Michael, George - To Be Forgiven Lyrics

I'm going down
Won't you help me
Save me from myself
I hear the sound of a memory
Maybe time will tell

Suddenly my life is like a river
Taking me places i don't want to go
But like all good men who swim too well
It takes all that i have just to cry for help
Then that voice in my head
Tells me no

I'm going down
Won't you help me
Save me from myself
I look around for a fantasy
Who can tell?

Let me live my life beside the river
Take me to places where a child can grow
And then
Maybe the boy inside will forsake me
The child in me
Will just let me go

I'm going down
The cold, cold water is rushing in
I'm going down
And i would beg to be forgiven

If i knew my sin

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Michael, George To Be Forgiven Comments

    Chilled listening to lushness... Forever we have the music. Enjoy the next realm Georgie.... ❤🔊🔮💜

  2. Maria Platt

    I truly agree with Mohammad 💕

  3. Luna M


  4. nodramamama

    i miss him so much but wont stay sad cuz he left us his gorgeous gifts

  5. Konstantin KONSTANTINOS

    Beautiful song in Bossa Nova rhythm and text associations, water, cycles, death, birth.

  6. Antinella Solari

    An angel's voice. No a star, only a super star. Forever with us. The best star in the sky. FOREVER GEORGE IN OUR EARTH.

  7. Michelangelo Stargate

    George Michael é um poeta

  8. Michelangelo Stargate

    A melhor música do álbum Older

  9. ramonchoism

    This song changed my life.
    I had a serious drug problem when
    i heard it for the first time. No friends, homeless and with my spirit completly broken. I can't thank you enough Sir George Michael. You saved me, RIP❤

  10. Ferdinando Adamo

    Those who put thumbs down on every George song...trust me you have no taste in music.

  11. Cristina .Filipe

    One of my best buys in 1996 this album in CASSETTE 😁😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤love u always George Michael 💕💞

  12. Jorge Antonio

    Bossa Nova. Brazilian rhythm.

  13. Helen Gunby

    couldn't save you from yourself George, please forgive us... my heart will always be with you when I first heard your "Last Christmas" in 1993 as a 6 year old girl... ❤️

  14. Starr Company

    4:49 to fade....

  15. Wazzup

    I can live without China or Southeast Asia or the Middle East but, I can’t live without the US, UK, Japan and Korea..... This song is simply one of the many reasons..

  16. Shelley Charging

    I played this song over and over again. Every time I got dumped. I cried and cried. I depended on it for comfort. Rest In Peace George

  17. paul vu

    RIP George...what a voice for a generation...why did you leave the world too soon...you'll never be replaced....see you heaven...

  18. Cas82958

    Very nice song. His voice is so smooth!

  19. LMA UK

    The king of smooth soul music. Enough said.

  20. Zenvir Travolta

    My fav song... I was crazy... I was listening many time in a day when I was in college.. After 25 yrs I'm listening this again.. It's heart touching.. Superb... My old memories connected with older album. Thanks for George..god bless you... Stay healthy.. Take care

  21. gary kidd

    greatest song writer ever

  22. Mj B

    Pure class 💕

  23. JAMET betty

    Merci pour tes Musiques et Repose en Paix George ;;Betty de Bretagne FRANCE le 12.07.2019

    JAMET betty

    J'ai Beaucoup Aimé tes Musiques George Merci You Tube j'écoute Encore tes Musiques Grâce à You Tube Betty de Bretagne le 28.09.2019


    Beautiful !!! 💖❤️❤️❤️

  25. JAMET betty

    Merci 'georgemichael" j'Adore tes Musiques et j'écoute toujours George Repose en Paix tu es Avec Nous Avec Tes Musiques ;;;Betty de Bretagne le 26.06.2019

  26. GRACE 1


  27. Peter Bánsky

    We ll newer for get you!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jacqueline Marciniak

    Je m'en lasserais jamais 💕🎵💗

  29. Shininglight Joi

    "We get to know ourselves better because of you GM.
    LOVE YOU ALWAYS!"💟😇💟😇💟😇💟 xxx

  30. saracurtis

    George Michael enriches my life beyond measure, and will do until the end of my days. The depths of his soul are there for all to hear. Just beautiful.

