Michael Grimm - Stay With Me (Baby) Lyrics

Where did you go when things went wrong baby
Who did you turn to to find a shoulder to lay on
Oh wasn't I there
Didn't I take good care of you

Oh no I can't believe you're leavin' me
Stay with me baby [x3]
I just can't go on this way

Who did you touch when you needed tenderness baby
I gave you so much and in return I felt happiness
What did I do
Maybe I was too good, too good to you

Oh no I can't believe you're leavin' me
Stay with me baby [x3]
I just can't go on

Do you remember said you'de always gonna need me
Remember you said you'd never ever leave me
Remember, remember
I can't help but lovin' you and wantin' you

Stay with me baby
Why won't you just stay with me baby
Come on please stay with me baby
I'll keep lovin' you and wantin' you

Stay with me baby
Why won't you just stay with me baby
Please stick with me baby
I need you to stay
Come on why won't you stay

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Michael Grimm Stay With Me (Baby) Comments
  1. Brenda Brown

    Great version he has so much passion. But I’m sorry no one could sing this song like Chris Cornell not even Janis Joplin. And I was a very young teenager when Janis Joplin became famous. Micheal has an awesome voice. I have one of his CD 💿But Chris sang this out of the Ball Park. R.I.P. Beautiful Keeper 🙏🏽🕊♥️🌹♥️


    “I am not meant to be alone and without you who understands.”
    Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

  3. June Hogue

    Awesome! Michael is the best. What feeling!

  4. Karen Lee


  5. An Paul


  6. David Bergman

    I'd love to hear him do a duet of Stay With Me Baby with Bette Midler.

  7. DJ k


  8. glenda gryba

    Stay with me Baby!

  9. Ranie Webb

    Hes even better Live! His Acoustic shows moved me to tears almost! Love his music one of the best artists that have come around in a very long time! Keep up the the awesome work Michael!

    Rhonda Webb

    Good to know...I'm going to see him at One World Theater in Austin, TX on 9-20-18.  I rooted him on in AGT 2010 and have always wanted to see him.

  10. Sherry Gryba

    "Stay with with Baby" I need you to Stay with me Baby!

  11. Wanda Dunlap

    1 of the Absolutely Best Musicians of Our time !!!

  12. katarina kale

    slušam... žmurim... čas ne dišem... čas dišem... i to ubrzano... u nečijem zagrljaju... snažnom... dok mu ♡ udara... lupa... o moja nedra...

  13. Sol Fuller


    Rhonda Webb

    And thrown in Joe Cocker...

  14. Lorraine Ashby

    So much feeling in this extraordinary young man......

  15. Stygian Repose

    just heard this at the end of Matador and took forever to figure out which version it was. This one is awesome.

  16. clarke963

    thanks for posting.

  17. F Christenson

    I love both versions!!! I could listen to Michael 24/7!!!!

  18. ettu cat

    Well, if it isn't Fifty Shades............

  19. Andie8259

    I love this!!!

  20. ToxicCure

    Ellison's version is grand!..Ruby Turner's one-take version was also great! Check out Michael's (shortened) Terry Reid's version on his return to AGT 2011..He just killed it! All the feelings you'd want...The same with his "It's Love" (orig.), "Try A Little Tenderness" & "Damn Your Eyes" at Hard Rock 2013 (where his "Shaky Ground" was great, too)..Enjoy! :)

  21. Rick Bolger

    Ellison's version still grabs you by the heart and then takes you by the throat and slams you to the ground. This arrangement with the guitar is incredibly powerful. Even the production has that warm LP sound. I would like to hear more desperation in his delivery, but really good job. I favorited it.

    An Paul


  22. Rick Verity

    The original was recorded in 1966 but by Loraine Ellison. (courtesy of Wiki)
    Stay with Me" (often credited as "Stay with Me Baby") is a song co-written by Jerry Ragovoy and George David Weiss. It was first recorded in 1966 by Lorraine Ellison, and produced by Ragovoy.

  23. ToxicCure

    ***You can find his cds at Amazon, Itunes, Cdbaby & at Michaelgrimmmusic.. He's got quite a few indie cds & one label cd, all FANTASTIC!!!!..:) ****

  24. Richard Smith

    I have always loved this song especially the original by Verdelle Smith in 1966. You do a masterful version. Good luck on this new CD. Can't wait to find it.

  25. coolbeenz

    easily one of the best songs i've ever heard!!!



  27. Morgan Rucker

    @Icyjesy your weird....

  28. coolbeenz

    theres at least 4 ppl in this world that need shot

  29. Wayne Liu

    @TheSouhaib23 well, sing for her n good luck!!!

  30. Wayne Liu

    @TheSouhaib23 well, sing for her n good luck!!!

  31. Wayne Liu

    4 now

  32. Sami R

    I'm sure that my girlfriend will returne when she hear this.

  33. Cheryl Smith

    Its so refreshing to hear someone who actually has soul and emotion in their music. I'm so tired of hearing the crap they have on the radio. So much of it is autotuned, I don't see the point of even having a singer.

  34. Fannyluna 12

    OMG his voice is so powerful!!! You can feel his pain!!!

  35. Morgan Rucker

    Eh ma gosh... he killed this on America's Got Talent the other night! No wonder he is touring with Stevie Nicks...

  36. Veronica Salas


  37. MsBluelee

    i love his song very nice

  38. anga24

    i don't "like" i "looooooooove"...geez do u hear dat emotion in his voice? the desperation?

  39. Anne

    His performance on AGT earlier in the week was awesome!!!! So cute too!

  40. dubluv10

    even if i want i cant dislike this song

  41. CheleAM78

    Holy crap! I love it. Such soul........

  42. jenniegirl11763

    all i kno is i wish this man could sing to me all day... i love love love his voice!!!! any1 who doesnt like him..thats their opinion, its obvious they dont kno a beautiful voice when they hear it or talent for that matter

    justeye jacey

    They have no soul. sad really.

  43. AngelHatchets

    almost word for word on when my g/f broke up with me. it was repeated "stay with me..." thankfully we got back together but damn, this song struck a nerve.

  44. Ravent69

    I think I may need to change my panties...... that was absolutely the most amazing song! His voice is like velvet running along the inside of my skin... *shiver*

  45. kaucher4271

    I think this a cover of the song from the movie The Rose staring Bette Midler? My mom used to play the sound track for that movie all the time. In any case it's a great song.


    .... NICE SONG.... Love It...
    Stay, Stay With Me Baby,
    Stay With Me Baby,
    Please Stay With Me Babe,
    I can't go on

  47. teecee

    another 3 with ears painted on.

  48. Lina Othman

    I'm sure those 3 are deaf so the just disliked it cuz no one said ( stay with me baby) to them before

  49. crazyboy41100

    this man is like a white version of keith sweat. women go crazy over him when he sings. damn I wanna be like Michael.

  50. julian alberto

    @Zudick1960 Este es un señor de la canción, fantastic.

  51. Zudick1960

    There are no words...this man sings to your soul

  52. crazyboy41100

    this is a song you listen to while in bed with your girl.

  53. Brieanna Qualls

    3 people are tone def

  54. nádia Dias

    @Rndy09 people who loves bieber

  55. decoeur62

    Incredible depth of emotion! I'm blinded by tears every time I listen!

  56. Jody Angel Lee

    The emotion Michael Grimm displays in this song is nothing short of incredible... LOVE the PICS you set to this!~