Michael, George - Roxanne Lyrics

You don't have to put on the red light
Those days are over
You don't have to sell your body to the night

You don't have to wear that dress tonight
Walk the streets for money
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

You don't have to put on the red light

I loved you since i knew you
I wouldn't talk down to you
I have to tell you just how i feel
I won't share you with another boy
I know my mind is made up
So put away your make up
Told you once i won't tell you again
It's a bad way

You don't have to put on the red light
You don't have to put on the red light

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Michael, George Roxanne Comments
  1. William ly

    I wish George had switched to jazz in his later years because jazz enthusiasts would have taken him further in his career than POP. Miss him dearly :-(

  2. p01 echeverria collante

    Album Mágico.

  3. garyw1971

    Flawless Vocal ❤

  4. Deutz Dieter

    👍👍top sehr guter Song du bist eine Legende 😴😔😔

  5. Luigina Tomasi

    How many Christmas' days spended listening this magic song!!

  6. Walter Cursi

    thank's for magic...........

  7. Alba Mercury

    *1995*roxanne you don’t have to...
    *2019*: roxanne all she wanna do is party all night

  8. Judith ASSIEDOU

    A découvrir

  9. Adrian James

    ....he was too good for this world..very much loved, much missed.

  10. Piotr Gabriel

    God bless You George, You have beautiful soul i miss You.

  11. Garry Harriman

    He had a voice like velvet.

  12. Katharine Archer

    So beautiful, reminds me of my neice Roxanne who died at twenty two so also makes me feel so sad.

    Katja Baark

    I am so sorry for you and hope this version helps you to heal

    Katharine Archer

    @Katja Baark Thank you Katja it is a beautiful version i love it.x

  13. Donya P

    My Favorite

  14. Róbert Èvi


  15. The Elven Jedi

    Those first two [sung] notes... Le sigh

  16. Gary Jordan

    Great album by a Great Voice.

  17. New Wa

    Vrhunska! Obozavam je.... 28.8.2019

  18. Cristina-Daria Ciornei Karlsson


  19. Denver Barnes

    Wow, what a super version! Anybody know who's on upright bass here? Sounds to me like Brian Bromberg..



  21. Emanuel Porras

    The voice of George Is very wonderful, I LOVE this song.

  22. Shree Sen

    Not comparing but this isn't cover to me. It made a huge impact on me, more than the original. I still have the cassette. Couldn't get your autograph :(

    rest in power George Michael.

  23. whisky parson

    c'est la classe .

  24. Zoe Dodds

    I cry every time he makes this song so achingly beautiful

  25. Jean OBoyle

    So beautifully torchy … as golden as champagne.

  26. ᄌᄒᄌ

    - Sting Official Site -

    Wendy & Dave: What did you think of George Michael's version of 'Roxanne', and have you any plans for a cover of 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'? ;-) 

    Sting: George is one of my favourite singers and I thought the song was ultimately successful. Different than me. I already covered wake me up before you go go but nobody liked it. 

    July 17, 2000.

  27. Jeanette Stone

    Sting wrote this cover and George sings it in many different styles. It's one of my favorites.

  28. ᄌᄒᄌ

    This is a brilliant jazzy arrangement of a rock song.

  29. Xatuna Mindiashvili

    I miss you 💔💔💎💎💎💖

  30. Xatuna Mindiashvili


  31. David Torres

    Simply Gorgeous performance and song!!!!!! But this theme, for me is "Suzanne"

  32. Utak Caline

    best version ever!

  33. ирина якимова

    Лучше -просто невозможно! супер! какой талант!!!! очень жаль что его нет с нами(

  34. Sally Hu

    The king of covers. Once again, better than the original. But with a voice like that, he had unfair advantage. He was also incomparable in arrangements. Exquisite voice to go with exquisite beauty and a tender, generous soul.


    Realest comment 👊👊👊

  35. Zappp

    If that Michael was the king of pop, This Michael was surely the king👑 of STYLE, PANACHE,ELEGANCE..........RIP DEAR!!!😩😩

  36. ZEROXY1927

    Magnifique ♥️

  37. Despina Filopoulos


  38. lois diamond

    👍 muhteşem

  39. Lisa Farrow

    Brilliant ❤

  40. Joanne Adair


  41. Di Caprio

    George Michael is amazing.

