Michael Grimm - Fallin' Lyrics

I keep on fallin'
In and out, in and out of love with you
Sometimes I love ya, sometimes you make me blue
Sometimes I feel good, and at times I feel used
Yeah lovin' you darlin', Oh, makes me so confused

I keep on fallin', in and out of love with you
I never loved someone the way that I love you

Oh Oh, I... never felt this way
How do ya give me so much pleasure
Cause me so much pain
Now just when I think
I'm takin' more than would a fool
Baby I start fallin' back in love with you

Now I keep on fallin', in and out of love with you
I never loved someone the way that I love you


Oh now I keep on fallin', in and out of love with ya baby
I never loved someone the way that I...

Yeah I keep on fallin', in and out of love with ya baby
I never, no I never loved someone the way that I
The way that I love ya baby, yes I do

So much pain, so much pain

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Michael Grimm Fallin' Comments
  1. Kisamen Djdjddd

    I like to watch him sing this song in agt season 2 the champions

  2. brenda atkins

    So in love with ur sweet amazing beautiful voice, filled with so much heart n soul, ur love for singing shines as beautiful n bright as u.

  3. Bad Driver

    " bartender, another one please"

  4. Sharon Seach

    Seriously, this man sends my hormones on a route march! Crickey.....what a master talent!

  5. Bernard Liu

    His voice has that irresistable je ne sais quoi. The band is also great .

  6. A mazing

    I think his collaboration with Richie Kotzen would be something!

  7. blackquarz


  8. Trish P

    More like this Michael.... ???

  9. Trish P

    Almost forgot about Michael...
    Great version and video. Need to find out what I’ve been missing!

  10. Alexandra Bowers

    I love this!

  11. Relentless Pursuit

    2019, never be forgotten

  12. Erioth Keruma

    Lord how sexy and perfect and addictive

  13. rntolaw

    Your voice is so rich! It's like warm butter. smooooooth. If you could say pleaaaaaasure just one more time for me?

  14. June Hogue

    Fantastic vocals! .Love him!

  15. Fancy Love

    I have never heard this until now... Wow! So much soul and depth in his voice... I don't understand why some of these artists out here are even famous like they are and here this man you don't even hear his name shameful... Pure raw talent! His name should be known all over the world! He perfected this song!

  16. CN H

    This is the very best version of this song by far. I replay it continually. Love his voice and his songs. Glad I found him. He is my new favourite.

  17. Debee Lynne

    ... WOW ♥

  18. Matthew Milligan

    Please dont stop making music! You have the best voice I have ever heard. The passion and the pain that's radiating from your voice really grabbed me and hits hard. I'm so glad you won AGT for your grandparents which just tipped it off for me. Congratulations man I wish the best for you and your family.

  19. Tammy Dorr

    When I saw Michael on America's Got Talent I knew he would win. He is one sexy man/singer.

  20. Miriam Melo

    Canta divinamente​ bem, é a versão atual do Joe Comer.

    Miriam Melo

    Digo, Joe Coker.

  21. C M. S.

    Puts the original to shame. Bring home Michael ! WOW

  22. Marilucia Blanco


  23. AwayTeamOnEarth

    Fabulous. Love the ha too!

  24. Gayle Dunlap

    gots the look of heath ledger has the voice like stevie ray vaughn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing talent where has this kid, been!!

  25. JEANNETTE belanger

    All I can say is wow

  26. Trevor's old Lady

    Super superb. More please. Love from Australia

  27. cynthia rogacion

    I wonder how are you doing now...nice rendition of the song ( falling)..

  28. cynthia rogacion

    Wow....love it..

  29. David Ross

    Incredible rendition. Got a husky, soulful voice that just doesn't quit.



  31. Mcarona Purba

    Woooow amazing ..you are just amazing.. love it sooo much ..

  32. chantal mercier

    Mr Grimm your so NICE

  33. Macaroana Plevusca

    great!!! you're a diamond!

  34. Marcela Aquino

    where's he

  35. angela peyton

    i absolutely miss that voice and those vibes. since AGT I couldn't forget ur talent. love you so much

  36. Mai Al Azhari

    Who did repeat 3:34 hundred time just like I did ?😂

  37. Mai Al Azhari

    Wtf where did that lovely one got that voice from 🤔

  38. Melissa Robbins

    AMAZING!!! You are the best out there. Keep on jamming. Love ya.

