Michael Buble - It's A Beautiful Day Lyrics

I don't know why
You think that you could hold me
When you couldn't get by
By yourself
And I don't know who would ever want to tear the seam
Of someone's dream

Baby, it's fine,
You said that we should just be friends
Well, I came up with that line
And I'm sure that it's for the best
If you ever change your mind,
Don't hold your breath

'Cause you may not believe,
That, baby, I'm relieved,
When you said goodbye,
My whole world shined

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling
If we're drinking, then I'm buying
And I know there's no denying

It's a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music's playing
And even if it started raining
You won't hear this boy complaining
'Cause I'm glad that you're the one who got away
It's a beautiful day

It's my turn to fly,
So, girls, get in line
'Cause I'm easy, no playing this guy like a fool
Now I'm alright
Might've had me caged before, but not tonight

And you may not believe,
That, baby, I'm relieved
This fire inside: it burns too bright
I don't wanna say "so long",
I just wanna to say "goodbye"

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling
If we're drinking, then I'm buying
And I know there's no denying

That it's a beautiful day, the sun is up, and the music's playing
And even if it started raining
You won't hear this boy complaining
'Cause I'm glad that you're the one who got away,

'Cause if you ever think I'll take up
My time with thinking of our break-up
Then you've got another thing coming your way
'Cause it's a beautiful day,

Beautiful day,
Oh, baby, any day
That you're gone away
It's a beautiful day

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Michael Buble It's A Beautiful Day Comments
  1. Roxy A

    The kiss was horrible, but the music was fine. lol

  2. Charlotte Pater

    only girls! (:

  3. RandoTopia

    Imagine cheating on Michael Bublé

  4. juan pablo

    What's the name of the actor of yoga instructor ?

  5. Dawn Light

    wtf this just got in my recommendation
    my romance just ended bcz of me hahahaha

  6. Sandro Jurisic

    2019 baby

  7. PIXLEX !

    All of these songs are sad

  8. tomi costanza

    I Love this song

  9. Dee Bee

    Great video

  10. Iván R.M.

    Oh daddy, you are so ciool daddy
    I know, I love you both, eqiually

  11. Abbe Rollison

    3:44 he really just did us like that-

  12. Brocklod

    South Park’s version is better, way better.

  13. りゅーくんりゅーくん

    lt's A Beautiful Song!

  14. Krispy

    Free guy should have this song in second trailer!!!

  15. Mateo Sánchez

    3:49 gottem'

  16. GIL DA

    This song makes me dance in the air !

    GIL DA

    Thanks for the thumbs up !

  17. Jericho Julius

    Did Michael Bay directed this?

  18. Pucciolatte 2

    2:37 that's 100% Michael

  19. Viriya Nanda

    Is about love you live

  20. Viriya Nanda

    That song make depressien become happiness

  21. Dragnel0 GenerationX

    How I will feel when trump is removed from the White House, not what he’s saying, just everything going on


    Mind-boggling video production, i enjoy it to much !! Most Fitting part is 1:28. *I upload 1st video, Plsss come and comment your opinion* 💕 💞 ❣


    💘 boffo 💞 💓


    💙 boss 💟 💗


    💝 super 💯 💝

  23. John Ares


  24. Elvis Presley Fan Forever

    Michael singing to that animated bird is so adorable.

  25. Liz liz

    La rubia en bicicleta es Luisana,su esposa.

  26. Peachy Panda

    Are we not gonna talk about this

  27. NoEmpathy

    The girls cheekbones are higher than my will to live


    They're higher than my I.Q

  28. Dhyln d'Angelo

    Buble is a perfect example of someone who is "lost in a different generation"...he would be even more successful if he were singing back when Bennet or Sinatra were singing...

  29. YouTube Subscriber

    just ended a 4 year long relationship, this song really lifts me up 😄

  30. Marko Pupovic

    That Street... Looks like grove st.

  31. Mr. Cyber

    Michael just cockblocked the poor fat nerd.. But the aame fat nerd cucked him so he stole the entire neighbourhoods wife's, mothers and sisters and and commited an act od terror by blowing up his street

  32. Ian Rush's Moustache

    Daddy did it


    Daddy is so kweel

  33. Triple P

    God I love South Park

  34. Automobile Detail

    Anyone notice his outfit changed when he stepped out the door.

  35. Esther Udo

    who would cheat on this handsome man with one heck of a voice *swoons*

  36. Hannes Bur

    Macht mir immer gute Laune

  37. Sprints William

    Who’s up for some Montgomery Tergetty?

  38. Autumn 1991

    Michael Buble ❤️❤️❤️

  39. trenggiling mandi kembang

    American harem

  40. Blue Moon


  41. Andri Kosasi

    Break down story, in happy tones..