  42. Michal Bubák

    Opposites attract Paula Abdul.

    antonio navarro

    '?????????????????????????????????????????????? what?

  43. Juan Luis Fernández Lombó

    Man, I miss this guy... Listening to him makes me sad, but, oh my, what a great cover...

    Sally Hu

    I love what you wrote. It expresses exactly how I feel.

    Zoe Dodds

    Juan Luis Fernández Lombó I miss him too. So many songs we’ll not hear


    Un ángel interpretando una canción ajena 💛

  45. Sebi Zoli

    Sosem felejtünk, George!

  46. mario julian

    This song is good, but George makes it fantastic and wonderful. Tnks George.

  47. Gökhan Attar

    I love you George I miss you best cover best voice !

  48. Brian Daniel

    We wll never forget you unbelievable Michel R.I.P.

  49. Carlos Alexandre da Silva


  50. Kim Jenny

    This song always makes me cry.

  51. Irena Rudnicki

    Soo Sultry .. .. 🌹

  52. Karima Abdul

    George is a Beautiful soul and angel we lost my number one God bless your soul lam sad but we love you Angel xxx

  53. 김태성

    roxanne audio + father figure video = perfect (video longer than audio but who cares)

    Fz Rose

    김태성 only a real George Michael fan can think of that


    I might do that 👍 seriously

  54. Angel montesco

    Nice song

  55. Mimmie Henriksson

    Love the movie AND this song <3
    Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman
    Aussie Blue Birds

  56. eduardo emir juro lazo

    Why Yog, why?

  57. DropbearKelly Autism Mummy vlogs

    best album ever made. I love and miss you George 😙

  58. Jose herrera fernandez

    I miss you

  59. Ed Bolleter

    si soft

  60. roxana c

    love to hear my name in your voice :v

  61. חומד חומד

    😭R.I.P V.I.P😢

  62. חומד חומד

    I loved you since i knew you GEORGE MICHAEL!

  63. Chris Charker

    best ever version. so classy.

  64. Marianne Van Eynde

    my god, next to Sinatra, he's the best.

    Sally Hu

    No, no, no. And no again. GM is next to no one. Certainly not to the highly overrated Sinatra who didn't write his own materials, and had no versatility. Unlike GM, who could blow the roof on dance club tracks, sang gospel, R&B, soul, ballads with a voice that tears at your heart. Sinatra is not even worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as GM. GM was the king of covers. Musically, he was a god.

  65. Martin Emilio

    Great artist...r.i.p.

  66. Makeup Artist Cornwall

    such a shame, very talented man x

  67. Rita Cop

    i love you George.. you are the most beautiful man ever.. so sexy.. so lovely.. the best now and forever.

  68. Alexis Lorenzo carmona

    Sad to see you go

  69. Victoria La Rouse

    Un Legendario único en la música , siempre recordado con Admiracion & respeto.!! ! 💖

  70. s.r. talens


  71. Chi-Fong Freeman Wong

    i miss u!

  72. raultv

    Those days are over

    DropbearKelly Autism Mummy vlogs

    raultv 😢

    Jeremy Burnett

    You don’t have to sell your body to the night

  73. Shirley Lucchesi

    I will miss you! Melhor versão de Roxanne, linda voz, saudades.

  74. M alpacino

    RIP Brother

  75. David Represa

    La canta mejor que el compositor!

  76. mark hall

    best version of song ever ever

    Greg Howard

    2nd best. Eddie Murphy had the best. 😎

    Jeanette Stone

    Greg Howard there is no 2nd best to George Michael including Eddie Murphy. You cannot compare a comedy actor with the likes of George. Unless there is another Eddie Murphy I don't know about


    He does even better in the live version.


    mark hall your wrong!!!!

  77. salud y riqueza

    Me encanta como lo hace Geroge Michael a diferencia de The Police. Partiendo que el timbre agudo de el cantante no me gusta.

    Lolita Peil

    De acuerdo!!

  78. David Taylor

    Genius arrangement.


    phil ramone arranged it so bomb

  79. Александр Карнизов

    Beautiful song! 💖

  80. Geison Santos

    Ótimo !!!