Michael Grimm - I'd Rather Go Blind Lyrics

Something told me it was over,
When I saw you and him talking
Something deep down in my soul said, cry boy
When I saw you and him out walking
And Oohh, ohhh, I would rather go blind
Than to see you walk away from me
I love you so much, I don't want to see you leave me baby
Most of all I just don't, I just don't wanna be free
I was just, I was just, I was just sittin here thinking
Thinking 'bout your kiss and your warm embrace.
When the reflection in the glass that I had here to my lips baby
Revealed the tears all over my face,
And baby, baby, baby,
I would rather go blind, than to see you, than to see you walk away from me
Baby, Baby, baby don't you know that I, I would rather go blind, I don't wanna see you
I don't wanna see you walk away. No no no no....


I was just sittin here thinking
Thinking bout your kiss and your warm embrace
When the reflection and the lights that I had here to my lips
Revealed the tears all over my face
And baby baby baby
I would rather go blind, than to see you, than to see you walk away from me
Walk away baby baby baby don't you know that I would rather
Rather be blind, I don't want to see you do me this way
I would rather go blind than to see you do me this way.
I would rather be, I would rather be, said I would rather go blind.

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Michael Grimm I'd Rather Go Blind Comments
  1. Fili2009able

    Ojos que no ven,corazón que no siente

  2. Kisamen Djdjddd

    I like to watch him sing this song in agt the champions 2 this coming Jan 2020

  3. Thando Joka

    incredible songs and voice but I had to stop listening because life does not go this way. I think this is how we become disillusioned; allowing such fantasies to dictate our personal lives.

  4. Richard C

    Chicago blues

  5. Diane Fiske-Foy

    Love it ❤️‼️ Love him ❤️‼️ Excellent 👏🏻🎤🌟❤️‼️

  6. Shirley Hall

    The blues master!! Phenomenal song.

  7. Patricia Kelly

    I’ve just seen this lovely young man on talent show. He’s fantastic, I love his voice.

  8. Anita Honeycutt

    He's walked the struggle. He feels each note, you can feel it resonate within him as he lays it down for us, quite magnificently, in MY opinion. This Country-soul~guy was my favourite from the start. Little young buck damn sure deserved it.

  9. June Hogue

    Love his voice! I get goose bumps every time I hear him sing. He does soul better than anyone.

  10. namrocks1505

    Man, this Guy is killing it!!!! Awesome soul full voice!!!!

  11. Alan Taylor

    I cannot believe that this is not a black artist!!! So much soul... so much emotive power in his voice

  12. Sicc Souljah87

    Wow found this in 2018 anyone else?? I remember this guy from America's got talent few years ago .. Why didn't I hear him do this cover before..... Speechless............ God bless

  13. Chas Kerr

    Yessssss!!!!! I love you MG!!! I don't care if I just turned total fan girl. This man has soul...I fell in love with his voice the second I heard him on AGT.

  14. Cec. Poole

    All this great music is out there. You just got to know where to find it .

  15. Dennis /Reading Pa. ,

    This guy kicks ass

  16. Sally Camp

    Fabulous ! Incredible, love him!

  17. Corey Westerneng

    So very very good! Michael Grim the next super star! really amazing performance!

  18. The Handsome Hustla

    Lord Have Mercy!! If this dudes music was out when i was coming up! Id have a Fuckn 10000000000000000 kids!!!

  19. Scott Ratliff

    Omg what talent this song is so beautifully done brought tears. His version of these arms of mine did the same.

  20. Bonnie Nero

    loved his voice from the first word he sang

  21. G Wilson Renfroe

    Etta James would be pleased!

  22. L L

    Wish the showbusiness won't damage your beautiful spiritual nature. Always be you, only you.

  23. calou01

    just watch the karise eden's version !!!



  25. Kalli Singh

    No One can walk away from this music....i believe people clicked dislike by mistake

  26. Leblanc Jeannine

    tres bel homme, love u and so good

  27. Mcarona Purba

    Tears...can feel the pain. Super great voice. The best on earth.

  28. Bluekushin

    Oh my..yep love Etta but Michael Grimm that's just pure soul

  29. dave moore

    Ottis Redding reincarnated.

