Michael Bolton - Voices That Care Lyrics

Lonely fear lights up the sky
Can't help but wonder why
You're so far away
There, you had to take a stand
In someone else's land
Life can be so strange

I wish we never had to choose
To either win or lose
We could find a way
But I won't turn my back again
You're only around the bend
So hurry home till then...till then

Stand tall, stand tall
Voices that care are crying out loud
And when you close your eyes tonight
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright

Hurry home

I'm not here to justify the cause
Or to count up all the loss
That's all been done before

Just can't let ya feel alone
When there's so much love at home
We send it out to you
(Michaels' solo)
All the courage that you've known
The bravery you've shown
Clearly lights the way

We pray, to make the future bright
To make the wrong things right
Right or wrong
We're all prayin' you remain strong
That's why we're all here and singin' along

Voices that care are cryin' out loud, yeah
And when you close your eyes tonight
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright

You are the voice, you are the light

Stand tall, stand tall
Stand proud
Voices that care are crying out loud
They're crying out loud
And when you close your eyes tonight
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright

Stand tall, stand tall
Voices that care are crying out loud
Ooh, and when you close your eyes tonight
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright
You are the voice and the guiding light
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright

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Michael Bolton Voices That Care Comments
  1. Hyoung Jin Park

    thanks david and celine.

  2. daddy longleg

    Peter Cetera= underrated voice.

  3. Barnpicks888

    Wow MJ Magic Dominique and David. Dream team best voices out of the lot 😂
    Nice to see them again

  4. adinda setyawan

    This songbrouch my heart.. Especially this one is dedicated to all the soldiers at war during the gulf war.. You are true hero...

  5. Goddess of the UnnieVerse

    Super love this song since I heard this during my elementary days. Still I've always got goosebomps everytime I hear this.

  6. Jason Jacobson

    02:15 when I knew Will Smith would be a legond


    i just come here to see will smith!!!

  8. Claire Lee

    it’s Christmas🎄

  9. H J

    Damn Celine 3:26

  10. Bang Sawinski

    I've been here for celine my idol i am also an 80's rockband fanatics when i get curious of those twins i searched nelson's song now i love nelson... #nelson#celineDion

  11. rachel

    In 7th grade (1999-2000) we sang this song in my middle school show choir! I loved that class! All the "cool kids" did chorus/show choir instead of Band or Home Ec lol. We performed this song that year and I loved it so much. It's even a million times more iconic 20 years later seeing soooo many famous icons! God I love 80s & 90s nostalgia

  12. nerdgant

    So...it's a 90s version of We Are The World?

  13. Kimberly Woodyard

    A great song by Linda Thompson and David Foster created for those that where fighting in Desert Storm at this time.

  14. Elvis Phoenix

    Queen Alyssa Milano at 3m49 💕💕

  15. Mariafe Alcantara

    I love how Celine hit that high note! perfect pitch!

  16. Ryan Villarosa

    Where's Warren Wiebe's footage towards the end of the video?

  17. C E

    Celine!!!!! It’s been years since this came out and that vocal soar still brings a tear to me

  18. Mairlla Oliveira

    Linda música, destaque maravilhoso pra Michael Bolton e Peter Cetera💗

  19. Niccole Evans

    It is because of that note that Celine hits, that I was able to remember this song... Wowsers!!

  20. The Cat Who Saw You Naked

    We need to be united, like back during the time of this video.

  21. Emily967

    How come this song can’t be streamed or purchased anywhere!?

  22. Kopi Stenga

    Will Smith!

  23. Melissa Lavant

    I loved the 90s

  24. DBR00

    May 2019

  25. Lisa Harris

    I see you RALPH TRESVANT first singer,😊😉✌ sing yall great message 👍👍👍 Blessing to all the troops of the Persian golf war.forever more✌

  26. John J. Sanchez

    Count all the dead folks in the video...

  27. John Lincoln Hawk

    Listening to this now, April 18, 2019... Still loving it!

  28. adi wijaya

    no one can sing better than Celine

  29. Milover 21

    I just want to thank the Almighty God for these beautiful voices He gave to the world.

