Michael Franks - Dragonfly Summer Lyrics

Deep in July
Counting clouds floating by
Keeps us busy
The mockingbird's song
In the palmetto palm
Rivals Dizzy

How we thrive deep in dragonfly summer
Our new swimsuits have hardly been worn
We revive deep in dragonfly summer
Celebrating the day you were born

Let the world wait
While we procrastinate
It's too hot now

There will be time
To wake up, toe the line
But it's not now

In the pool deep in dragonfly summer
Zero gravity tempts us again
Staying cool deep in dragonfly summer
Is a hardship I hope will not end

And the heat deep in dragonfly summer
Drives the tourists away, we're alone
I repeat deep in dragonfly summer
We're in paradise right here at home

Deep in dragonfly summer

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Michael Franks Dragonfly Summer Comments
  1. T muhammad


  2. Bopep Moore

    Magical time in summer!

  3. Celeste Jefferson

    This is one of my favorites.

  4. Celeste Jefferson

    Who in their right mind would not like this song????

  5. Gordon Fox

    Perfect summer evening music watching the sunset

  6. Arnold Ramson

    I'm thrilled you fell the same way Daniel

  7. Arnold Ramson

    love the ending

    Debra Simon

    Arnold Ramson me too ... best part

    Arnold Ramson

    glad I'm not the only one

  8. Tsisageya 1

    I love this, but for some reason it makes me ANGRY. Figure it out, MEN. You're getting on my last nerve. Ugh.

    You men are supposed to be in charge. Let's see, big shots. Are you all in charge, or not?

  9. Rose Marie Raccioppi

    This Summer 0f 2017, I have received visitations of many a Dragonfly... and so a new appreciation for, Dragonfly Summer... Thank You for the delight expressed ... its magic is felt ...

  10. Alan Eisenberg

    I am in paradise listening to this perfect summer song. from this musical legend

  11. PaJó Afonso

    .................... s! :)

  12. Arnold Ransom

    makes me feel like i'm on a train just ridin in the country side with dragonflys floatin around the train

  13. Takrezz

    Me too :)

  14. Daniel Turnage

    I love franks... :) my dad got me hooked onto him as a kid...


    My parents are obsessed with him. They've been to every show they could possibly get to since before i was born (I'm in my thirties) and to this day I still fall asleep to Hourglass a few days a week because they ingrained a love of him in me haha. This is one of my faves

    Arnold Ramson

    yes the ending is where it is

  15. jazzsax1965

    Beautiful song!

  16. conrado paulino official

    vey sensitive
    hard to speak
    and so on.....