Michael, George - I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) Lyrics

Like a warrior that fights
And wins the battle
I know the taste of victory
Though I went through some nights
Consumed by shadows
I was crippled emotionally

Somehow I made it through the heartache
Yes I did. I escaped.
I found my way out of the darkness
I kept my faith (I know you did), kept my faith

When the river was deep I didn't falter
When the mountain was high I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me, no no
I knew you were waiting.
I knew you were waiting for me

With an endless desire
I kept on searching
Sure in time our eyes would meet
Like the bridge is on fire
The hurt is over,
One touch and you set me free

No, I don't regret a single moment,
No, I don't (I know you don't) looking back
When I think of all those disappointments
I just laugh (I know you do), I just laugh

When the river was deep I didn't falter
When the mountain was high I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me
I knew you were waiting.
I knew you were waiting for me

So we were drawn together through destiny (oh, boy)
I know this love we shared was meant to be

I knew you were waiting,
Knew you were waiting
I knew you were waiting,
Knew you were waiting for me

I didn't falter
I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me
I knew you were waiting.
I knew you were waiting for me

I didn't falter
When the mountain was high I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me
I knew you were waiting.
I knew you were waiting for me

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Michael, George I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) Comments
  1. Kay Terera

    I know he is waiting for me 😍

  2. Cathy Leone

    RIP both so talented and sorely missed.

  3. Ronnie Anglin


  4. Teofista Tutor

    Love u both

  5. C Charles

    Arethas 1st verse was like a sermon

  6. Anthony Mancuso


  7. Paulo Faraco

    Fantásticos 🎵💜

  8. Native American

    2 great singers, I love to hear your duet in Heaven!👍🙏

  9. Nicholas Morgan

    2020 and still banging just like it was yesterday

  10. Muss Karim

    the music is dead with them

  11. Andre lawrence

    2020 and I’m still here Good music never dies I knew you were waiting for me .

  12. Kinshasa Brown

    Listening in 2020, this song reminds me of my relationship with the Savior.

  13. Jerra Maurice

    R.I.P. to both 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  14. keith2366

    Thank God for whoever it was that brought these two together.

  15. Psychedelic ModdingYT

    4.7k disliked this song wow clearly they dont have good music taste.

  16. John Gavilan Arraez

    Kicked arse then! Kick arse now! 💪 Amen you 2 beautiful souls in heaven - you still rock on!! What amazing talent 😍😍😍

  17. Buju Pounds

    George michael's dance is everything 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  18. Djlouielou1

    Mannnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss them..........

  19. Fimam

    What happened to music? We dnt get to hear music like this anymore. This era is the worse for music

  20. Dawn Bennett

    George was so hot

    J. B.

    So was Aretha.

  21. David Jenkins

    Listening right now, and often do, I miss you too Areathea.

  22. Lyn Harrod

    We must be positive. Brilliant! R.I.P what a legacy to leave! 2020.

  23. Ridha Mehdi Abdalridha

    Timeless song... Marvelous

  24. Banks Johnathan

    Wow... what just happend.... pure heart and soul

  25. David Jenkins

    I like this song and will be playing it when It's time which will be soon.

  26. Annatar Sauron

    George Michael! Ist der coolste Mann der Welt! Der feiert sich selbst!

  27. American Veteran

    2 beautiful souls R.I.P ...👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  28. crveuxkouba

    R.I.P both of them in heaven!

  29. Lrcorvette Ontheroad


  30. Bri Bri

    I just love George Michael so much. RIP still missing you 01/04/2020

  31. T G

    2020..& beyond!!! R.I.P. Ree Ree & George! 🙇‍♂️😢

  32. Sonia Phillips

    I listen to this song all the time! Two angelic voices blending perfectly! I hope both of you are singing together in Heaven ! This is such an inspirational song, and has given me hope so many times during dark times in my life! God bless both of you , I hope you both are singing with the Angels!🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  33. Marie-Ange Depas


  34. Aaron mitzweiA

    This is beautiful & unfunny also when remind you sever acne on your face

    rip Aretha und George❤ ❤🙏🏿

  35. Annatar Sauron

    Şeytan! Ein Geheimnis bezüglich Dir und Allah! Du könntest ohne Allah die Ewigkeit aushalten! Allah aber ohne Dich nicht! Er ist auf deine Anwesenheit voll und ganz angewiesen! Allah braucht Dich um zu überleben! Das solltest Du Ruhig Wissen!

  36. Fountoulakis Markos

    That was the reception entry song for my marriage. Lyrics ment so much to us.Hope both singing in Heaven

  37. Alan Smithee

    SUCH an eighties song! 😆

  38. Roberto Rosendo Molina Castillo

    Both are unforgetable, for ever in my soul.

  39. Jose Leyva

    Beautyful. George. Michael. Anda. Aretha. Die. Un. Peace

  40. Rodeo thymes

    2020 ,one year further away from the magical 1980s.

  41. Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily

    Hot 🔥 Rip George Michael 💔😢

  42. Estelle Mahoney

    Listening in 2020

  43. Brian M

    George Michael is the Melania Trump for MAGA. Rest in peace george. MAGA is fired up for America.

  44. Twiglet

    I knew you were waiting for tea

  45. Giuliano

    Ladies and gentleman , Aretha Franklin and George Michael .

  46. Tom Payne

    WhO'S liSteNInG 2 THiS NoW!?

