Michael, George - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Lyrics

The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and endless skies, my love
To the dark and empty skies

The first time ever I kissed your mouth
I felt the earth move in my hands
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command, my love
That was there at my command

The first time I ever lay with you
And felt your heart so close to mine
And I knew our joy would fill the world
And would last till the end of time, my love
It would last till the end of time
The first time ever I saw your face
Your face, your face

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Michael, George The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Comments
  1. elizabeth boden

    millions miss you George and always will xx RIP you beautiful person

  2. TheJimbojetset1

    Mel iv lost you why

  3. Murray Forster

    He Ain,t Heavy He,s my Brother always in my heart

  4. cindy buckley

    Amazing gift George, happiness is yours now🕉🇬🇧

  5. Karmen Jazbec

    than you for a music angel michael

  6. Karmen Jazbec

    i wanna to kiss every wrinkle on bobdylans face

  7. Karmen Jazbec

    we miss you michael

  8. Alexis Timothy

    You were the best ❤️ of the best I miss you so much I can't believe you left this world 💔 you will always be my number 1 Singer in the world Rip

  9. Robert Kelly

    Make another on line speech.......

  10. Robert Kelly

    he looked a bit like his mum, god bless him see you soon George!!!

  11. Ayse Morris

    I don't care for the original. This is THE best version!! Miss you Yog

  12. Teddy P

    I miss you George........ the world really is much sadder without you.
    Voice and soul of an Angel. Your lovelies adore you and love you. Now Melanie has joined you. 😢💔

  13. edward carr

    he has not gone anywhere, at least in spirit he is still george michael.

  14. P Jones

    I like the Gordon Lightfoot version

  15. P Jones

    The first time....so touching,

  16. Winstard Robinson


  17. Nigel Hodder

    My heart goes out to George,s dad to lose a great son .then to lose a daughter same time 3 years later may god be with you .i feel the pain aswell

    Teddy P

    I am truly heartbroken. 💔

  18. Diane Keggin

    Always love George xx

  19. Helena Spirin Araiuns Whittington


  20. imus16

    What a beautiful song and his voice was golden. What a singer. Wonderful.
    Mr Tony Norona, thanks a lot for this upload.

  21. thomas hoejberg

    I can watch this over and over again. AmaZING !!!

  22. Jude Knight

    Didn’t like the arrangement much but the voice and interpretation was faultless.

  23. Hector Lalalala

    Dec 25 2019. Rip George Michael

  24. Susanne Fuller

    Incredible! He had such clarity and beauty in his voice....I think this song may be his best. He does the song "the long and winding road" better than Paul McCartney. RIP George!

  25. Jeff Young

    Been 3 years since we saw your face anyone else missing him ???

  26. Zaida Valle

    Miss his voice , he was a great singer with a lot of passion!

  27. Mirela Richter

    Tony, greetings from Croatia, my dear!!!! This cover is better than the original. Love, STAY beautiful

  28. Dewayne Ross

    His voice touches the soul so deeply. Tears well up for the true love he sings about. What an incredible loss our generation received when he passed. I recall his talented songs of the 80s in my teen years. Still moves me today. Grateful he was born and shared his gift of voice to the world

  29. Rita Walker

    Heavens Angel On Loan From God. Thank You Lord.

  30. Lillian Schmidt

    Greatest voice ever. Miss you George M. Hope you found some peace and comfort up there. R.I.P.

  31. Lyn Harrod

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute to a truly great singer and the soul to match.xx

  32. Marco Main

    La voce pop più bella di tutti i tempi e mai imitabile! Grazie George.....

  33. Nigel Hodder

    Sitting here thinking of you George 3 years nearly .you were and are a one of that god sent you to us

  34. Steven East

    Mellifluous and so touching 🍀

  35. peter pan

    I couldn't stop the tears from falling, when we lost George, we lost an angel.

  36. CreateWithBarb BL

    miss you still George. Best rendition of this song bar none. X

  37. Michaela Standley

    Roberta Flack could not have done this better.

  38. Barbara V

    The first time I ever heard GM sing I was like WHO IS THAT!!! In the decades since then, I only appreciated him more. George falls into that category of the "incomparables". His talent was so diversified and he was the best at everything he did. I couldn't even name another artist who was so musically talented, such a beautiful person in so many ways and so relatable even being the mega Superstar he was. Just like there's never been another Elvis Presley type, there just won't be another George Michael... ever. He is the embodiment of everything a musical genius is and a wonderful person is.

