Michael Grimm - Stay With Me Lyrics

In the morning don't say you love me
'Cause I'll only kick you out of the door
I know your name is Rita 'cause your perfume smell is sweeter
Since when I saw you down on the floor

I don't need too much persuading
Don't mean to sound degrading
But with a face like that
You got nothing to laugh about

Red, red lips, hair and fingernails
I hear you're a mean old Jezebel
So let's go up stairs and read my tarot cards

Yeah, now stay with me, stay with me
For tonight you better stay with me
Yeah, now stay with me, oh, now stay with me
For tonight you better stay with me

Oh, so in the morning, now please don't say you love me
'Cause you know I'll kick you right out the door
Yeah, I'll pay your cab fare home, you can even use my best cologne
Just don't be here in the morning when I wake up

Yeah, now stay with me, oh, now stay with me
For tonight you better stay with me
Stay with me, yeah, now stay with me
'Cause tonight you better stay with me

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Michael Grimm Stay With Me Comments
  1. Ester Marcojos

    This is the kind of voice you won't regret paying for a concert!

    Annemay Seyfried

    Incredible, live!😊

  2. aLR Henegan

    You are a top notch world wide singer! I can listen to your music over and over again and never get tired of it!

  3. rawa dream

    Video 2011 ,,,, where is he now ?

  4. Karen Grant

    This man is AMAZING !!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE bring us some new music!!!!

  5. Cleide Ferreira Peres


  6. Cherie Barnes

    Michael has TRUELY moved me like no other performer ever has ! He's so COOL , CALM , SOPHISTICATED, and sexy and talent doesn't even describe him enough ! Watching him win Americas got talent gave me chills all over , and smiles came to my face feeling so happy for him and all he's gone through to get where he is today ; his grandparents have undoubtedly raised him VERY well in becoming the respectful man he radiates today ; a man to TRUELY be proud of , so KUDOS to YOU MICHAEL GRIMM !!!!! My dream was to be where he is now and circumstances never lined up in the stars for me ; bless you Michael , for your God given talent and letting NOTHING stand in your dreams way and for inspiring others to see they too can reach their dreams if they work and push through !!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!
    Cherie Barnes
    Harmony , Maine 💗

  7. Ntokozo Mbatha

    This performance still gives me goosebumps ❤️😭

  8. Donna M Kooiker

    I would love him to sing to me like that!

  9. BeardedMcCartney

    that scream part... i shit on my pants


    I love his voice. Everything he sings is great. Where has he been lately.

  11. Gionn Caomhin Morpheagh

    I could listen to Michael Grimm all day. He can sing absolutely anything and do it justice. A very talented man indeed! And I've yet to read a negative comment about him.


  12. M M.

    Wow amazing voice 😍

  13. dave wilkinson

    fantastic end of story

  14. scott vanosdale

    Quite a few people have covered this song, remember when Janis Joplin did it , and quite a few others. This has to be one of the best. Good to hear some of the classics done and done well.

  15. angela smith

    .... also, to the person that thinks this is a jansis Joplin song, two of her biggest hits "cry baby" and "piece of my heart" are also covers of R&B songs.

  16. angela smith

    hello youngsters. yes, he is amazing and this is a fantastic song. if you want to hear an even better version, check out Terry Reid. his version was released in the early 70,'S (yes the 1970's), and I think he's still performing. any "devil's rejects" fans know what I'm talking about. his version is the second best I've heard. it's actually an old R&B song from the late 60's . the original artist is "Lorraine Ellison". the first time I heard it I was knocked off my feet!!! great music never dies! btw, are there any other " rejects" fans out there?

  17. John Knottenbelt

    Sheer dynamite version !

  18. Sherry Gryba

    Oh my god! I love this song. Stay with me by Michael Brimm. I so feel this song. It takes me down to my soul. So sweet and precious. This is what love is all about.

    Shannon Traynor Stright

    listen to Janice's version . Amazing

  19. D Uknow


  20. Marilyn Yun

    Not only to I love his singing voice, but his voice when he speaks is fantastic.  Can't get enough of his voice.  Everyone listen to "These Arms of Mine", absolutely beautiful!

  21. Linda Kennedy

    I dont watch tv, so first time I'm seeing this guy! I love this version, he's clearly been thru some pain! Rubt Turner would be proud! L

    Toni Harrison

    I like it.  Love his sound.  I'll have to go on YouTube and check out more of him.  I don't have TV either.


    +Toni Harrison CHECK OUT his new album.....Grimm....bliss
    Seriously good musician

  22. Rick Bolger

    nice job. One of my favorite songs. I actually sung this in a competition in high school in 1980 and won! I can still sing - but work for a living.

  23. mrfoltz

    Beautiful voice! 
    But Bette Midler has this song!

  24. Patrick Rebsamen

    Gut ja.

