Michael Bolton - Fathers And Daughters (Never Say Goodbye) Lyrics

If I could catch a star for you I swear I'd steal them all tonight
To make your every wish come true and every dream for all your life

But that's not how the story goes
The world is full of perfect plans
If there's a promise that I broke, I know one day you will understand

When times are hard I know you'll be strong
I'll be there in your heart and you'll carry on
Like moonlight on the water, and sunlight in the sky
Fathers and daughters never say goodbye

An Angel I will read to sleep, gave me one dream of my own
So learn to love and spread your wings, and find the one to call your home

When times are hard I know you'll be strong
I'll be there in your heart and you'll carry on
Like moonlight on the water, and sunlight in the sky
Fathers and daughters never say goodbye

When times are hard I know you'll be strong
I'll be there in your heart and you'll carry on
Like moonlight on the water, and sunlight in the sky

Fathers and daughters never say goodbye
Fathers and daughters never say goodbye

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Michael Bolton Fathers And Daughters (Never Say Goodbye) Comments
  1. Indie Chana

    My daughter is my life! I'd protect her until the day I die! I came across this song and it made me cry and realise that she'll move on with her life and naturally start her own. However as a father it will stand still looking out for her.

  2. Naptural Goddess

    I miss my father sooo much! Live you, Dad! Harry Charles Calhoun (Harry Hippie)😘😘😘

  3. heaven rider

    .kobe and gigi brought me here😔

  4. T.M . Hackley

    This is a Beautiful song. And even though my Dad passed away several years ago on
    April 8 , 2011 I still miss & think about him everyday but especially on Father's Day it's always the hardest day for me to get through every since he 's been gone. He was my Dad , my Best friend & my Hero ♡
    And every time I lishen to this song it makes me think about him & and all the wonderful memories we made. God Bless you Dad I'll always love you & I'll never forget you . Thanks for making & sharing this Beautiful tribute.

  5. TROCHU style

    I love this but it made emothional and cry .
    God bless my father always .

  6. dennis van wijk

    To all the daughters and fathers in this world . No fathers or daughters are perfect .....
    but all fathers and daughters love PERFECTLY.........

  7. David Gonzales

    Como extraño a mis niños tan hermosos los dos me acuerdo que yo era todo para ellos ellos andavan con migo para todos lado s los extraño demasiado ojala mi dios pueda solusionar este problema que tanto me incomoda 😥😥🙏🙏👱‍♂️👱‍♀️ mi Aden & mi Giselle


    This song makes me remember my fiance he died when i had a young girl just a month old she's now 12 yrs old n she loves her dad even in grave ...truly fathers n daughters never say goodbye

  9. Llifon Roberts

    I lost my dad 28dec 2018 xd

  10. K Davis

    Angel your daddy loved you more than words ever could say. He's now your Angel

  11. Verna May Villegas

    I miss you so much daddy.. 😭😭😭😭 and i love you..

  12. Aldo Buonomo

    Princess Kiara 31 /1/12 - 19/5/19

  13. Natalie love

    Papa i miss you
    never say Goodbye
    palagi kang nasa puso ko 😢😢

  14. Roman Slama

    Super song a film👍👌🎤

  15. PK der Dritte

    Miss her so much

  16. جوهرة السيد

    Goodbye father..may you rest in peace RIP

  17. Krystina Maldonado

    I wish I could have made him proud! He held me tight as he walked me down the aisle. I destroyed that! I can't handle this pain! This will be to much to face alone. I can't handle it now. I'm trying to hide my pain.

  18. Sarah Abc

    21.09.2019 miss u

  19. Zentafergie Fergie

    You have a beautiful voice

  20. The Pro Show

    Makes me cry.Remembering n missing you Dad.I really miss you.Love you Dad.

  21. Amani Teme

    Hi there

  22. Amanda Ndhlovu

    Lost my father the day I was born I never got that chance to be in his arms ........ My greatest pain I live and IAM now 21

    savannah Barr

    I am so sorry for your loss and I don’t have a dad I just have a mom and I love her so much and she loves me

  23. savannah Barr

    I wish I have a dad

  24. Pedro Salam

    This song makes me cry cause I said goodbye to my daughter with another great woman

