Michael, George - Miss Sarajevo Lyrics

Is There A Time For Keeping A Distance
A time to turn your eyes away
Is there a time for keeping your head down
For getting on with your day

Is there a time for kohl and lipstick
A time for cutting hair
Is there a time for high street shopping
To find the right dress to wear

Here she comes
Heads turn around
Here she comes
To take her crown

Is there a time to walk for cover
A time for kiss and tell
Is there a time for different colors
Different names you find it hard to spell

Is there a time for first communion
A time for east 17
Is there a time to turn the mecca
Is there a time to be a beauty queen

Here she comes
Beauty plays the crown
Here she comes
Surreal in her crown

Dici che il fiume
Trova la via al mare
E come il fiume
Giungerai a me
Oltre i confini
E le terre assetate
Dici che come fiume
Come fiume
L'amore giunger
E non so pi pregare
E nell'amore non so pi sperare
E quell'amore non so pi aspettare

[English translation:]

You say that the river
Finds the way to the sea
And as the river
You'll come to me
Beyond the borders
And the thirsty lands
You say that as river
As river
Love will come
And i cannot pray anymore
And i cannot hope in love anymore
And i cannot wait for love anymore

Is there a time for tying ribbons
A time for christmas trees
Is there a time for laying tables
When the night is set to freeze

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Michael, George Miss Sarajevo Comments
  1. Enrique Peñailillo

    Aún en el 2020 se te recuerda George

  2. Paulo Araujo

    Linda canção best of the best

  3. Nelza Tavares

    Queria com ele cantando com imagem e nao só a voz.acho que ja vi.

  4. Wo vOPo

    Touches me so much as I have been BEFORE so often in Sarajavo plus Jajce travnik Busovaca and so on this is now many years back but turns me still today!

  5. Ederson Cleber Sousa Santos

    Linda música na voz do George Michael , essa foi também cantada pelo U2 e Pavarotti

  6. Israel lima

    Linda música , foi a entrada do meu casamento

  7. vracan

    did not know he covered a U2 song

  8. Βαγγελης Μαρκου

    Oh Yorgo how much we miss you... 😞

  9. Romina Crisanto

    Primera vez q escucho esta versión.



  11. Vinny Tesla

    I'm seeing George being given credit for this song in the comments, some calling the song 'his creation'..... this beautiful song is a U2 song, and Bono's favorite song they ever created ...... George did a nice job with his version, but the original U2/Pavarotti song by the actual creators of the song can not be outdone ...... it's insulting to think otherwise, or to not give credit where it's due

  12. Tim Darcy

    A lovely version of this song, from a man who sadly left us too young and a city that grows stronger still by the day through its beauty and people

  13. Paola Mattacchioni

    Una delle voci più dolci che amo

  14. Michael Clentworth

    If Pavarotti's not in it, forget it!

  15. hardeep singh

    George should have sung with Pavarotti rather than Bono

  16. Esperanza Martinez

    Me encantó

  17. Tania Sotero

    Adoro está música. Escuto todos os dias. Na JB.FM

    Tania Sotero

    Linda da uma saudade de você Que foi pro céu 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  18. Rodrigo Ramos

    maldito suor que insiste em cair dos olhos

    Tania Sotero

    Música linda. Você sabe a tradução. Manda pra mim

    Tania Sotero

    Meu zap 21997378197

  19. qi qi


  20. Mk3

    I love this version as much as the original!!!!
    So good!!!!

  21. Alan Velloso


  22. Флёра Шакирова

    Со вставкой итальянского текста интереснее, оригинал в исполнении U2 и Паваротти.

  23. Jumbo Star

    Not half as good as u2 version not powerful enough,for a disgusting part of modern history

  24. José Mauricio Paes de Oliveira

    Better version

  25. Bradley Ferrier

    This is why I like metal, terribly boring.

  26. mbajobue

    Amazing version. Very similar to the original one but with the George Michael's flavour.
    Great song and great performance by George Michael.
    BTW, the picture of Inela Nogic and the rest of the misses in the '93 contest holding the banner "Don't let them kill us" Is one of the most iconic image and powerful message of the 20th century.