  39. Wes Hunter

    Hey everyone, John Towers the TROLL HATER has been REPORTED to my attorney, the police and Youtube for cyber attacks against a celebrity. BOOM! :) God bless. I know George is looking down laughing at this lol Bye Little John with no subscribers

  40. Talit Aslam

    Just all time great fan
    Should be a global awarded song
    All versions are great
    His voice has feelings
    Well done.......

  41. Beatriz Beer

    Una de las voces mas hermosas que he escuchado.Paz a tu espiritu. Tu musica y tu voz andan alegrando a los angeles por toda la eternidad. Un te amo.

  42. Judy Sherry

    George I wish you would have loved yourself. And you would have known that you were loved by millions of people in the world. Lady Judith

  43. Berit Sætre

    He was the best siner ever, and this song is the best ever.....

  44. corinto martins

    E realmente lamentável.😭

  45. KeepItReal

    Best version ever X

  46. Dennis B

    How sad what a great performer

  47. Sally Rowles

    Such a lovely voice 💙💙

  48. kangarooar15

    Always missed. What a fantastic talent.

  49. Nigel Hodder

    2 years have passed George and i still miss you. you will never leave my heart

  50. Maria Platt

    Moves my soul ❤️

  51. Maria Platt

    That is the most beautiful song I ever heard! All around .. And I am an Elvis fan since I was 14 years old❤️💕

  52. Andy Bueno

    Ele foi para o mundo espiritual em um lindo dia... Para que lembremos dele com alegria! Saudades eternas! George Michael estará em nossos corações sempre!

  53. Angela Sharples

    So beautifully sung... .Roberta Flack would be.proud....God Bless George....always missed, with love❣🙏🤗👌

  54. Norman Cridland

    This is George at his very best. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it . So sadly missed R I P GEORGE

  55. Victoria Belanger-Dick

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice...we still that at least. Never knew how sad he really was.

  56. Louise Thompson

    Beautiful darlin sleep easy you are loved and remembered always xxx 😘💖💖💖

  57. Maria Platt

    It's so beautiful I can't find the words 😘

  58. RJ Grant

    Miss you so much! Still devastated that you are not here.

  59. Diane Hachey

    Forever missed...❤️

  60. Louise Anderson

    This song reminds me of my granddaughter Caitlin. I was there at her birth and the first time I saw her face I felt a love I have never experienced before. A truly deep, pure love that will remain for an eternity. What makes this song more beautiful is that it is sung by the worlds greatest singer George Michael. You are sadly missed George and hugely loved. ❤

  61. Князян Рафаэль

    I love George Michael. I was in his concert in Moscow. It was perfect!

  62. Gabriella Várnagy


  63. Bill Aldridge

    He could sing high, low, loud and soft. Pitch perfect. Such a loss. His songs when he first came on the scene were not my type but to hear what he did with Elton John and Beatles, he took things to another level.

  64. sublimebull

    RIP Brother...Missed Forever 💙✝️🙏

  65. Ramon Sanchez

    Feeling alone...with your songs...ahhh...so lonely...


    I think i now get George Michael's vocal and why it was so popular. This song screams it at you, if you allow it to.

    He connects to his "deep, woman's voice's" vocal......this voice could be mistaken for such a woman's and yet at times...totally male vox...look away from the screen and listen to the pure voice of the wonderful George Michael...appealing to men and women alike.

    GEORGE MICHAEL..special, unique voice....like no other.

  67. Judy Mason

    Stunning perfect special the best of the best from our beautiful George.
    The loss is still as fresh today

  68. Theo Wennekes

    I have never heard it so beautiful. Tears on my face

  69. Sharon Ann C.

    ......💔♥️ sooooo misunderstood 💔
    Searching for his own.... ♥️💔
    I hope his soul is @ peace....♥️🙏
    Love his voice.... ♥️💐

  70. Tyke Handsome

    Our great musical loss.

  71. fiona wills

    Thank you for this video. It's now nearly three years since George left us way too soon. This song shows off his beautiful voice so well. He is still sorely missed by many.