  25. savannah Barr

    I don’t have a dad just a mom and she loves me and I love her

    savannah Barr

    Amanda Ndhlovu good and how are you

    savannah Barr

    Amanda Ndhlovu hey how are you doing and I have been so depressed

    Amanda Ndhlovu

    @savannah Barr why what happened to you ,and sorry

    savannah Barr

    Amanda Ndhlovu I have autism and ADHD and anxiety and depression and learning disabilities and asthma

    savannah Barr

    Amanda Ndhlovu I have depression

  26. Rido Souhuwat

    Happy Birthday in Heaven, Papa. Thanks a lot for everything and I always love you💖
    Your body might not be here anymore but you always be in our hearts and minds. Miss you so much 💖

    savannah Barr

    Rido Souhuwat I am so sorry for your loss and I don’t have a dad just a mom she loves me and I love her so much

  27. Angelica Gonzalez

    I love yu daddy I miss yu only 1 year 4 months and I still cry like the first day I miss yu so much daddy forgive me for all the wrong I done I hope yu really watching me cus one day ima see yu right daddy and we gonna hug for a long time.

  28. anu kurkela

    beautiful song, my dad died over a year ago when i was listening to a song crying came and missed. just as the song says dad stays in the heart because he doesn't say goodbye.

  29. Thida Duangyai

    This song so beautiful , I miss my Dad in heaven 😢

  30. Minnipearls

    I used this song at my father’s funeral. The perfect song for us! And all fathers and daughters. 🥰❤️😢😭

  31. IceSiriyakorn n

    Papa , no matter where you are I really want you to know that I miss I love you. Word could not describe how much I miss you. from your apple 💜

  32. garry powers

    [email protected]

  33. garry powers

    It feels like i m.loising something prescious but im a christian i.know im not

  34. garry powers

    I find myself very sick at home my son tries to take care of me im very sick my daughter an grandson my son.im havin a hard time trying to figure out how to say goodbye

  35. Gonzalo Andres Leiva Andias


  36. Maryam Bandukda

    It's been 4 months today since I lost my dad and every day is as painful as the day I lost him

    Linda Otieno

    Its gonna be ok...hugs❤

  37. geoff white

    this song means so much to me beacause i never knew my father but god gave me 2 of the best people i have ever know my daughters who have shown me how to love and i thank god every day for them

  38. timky watkins

    My dad died today.......it's hurt

  39. Maria Patricia Olmos

    Me hizo llorar

  40. Sweeze

    I lost my father in 2013 on a car accident. Lost the one we love suddenly is hard enough to accept. I still miss him and still imagine if he were still alive with us. Sadly, my children would ever know how the grandpa looks alike and never been raised and taking care of by their grandpa.

  41. danylively

    Don't cry pople, or I'm gonna cry too :'(

  42. Holly Jess

    I still have my dad today I love him so much when he has me for a few days at the end of the day we say I’ll see you later I love you❤️ I couldn’t ask for a better dad x

  43. Alyssa Griswold

    I have not seen my dad in 12 yrs and now i am 13. I really miss him SO much. Daddy if u see this just know that u will always have a place in my heart and i will always love u within my heart. Pls come back to me pls i miss u.😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭 Why did u have to leave me? 1like=me getting to see my dad on my 14th birthday.

  44. babiitigerV

    This song hit me so hard. What is the feeling of having a father? Coz you know? I never felt that. Never :(

    savannah Barr

    VirgHoe_Tae I don’t have a dad I just have a mom and I love her so much and she loves me


    What was the other song that was played in the movie.... The song both of them used to sing...

  46. rip your soul out

    all are missing their fathers.. but am missing my wonderful mothers..


    October 25th 2017 I lost my daughter Samantha to a Murder suicide. Her Fiancee shot her to death and then shot himself. She would have been 25 this year. And I miss her dearly. So do her 2 daughters. Daddy loves you Sammy.

    Eloy Lozano

    God bless you

    savannah Barr

    I don’t have a dad just a mom and she loves me and i love her

    Nikola О'Neill

    May she rest in peace, I lost my dad recently. But your case is harder and you must be strong for your granddaughters.

    savannah Barr

    Nikola О'Neill I don’t have a dad just a mom and I love her so much and she loves me

    Dawn Stonerock

    KNUCKLES I feel your pain and I have no kids

  48. Kate Pineda

    Papa if you see this. I want to say thank you and i love you from the button of my heart.

  49. Savannah Stilwell

    My dad sang this to me last month and I love it and when ever I hear it I start crying

  50. Jessica Lawson

    I lost my dad December 11, 2010 and this song just gets me I will always love you Daddy R.I.P

  51. Suzanne Andrews

    Miss your smiles, huge hugs, wise words and courage, your spirit walks beside me, sometimes I feel you close but the need to hold you breaks my heart, the heart that safely holds all our memories, will never forget you Dad...not ever 😢😢💔💕

    Dawn Stonerock

    Suzanne Andrews I feel the same. It's been 41 years for my dad!

