Michael, George - Waiting For That Day Lyrics

So every day I see you in some other face
They crack a smile, talk a while
Try to take your place
My memory serves me far too well

I just sit here on this mountain thinking to myself
You're a fool, boy
Why don't you go down
Find somebody
Find somebody else
My memory serves me far too well

It's not as though we just broke up
It's not as though it was yesterday
But something I just can't explain
Something in me needs this pain
I know I'll never see your face again

C'mon now
I've got to be strong now

Now everybody's talking about this new decade
Like you say the magic number
Then just say goodbye to
The stupid mistakes you made
Oh, my memory serves me far too well

Don't you know that
The years will come and go
Some of us will change our lives
Some of us still have nothing to show
Nothing, baby
But memories

And if these wounds
They are self-inflicted
I don't really know
How my poor heart could have protected me
But if I have to carry this pain
If you will not share the blame

I deserve to see your face again

C'mon now
You don't have to be so strong now
Come back

Come back to me darling
I will make it worth your while
Come on back to your baby
I miss your kiss
I miss your smile

Seems to me the peace I search to find
Ain't gonna be mine until you say you will
Don't you keep me waiting for that day
I know
You hear these words that I say
I know
You can't always get what you want...

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Michael, George Waiting For That Day Comments
  1. Alexandre Castro

    Top, amazing

  2. Wilma Rock

    Just love this man the voice of an angel..cant believe hed gone.his music will live on in our hearts still cry over him beautiful man inside and out xxx ♥️♥️♥️♥️😇

  3. Peter Traynor

    Typical cancerian song he was a cancer like me i understand the song totally its a cancerian thing

  4. Alfa Alifia

    The most beautiful song I've ever heard, harmonized with drum tracks of 1970 Soul music and voice of angel!!!

  5. venkatalakshmi srinath

    No matter how many years pass by you will never leave my heart I’ll keep listening to your music and your voice all my life and will hope that I will be able to see you when I pass on from this life, thank you for everything you’ve given me my angel

  6. Christopher Rose Original songs

    This song is very good thanks 😊

  7. Vivian


  8. José Luís Oliveira


  9. Ant Adam

    Still listening in 2019 because my memory serves me far too well...

  10. Angel Visions

    What a classic!

  11. Shininglight Joi

    "My memories serve me far too well George!...and Thank you for that!"💔❤💔❤2019 XXX

    Hard to choose. The passion, authenticity, talent and just soooo pure....wow what an absolute genius to be able to create music that will never be distinguished because if their resonance.

    "You can't always get what you want. So damned true!"

    Way ahead of the REST! ...💋🎤👤🎶🎤👤💋

  12. shedlooney

    Writers- G Michael, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards...

  13. ᄌᄒᄌ

    For those who don't know George Michael's music... I recommend that you also listen to 'Waiting (Reprise)' from the album 'Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged'. I often listen to the two beautiful songs one after another.😊

  14. duncan w craig

    we listen to this in the year 2145.

  15. flavio silva

    Está música mim trás boas lembranças de uma garota

  16. Raja Upadhyay

    Still here November 2019 breathing coz of his music 😘

  17. Adam Aldred

    No millions of views I guess the morbid havent found my favourite track 🙏

  18. Nur Afiee

    Damn! It is really a good song and a briliant singer ever. Missing you George.

  19. Anna Stasiak

    I Love George Michael and his music

  20. 7simplyred

    THE BEST simple 😘

  21. ᄌᄒᄌ

    The soundtrack to the upcoming movie 'Last Christmas'.👼🎅🎄🎁❄☃️🔔

  22. Sumit Wadhawan

    Where are you my hero........im still searching for you. This is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard. His voice was a masterpiece in itself. You all will always be missed by your fans. George Michael , may soul rest in peace and we will continue to live with your magical compositions and memories...!!

  23. zeze do bone

    The day that never comes...
    🎶🎵Do you like it? 🎶🎵🎸🎸🎶🎵Do you like it? 🎶🎵🎸🎸
    🎶🎵Who's laughing now? 🎶🎵🎵
    🎶🎵Who's laughing now? 🎶🎵🎵

  24. Hugh Vidson

    The greatest artist of 80s and 90s

  25. Lary Rycox

    Le plus grand !.