  39. UmmmWelll


  40. Oded Fried-Gaon

    #OdedFriedGaon #OdedMusic #Audioded

  41. Maria João Couceiro

    This was outstanding!! Michael, I love you voice!

  42. mkt963

    More I listen more I fall.
    Thanks Michael. Love from another part of same planet.

    Bridget Kable

    Come back closer to home so I can hear you live! !!

  43. Rebecca J

    Such a beautiful voice. So talented. He sings my pain. He sings everyone's pain. I could listen to him all day.

  44. E. B-private

    20 Years ago , it was Michael Bolton who kept me enthralled with the great Blues and Jazz ballads. I'm born again with Michael Grimm.

    Nicole Rosee

    E. B-private exactly

  45. vickie daniel

    You are good, very good

  46. Ayesha Shamsher

    Grimm you need to do something about yourself. Your voice has to be the raspiest I've heard coming from this generation! Ah would love to see you working with Postmodern Jukebox. That rock voice needs to reach a bigger crowd!!!!

    Michael7 Cline2

    It's a tad raspy, but in the right amount. More full of deep soulful feeling than anything I've heard in sometime. I'm sure it won't be long before this great voice of Michael Grimm continues to reach big audiences. He's on his way now.

  47. B L U E

    Superb !!, i love his voice, an avid fan from the philippines.

  48. DJ k


  49. Cristina N

    I love his voice.

  50. marcia elliott

    This guy is amazing!! I'm in love!

  51. Paul Garcia

    i wish this guy was more famous. too bad the world doesn't embrace good music....

  52. amira hernandez

    Me encanta su voz.


    Michael U are AMAZING 😉 at this kind of song!!! Remember when that guy said "That's a SUPER STAR'S voice right there! end quote! During Ur first audition on AGT!!! I totally understand Ur shying away from the drama of BIG stardom! It's not consistent with Ur personality!!! U R a genuine, in touch with Ur self, integral person!!!

  54. trude wofford

    love this!

  55. trude wofford

    love this!

  56. Jazzy Jazz

    Nice Touch Baby!!

  57. Beonny Bekoni

    well if you guys know jackson owens i can see how they are similar "they both got soulful voice"
    firstly the growl and deep voice sang with high notes and a little bit husky it sound more soulful ...

  58. Daniel Frankel

    Goose bumps all through this song!!!

  59. Bluesbabesrv

    Just found out about this guy. I was searching Lindsey Sterling and found Michael.....thank you Lindsey.

  60. Dawn’s Music

    You SLAY this song! I'm Fallin in love. :)

  61. Crystal Edwards

    that growl ❤ I have been a fan ever since America's Got Talent. your voice makes me happy. much love

  62. Chirl Saylor

    My taste ranges from Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin to Deva Premal & Mitton, to Metallica & Simon &Garfunkle...Michael Grimm is without doubt one of my top favorites...he's a gem that most will never know...his voice is unmistakable and one of a kind, sexy, soulful, raspy in the most wonderful way! I love your music Michael G! Your awesome!


    Way way way underrated i totally agree. you got great taste in music. Top Bands.

    allen easley

    pink f Floyd

    Maria João Couceiro

    I agree!!! Absolutely!

    Izusa Gaho

    why am i just now hearing of Michael Grimm ? Ive been missing out on a very beautiful soulful voice!

    Rhonda Webb

    Most deserving winner of America's Got Talent 2010.  He definitely is UNDER EXPOSED.  A gem of a talent.  There is another artist I stumbled upon here on YouTube...EVA CASSIDY.  You must check her out.  I thought I knew all things music and couldn't imagine never hearing of her.  After catching up, I realized why!

  63. Michael Rutter

    Why can't you buy this man's albums in the UK


    This is insanely goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

  65. Lidi Robinson


  66. Dee Brooks

    OH WOW that was wonderful x

  67. The One Where I Say

    I love the male touch he put on this song...omg!

  68. Natural Born Song Writer


  69. rj89ful

    It's a blues masterpiece. A shame that so few seem to appreciate it. Truly, no one can sing this song like you just did Michael Grimm. A once-in-a-lifetime cover. From start to end the runs were insane. Seriously, wow.


    200% agree...absolutely brilliant

    Maria João Couceiro


  70. Vodafone Voda

    Michael you're the man!


    been into a lot of music for 40 yrs..iam sure you will go beyond the top..j felice

  71. A mazing


  72. syahfadil kurniawan

    I love your voice!

