Michael, George - Secret Love Lyrics

Once I Had A Secret Love
That lived within the heart of me
All too soon my secret love
Became impatient to be free

So i told a friendly star
The way that dreamers often do
Just how wonderful you are
And why i'm so in love with you

Now i shout it from the highest hill
I even told you the golden dafodill
At least my heart's an open door
And my secret love's no secret anymore

Now i shout it from the highest hill
I even told you the golden dafodill
At least my heart's an open door
And my secret love's no secret
My secret love's no secret
My secret love's no secret anymore

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Michael, George Secret Love Comments
  1. Mary Lebo

    If you like this check out Mr. Michael singing Where or When......it's my favorite to dance to.

  2. Roberto Cuadros

    Me gusta aunque me resulte algo triste, nostálgica.😞

  3. Gabby S

    Ulrika Lillemor Alfa Wonwolf Congratulations u have a son

  4. Debra Lynn

    I miss him.

  5. Dr. Arun Kumar Nagar

    Excellent version

  6. Dr Chunky Biscuit

    16 people who are clearly deaf. Best version by a male artist, EVER!!! #Fact

  7. Bayoeh JBL

    one of my favorite song...

  8. Chris Hogan

    Happy birthday

  9. Stephenn Quaglia

    A guy who stood up for what he believed. A great singer arranger performer.

  10. XimenaMiss

    Adorable George

  11. Emily Malden

    This OK, but I prefer some other covers he did.  He did a great job on "The first Time I Saw Your Face",  and "The Long  and Winding Road".  I bet this song hit home for him considering how he felt the fans would not accept his homosexuality.  The women were heartbroken but still loved his musical talent.

  12. sharon locke

    Kind and caring, voice of an angel, his voice just melts me every time I hear him. From the first time I heard Him sing careless whisper, he blew me away. Every time I saw George in concert, I just couldn't believe how perfect his voice was. Hope your singing with the angels now lovely George..xx

  13. CrestoneMountains

    my friend listens to Buble, and I said, hes good! now, time to go listen to GREAT

    Sally Hu

    Beautifully put. Love it. Thank you.

  14. Caroline Monat

    Je l' adore aussi dans ce répertoire !

  15. Angela Domas

    Qué pena más grande!

  16. albertdiner

    Great that he included so many songs from the GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK in this album. Pity he never dueted with Barbra Streisand.

  17. Marcos Blanco Vedia

    Tristeza total que una gran voz como la de George nos haya abandonado. Gracias por tu musica!

  18. M Mac

    darling George. You had a big impact on my life. Rest in peace darling, gorgeous man x x

    Marcos Blanco Vedia

    :( tristeza

  19. Elen Greek

    George you are the best!

  20. Huma Sheikh

    my secret love no secret.nice song full of life

  21. Marcela Soto Zapata

    Greek delírium....Oh my God!

  22. Daniel Gallegos


  23. Elen Greek

    OH God!He is making the song'his own'.Who michael buble..?l love also buble'but there is not comparing


    Elen Greek : I agree! George took this song to a whole new level! Kudos..RIP, another teenage crush gone way too soon.

  24. franmanuel romero

    Esta es una de las canciones de mi vida, esta canción m sube el animo. A ver si empiezo el día con optimismo y m depara algo bueno

  25. Marc Blanco

    Para arrancar el día viene muy bien, tiene mucha energía esta canción.. gran cantante además, muy bueno!

  26. Matthew Chappell

    This album was recorded long before Michael Buble was on the scene. And George Michael is far more brilliant an artist. In my opinion.


    +LightTheYoshi Buble is good.
    but vocally hes not in same league as GM


    The way George sings that one part is absolutely radiant: Now I shout it from the highest hills! Even told the golden daffodils! At last my heart's an open door! And my secret love's no secret, anymore...

    Ann Baizura

    Matthew Chappell Agreed. So, so sad. May he rest in peace. 😢

    Yog's Soulmate

    Matthew Chappell, of course!! There is no better vocalist than George Michael. xx

    Hubert Lane-Nicholson

    Matthew Chappell I just love the blast of power he gives to the choruses and coda - requiring perfect pitch and breath control.

  27. Disney65Fan

    This is what Micheal Buble's version would be like.

    First it was Mandy Moore and now its George Micheal.Cool.

    Jen Smet

    +Disney65Fan It's Michael....... ;-) (Mandy Moore, what middle ages do you live in?)

    Peter Jenks

    Buble is just ok compared to this. Yes he would have David Foster bringing up the orchestra but not vocally in the same league.

  28. Owen Tinkler

    My Secret Love

  29. Randy Man

    The reality is:  He shreds it!  Great Rendition! 

  30. GrotrianSeiler

    This guy will NEVER get the credit he deserves. Great singer, great voice, great entertainer. Need to dig up this album and listen to it again. So good.


    GrotrianSeiler : I just ordered this on Amazon. :)) Can't hardly wait to play it at home and in my car.

  31. sharronwalsh1

    love this  song  xx  :-)

  32. fktittieboi

    Iv been a fan sence 3 I'm 14 now love you GM

  33. john guthrie

    ok i,ll stick with bucks fizz.

  34. Alan Whicker

    LOL Your taking it too far ;-) He's just a great singer mate

  35. john guthrie

    bang on i even like wham now.