  27. Darren Wallings

    I want my BEAUTIFUL Mum and George to come back xxx

    James Nicoll

    Darren Wallings
    I feel your pain. Losing someone as close as a parent must be the worst thing to bear. ❤️

    Darren Wallings

    @James Nicoll hi James,just seen your message, thankyou for finding the time to sent me a message, bless you. Miss her every minute of every day. Have you sadly lost a parent ?

    James Nicoll

    @Darren Wallings No problems Darren. You are very welcome. Fortunately my parents are still well...but I dread the day when they are no longer so.

  28. Michael Clentworth

    If Pavarotti's not in it, forget it!

  29. Junior Phillip

    Help me

  30. Jair Gomes

    ... all the day with this song playing in my head, don´t know why! One more Christhma´s day without MG, so sad! (11.23.2018)

  31. Nelza Tavares

    Queria ouvir a musica com a imagem dele cantando.Sera que nao tem.

  32. rudinei chiodi

    Os taí

  33. Ricky Mandala

    the road, buildings, etc, it's Yugoslavian money

  34. Raisa Cherry

    Smooth as silk,it has a calming effect on me 😍 he's deeply missed 😞💔💔 R.I.P George darling!

  35. Peter Sutherland

    Guy could sing anything and make it sound fabulous

  36. bosnia 87


    Maggie 210


  37. キッカワコウジ


  38. Nathalie BIELEU

    RIP George You did not know how much you have been loved. Knew this album by heart

  39. KH4444444444N

    His best album.


    The memories of longstand with women forgotten, people changed from a better time...myopiea and forgotten histories....It brings tears to my face that this is the now. It is so sad. So fucking sad.

  40. Eugene Barry

    Gentle soul gone too soon, rest well and find peace so strived for but never found. R.I.P.

  41. Nintendo Guy00

    Bosnia was shit hole and is still shit
    Iran owned their government then and now Russian rules them

  42. Nintendo Guy00

    This song came by U2 in late 90s when fucking serbs we're killing each other's and Iran helped those shit heads now go to Bosnia they completely forgot who support them during their civil war with weapon intelligence and money. God knows how much money people of Iran gave to shit Bosnian

  43. Teofista Tutor

    I loved this man very 2 much

  44. Asiane Yang

    I cannot believe he's gone :'(



  46. Teofista Tutor

    Very nice love it from Philippines

  47. Fernando Pereira

    Belíssima música

    Sergio Melo

    Linda mesmo

  48. Sue Lancaster

    Beautiful man with a beautiful soul. We miss you every day, today and for all the tomorrows

    Zygmunt Tybor

    Hi IS a life in your Memory..!!! :-)

  49. Emanuela Sirignano

    Un altra stella in cielo che brillera'per sempre

  50. Marlon Da Silva Machado

    Belíssima música desse cantor que, na minha opinião, está entre os 10 maiores da história da música. Talvez não tenha o maior alcance vocal, ou todas aquelas "exigências", porém canta com o coração e tem uma voz expecionalemte bonita.

  51. Cary Barnes

    Your music was truly amazing......taken way too early, RIP George, sadness is too great...... Remembered forever you will be....... Thanks for all your amazing music my friend.........

  52. george derek Ferguson

    beautiful music . a beautiful country . so sad that some people live with hate flowing through there vains.

  53. Jason Coleridge

    Better than Bono, yes! Better than fat Pav? no.

  54. Andrei Polanski

    R,i,p dear friend ,

  55. Tony Cullen

    Is there a time to say goodbye RIP George Michael

    sarajevo sarajevo

    Tony Cullen
    Me 2

  56. Braveheart Shining light

    When will this feeling of loss n sadness end...George you were and are still loved, truly loved all over the world, I so pray and hope you were aware of the genuine warmth, empathy that you gave to people when they needed it. At 56 years old, I grew up having my own fantasies about you my love but more because I thought and still believe you possessed qualities that were unique and your songs always made people feel connected to you and the good n not so good stuff you were and went through. I wish you were still able to express more of your uniqueness, but we are not meant to stay...😥😇💜....xxx

  57. Ricardo Augusto Nunes Paranaguá e Lago

    Paz, niguém aguenta mais tanta ignorância e disputa de força, esse som faz muito a parte dele.