  26. C H

    My all time favourite song from George Michael. Brilliant!

  27. zeze do bone

    Sit down comfortably, otherwise you will get tired of waiting....
    That day will never come!!!!
    Bye bye bye
    You lost this game. You're out of the game now....
    I make the rules!!!!
    Do you like it?
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸

  28. glicek1

    You can't always get what you want. "Listen without prejudice vol. 2" will never be released ;(

  29. Anna

    Love Forever....

  30. Madonna Wannabee Collector

    the second i heard it this has always been my song

  31. Peace Maker

    If the song "American Pie" had to be re-written or released again, it would be about this genius ...... the day that music died, Christmas Day 2016

  32. ali

    anyone listening this in july 2019

  33. Pars Ram

    Oh shit

  34. Ardit Shehu

    Waiting for that day
    But if i have to carry this pain
    If you will not share the blame
    I deserve to see you face again
    Come on now
    You dont have to be so strong now
    Come back came back

    Still miss my girlfriend ❤️

  35. roberto cerlesi


  36. Diego Augusto

    Great Voice, great song!

  37. William H. Baird

    A great BREAK-UP Song! R.I.P. George.

  38. Ajax Amsterdam

    What a beautiful song!
    One of the best singers this world has ever known!
    George, I miss you..

  39. blackflag 33rd

    After all these years and this is still a mad song.....thank you bro.

  40. renato cofre mora

    Maestro ,,,

  41. Rosie Goulis

    2years and 8 months later ... February 25/2019 still here George

    erato-alexandra savorianaki

    He is here... He sings always.... An artist which isn't forgotten he is always alive.

  42. aujourd8

    Nothing baby... but memories

  43. Brendon Cariah

    what a classic album !!!! One of the best album ever made!!!

  44. Arie Kamstra

    His poor heart couldn't protect him anymore. You're missed GM. ♡

  45. ᄌᄒᄌ

    George. Are you still waiting for that day? Hope you are happy in heaven.❤

  46. Ines Barros

    It seems that he didn’t die...
    ‘Cause his voice keep touching our heart and mind!!
    R.I.P Michael!! LOVE YOU FOREVER🎶🎶❤️❤️

  47. Tom Hellermann

    Was für ein Gefühl für Musik....
    Danke Michael das es Dich gab

  48. Patrick Wiegmann

    Voor jou mam ik hou van je zie je snel daar boven

  49. Nayaz Lallbahadur

    Memories or is it the pure clarity of GM voice transmitted via such ballads promulgating peace love harmony.

  50. Teddy P

    Voice and Soul of an Angel. Only a deeply sensitive and spiritual being can write the lyrics that you did YOG. As for that immaculately velvety voice.......pure perfection. Thank you for giving us your entire heart and soul through your music. R.I.P. sweet Angel. You are finally at peace. 😢🙏😢

  51. Dave Roberts

    Just the best singer ever and sings it so great Miss You George Michael you were the Man XX 😘

  52. benny woo

    this song means so much to me,puts a chill in my heart

  53. Blake Davies

    We are all waiting for that day x

  54. Martha Figueroa

    George con este tema demostro, ser un mega músico...que talento, sí tenía. Este albúm, tiene temas fabulosos y es muy difícil escoger uno. George, donde quiera que estes, te mando mi admiración y cariño. Gracias.

  55. coxmicfox

    You were my everything and you will always be-💗

  56. Fabio Mesa

    Hasta siempre Genio .!!!

  57. ndrdb01

    Waiting for that day to see you again my son Lee Brearey. Dad Rob.

  58. Laura



    Love this album.

  60. marmaduke hussy

    This is how to use your voice ...with subtlety, soulful, and gentlenes And joy

  61. craig simpson

    pure classic choon xx

  62. Peter Sutherland

    That’s a song of my youth .... love it .

