkov

    Piers said it best. If that's how he sings when he's ill, he should be ill more often.

  19. Tanja Brouwers

    He's born for the stage and his music, that's the only explanation how he could make it while being sick.

  20. Christopher Lee

    True talent and classy humble

  21. debbie541

    yes this guy is really good i have become a fan of his - need to hear more of him

  22. Former personal trainer Near KAFB

    UUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuu know it ,,, SW Michael Grimm

  23. Andrei Blanca

    Loved this performance the first time i saw it! the voice, the beat, the energy, everything

  24. Susan Miller

    He needs to move his cute little body!!

  25. Carolyn swaim


  26. Jake Voronkov

    "If that's how you sing when you're ill, you should be ill more often." Couldn't have said it better myself, Piers.

  27. Janice Vansant

    Looks like a young Mac Davis and sounds similar to Michael Bolton. I think he's great!

    Okiepita50 T-town

    Janice Vansant exactly!

  28. punkin6227

    Michael Grimm is now one of my favorite singers. Just now discovered him and have fallen in love with his voice. AND he is humble on top of it!!! Kudos to his grandparents!

    Rebecca J

    Yeah, me too. So talented and so humble. Doesn't want to go mainstream and be a superstar but still a superstar in his own right. Has a better voice than Michael Bolton. Amazing.

  29. razor

    MG I am sure you have spent decades honing your talent....key word is TALENT. It takes talent and work to reach your level of success. I wonder at times, if artists have the ability to understand or even comprehend the emotions you and others stir within the less talented, less fortunate who struggle day to day. It is your talent, your hard work that sometimes stirs an emotional experience, if only for a moment, that allows us to forget life's pain and the struggles of who we are and where we are in this one moment in time. Thank you.

  30. Tom Redmond

    Just found his videos, and working my way thru them.

    Awesome voice to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If he was ill during that performance, he truly is a "performer".
     As the show "Must go on".

  31. bloodandwinearered

    Strep throat is terrible.  It takes a while for the anti-biotic to get it under control. 

  32. Flesh Robe

    Nice effort! I'd like to JJ Grey sing this one, he'd sing the hell out of it too.