  25. Tempobu

    His voice when he normally speaks is even already amazing-..-

  26. kjerstin seyfried

    Lotsa tour/band avail./weather/sched. issues, but most of all, his former drummer/20 yr long great friend (fighting cancer) Jim Belk - passed away in the midst of the tour..Michael rs. some dates, flew bk to LV for the memorial ..It hit him hard, see the 'Whitaker Ctr' vids...U r right, he's so crazy talented, deserves to be surrounded w/the very best..I'm glad he just made it thru the tour. <3 his origs.,too: Suddenly You Are, It's Love, The Tide, Livin' on Faith ,Let's Make Love Again,etc..

  27. Ted cox

    Update: The show in Folsom was really good. Michael was flawless, but the overall show was lacking. The back up band was two fat dudes that while adequate seemed a bit below Michael talent wise. Also, he did only one original song which in my mind was the best number of the night. He should have done more originals, take a a chance bro, we already love ya. Still, it was a great show and we had a great time with MG.

  28. Dinah Ashcraft

    Omg! I would love to meet him. R u serious. Voice of an angle!

  29. Nathan Mian


  30. Ted cox

    Sept 22, Folsom, CA, Stage 1, we got tix, and I cannot f'n wait. Love dis dude.

  31. Pamelina says

    I can't think of anyone better than him.....

  32. SpddRacer

    Man has nothing to loose and everything to gain.

  33. velkelovce

    Audrone.. he is not just good :)

  34. Audrone Rance


  35. Francine St-Germain

    I'm without voice Michael....what a voice; don't let go !

  36. Ted cox

    Where the hell do I buy the tickets?????

  37. Kate Bryant Bader

    Michael is the best singer that has ever came off one of those shoes, plus this is my favorite song...MICHAEL, STAY FOCUSED MAN!!!

  38. Pamelina says

    There's 2 tone deaf beavis' out there!

  39. MistressJu

    wow nice cover of JANIS JOPLIN song

  40. frank wilson

    unreal voice

  41. Fravid

    He freaking rocks!!!

  42. John Smith

    He made it. Good for him. He earned it.

  43. Pamelina says

    Holy smokes! All this in just one man?

  44. riffingbutler

    Definitely a Terry Reid version

  45. Dave W



    dot (com)

    HE SELLING HIS HATS AWESOME I bought the baseball hat great quality

  46. Dave W

    He kicks ass.....That man sings like MICHAEL BOLTON...........same voice, but he has great feeling and great vibe. His voice cuts you like a knife with true feeling. MICHAEL YOU ROCK

  47. clarke963

    janis joplin&duffy do this justice too!

  48. clicker adamz

    i love you grimm! ever!

  49. find new indie music - see playlists

    Damn, so goooood!!!

  50. Fred MyOpinion

    I noticed that a singer sings w/ more emotional connection with a live audience as against singing the same song in a padded recording studio. This difference is a significant difference.

  51. Kira

    Fantastic rendition of Terry Reid's version!!!

  52. ToxicCure


  53. Alan Villatoro


  54. Taylor Love

    His voice is so sexy !!!! :O

  55. amj0103

    i can not listen to this song without crying. it s so beautifull

  56. qamar haider

    ommmmmmmmmmmg i love him

  57. Tae Rhee

    We meet again 240p...

  58. shihtzu81

    OMG he is so good - his voice just hits you!! I can't wait till his new Album Gumbo comes out June 11th, 12- awesome.

  59. Jon Focker

    jackie is mind blowing amazing but i can see why this guy won. that's a very strong voice....part jeff healey, part lennon, part springsteen, part ben harper, part michael bolton......blah blah

    jackie will hopefully peak later and have a long career!

  60. Jan R

    I'm so happy for him! Wow, what a singer!!!

  61. evelyngrullonprunie


  62. MaryAnn Germano

    Wow, how did I miss this performance?!!!

  63. Larry Allen Brown

    I wouldn't argue with you. I've never heard any singer with such conviction as this guy.

  64. Larry Allen Brown

    Astounding. I'm speechless

  65. tilly9749


  66. lagoveride

    this is why he won and that little girl didnt. this man has amazing range in his voice besides the soul and passion he puts into singing.

  67. Marsmonster

    In my book, Michael Grimm is the BEST singer to ever live!!!

  68. Felipe Rocha Azevedo

    this is definetely one of the BEST performers of all time!!!!!

  69. PardyP1

    Very deserving young man Great son & verrrryyyy well sung

  70. Kea Morgan

    Good God!!!!!!! This man put his heart, soul and his lungs into this performance! LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!

  71. David Ca

    entiendo que michael posea un gran talento, pero en America's Got Talent 2010 todo el mundo sabe quien fue el verdadero ganador.. lo siento pero no estaba a la altura de un prodigio

  72. Jalicia Lewis

    s-e-x-y h-o-t

  73. Spikesfeet

    that would be an awesome birthday gift - having him sing for me alone... *sighs*

  74. HaloBlues

    Thanks for posting this!!! His voice is full of such emotion and richness.