  30. Nichole Royster

    Love this very soulful Brother..I hear Otis Redding in that voice... Heyyy

  31. Peter

    wauw, there are no words to discribe this. just.......wauw

  32. Eya delrosario


    Ann Childres

    I love u th greatest

  33. daniel mooij

    Child of rod steward and michael bolton😂

  34. Carmen Rodriguez

    Wow, perfect.

  35. Doc female

    Wow wow.... Michael what a vioce ..... you do this cover much justice love it . Your just beautiful . Greetings from Canada. Wish you much success you should be a mega star ! 🎵🎤☺

  36. Laura John

    I'm in love!

  37. Annemay Seyfried

    Haven't returned in a while, forgot how craazy good Michael is & his guitar work..phew!! Sooo much feeling! ❤

  38. Lucky Strike

    Now that's what I call a beautiful voice. Really good is an understatement. Perfect!

  39. Carolyn Diffenderfer

    I love this guy sannnng aint the word its total frigging soul could listen to him all day fist time i saw him star was all over him i cant believe he wasnt discoverd sooner Michael ever coming to texas

  40. Marian Laverlott

    Love this version😍

  41. jean ross

    Speachless, for me this is the best version of this song!

  42. Tcarter988

    Best version out there

  43. Zomm Varilli

    Apaixonada 😍

  44. WeJo Roa

    this is pure heart and soul...

  45. betty sigler

    You kick butt in that song ( GOOD JOB )

  46. Taralynn Atleo George

    This made me try this was my parents wedding song now there split up and it made me bust out in tears now I can't stop crying ....... i love this song😢😢😢

  47. Sounds Proof U.S

    my god... this is sweet... unbelievable... amazing

  48. Momma G

    Well dam!!! Micheal how can I possibly go forward today after hearing this master piece. YOU WRONG FOR THIS!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

  49. B L U E

    An avid fan from the philippines, wow amazing!,i listen to him everyday,following the latest uploaded

  50. Bec B

    I love Michael Grimm's version of this great song. his phrasing makes the words make sense while still expressing the soul and passion. Love his singing.

  51. Julia S

    Michael Grimm and Warren Haynes, best two covers EVER.

  52. Diana Bermea

    Yes...Yes...Yesss!! Love it so much!!

  53. Debra Greene

    where was his voice when I was young and actually having sex? Ah, too be that young again! What a great back drop.

  54. transporter ONE

    underated michael grimm but your voice awsome 4 me ....

  55. mrfoltz


  56. Jac Vann

    Ms Etta James, Otis Redding, Percy Sledge and Sam Cooke.......let the legends live on Michael Grimm. Wish there were more of them.

    Jose Manuel Almeida Jimenez


  57. Happy Days

    Love love love 💝

  58. mrfoltz

    WOW! FUCK!

  59. Geertje Schouten

    waanzinnig goed!!!!!!

  60. Tracie Jackson

    He has such an amazing voice. The texture of it when he sings, we just don't hear much like him anymore. So sultry.

    Lisa Dailey

    Tracie Jackson I want to let you know he is very successful, but in a non Hollywood way, tell you what, go to my channel, click the video where I do a cover song and in My comment section, ask me what you anything about him you want, I live in Vegas, and I go to his shows so I think I'll be able to help.

  61. Joe Roman

    it reminds me of the Rod Stewarts version

  62. Agatha z

    Wow. Wow. Just as much soul as Etta.

  63. Ocean Rocks

    One of my all time favs..S2..

  64. J B

    💕 mad love ❤️ for you my friend, you can sing ur ass off with so much soul. I appreciate your music 🎶 thank you mister, mister!

  65. craig leonard

    what a voice.. big fan from the UK

  66. Pablo Simone

    honoured to live at this. time and age, u remind me of ottis Redding

  67. clarence spencer

    Incredible voice! Wow

  68. Ross Sandoval

    glad to see good a good dude makin music as wholesome as he is

  69. Kimberly J. Sullivan

    I hear Otis Redding all over this.

    Annemay Seyfried

    Kimberly J. Sullivan He grew up country poor in Ms, had a teen break-up, then heard Otis on a bar jukebox, hasn't looked back since! He's the real deal & can play that guitar!!

  70. Theresa Gluckhertz

    Combination of Rod Stewart, Ray Charles, and Joe Cocker. Nobody better!!!