  63. Nina Nedeva

    While I can get the reasoning behind the idea of not making a video for most of the songs on Listen Without Prejudice vol.1, I do wonder what the video for this song might have been every time I listen to it. Its probably one of his best and one of his most underrated songs...

  64. Nikki Banderas

    You can't always get what you want... RIP George Michael :(

  65. Mooncat

    Much love and peace, George. We went through so much together. Legend.

  66. Se Bo

    what a beautiful cover

    Sisu Power

    George wrote this one (not a cover).


    It's not a cover he wrote this.

  67. Se Bo


  68. RiPel_Galaxy

    one of the best albums of all time great singer

  69. John Willette RMT

    Such a great record

  70. Anita Harrison

    How I love George Michael and this is the best of him.....this song is beyond beautiful

  71. Eduardo Ferreira

    Kkkkkkkk adoro

  72. Blitz


  73. 2007zodiac

    Still the best ‘voice’ of the last 30yrs or so!!
    you sing ‘live’ and think you did well!!!
    The George-Michael rocks-up, and, you Quickly realise, you were SHIT!!....

  74. neoaureus

    My memories serve me far too well....George George...how much you held inside and how much you let all of us in....my god. How powerful this is ....sometimes you cannot hear something because it shows how life is so so fleeting...and time is the greatest illusion ever that God played on us....

    the years will come and go ....

    nothing but memories.....

  75. Lexv6

    Love him to the moon and back sooo heart broken

  76. AJ Seeber

    When I was in University this was the only album I would play when studying.  The combination of rock and jazz was so relaxing.  It's not high art but it is sure easy on the ears.

  77. potatochip

    I can't believe he's gone, but I hope if there is a heaven, that he is there with him mum, Anselmo, and his doggies that have passed. He was a genius <3

    Don Mcewan

    My favourite song george done.
    i bought my first house and lost the love of my life. .

  78. DesertRose122

    The coolest, sweetest sexiest voice ever.

  79. lynniecool1

    Wow! George you are a god!

  80. Справжній Одесит

    Найкраща його пісня з усіх.

  81. twinsuc

    Best song I have ever heard

  82. Alejandro Gauna

    Very 90's . The way that tambourine hits the song Is marvelous, George's voice soulfullllll, god that tambourine..

  83. Eva Santana


  84. Paul Singh

    You are so missed in this crazy world George your songs will always remain timeless...may you rest in peace.

  85. Chili Head

    My favourite album of his his vocals where on it!

  86. Andre Carrera

    Nos dejas un tremendo legado descansa en los brazos de Morfeo por siempre y serás recordado por los que te aprecian de verdad gran ser humano descansa en paz por siempre George Michael 😎😎😘🎶💝👌🔦🎸🎧😇😇😇

  87. Andre Carrera

    Se fue otro grande y genial de la música leyenda icónica nos dejas lo mejor de ti cómo ser humano y gran músico ,compositor 🎼🎼🌠🌠🔦💖👌👌

  88. MoonwalkingShadow

    This song is so AWESOME😍

  89. Stefan

    Excellent. Still. 1990. 27 years an counting......

  90. Sisu Power

    Come back, come back, come back ...

  91. Adam Niessner

    His voice is very magic in this song

  92. Guylaine La touche

    il restera le meilleur chanteur de tous les temps, le plus sexy avec un charme incroyable ❤❤❤❤

  93. Madhu Sudhan

    you n your songs will remain in my heart for ever

  94. Will

    My mate Alex driving us to work in his red metro singing along together, my feet on the dashboard, having a ciggy out the window, warm magical memories, thank you George XX

  95. 지혁진

    천국에서 봅시다..조지♡

  96. comeupandseememakeme

    Listening to this it's so hard to think George is gone. It feels like just yesterday I was driving my pickup truck with this in the tape deck. Oh George why why why... Miss you dude...

  97. Ana Gonzalez

    gracias George por tu música siempre te recordare.

  98. Alan lewis aka capt dan

    rip George

  99. Salieri Amadeus

    One of my favorite songs of his. The way he mixed James Brown music with The Rolling Stones is genius.

    Zahraa T Chaudhry

    Definitely what a legend sadly missed GM x