  31. tinka kos

    The most beautiful and sexy voice and body

  32. Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel


  33. DanSpurs147

    That instrumental from 3:00 - 3:37 is just to die for 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    Shininglight Joi

    Absolutely. Bitter sweet 😢😂


    A very inspered song, notice the unusual chord changes. This should have been included on his MTV Unplugged.

  34. paul fensome

    I Really Hope George Prayed the Sinners Pray before he went for Judgement.
    I Liked him but i know he had a lot of Demons in his Closet.
    No more than me though , so I'm not Judging.
    Goodbye George

  35. Turbot Face

    George will always be remembered. Unlike some artists.

  36. Kedar Mantri

    just admire the production...............thats coming from a Audio Engineer

  37. Drew V

    I could listen to this song over and over again and feel different each time.....a masterpiece

  38. Мурат Мухамбетгалиев

    Джордж мы тебя любим!

  39. Imtiaz

    I would beg to be forgiven

  40. Paula Alicia Jasso Valdez

    Escuchen esta canción está hermosa de George Michael

  41. intrepid 1610

    It's still hard to believe he's gone but what a musical legacy he has left us with. This track has a dream-like almost ethereal quality to it, it is truly beautiful. His music will live on long after we're gone, rest in peace George.

  42. George Evangelia

    Γιώργο Σ'αγαπαω!!!

  43. MFay

    Masterpiece ❤️

  44. ᄌᄒᄌ

    Oh my God! My heart just melted when I heard your sweet voice.❤

  45. Jacqui Morris

    I think of GM every day . Love you 😍 my Darling

  46. Eddie Taggart

    Well Said

  47. Jeff

    Truly an amazing voice and is truly a missed talent. God bless him 🙏🏻

  48. maria baboy

    love and miss you always

  49. Tamara Gurzuff

    amazing George! love you too much

  50. ramiro

    Dam George....miss you my brother.. but Thanks for making me feel never alone thru your music..

  51. Keith A. Sanford

    This song is about the uncertainty of death. It's about Anselmo's journey dying from AIDS. He's helpless, wasting away and it's all moving so fast. He's crying for help, but it's too late. "Take me to a place where a child can grow." He wants another chance to correct the actions that sealed his fate. "save me" he says throughout the song. He concludes the song with "cold water" rushing in, life leaving his body and he would beg to be forgiven if he knew his sin. He has nothing to atone for because all he did was live his life and that couldn't be "sinful" right?

    Deep song. Miss you, George.

  52. J Real

    This song is a unbelivabale Masterpiece ! Why not everybody understand this ...:( . 2 years Dead the Legend ...

  53. Bart Fiorito

    one of his best songs...

  54. Truex Jr.

    As músicas deste álbum são maravilhosas. E a voz, ah, a voz... Viva George Michael.

  55. Joanne Adair

    Such beauty. I always feel transported to a beautiful place whilst listening to this track because of the arrangement of the music but incredibly powerful/sad lyrics.

  56. drfibo

    The intro is the same as Porcelina of the vast ocean of Smashing Pumpkins, same sound like be in water. And also to mention the name of the song To Be Forgiven it's like To Forgive just some track before Porcelina...This came out in '96 and the Smashing Pumpkins awarded album was released in '95. Nice to see some inspiration of my favorite band. Stay cool!

  57. Inaworldoflove

    "Take me to places where a child can grow, then maybe, maybe, the boy inside will forsake me, maybe, the child in me, will just let me go..." - These lyrics are so bitter sweet. It's about growing up, and letting go of the person you were, knowing that you have to be an adult to move forward in your life.

    Ginger Kyriakos

    It is not..it is about enormous sadness and desperation he experienced when he lost the loved one..unable of being saved by anybody yet crying for help..

  58. Prince of Harmony Joseph Alexander Ovidi

    Very relaxing

  59. Daniel Hazlehurst

    Tim Buckley - Blue Melody

  60. Umberto Brivio

    Troppo Bravo 👍👍👍

  61. Luca Blasi


  62. David Hoade


  63. LillianaBMS

    Brilliant brilliant piece, as the music sways between despair and hope. Brilliant & beautiful

  64. Norma Turner

    so so sad,he's crying for help from God,he's struggling with his sexuality, I would beg to be forgiven if I knew I had sined.the boy inside just wouldn't let him fully go.only God could save him.im going down.im going down.so sad we love you George, God heard your cry,I know all your good out weight your bad.you were truly a good man.God love you.begging to be forgiving.so much pain I can feel it coming from your song.love you forever my brother

    Raining Umie - морские свинки

    Norma Turner writing this album he was struggling with depression after he’s partner died

    Willy Magill

    He is with god

    Starr Company

    Is the sing really about that? Sounds like it omg

  65. magdalena dobosz

    Yes forgive this forgive that no one is perfect,in fact there is plenty to forgive.