  72. 555shortstop

    I never realized how talented this man was, and what a truly gentle soul he had..He gave so much of his earnings away to charity and no one knew because he did not want any recognition.RIP you are missed by many

    Joesph Huffman

    I agree bro

    Lori Wolf

    I had no idea, thank you for sharing this beautiful information! I totally understand wanting to be anonymous - THAT makes me love and respect George so much more than I already did🤗❣✌. It shouldn't be about getting praise or attention from others❗💯

  73. Iolanda R

    q tristeza en los ojos

  74. JudyRose

    Beautiful ❤️

  75. Esther Hoogeveen

    Thank you , this is so wonderful and beautiful.

  76. bruno ercoli


  77. Nicole Gregory

    I'm listening to this and have tears running down my face... What a loss. What a heartbreak. ~N

  78. salud y riqueza

    La mejor interpretación! Grande. George Michael!

  79. Alondra Díaz

    I'm in tears, my God! Just listen this angel!

  80. Alfonsina Parra

    ✨70’s.✨. Preciosos sonidos del ayer qué hoy llegan a mí cómo un potro desbocado y me ponen a cabalgar mí viejo corazón. Cómo me habría fascinado qué ésta enamorada melodía la hubiésemos escogido EL, él amor dé mí vida y yo para bailarla suave y amorosamente en él día dé nuestra boda desafortunadamente no me casé con EL, yo lo alejé insensiblemente dé mí y he vivido arrepentida siempre. Hermosos recuerdos dé ese pasado qué ya no volverá. La 1ra. vez qué nos vimos, jamás olvidaré esa tierna mirada celeste viendo enamorado él primaveral verde dé mis enamorados ojos. La primera vez...

  81. Irene Tokura

    I miss George Michael there will never be a voice like him. We love you George!

  82. Konstantin KONSTANTINOS

    You can hear in his voice the pain, the love, the pathos he had. Excellent piece of music

    гогси джордж

    Hell yeah pal

    Lori Wolf

    The PASSION he had was amazing!!! 💜❣

    Harlow Jade Mermaid

    you hit the nail on the head, and took the words out of my mouth. The pain is unbelievably heartwrenching. I never knew he sang this song, it is really great.

  83. Joseph Isom

    Beautiful Voice
    Not sure how this could get over 500 dislikes. They must be deaf! LOL

  84. Maria Platt

    Wow,what a touching song ! Never heard this one before 💕

  85. Penny Calvert

    He sings it best, hands down!

  86. lizan hassan


  87. Roberta Scharfenberger


  88. Chloe8 Culay

    I hope and pray these great singers are singing for God in heaven

  89. Jim Collins

    the best of the several that i listened to

  90. Jim Collins

    just fabulous !!

  91. vietlovessaurieng a

    his music has lived forever in my humble heart...

  92. andrea amos

    I love this version and saline Dions. I said i wasn't going cry but how can you not its so from the depth of his soul and i felt is passion rip🙏😊

  93. Jane Stanhope

    miss him

  94. Glynis Mcgourlick

    It's that time of year again, it seems like yesterday he passed. Lovely gentleman.

  95. Judy Sherry

    I ponder often why these gifted genius feel such loneliness is it they give to much of their soul's to the world. Lady Judith


    Very well said..tragic loss of a very gifted man

    Suzanne Rebro

    Maybe giving everything of yourself leaves one depleted. He gave us everything, miss him always.

  96. Amy C. Bullard

    So beautiful.

  97. Tony Norona Jr.

    It was over a year now since George passed away and we are still missing him with that awesome and angelic voice that touched our hearts and getting teary eyes listening to his voice.

    Jan Stageman

    Yes, you have said it all so perfectly. Such a loss 😥

    cindy buckley

    Too good for this earth ,rip yog gone to sing with angels👼👼👼🎄🇬🇧

    Harlow Jade Mermaid

    you did a fabulous job making this vid, Tony Norona Jr.

    I've never seen many of these photos of him, and didn't even know he sang this tune, so good on you! Well done. and RiP Giorgios, we definitely miss you, your gorgeous face & your beautiful voice. xo

    Harlow Jade Mermaid

    @Carol Smithonly true fans call GM by his real name - not Giorgios, Yog. Still missing him. Sadly, Yog & Mel can now be together, as she passed away on Christmas Day, as well. Soo tragic for their only sister thats left here, in mourning, without them. :(