  52. Ellie Jewell

    im having this played at my wedding 12/09/2020 and im dancing on my own holding a picture of my dad who passed away 13 years ago.i will always be thankful for my dad bringing 3 children up on his own love and miss him soooooooo much my heart still aches xx

    savannah Barr

    Ellie Jewell I am sorry for your loss and I don’t have a dad I just have a mom I love her so much and she loves me

  53. Charles and Jennifer Stettner

    I hope my daughterwill make amends with her dad he not getting any younger he’s 82 he loves if you really love him maybe you would call.

  54. Princess Daeniel Badillo

    Is that a movie ?the one that use on the video?if it is, what's the movie title i wanna watch it pls.

    monse rueda

    Se llama "Lo mejor de mi vida"

  55. Tei JK

    Papa, if you ever see this. I love you from deep within my heart and I miss you sooo much. I am sorry if I ever break your heart♥

    savannah Barr

    I am so so sorry for your loss I don’t have a dad I just have a mom and I love her so much and she loves me


    What was the father's illness?

  57. Vitho Simon

    I missed u dad... Wen can I ever see u...

  58. Toni Carriero

    I cry every time I hear this song. MISS U DAD

    savannah Barr

    Toni Carriero I am so so sorry for your loss I don’t have a dad and I just have a mom and I love her so much and she loves me

    savannah Barr

    Toni Carriero I am so so sorry for your loss I don’t have a dad just a mom she loves me so much and I love her

  59. Barbara Henning

    I’m so glad I got to tell my dad I loved him before he was gone.

  60. sam vas

    My dad just send me a link to this and I just can't stop crying

  61. Megan Ross

    I love and miss you so much daddy. I think about you everyday and I know that one day we will be reunited in Heaven. RIP daddy.

  62. Myat Khat

    Every time I had a hardship I missed u too much daddy. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭father I love you ❤️. See you in heaven.

  63. Bima Hutabarat

    I know you be strong dad....I LOVE YOU DAD be always time 😘

    savannah Barr

    Bima Hutabarat I don’t have a dad just a mom she loves me and I love her so much

  64. Dea Yustisia

    I miss you, Papa

  65. Roman Sláma

    Super 👍

  66. XPLAN MS

    is there an instrumental for this? a piano version pleaseeee help me find the instrumentals/piano version

  67. Henry Curtis Ritchie

    Love it!

  68. Russell Whitmore

    My family have a tradition were they give us songs from them when we are born this one is my song from my daddy love daddy

    savannah Barr

    Russell Whitmore I don’t have a daddy I just have a mommy and I love her so much and she loves me

  69. ps ooi

    I miss my dad...

  70. I Love

    Í really miss you

  71. Reno Sebastian

    Lost My Baba One year ago tonight Love you Baba So much Miss you Dad my heart hurts.....

  72. Rosemary Otieno

    This only reminds me of how I love my son.....i know Nothing about his father, its only the two of us. Mothers and sons never say goodbye

    Saint toe

    Rosemary Otieno dont make this about you. Give your son a daddy

    savannah Barr

    Rosemary Otieno I don’t have a dad I just have a mom and I love her so much when she loves me

    savannah Barr

    Saint Tos hey she is having a hard time even her son

  73. Nancy Foreman

    This is the first I have heard this song. I said goodbye to my father 11 years ago but he is always in my heart cheering me on in the hard times.

  74. Lucio Vasquez

    To my daughter in heaven. Daddy loves u and I'll see u one day. Father's and daughters, never say goodbye


    God be with your daughter.

    garry powers

    Yes im a christian but i find i taught my kids of god there adults , im sick so much pain day an night someway i try to say goodbye,i knpw its only a short second or two

    garry powers

    @danylively she waitingon u


    Lucio Vasquez so sorry for your loss. I lost my father and used it at his funeral.

    savannah Barr

    Lucio Vasquez I am so sorry for your loss and I don’t have a dad just a mom and she loves me so much and I love her

  75. Verena Bihlmaier

    Wunderschön dieses Lied
    Papa ich liebe dich so sehr.
    Dein enchen

  76. Laura Echeverria

    I Want todo cry

  77. Laura Echeverria

    I Sant yo cry

  78. Luna Llena

    What a great great movie!