  66. Kevin McAllister

    sto sprofondando giù
    non mi aiuterai
    salvami da me stesso
    sento la melodia di un ricordo
    forse il tempo lo dirà

    improvvisamente la mia vita è come un fiume
    che mi porta in posti dove non voglio andare

    ma come tutti buoni uomini che nuotano troppo bene

    si prende tutto quello che ho al grido di aiuto
    poi quella voce nella mia testa
    mi dice no

    sto sprofondando giù
    non mi aiuterai
    salvami da me stesso
    mi guardo intorno per una fantasia
    chi può dirlo

    lasciami vivere la mia vita vicino al fiume

    portami nei posti dove i bambini possono crescere
    e poi
    forse il ragazzo dentro di me può abbandonarmi
    il bambino in me
    mi lascerà andare

    sto sprofondando giù
    la fredda fredda acqua mi sta rincorrendo
    sto sprofondando giù
    implorerai di essere perdonato

    se conoscessi il mio peccato

  67. Good Old Persian

    Not a day goes by that i dont listen to his songs and it will be this way til my end of time😌

    M M

    I am with you. I listen to his music every day. My puppy even knows it is George Michael singing!

    Robert Acquarulo

    I also listen every day. Its September 26, 2019.

    M M

    Robert Acquarulo
    Robert, it never ceases to amaze me how I will listen to one of his songs and find myself discovering a new gem.


    I go for a drive just so I can listen to him on my own. Most nights before sleeping. I always will.

    Raisa Cherry

    @M M He even managed to touch an animal's heart,what a beautiful soul he was 😭💔💔

  68. Dima Ivanov


  69. Tahira Malik

    George Michael’s death was so tragic, the sadness I felt for George was exactly how I felt when the beautiful princess Diana died. Having everything in the world doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have love. That’s what they desperately wanted. They were beautiful people inside and out , RIP.

    Shininglight Joi


    Vikramaditya Chatterjee

    You music lives forever. Miss u George Michael RIP. You are amazing star that will shine forever. Miss you.

    Larry Giddins

    True, George had all the money and Fame one could ever imagine ,yet all he ever wanted was to be loved and return that love

    joud bish

    You are sooooooo right

  70. Brian Woermbke

    I don't understand why there is thumbs down on any of his songs. He has got beautiful music. I will miss you. R.I.P. my friend.

    Shininglight Joi

    We know the truth...they're ignorant
    Or just don't understand true raw talent!😁😁😁

    Raisa Cherry

    @Shininglight Joi Actually those dislikers are tone deaf 😠😩

  71. Devin Gademan OFFICIAL

    This song from Older makes me wanna rest in the arms of my loved one.

  72. Reagan Laffite

    The whole world miss you ever so much...RIP.George...

  73. Rukia212002

    Beautiful and touching song. George, Always and forever in our hearts. So sad he is not here with us anymore...😢 its devastating. RIP George. You were amazing.

  74. Jorge Iturrieta

    Esta vez el rio te llevo al cielo....simplemente para mi ..el mas grande

  75. Roger Archer

    Джордж лучший, потому что ЕДИНСТВЕННЫЙ. Большая потеря для всех. RIP Джордж, мы помним тебя

  76. Janne Salonen

    Good song and nice metaphores: "...cold, cold water is rushing in"

    Shininglight Joi

    Janne Salonen Suddenly my life is like a river....taking me to places I've never been.
    If I knew myself...save me. Save me.....oh the pain...the depth of despair. ...we were always here for you my love....you chose to go so we try and accept this but it's sill not sinking in.😢😢😢

  77. eva nescence


  78. Mohammad Sadiq

    It's true I turned to YouTube ONLY just because of Sir George Michael. Listening to his songs brings happiness in my life. Very Very beautiful man with soulful voice attack directly to one's heart and then stayed there forever. George Michael deserves loyal fan. He was very right when he said that "I do have the most loyal fans in the history of pop music." Surely he deserves this after producing such timeless pieces of music. I think he is the only Best British Music Artist Britain has ever produced. I listen to other artists, but I am extremely sorry he is EXCEPTIONAL. A die hard and loyal fan of Sir George Michael from Karachi, Pakistan.