  47. Pat McGahon

    Who's loving this song in 2020? ☺

    Kinshasa Brown

    Yes popped in my head this morning

    mark mccormick

    Pat McGahon I do

    Professr Frank

    Me! ❤️🌈

    Ryantonio Scriven

    Same here also.

  48. dennis tedford

    It's hard to believe that they both are gone .

  49. Holly White

    Love this classic sing-along song! When a pianist & a guitarist write a song together, you can sometimes tell who did which part.

  50. Paola Delle Foglie

    Na risata

  51. Paola Delle Foglie

    Non so bene come fare, ha haaa ha. Famese ma risata

  52. Paola Delle Foglie

    Tutto bene, anzi strabene. Grazie mille

  53. Paola Delle Foglie

    Ma che casino!!!

  54. Mirian Guerra

    Que en paz descansen, como los extrañamos GENIOS TOTALES

  55. damiana pastore

    Le loro voce erano leggenda riposate in pace

  56. Raquel Brisker

    This Song Gives Me #Life!!!😍

  57. Sharon Wilkins

    RIH Legends🎙

  58. ALI TEAM

    Don't you feel BLESSED BY GOD that YOU were born during the era that produce music and artists like these? Including the two in the view clip MARVIN AND TAMMY!

  59. Denise Moore

    I'm waiting for Jehovah god and Jesus Christ

  60. Marc Maxcy

    Back when music was good!!2 of the best of all time!!!!

  61. Adri Winky

    Best duet song in history!

  62. sierraforever29

    Another one of my favorites 💗

  63. Linda F.

    And now this song became a reality. He was waiting for our Queen of soul, and now they are forever together again. And now Michael’s sister joined them both on Christmas Day, 2019. RIP Melanie. You made it home to your brother. <3🌹

  64. Rose Driver

    Love this song !!

  65. Keith Fleming

    Best duet period

  66. Captain Turrican

    Hymn of the wonderful decade 80's!

  67. Jukka Jäkärä

    great voices

  68. Leslie May

    Smokin hot it's time for Hollywood to start on Careless Whisper the George Micheal story.Come on gm fans start talking about it we can make it happen!!!!

  69. UK DoctorFRCS

    My heart is forever broken with your passing George Michael. I think of you every single day and shed a tear. I miss you allways. 😢

    corina mckenzie

    Still can't believe he's gone 😪

    UK DoctorFRCS

    @corina mckenzie Me too

  70. jS jS

    I miss and love u George Michael

    UK DoctorFRCS

    💕 Love you baby....

    Ramon Luis Santos

    Me too.
    He really was the best.

  71. Rosaria Liliana Caudullo


  72. Erlanda Williams

    These two legends did this song beautiful. Love it.

  73. Mora Lake


  74. Dallas Wilson

    RIH George and Aretha. Listening on December 25, 2019

  75. Niesha Lowers

    Big,big tune I knew you were waiting for me.

  76. verify jonas

    I listen George’s songs every Christmas. It’s like magic for me

  77. Amber Altamare

    I miss George!!!! Three years ago today😔 What a set of lungs on that beautiful man❤️

  78. marcus m

    At 49 years old I appreciate this so much more now. This is no longer present in today's music.

  79. EoinFC

    RIP George Michael. Anniversary today.

  80. Nalu Mwansa

    RIP legends

  81. Roy Mutitu

    No comment's good enough....,

  82. Global Explorer

    I still love this

  83. Colette Crosbie

    They sang this song beautifully .... Freddie Mercury would have done a great job too I can almost hear it .. he wanted to sing with Aretha , he loved her even joked he was jealous when George Michael got to sing with her and said again jokingly he could have done better . ... he could have been right 😊

  84. بغدادية وفتخر

    هههههه سودة

  85. Tina Cook

    Love this song. Two awsome voices . Great song

  86. Randall Terry

    This is one of the greatest songs EVER!!

  87. Rashida Lyles

    👑👑 they would have been a beautiful couple.

  88. California Dreaming

    The day that God handed out talent George Michael showed up early.

  89. Zack Hallam

    Now u get trash played.. that was called music

  90. Shere Johnson Codename: Coach Storm

    On a George Michael binge right now

    i g h t

    Girl same I started with last chrismtas to get the feels ready to pour out🥺😭💔

  91. Yael Wolf

    First time I heard this song it reminded me of "Ain't no mountain high"
    (Ain't no mountain high enough
    Ain't no valley low enough
    Ain't no river wide enough
    To keep me from getting to you)

    i g h t

    They probably got the inspiration from marvin gaye which is still awesome. A truly amazing musician, just like Aretha and George :)

  92. annette norris

    Thank you❤✌🏿✊🏾🙏🏾

  93. Cynthia Garrett

    Can't believe these two beautiful people are gone.

  94. Lennon Wankjob

    such beautiful talent in the heavens, God is sitting there will a smile on his face tapping his foot

  95. Trace

    When Aretha rears her head, and soulfully roars, watch out now.

  96. Jason Glenn

    What a powerful voice Aretha Franklin

  97. Barbara V

    Simply put one of the best Duets EVER!!!

  98. Karen Turner

    Sam smith resembles him

  99. Arleen Thomas

    We have two wonderful Legend on the same stage George Michael and a Rita Franklin you had a beautiful song together people enjoy listening to always remember two wonderful people and I always will listen to Rita Franklin George Michael
    Rest in peace for the both