Michael, George - This Kind Of Love Lyrics

You don't have to think about it
You don't have to do without it
You just have to believe in this kind of love
You don't have to be so scared
You don't have to hide that you care
You just have to believe in this kind of love

Everybody's telling me that these are dangerous times
For you and me, can't you see baby?
Maybe we have better take a little care with this love
Oh I know, cause I can't be happy without you
Then I'll be the one

Now that I've found you
Now that I've found you
Now that I've found you

I don't have to hold you down
I don't need to push you around
I just want you to be this kind of love
And if someone hurt you before
Can't you see, all that I wanna give you much more
Just have faith in me, this kind of love

Everybody's telling me that these are dangerous times
For you and me, can't you see baby
People gotta take a little bit of care when they got love
Don't let it go, no, never, no

And all I know I have no reason to doubt you
Don't you think it's time to believe in someone?
So I'm telling you

Now that I've found you
Now that I've found you I can't let you go
Found you

Nobody's perfect, we all have a past
When you look at me how can you ask if I love you?
Is it so hard to see?
Now everyone has to get older, I know
But this empty house seems to get colder and colder
So won't you stay here with me?

And all I know I have no reason to doubt you
Don't you think it's time to believe in someone?
So I'm telling you

Now that I've found you
Now that I've found you I can't let you go
Found you

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Michael, George This Kind Of Love Comments
  1. Robert Acquarulo

    I would love the entire song but it was not finished and stolen from George's house. George was a perfectionist. It wasn't finished. Got to respect his families wishes.

  2. Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES 1976 BIO

    So that is a nice of video but in fact the story has nothing to do nor with Seattle neither with Amercia at all but just seen on TV)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) despite like me and George were in Europe at the time of 1989

  3. Pascale Sabatier

    beautiful song... Georges'blues

  4. Konstantin KONSTANTINOS

    The song must be released on a cd or vinyl
    Great performance

  5. The KING

    You fkr wheres full vedio,,, we don't need your name idiot

  6. George MichaelFan98

    full song here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6vyhi8

  7. Suzana Moreno

    Thank you for sharing this is the best version i can find in You Tube. Love from England. 🤗💗😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤💞💗💋

  8. Gonia Ulicz

    My Angel...love love love

  9. BaSiA W

    I love this :)) The all George's songs are beautiful and best💔❤

  10. Costa P.

    George, il mio, il nostro "Principe gentile.."

  11. Helen Pierce-Lamoureux

    THIS vid is fucked up! Someone tried to remix it; they did but can't find GEORGE's original of this song. Pirates BE DAMNED!

  12. Diane B

    He has the most beautiful voice bringing such emotion to his songs. Great song, you will live in my heart..RIP

    Dilyana Panteleeva

    And so god damn handsome

  13. Maria Klein

    Love Song George Michael

  14. Pat Smith

    i love this song a beautifl man godbless u george micheal intiyit tiamo mybe ur love will be here for a long time you give this kind of love to our hearts i found you years ago

  15. Sandro Barbieri

    Il video fa schifo..la canzone no.

  16. Rossana Niebla

    Love all of his songs...he inspired me to be the best person i could be...i can't help saying he was one of the greatest entertainers of all time..and beyond..
    This man was true to himself and this world could not contain his talent that was god given..he has his wings to fly now.. Yog Soar!! You have been loved by all r.i.p. 💟💝💟you are missed every day and my heart breaks every time i think of your passing..
    Love you til the end of time.. 💝💝

  17. nancy breaux

    I will miss his beautiful smile.

  18. Irving Brito

    Se escucha horrible


    Looks So much like his Mother @1.12

  20. nancy breaux

    The complete version of this song I do not think exists when I heard the song towards the middle and end the rythm disconnected from the first part . it seems it needed tweeking, and ,editing changing and rethinking on it's delivery, but I wish this song was complete what a start to what would have been a masterpiece. I will never will forget though what I have already heard.

  21. Savvas Keimonos Apostolakis

    R.I.P. The Singing Greek the greatest Greek singer of all time

    Jovan Spasovski Klasios

    Him and Tose Proeski were greatest balkan singers

  22. nancy breaux

    George you in that white suit and butterfly background gives me butterflies. Rest in peace one of a kind.

  23. gifty menka

    Beautiful song. I miss you Georgie

  24. nancy breaux

    This song is everything.

  25. nancy breaux

    One special man. George Michael will always be number one to me.