  42. Noir R.

    I was 11 when this came out omg

  43. multi fandom edits

    i have good taste in music if i randomly ended up here

  44. Shahrun Mohd

    That nerd in the beginning was in chuck. And an episode in chuck played feeling good when chuck and sarah finally got together. And now he's here. I would like to thing all of this is connected haha

  45. Zia ul haq Chishti

    At the end looked like a jhon wick or liam neeson movie

  46. Franz Agpoon

    Literally me after the breakup! hahaha!

  47. Mochikuma

    I remember when this was on the radio everyday

    Super Sophie 14

    Yup. Lol I'm 13 now and when I was much younger bublé always came on and I grew up with it lol😂

  48. Melia

    POUR LES FRANÇAIS : l’amour est dans le pré hein 😭

  49. Jose Yoguez

    Almost December 2019 anyone?

    Charlie Thompson

    Jose Yoguez hell Yh

  50. Alya Césaire

    He’s so good at singing oml one of my favourite songs on the bus I’m listening to this song on a bus😂

  51. Pavel Sama

    anyone can tell me Pls where i get his jacket????? i dont find it =/

  52. Ahmed Alsahafi

    Why is the entry like a start of porn movie

  53. Dragon XII

    He's wife be like: TF are u doing at the freaking road dude?!

  54. The Noob Gamer

    Quem é br que veio pelo ilícito?

  55. Miguel Boehm

    3:43 Michael Bublé got us good

  56. helen feliiz luna

    I like this song it very cool

  57. Giada Fontana

    2019 anyone ?😉

  58. PiePieGamer

    Depression:I fear no man,but that song.It scares me

  59. Mochamad Zidan Pasha

    Bahasa Inggris semua yak, ada orang Indonesia disini?

  60. verilyheld

    "You'll never find another lover like me!" "That's certainly my hope!"

  61. Me, Myself, and PIE!

    Those backflips though!

  62. Game lover

    Awesome song

  63. dragonface132

    When you get the battle pass

  64. Chrispy Chrisperos

    i need a super ultrawide monitor to watch this.

  65. Lance Ryder Wilson

    In the UK we would sing “oh it’s a rainy day”

  66. Ziiso

    Yeah everyday everywhere anything it's a beautiful day, one of my favourite song of all time.

  67. KR A

    1:36 gurl be looking like Wendy Williams

  68. Barbara Solera

    Is it just me or is that just looks like Westiria lane desperate housewives

  69. パチィ


  70. Erick- Roblox

    This music is beutifil v:

  71. Vera Lourdes

    Hermosoo tema!! Deberías sacar más temas como estos

  72. Andrew Jansen

    She goes into jump mode and he goes into 🍯 🦡 mode. Honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a shit. It just does what it wants.

  73. isaac farrugia

    when u wake up in your first day of summer

  74. Atmospheer

    3:23 how all action films should end. :D

  75. BenDizzy19

    Aw Algie from Bully became a yoga teacher :)

  76. Mia Dolan Styles

    I was listening to this in class and everyone in my class looked at me confused and weirded out because I got so into the lip syncing then started singing cause I don't care what they think of me

  77. Jūšt Thåt Køåłå :3

    When your parents walk in during the kissing scene 3:19

  78. Bot 3

    This is the best Song ever

  79. joshfen lim


  80. Derppy slurpy

    After 6 years it’s still my favourite song

  81. Freeki

    It is 2019 but is sounds like it would be made maybe some days ago, not 6 years. Wow!

  82. ole yo

    super alegre y motivadoraaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Birney Brown

    I hope Roxy Music get royalties for how much he nicked Roxy's 1972 tune "If There Is Something". The opening six seconds was totally lifted note for note.

  84. Bensch

    0:01 when your minecraft girlfriend's bed gets destroyed and she respawns in another house

  85. Nicola Patch

    I dumped all of my boyfriend's because

    I have never had one😭

  86. redzii

    This song going to be some JOKER MOVIE. (Im from Future also)

  87. ALEX 14065


  88. John Flickenger AKA TheFlickPick Flickenger

    Locked out brought me here!

  89. Veramente Euforico

    Savage Michael mode: activated

  90. Nobby gamers

    listening the song after 5 years..

  91. Siddhant Kumar

    2019 anyone :3?

  92. Ofek Gihon

    South park gang?😂

  93. Konstantin Kunz

    I think this song will became one of those future classics like Yellow Submarine

  94. Jose Alvarez

    The lip sinc is bad 😅

  95. Andrea W.

    I hear him smile in every song he sings. And I'm smiling, everytime I hear it....


    Oh my god. I believed his backflips. Is he an actor of a superhero or something?

  97. Solitudes

    Eu ai com a minha ex