Michael Brun - Halfway Lyrics

You never met me halfway
But you never met me halfway

I tried so hard
I tried so hard
I tried so hard
But you never met me halfway
I tried so hard
I tried so hard
I tried so hard
But you never met me halfway

I could've let my gun down
I could've fall in a deep sleep
I could've left my heart out
I could've made it for you easy
I could've gone down and let it fight
I could've fall it for my feelings
I would've loved you so good
I would've loved you so easy

I tried so hard
I tried so hard
I tried so hard
But you never met me halfway
I tried so hard...
You never met me halfway

But you never met me halfway
I tried so hard
I tried so hard
I tried so hard
But you never met me halfway
I tried so hard
I tried so hard
I tried so hard
But you never met me halfway

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Michael Brun Halfway Comments
  1. Dsylexic

    Above and Beyond Group Therapy brought me here. Don't despair millions of people around the world have heard this. Your credit will come Michael Brun.

    Thanks for the beautiful music, I liked and subscribed :)

  2. Padge Vounder

    Awesome song, deserves a killer remix too

  3. Robert Hadron

    I miss this Michael Brun :(

  4. Jun Jun

    You make a great work
    keep doing it 💪

  5. 23 DJAMAL

    He's haitian like me

  6. Tim Stubbs

    this is amazing! i wish i heard this soon, first time ever hearing it


    I heard this the day it came out.

  7. Coralie Alexis


  8. IKR

    that "ketchup"

  9. KumaDream Music

    This is always a good song to listen on a mellow.

  10. Geo's_life

    Is there any song with a beat like that from the beginning of the song? Please comment

    Angela Clerge

    @Geo's_life Extremely rare to find!

    Anthony Pusateri

    well now there is, his song "Michael Brun - all I ever wanted", almost identical to this song

  11. Jonathan Hernandez

    Que Programa Usaron:o
    ¿alguien que me diga porfavor:c

  12. Still Rolling


  13. Bianca De La Torre

    I tried so hard!

  14. Chris Wright

    Cool beat, but the beginning is definitely a rip of Tiesto's: In The Dark

    Coralie Alexis

    not totally agree

  15. ksu

    Does anyone know what its actually referring to? It made me fall in love with it even more. Oral from the woman's perspective. Brilliant 

  16. giorgi gvenetadze

    nice... it's amazing....

  17. Wilson Q

    How does this not have a minimum of a million views???

  18. carlos torrero

    the best music


    Love this song FUCK YEA %100 volume (|OuO|)

  20. Xyro DfXtream

    Feel that beat smoothing through your feet.

    Xyro DfXtream

    Oh yeah. Got a name.

  21. Lasha Danelia


  22. Bored Roman

    Gravity, an amazing Movie ♡

  23. Bored Roman

    Gravity, an amazing Movie ♡

    The Wizards

    @Legit Muffins When I translate your comment it translates to "the"

    Legit Muffins

    @Alex Dupre yeah. and?

    The Wizards

    @Legit Muffins Why did you just say "the?"

    stevenson bruneau

    +Alex Dupre yea

  24. FlappieGAMES

    The picture is from Gravity, I love that movie, and Gravity would win the Oscars!

  25. spizy clips

    Love this song

  26. Krydda

    I've tried so hard, but you never met me halfway <3

    stevenson bruneau

    Michael brun is just an amazing artist. new sing "where ever I go" is my favorite now. check it out

  27. BlvckFire TrvpFire

    I never go halfway
    For this type of music I go all the way

  28. -T S-

    Movie was fantabulastic

  29. Crazy Man Productions

    where is that from?(lemme guess...the song?) and hey if someone believes it....it tricks them

  30. Crazy Man Productions

    of starvation.

  31. Apollo

    meh, he will run out of oxygen before he gets too bored or upset.

  32. anna86ch

    Oh! I'm in love... Beauty!!!

  33. Adas K

    This song is beautiful... What makes Progressive amazing

  34. samuel gatto

    why doesnt this guy have more views :(

  35. Funk

    Id like to think that Garrus rescued him! :)

  36. Lapidus N.

    Cf. the trailer for the new Warner Bros Film 'Gravity'

  37. Joshua Hoare

    its off the film gravity where the astronauts are floating in space and presumably die

  38. BigDumb and kindascared

    "ketchup was sold in the 1930's as medicine"
    Thank you mommusic, what ever would we do without your vast knowledge

  39. Chace

    Have you ever been there? I think not!

  40. William Martins

    As this song and not with this song.

  41. The2PRO2PK

    there is no sound in space.

  42. googoopop1

    but you cant hear the music in space......

  43. DauntlessWubz

    Male, I know him.

  44. DauntlessWubz

    I love those cool little tips under the name of the song.

  45. Pablo Castrejón


  46. Colten Hegge

    You are awesome.

  47. robyn

    go see Gravity

  48. Joseph Hilario

    Is mr.mom a male or a female, either way i love him/her.

  49. Joseph Hilario

    wow, there's not a time that mr.mom doesn't impress me. I LOVE YOU, i will never regret the day u subbed

  50. K Mountilla

    The background is from The Upcoming movie Gravity.

  51. ダースフォート

    Im Glad i Subbed today!

  52. 羽田

    This song is definitely going on my "Driving" playlist

  53. MelodeaseMusic

    best music channel :D

  54. BobTasticable

    Look up the "Gravity" trailer.

  55. maruf shojjib

    dont know what it is but i really like this :O

  56. Ben Allen

    I like to think it happened more like a certain scene in Battlestar Galactica where [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] had to [REDACTED] when they were [REDACTED].

  57. Dessier

    If it was the collectors, then it would be pretty messed up.

  58. MalouisMuted

    Whats up with the fact text?

  59. j0rss

    yay, facts

  60. Ming Ral

    좋다 고마워요 mom

  61. Somethingover9000

    yes, because there is nothing strange to sound in space

  62. NaiL BoO

    This is Progressive house.

  63. MLM Loxaty

    Mom can I have permision to wake up the neighbors?

  64. Chris Kim

    love all your tracks keep up the good work

  65. YoloSwagSenpai

    Thanks mom <333

  66. Crazy Man Productions

    And they teamed up with him and made extreme progress in medicen and the medical field and allowed for most people to be saved and he was remembered as a hero like freeman.

    Wake up Mr Freeman, wake up and smell the ashes.

  67. Isaiah Garrido

    Subliminal message in the fact if you bring it backwards

  68. Shyy

    What's the 'ti' inbetween wonder & ful supposed to be?

  69. Shyy

    How do you know that he wasn't working on erecting a structure on the moon and just fell from the top of it? Shit, the fall wouldn't even hurt.

  70. Ryan Marin

    Facts with music? Very nice :D

  71. Chace

    Well this song is so good that it defies the laws of nature.

  72. Chace

    Well this song is so good that it defies the laws of nature.

  73. What You Dont Know

    Look, everybody loves the facts, so pls keep them if you can :)

  74. dietschsjeep DR

    Love It

  75. Rob Jennings

    'In space no-one can hear you scream..'

  76. lauri810

    I love the facts so much;; I love that idea<333

  77. Thomas Ram

    Love this!

  78. prg2443

    you win this page

  79. Maxime Probe

    Link for picture?

  80. EwwWTFLOL

    Michael Brun's style is very similar to Dirty South's :)

  81. gkjzhgffjh

    Thanks for the random fact :D

  82. Chace

    I like to think that a team of aliens rescued him as this song was blasting in the background.

  83. JesseArmando94

    Wow that picture is messed up. He is just going to float aimlessly in space till he dies.

  84. NaNoPsY57

    seconde !!!! xD

  85. HakuDouga