  26. Pat Smith

    he showed his true feelings in this song beautifl man with so much feeling in side him he needed true love rip george micheal

  27. J R

    Someone posted a link to the full song: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6vyhi8

  28. J R

    I saw an interview with him from soon before Older where he told the interviewer that he realized the songs he had been writing (over the past few years or recently) weren’t that good and I was surprised he said that publicly because expectations were so high for what we expected of him and I wondered if he meant the songs he was writing for Trojan Souls,

  29. J R

    I’ve watched a ton of interviews with George since he died 2 years ago and I never saw him mention in any interview between 1991 and his death that he was working on an album between listen Without Prejudice and Older and I’ve wondered why he never talks about the Trojan Souls album. It’s very strange. All of the young people at the time were waiting for his next album and so disappointed when LWP Vol. 2 didn’t come out. I never even heard him explain that either. I saw an interview with him from soon before Older where he told the interviewer that he realized the songs he had been writing (over the past few years or recently) weren’t that good and I was surprised he said that publicly because expectations were so high for what we expected of him and I wondered if he meant the songs he was writing for Trojan Souls,

  30. J R

    I saw an interview with his “cousin” (that guy who isn’t really his cousin) after George died and he said he himself has the Trojan Souls tapes in his own vault at a safety deposit box-like company and that he doesn’t know if he might do something with it in the future. He said he hadn’t thought about it yet (yeah right) because it was too soon. I’ve wondered why George let him keep those tapes after they had a falling out and stopped talking to each other around 1998, especially since George was always in control of everything in his career,

  31. Maria Clara Guimaraes

    Love George Michael

  32. Mary Burr

    GEORGE MICHAEL is one sexy [email protected] hair skin man omg such a shame I never got to meet him in concert.

  33. Jovan Spasovski Klasios

    Where is thw full version

  34. Jasmina Ristic

    There was a beautiful video of this song with a girl meets a boy in Paris cafe' exchanging the same book excendently. Please, someone put it back.


    I think Fadi put the song up after George died. I think I have it saved.

    J R

    JodisDream I didn’t know you could save things from YouTube! Can you tell me how to do it since his partially finished songs are getting deleted from YouTube? Thank you, :-)

  35. Charleen Moore

    I LOVE this song so much!! It is being removed because it was released without George Micheal’s permission. I believe his family will not ever release his unfinished music again. This song to me is so amazing, and I truly wish his family would release it at some point. I understand the grief they must feel from losing him. I know how I feel about him, and I am only a huge fan of his music, and his generous, kind, loving self. I do respect their wishes, as George wouldn’t want anything released without his 100% approval. Maybe someday they will change their minds. RIP George Michael!!! I believe he is the best music artist of our generation.

  36. J R

    Does anybody know when the song was recorded or what period?

    Mary Amelang

    J R - I don’t understand copyright or intellectual property laws. But on an emotional fan level I do feel that the family does not understand how much the fans loved George. Of course in the end his family has the right to their grief and hoe they handle it. I read somewhere that they wouldn’t sanction a tribute to him that would benefit one of his favorite charities. I suspect we will never know how George’s fame negatively impacted his family and those who loved him. AsS you well know

    Mary Amelang

    Sorry I accidentally hit reply too soon. As you well know from losing your father grief causes us to make difficult and sometimes painful decisions at the time. Maybe with time the family will change their minds about George and his legacy.

    J R

    Mary Amelang yeah I was really shocked too that they didn't want a tribute I didn't understand that because usually people really want other people to remember their loved one and want to pay tribute to them.. I was expecting a huge tribute concert like in Hyde Park in London or Wembley stadium or something like that. And it would've been such a great opportunity to raise money for charity, including the charities he supported like childfine. But I did see in some comments on some of the George Michael FB fan pages that The singers and bandmembers he had for decades are finally doing a tribute concert at what used to be called the Brixton Academy (where the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go video was filmed) in London and the family has approved that and also that they're going to do several performances either around England or around Great Britain. Makes me so sad I live in Los Angeles!

    Mary Amelang

    J R yes, it makes me sad too because I live in Texas. All the events and tributes of course are in Great Britain. I am heartened to see that they are approving some tributes. One of my all time favorite performances of his is the tribute to Freddy Mercury - Somebody to Love. I saw the original airing of it on television and have watched over and over again on You Tube. Only wish that that someone in turn would pay that kind of tribute to him.