    Stefan Holbek

    Ya forgot Mr. Bolton ... but it truly IS outstanding! ;O)

  71. Paul Davis

    BLEW ME AWAY!!!!! The only one that even comes close to him is Dana Fuchs!!!!!

  72. Tom Sanders

    I love his singing and the playing is to kill for great all the way around

  73. Paris Noflin

    Love it love it love it. It does something to my soul every single time!!!!

    Donald Hughes

    Paris Noflin

  74. Joe Roman

    when you wait for a woman
    for 8 yrs and on the night you think she's all yours ,she leaves

  75. Belinda Gosmo

    and i agree with you too gord Merritt... great michael grimm....

  76. glenda gryba

    I Love this song! Nothing compare's to this song. I'd rather go blind. Were talking about Hard core real Love. True Love in so many ways. Not just kinda. :) I can't even be on that level to know that feeling. : )

  77. Christi H

    So much passion and talent. Dang...goosebumps

    Joe Roman

    Christi H cry cry cry

  78. glenda gryba

    This is love!


    i so agree!

  80. Mindaugas Pietka

    it's best voice on blues right now. mine opinion

    Calvin Dixon

    your right 🤓


    100% agree....I wish Stevie Ray Vaughn was alive

  81. fuzzy orange

    best ever


    Michael Grimm is far more better than Rod Stewart.

  83. Raffaele Mele

    Complimenti, davvero una perfomance di cuore!!!!

  84. Alan Taylor

    Better than the original....


    while I like Michael and could listen to him all day, he does not sing this song better than Etta James, and there was no need for you to say that or make that comparison. Why can't you say that you like him singing that song, no need to go there with the good, better, best

  85. Michel Bilodeau

    How wonder how many albums Michael sold.

  86. Jim Porter

    Mike nails this tune with his soulful singing style.

  87. 2APatriot

    I'm legit pissed that it's June 11, 2016 and I've just discovered this guy. My. God. I've never heard such amazing talent in recent music. Nope. Scratch that. He is an timeless talent. I can't stop listening to this guy. I wish he'd tour out here in VA.

  88. Jim Porter

    Michael is a special talent,,,,blue eyed soul.......

  89. FalconX79

    Forget all the BS "pop" music you can hear everywhere...THAT'S MUSIC WITH SOUL! Wow!

  90. teecee

    i think 750,000 of them views are mine!

    Kameika Hardin

    +tonyconvery Lol...Well I'm pretty sure we share those. I keep it on repeat every morning.

  91. Bec B

    I like other versions, but Michael makes the words and emotions make sense...omg. So smooth and so passionate. Spine tingling version of this, really beautiful voice. I've watched his AGT and other videos and he deserves continued success with his career. Love his "realness"!

  92. Gord Merritt

    Sorry to all the Etta and Beyonce fans out there... MG, like most new artists kills this... he blows them all out of the water... funny how new hungry artists can put the passion where it belongs... listen to old Rod Stewart... that is who he reminds me of...

    Annemay Seyfried

    Robert Vail I have & it was awesome, but saw Michael live & his voice/soul/guitar playing is just incredible, he feels everything..This shy man backed off the crazy pushy music "business" after winning "2010 AGT" & like Chris Stapleton, is a real singer/songwriter/guitarist w/so much soul..Love his originals, espec. *The Reason* !!😊

    Jeff Jordan

    This was a disgrace to James and Knowles

    Danola Strobridge

    He is awesome

    Rita Price

    @Robert Vail I recently rediscovered Beth Hart (and Joe) and now Michael. I can't get enough

    Rita Price

    Oh yes and Chris Stapleton. Different flavors of great R&B.

  93. Darling Romo-Lopez

    Michael, Michael, Michael... good Lord that's some good singing... <3

    Bill Epperson

    Darling Romo-Lopez oolo

    Sully Ray

    Darling Romo-Lopez 😂 yeah it is!

  94. Steven Zannotti

    All I can say is GOD DAMN......

  95. adyluc

    It s amazing!!!

  96. Kimberly J. Sullivan

    Dammit!!!! He's too good! Ooooh!

  97. Kameika Hardin

    I heard this song for the time last night on Spotify...INSTANTLY...got chills before he started singing. Wow...amazing heart fluttering music.