  73. Wanda Mccall

    love your voice wow

  74. Jennie Sanchez

    Michael, you make every song feel as if it was brand new to my ears. I love your voice & your interpretation. Especially this song. I didn't like it as much when sung by its original singer, but now ... I LOVE IT! Thanks.

  75. SaraSmile619

    Amazingly Sexy! I'd follow him to the moon!

  76. mazen bahaj

    sooo much pain
    thank you michael

  77. Lorraine Ashby

    Love his spin on this great song......


    “Desire is the kind of thing that eats you and leaves you starving.” 
       Nayyirah Waheed

  79. LadeeLusciousxo

    His voice turns me on 😧😶

  80. Maduh Farias


  81. Ruby Moorman

    I remember 2010 Michael G. was on "America's Got Talent" & the 1st time I heard him sing "I KNEW he would WIN... I have allot of chronic conditions & I was laying in the bed & I watched ALL the shows, just to hear/see him, then when they announced that he won, I did my happy dance in bed & smiled ear to ear with a little scream of excitement & joy, but at the same time was hoping he does NOT get lOsT & "America's Got Talent" DON'T cHaNgE who he is or cares to be/become... With all due respect to you Michael... "I feel" America's Got Talent knew that Michael was desperate & wanted to win so bad, as seen on "America's Got Talent" videos here in You Tube, so I'm just concerned as mAyBe to "America's Got Talent" Michael is like putty in their hands, sorta speak... This is how he started out, now he's MORE ROCK, I MISS Michael's SOULFUL blues... I wonder IF he's honestly happy as he deeply deserves... Hmm, most likely mAyBe their trying to bring in the younger crowd, but he should be whom he honestly desires to be & just NOT what "America's Got Talent" desires from him... Hugs Michael Grimm to you Lucy & grandma & grandpa, brightest blessings always... Take care of you as your #1... ;)

  82. jdmart82

    This guy is Badass

  83. Troy & Amanda Potts

    I never get tired of listening to His music   trying to find hi s CD's in Canada

  84. areeus1

    Who is the band like the guitar player good sound

  85. Al Huggins


  86. Sona Germchi

    This is the sexiest song on earth...  omg

  87. Michael C

    Michael can sing the Blues because he has lived them! No one can sing or play the Blues unless this is!

    Sarah Elizabeth Asher

    @Michael C Bullshit - Robert Cray grew up without any of that.

    Michael C

    @Sarah Elizabeth Asher Really you are so full of shit! What, you know Robert Cray personally? No I didn't think so! Do you even play an instrument or sing? No I didn't think so!
     Read up on real blues artist such Muddy Waters, Jonny Winter and etc. You might just learn something about the Blues!


    Michael C I've had the blues like you wouldn't believe, and I can't even sing happy birthday!!!

  88. Kimberly Schreiner

    This blows the original out the door. Amazing! Love it!


    Respectfully disagree on blowing Alicia Keys' original Fallin' out the door but agree MG does hit it out of the ballpark. Nothin' like Alicia's original though. Nothin.

    Lazaruz Gibonie

    i agree !!👊

    Rhonda Webb

    I don't know.....This is extremely badass and a great rendition!!

    Erioth Keruma

    Hate to admit it but true

  89. dimitar dojranliev

    100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE Forever and Ever

  90. Brian Petersen


  91. makemp01

    Whoa.....Michael brings "the pain" to his songs!!! Each song is packed with such raw emotion that you "feel" the words, music and the emotion in every fiber of your body! Hands down the best version of this song...sorry Alicia but even you'd have to admit that. His voice is like no other and I'm enjoying every song of his on youtube. Got to go to Amazon next to pickup some cd's. LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!

  92. Izzybll

    use to listen to M grimm since before he got famous :D

  93. Marie Johnson

    Love, love, love, on every level!

  94. Joel Anderegg

    You don't even know how much I wish Stevie Ray was still around, so these two could do some songs together.. Stevie on guitar, Michael on vocals... It would be... no words would describe it.

    Rhonda Webb

    OMG...I was just thinking the same thing.  They would be the hottest thing on the planet!!  MG is a true artist who makes you feel his pain in his performance.  RIP SRV!!

    Patricia Peoples

    OMG, me too ! The collaborations would be strataspheric...!

  95. guitarjohn2004

    is that Kenny Aronoff on drums?


    Yes it is. He played on Michael's album as well as Waddy Wattel.

    Rhonda Webb

    SO 'Fn Cool!!

  96. CarlThe1ManBand

    Better than the original.