    J R

    Mary Amelang oh I was in 11th grade when he did somebody to love and my mom wouldn't let me have MTV so I had to see it on entertainment tonight and I don't think I got to see the whole thing and so as always was so disappointed by it. So it wasn't until he died that I got to see that and all sorts of other things that they only showed at all or only showed the whole thing of on MTV. And then I realized on a whole new level what a profound talent he was. It's such a shame that he basically disappeared here after the end of the faith period. And that we didn't get to continue enjoying him fully the way the rest of the world got to. I couldn't believe all of the things it turns out he continued to do over the past 30 years. I had no idea.

  37. Connie Wolf

    He was the best....still is wherever he is.

  38. Sergii Gerasimov

    Когда-то смотрел великолепный клип с этой офигенно классной песней .Но почему то больше его нет !- пишут видео удалено .очень жаль .помогите пожалуйста найти его .сюжет как кто то типа решитель судеб свел двоих - мужчину и женщину при помощи ароматов и книги !
    Интересный замысел .

  39. Ralf916

    Amazing song... awful video!

  40. хочу в Америку

    Сука ну что за песня👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍

  41. nancy breaux

    Born for modeling cologne ads, don't believe he ever put one out.

    J R

    nancy breaux LOL I’d like to see him do a sexy circa 1990s style Calvin Klein ad, diving into water in a speedo and then coming up out of the water with water dripping off his tanned skin, lol That would have been hot. Though he was kinda skinny. lol

  42. nancy breaux

    George I always thought you were the most handsome man god created. Come back even more beautiful and make the sun shine brighter so we can get a better look at you.

    Dilyana Panteleeva

    Totally true. I agree he was an angel and not only his voice was so great OMG his look. I have never seen so blessed man in the looks departament.

  43. nancy breaux

    George was trying to show his soul brother side in this song. George Michael blues.

  44. Mark Roberts

    Miss you George always with us x

  45. Elios Jones

    I also missed this song and the video does anybody know why they took it down

  46. Disty Marcyan

    iOffer has DVD and CD

  47. Disty Marcyan

    Buy Trojan Souls from iOffer online. Great quality DVD $20. Has all tracks. Bloody fantastic!

  48. Mildred Melanson


  49. Michelle Lawlor

    I hope your "where I hope you are",at rest with your mum and Anselmo. Luv Bootie.xxx

    Faye Rosenthal

    Michelle Lawlor 1

  50. Дмитрий Суднишников

    Что за бред,нормальную версию выложит кто ни будь?

  51. ramiro

    Heard this song the same day he passed away.. saddest Christmas i ever had 2016..

  52. Zádori Diana

    I do love this utterly beautiful song, but I do not like this version... why has been deleted all of other video ..?!

  53. lorraine orth

    can we please have the complete version of this song one of is best thank you

  54. Suzana Moreno

    I was looking for this video. .I don't know what happened to the other videos. Please keep this song forever. I will always love you my Angel George Michael
    RIP my king

    Peter Sutherland

    His music company pulled it .

  55. Terrah Adams

    I love you George Michael 😘, May you continue to Rest In Peace!

  56. Michelle Lawlor

    Heartbroken miss you George.Love Bootie xxx

  57. Crystal Blueice

    Finally............ A beautiful video to go along with this beautiful song. Thank you for making it.

  58. Patrizia Garbin

    Beautiful video werry compliments

  59. Patrizia Garbin

    Hello my life

  60. Zivana Jadresic

    Anguish right from the heart.He knew so well the meaning of this kind of love in this cruel world.The suffering made him a great artist,singer and songwriter.

  61. Sandra South

    love this song but all of the other videos has been deleted. please keep this here. also I would love to have the whole song please .Thank you

    Dodz don

    @George MichaelFan98 thanks for the complete version

    Elios Jones

    @George MichaelFan98 thank you I have been looking for the full version

    Sandra southern

    @George MichaelFan98 thank you

    Poonam Sharma

    @George MichaelFan98 thank you

    George MichaelFan98

    full song: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6vyhi8

  62. Radost Enceva

    Caro Antonino ,ci ritroviamo anche qua _ovunque sento o vedo qualcosa pubblicato sul questo grande cantante ,che sicuramente lasciato le tracce sul fondo mondiale della musica ,una vera pietra preziosa nella corona musicale!Grazie per il tuo impegno ,che rispetto:ti auguro buona strada !