  30. Cherry Squire

    all of them are wonderful especially Michael Bolton I just love his voice

  31. Alek Hidell

    Céline Dion doesnt get the highest note, Peter Cetera does!!!

    NE One Here From

    Alek Hidell I’m pretty sure Bolton does.

  32. Jordan Razote

    Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Peter cetera,ann Murray and my all time favorite saxophonist Kenny G😘😘😘

  33. Alek Hidell

    Peter Cetera is great

  34. Max Mustermann

    wow never heard of that collab

  35. Mr Casper

    damn this one has better quality

  36. Leticia santos

    O da guitarra é o jean j. Goldman?

  37. Leticia santos


  38. Jennifer Versace

    My mom passed away


    Im so sorry to hear . My condolences my friend. I hope you are coping well . my thoughts and prayers are with you

  39. CaptTom11

    Why did you edit out the guy singing in the end? That was kind of a dick move.

  40. palm2015 Lovey

    Anyone knows why this song was written?

  41. palm2015 Lovey


  42. Christopher Alex Pavlidis-Garkinis

    Luther + Celine + Bolton = 👌🏼👌🏼

  43. Donna B.

    I don't know why people are singling the singers out by whom can sing the best. Apparently they all were picked for their amazing voices. Ugh. I remember singing this in middle school. Still brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful sung and put together!

  44. I Love God Always

    This song will never get old.

  45. MoshMasterD

    If Celine looked at the list of who is participating in today's generation, her answer would be a big fat no. No matter the good intentions the project is.

  46. Dhamma suta

    One of the best songs ever made

  47. Michelle C-I

    Peter Cetera, you are the voice, you are the light! 🎼

  48. Tomahawk8297

    3:49 Oh Alyssa.❤️

    John J. Sanchez

    She's too cute to be such a brainwashed Lib but I think it's all an act so she stays relevant.

  49. Krzysztof Kruzi

    best voices... best singers... still in our minds... szacun ;)

  50. Kath086

    not like this wasn't amazing the first time they made it but i wish they would have artist now redo this song.

    Ping Yen Tan

    Don't think it'll sound as nice as the original......

  51. Russell Crawley

    I remember hearing this song when my brother was in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. I hardly slept until he came home.

  52. Eric Mafnas

    Beautiful song. Brings back memories. I love the words.


    Bobby Brown 💪💪💪

  54. Donna

    This dam song still makes me cry.

  55. Mi Mi Dee

    This song was made in 1990 and I love it the same still in 2018.❤❤

  56. Queen Adeline

    That moment,Céline was be the superstar!

  57. Julian S

    Celine 😍😍😍

  58. Princess Kelly

    The 2 voices that stand out for me is Celine Dion & Michael Bolton. Such amazing voices

  59. Robert McDonald

    RIP Luther

  60. Marcia Camargo

    Alguém sabe o nome do cantor do 1:01, por favor?!

  61. Andrés E

    I wish Whitney had sang here too...

  62. cricket34

    So cheesy.

  63. Amine Forever

    RIP Luther..

  64. Amine Forever


  65. Peng Hai

    Celine, michael, luther v, peter, but I particularly liked celines part when she sang that note is so fantastic.

  66. Amine Forever

    ...Peter Cetera..best voices.

  67. Beth Duder

    Luther Vandross, what a voice! Gone too soon!


    so many there we have lost David Cassidy, Dudley my heart is breaking here what a song what voices there Pete,Celine, I wish they had put Will in chorus he ruined it

  68. Marisa

    Celine dion, peter cetera, bobby brown, luther vandross, garth brooks (?) Michael bolton, will smith, kenny g. Idk the rest...


    WOAH!! CELINE IS A SAVAGE! One of the greatest voices I have EVER heard! She is supremely underrated! I love Whitney and Mariah, but I feel like Céline is overlooked! She can sing circles around every other vocalist I can think of. A masterful singer!