    Simon Cook

    Never a day without listening.His is my teacher with his words

    Raisa Cherry

    @Robert Acquarulo 😭💔

    Louise Anderson

    I totally agree Mohammad ❤

    Maria Platt

    Mohammad Sadiq too bad George couldn't read this ! He definitely was the BEST

  79. Leonardo Di Stefano

    Timeless album ... not even a GM fan

    Antonio photiou

    Leonardo Di Stefano v

  80. ugnulanila

    The soundtrack of my life!

  81. Zach Haller

    Such a brilliant man. Huge fan. Even back in the bad boy Wham! days. Would have loved to meet him or see him in concert. Your music inspires and brings joy to me everyday. RIP George. ❤️

  82. Оля Lolly

    мой любимочка Джордж

  83. Luis Garita

    I will love his music, kindness, and his natural and honest way to create.

  84. Caucazhin Man

    only JESUS CHRiST can " FORGiVE " us for our " SiN "

    TO BE FORGiVEN by George Michael

    I'm going down
    Won't you help me
    Won't you help me now

    Save me
    Save me
    Save me
    from myself

    I hear the sound
    of a memory

    time will tell

    Suddenly my life is like a river
    Taking me places
    I don't want to go
    But like all good men who swim too well
    It takes all that I have just to cry for help
    Then that voice in my head
    Tells me no

    I'm going down
    Won't you help me
    Won't you help me now
    Save me
    Save me
    Save me
    from myself

    I look around
    for a fantasy
    Who can tell ?

    Let me live my life beside the river
    the river
    Take me to places
    where a child can grow
    And then
    the boy inside will forsake me
    The child in me
    Will just
    let me go ........

    I'm going down
    The cold, cold water is rushing in
    I'm going down
    And I would beg to be forgiven

    If i knew my sin
    If i knew my sin ........

    Save Me Save Me
    Save Me Save Me
    Save Me Save Me
    Save Me Save Me

    im going down
    im going down

    im going down
    im going down

    Salima Abardouch

    Caucazhin Man big love for that

  85. stephen wylie

    One of my favourites of George's it's so soothing and just a beautiful song.

  86. Aurelien Daniel

    Perfection respect RIP

  87. lxlandia

    1yr today Dec. 25th....RIP.  These slow smooth bossa-nova style songs are what made me love George Michael for the artist he was.

  88. Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES BIO 1976

    An original interpretation of "Fastlove" https://youtu.be/UJS3H5G5pZY

  89. Fanai Armstrong

    Rest in paradise George Michel

  90. Adam Roberts

    I love this songxx

  91. Mark Illingworth

    So sad you’ve gone mate x

  92. Red Ciudadana Somos Guillier –Exterior–

    Letra en Español:

    Me hundo
    ¿podrías ayudarme?
    sálvame de mí mismo

    Oigo el sonido de un recuerdo
    quizás el tiempo lo dirá
    de repente mi vida es como un rio
    que me lleva a lugares a los que no quiero ir
    pero como a todos los hombres buenos
    que nadan demasiado bien
    pedir ayuda a gritos me cuesta todo lo que tengo
    entonces una voz en mi cabeza
    me dice que no

    Me hundo
    ¿podrías ayudarme?
    sálvame de mí mismo

    Busco una fantasía
    ¿quién sabe?
    déjame vivir mi vida junto al rio
    llévame a lugares donde pueda crecer un niño
    y entonces puede que
    el niño que llevo dentro me abandone
    ese niño dentro de mí
    me dejé marchar sin más

    Me hundo
    el agua fría, muy fría irrumpe con fuerza

    Me hundo
    y suplicaría ser perdonado
    si tan sólo conociera mi pecado.



    zulma callisaya choque

    Muchas gracias por la traducción. Sin lugar a dudas George Michael era un gran compositor.

  93. Matt Brill

    Such a genius and what a voice 😊

  94. frank ruano

    un cantante brutal y con una sensibilidad especial...todos sus temas me encantan...pero mi favorito es este to be forgiven

  95. Sebas Punzón Fct

    I like this song.