  58. Ricardo Augusto Nunes Paranaguá e Lago

    Muito massa, esse cara faz, o Brasil gosta do som dele!!

  59. Ayla Dedic

    Hey i am come from Sarajevo. It is a beautiful city

    A -K

    I hope visiting your beautiful hometown when day . :)

    Mubeen Khan

    Sarajevo is my heart ❤

  60. Christine Williams

    RIP Sir George your soul free.walk along pavements of gold with the angels paradise


    May he never beg for a dime.

  61. Sweet* Cin

    This song is just beautiful....RIP beautiful angel💜💜💜

  62. einc70

    RIP GM.

  63. Roberto Silva

    música de verdade!!!

  64. Renato Pereira

    essa interpretação fico demais canta muito

  65. Sipsy 2Go

    George Michael was one big idol of my rebel years as a youngster - soooo many memories, the music, those people, folks - I miss you!

  66. Clitoris

    George made with this song something light and nice. This song isn't about that

    Norfolk Enchants

    It's beautiful though, as was the original. I think the Bossa Nova beat is a bit if a misstep.

  67. Zelda Paulse

    Gone too soon

  68. Maria Alice Gelli

    Nunca vou esquecer vc , suas
    Suas musicas sao sensacionais.👍❤️

  69. Eduardo Rodrigues

    Aplausos. ...

  70. Franz 75

    Sublime voice... R.I.P.

  71. PIERRE OLIVIER Richard

    my favorite version with George

  72. Faran

    Intro so much like "lying eyes" from the eagles

  73. Neeraj Singh

    Can,t believe my childhood hero is no more. Most lovely voice, amazing choice and what a sense of music. I learned music just by listing to his creations. Rest of the musicians sounds ordinary to me now. Believe me its a problem. I feels people have still not given him enough due.

  74. Gary Eaton

    When I do the ridgeway again this year as I pass through Goring I will pray again at St Thomas's

  75. janett Lopez

    What a beautiful version.

  76. LillianaBMS


  77. Bia Martins

    Preferia o outro toque, ou o U2 cantando 😍

  78. Nurgül Karademir

    Bu yüzyılda Avrupa'nın ortasında Ve tüm dünyanın gözleri önünde Müslümanlara yapılan katliamlar Avrupa'nın utanç verici geçmişine bir tuğla daha ekledi.Her zulüm gibi buda asla unutulmayacak......

  79. Д. С.

    Спасибо за прекрасную музыку!Спи спокойно Джордж Майкл.

  80. Kasia M

    I love you George....R.I.P.

  81. wieslawkarl


  82. DavidLondon

    the best recording ever of this beautiful song. RIP, dear George....

  83. Steve Nguyen

    There is something ethereal about this song and the way George renders it breaks my heart.

  84. Keef Morgan

    george michael just had a fantastic voice .


    I miss George Micheal.

    Ricardo Vieira


  86. Rich F

    Reminds me of the most sincere, beautiful person I ever met in my life; Alex Vidanovic from Belgrade. I would love to hear from her again. If you are out there sweetheart, or if anyone knows you, please respond to this message. I would love to hear from you , even just to know that you are safe, well and happy.
    Richard x


    What a wonderful voice, I regret not having listened to his music more often before he died

  88. Deana Marin

    Alwsua in our memory The Greta George Michael

  89. Karima Nora

    . magnifique version

  90. Lucy Silva

    Estan linda la cancion que no me canso de escucharla

  91. santo la rosa

    Buondi e buon sound a tutti.

  92. Zeusbooster

    love you beautiful man x

  93. Roberto Arienti

    Brano bellissimo...👍✌️

  94. Hendrik Ivan Ripley