    Maybe in this song she was, but not in real life. She was an absolute ICON in the 90s. She was everywhere and everyone loved her! Even BEFORE titanic came out with that banger! I was 5 when beauty and the beast came out. My favorite movie as a child, and I was obsessed with her from then on from her doing the theme song. Idk how old you are, but living through the 90s she was definitely NOT underrated and overlooked. Only in this song she was

  70. johncamat


  71. Sasha Giryan

    Peter Cetera's part is my absolute favourite voice. His voice is so unique and beautiful, I always repeat his part over and over again every time I hear this song ❤️

    Michelle C-I

    Sasha Giryan same here! I know Celine has the votes here but Peter’s voice just stands out.

    NE One Here From

    Peter’s voice cuts through like no other. It truly sounds like he has natural auto-tune. Lol

    NE One Here From

    Although Michael Bolton probably has the more powerful voice.

  72. Hanif Jones

    That handsome fella with the Gibson Les Paul is Mark Knopfler (Legend). Just needed to drop that in you know. Dire Straits Band check him out.

    John J. Sanchez

    Best tone of Mark's career and it's not even his red Strat

  73. MrWanderful1979

    My 2 FAVORITE Singer/Vocalist....Celine Dion and Peter Cetera...

  74. TauRusgirL xoxo

    Celine did what Cyndi in We Are The World...reaching the highest note.

  75. Nancy Nash

    Obviously a David Foster thing.

  76. Simple Jim

    Wow! They always give the climax of the song to her. They really know who’s the good one 😂

  77. Don Tutongzki Perfecto

    0:56 "So Hurry home till then...." Still missing Jani Lane! RIP

  78. MarbleDwarf 5987

    Miss the old days

  79. Amine Forever

    ..I Love Y...Mark Knopfler ...Peter cetera..

  80. isaac Acosta sound waves

    celine Dion may not be American but she is the queen of Nevada because she goes to Nevada all the time

  81. MissAlameda

    I need a celine and Michael bolton duet. Their voiceses together would sound like heaven ❤

  82. isaac Acosta sound waves

    peter cetera is better we always hear Chicago band

  83. K LAN

    celine all the way!

  84. Hi Yall

    so sad what happened to the singer at the end of the song

  85. 짬타이거

    Best song of all my life

  86. tyrantsbane6

    Jani, lol.

  87. Danny Smith

    Where is Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Michael was working on Dangerous and Whitney released I'm Your Baby Tonight so probably they were busy.

    james williams

    and also.. alot of artists always had that attitude, "been there done that already", they never wanted to repeat themselves..and it was always about supporting a certain cause.. micheal was so great in we are the world.. george micheal was just masterful in "do they know it's christmas" band aid.. i wish whitney was in this one too

  88. Daniel McKinney

    Sang this song since 7th Grade in Chorus and I know this song is about When our troops are going to war so we pray that the future will begin

  89. Mariusz Wawrzyniak

    Kenny G plays soprano saxophone, not clarinet :o
    And there is not Will Smith - it's Fresh Prince :)


    he plays several instruments , this was the info i got from wiki, i just copied and paste .
    and Fresh Prince is a tv show and he was played by Will Smith .
    Will Smith played Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ..


    but i made changes to kenny G's instrument . thank u

  90. Melanie Kincaid

    Damn Celine! That vocals though! LEGEND!

  91. lunarmansion

    Thanks for taking the time to create this.

  92. Molina Long

    Voice that care 2017 version
    Celine Dion again
    And other

  93. Gerald Guevarra

    Celine Dion always gets the highest note everytime the industry performs charity songsm live it

  94. kevinbourque1985

    Wow Céline :O Toute qu'une voix !!!

  95. Entertainment Central

    We ;lost quite a few people that was in the video.... Dudly Moore Warren Weebe and Luther Vandross to name some... Great to see Micky Dolenz and Hellen Reddy and The late Nell Carter...

  96. LionFang

    I just got Micheal boltons part for this song and I'm so excited to be given the part of the legend!

  97. Y2Jin99

    Audio so off sync with the video. You don't even get to see the guy that sang the last song. lol He appears in the video in a yellow shirt.

  98. Ágnes Czimer

    <3 No more early 90's God bless them...


    Murdering Iraqis for oil cartels just got a soundtrack. Excellent, human beings. Really excellent.

    Ezra Vasquez

    ERRATICCHEESE2 Different war sweetie lol