  36. brola nola

    Doris Day 1953

  37. sharronwalsh1

    i been a george fan since i was 13 years old , im now 42 and still a great fan :-)

  38. Rosalind Kover

    beautiful george! glad to hear you sing some of my old favorites....i am 71 years old and your music helps me stay young.....do you ever sing "i'll be seeing you " (in all the old familiar places)....another old beauty of a song is "two different worlds"....i love to hear you sing "i can't make you love me"....hope all is well with you sir....ciaux, roz from utica,ny

  39. Frank Kelly

    have always thought George Michael has been denied his due. What a talent! Listen to the whole range on the faith album and then listen to this he has maintained his voice and talent through all these years

  40. kenny moore

    @scatmando what a comment,i have loved him since "wham rap".his private life is just that,PRIVATE.we love him for his music,not scandal.enough fucking said i think.thank you george

  41. Mladja Radovanovic

    @scatmando respect!

  42. hoppy318

    George is an amazingly talented singer with a diverse stylistic ability. He is, in my opinion, very under-appreciated. He should have been much more lauded than he has been, and in real life away from the spotlights, he's a super nice guy.

    Peter Jenks

    In the mid 80's he was the #1 live act in the world.

  43. Arlyne Ocampo

    Great voice, awesome version! One of the reasons why i'll remember you George!

  44. Pepper Williams

    I never really liked George Michael until I heard this song. He sounds great doing jazz!!!

  45. JOHN02099

    love this tune

  46. Jimmy Brown

    @DaisyQT1 Bammer, away and lick your birds diamond !

  47. DaisyQT1

    @scatmando i was not telling you to "lay of him".
    I did agree with your comment and I was speaking to the same people who dish him. And I wont keep explaining myself to you over and over again. Obviously you just simply cant get it!!??????
    The End

  48. Jimmy Brown

    Good on you for being a big GM fan who travels the world to watch him, but why tell me to lay off him ? I never said anything derogatory in the first place. If you dont like my humour then thats your fault, take your ''thumbs up'' back ya big kid, at least I will still have 17 who get my drift. You are one of those crazies who hates the fact folk like my ''honest'' comment on George Michael. My cousin played bass with him and elton in Madison sqaure garden. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  49. DaisyQT1

    @scatmando what part of ". At least he has a talent and is great at what he does and been doing soo for almost 30 years!!!! " do you need help explaining???
    as expected you just dont get it.

    PS: I was one of those who did give you thumbs up for the first comment (now I just want to take it back for your lack of brains.
    PS: Im one of those who gets on the plane and travels around a world to see GM to perform.
    Hint Hint...do you get it now ?? :(:(:( sad ....obviously not

  50. Jimmy Brown

    @DaisyQT1 Is paople a proper word. I sound mentally retarded ? Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan ...stars ? fpsml. What do you mean leave George Michael alone ? I dont get your point.... If you read my post I was saying that I was sick of people dissing him............ At the end of the day its all about the talent and not what he does in his private life. So please let me know what you are getting at by saying leave Dode alone lol. You sound like a female Mark Chapman.....SCARY !

  51. DaisyQT1

    @scatmando your first comment actually did sound intelligent. however it was probably written by your smarter younger sister.
    Because what you are trying to say in your reply to me sound mentally retarded!!! And you can even put a proper words and sentences down. Please read AGAIN and AGAIN what I wrote. And read it many many times over and hopefully you will get it. But I doubt that. Feel sorry for you. You are attacking people because of your own stupidity!!!!

  52. Jimmy Brown

    @DaisyQT1 Listen ya bampot read my post again and then apologise ya numpty. Ive got 18 thumbs up agreeing with my point, You dont half meet some eejits on YT and you daisy must be one of the dumbest yet. Doh ! He can smoke a joint while high on GHB and some stranger wanking him off, I STILL adore the man for his singing talent. Get a life ya clown......... or at least a dildo !

  53. DaisyQT1

    @scatmando if we had to judge famous paople based on their characters - there would be no fans. almost 100% stars are some kind of addicts (pills, alcohol, drugs >>>Michael Jackson, Charlie Sheen, Nick Nolte) or are in the jail in and out (Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan...), Cheaters (Tiger Woods), wife beaters (Rob Ford...)...and we can continue right. So leave George Michael alone. At least he has a talent and is great at what he does and been doing soo for almost 30 years!!!!

  54. karen short

    God, I love George..........but this is CRAP ! Doris did it far better !

    Sally Hu

    Everything GM ever released was superlative. Doris Day? How many albums did she release ? To even put her on the same level as GM, much less put him down, just shows your age. Your hearing must be deteriorating.

  55. salud y riqueza

    Magnifica canción!!! Nunca la había escuchado!! Pero todo lo que hace Geroge Michael es maravilloso!! Canta de maravilla, y esta echo y moldeado para los trabajos de la música!!!

  56. Julie Chang

    I Love You, Snoopy!!!

  57. sports1267

    I like the jazzy, retro sound with an easy does pumped up beat.

  58. Jimmy Brown

    He can do whatever he wants in his private life, and enter the bushes or loos at any time he wants, I couldnt give a fuck who with, or if he was smoking a spliff at the time. Give this guy a break............ He is an awesome singer and thats all that matters to me.

  59. Fede Gagliardi

    The original es very good, but George is...just George :)

  60. Eva Komaromy

    he is still the BEST!

  61. rolybling

    My favourite off Songs From The Last Century, my secret love's no secret anymore!!! BRILLIANT.

  62. imaginator

    never heard him sing a happy love song before other than in this album!

  63. rolybling

    JESUS, He's awsome, a major presence

  64. astrea ribeiro

    :)! It makes my happy, too!