    Mabonga Brenda

    What's the title of the movie?

  79. kelly the stars

    Best story of father's and daughters 😢😭😭😭😭😭🖒

  80. kelly the stars

    This is a real life story and if you think it's not you a hater!!!!!

    Shikha Shrestha

    kelly the stars one year later , your comment still doesn’t make sense

  81. kelly the stars

    Father and daughter never say goodbye 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Roberth Castellanos

    kelly the stars that's true. I love this song .

  82. Robert Wombles

    My niece said she wanted me to listen to this song its a song for her dad she said which is my brother he died last month at 36 I'm now getting custody of her this song broke me down

    savannah Barr

    Robert Wombles aww I am so so sorry about your brother I don’t have a dad I just have a mom and I love her so much and she loves me

  83. Brigada Smata

    I miss my potato chip 💔😢

  84. Domenico MARCO

    Grande Michael, ,,,Grande Russell, ,,,,, grandissimo Muccino ❤❤❤

  85. Janet Juma

    can't get enough of this song...

  86. Cosmic Reaper

    This song touches my heart cause my Dad died in real life and i miss him . PRAY FOR ME AND LIKE DIS =C :C :c =c

  87. Mario Rolando Esquit Vielman

    Las amo mis hijas hagan lo que quieran

  88. Patience Carter

    I just lost my dad 2 days ago this song keeps me from crying, R.I.P daddy I will always love you.🙏🏾

    Roberth Castellanos

    Patience Carter that makes me Cray. that is very hard. 😥😥😥😥

    Aria Fenland

    Patience Carter sorry

    Alfredo Gonzalez


    Jessica Lawson

    Praying for you

  89. dark tattoo

    Never can say good ye

  90. Barbara Malatesta

    still need a tissue when I heat this

  91. Eva Lestari Hutapea

    really i miss him 😢😢

  92. Eva Lestari Hutapea

    really i miss him 😢😢

  93. My story Vitha

    thanks for song..
    father I miss you so much😘

  94. Destiny Montoya

    I love this song

  95. jake mug

    this song touch me deep inside of my heart,,i miss my father 😢😢😢

    o9 pop Chagoya

    Dad surprises her daughter for her birthday

    Chindy Sukmawati

    Me too.. 😢

    savannah Barr

    jake mug I don’t have a dad just a mom and I love her so much and she loves me

  96. mattar alkhaldi

    it's really touch my deep deep heart 😔😔

  97. Natalie Ng

    tear jerker movie

  98. Peggy Spindler

    I love this movie. Can not stop crying while watching it. This Soundtrack is wonderful. :)

    Alexander Gutierrez

    Peggy Spindler hi what's the bane the movie, please tell me

    reyna chrismonika sitorus

    what's the tittle of this movie?

  99. Star is still alive

    If people don't know this is based on a true story and the one person who dislike ment dis i like!

    Allison Hidalgo

    Star Kid saben que es lo bueno del matrimonio, pues que más puede ser, es un grupo de personas que se llama familia, y que al momento de tener a un hijo o hija o hijos se los puede amar, y que además de amarlos, hacen que la vida valga, y valga mucho porque uno primeramente se hace independiente, acompañado de la responsabilidad y también de eso tan importante que es el amor a la familia y porque no, esa frase que toda familia la utiliza, pues que puede ser, pues nada aquellas personas que no tienen formada aún una familia, aún no lo pueden saber, pero pueden tener una idea, pero para aquellas personas que ya la tenemos, la decimos casi en casi todas las conversaciones que nos planteamos como núcleo familiar, pues esa frase es De padres a hijos, que es justamente el nombre de la película, que deja un gran mensaje, acerca de una familia de tres integrantes, papá, mamá e hija y que por problemas de discusión, el padre conduciendo el vehículo pierde el control de su vehículo y se estrella del lado donde se encontraba la esposa y como resultado fallece la esposa , con lesiones el esposo, y que, creo que con esos antecedentes y lesiones en la cabeza el esposo ha resultado con golpes muy fuertes en la cabeza, que en el tiempo se da cuenta que con la pena de la pérdida de su esposa se le complica y obtiene una enfermedad que le producen ataques epilépticos, y en ese tiempo con su hija huérfana de madre, se quedan y en las ofuscaciones que tiene la hermana de la fallecida, tía Elizabeth de ketye (papita) se encariña de la sobrina, en un tiempo aproximado de un año, por cuanto el novelista padre de papita decide con el criterio del médico, internarse para que se le pasen los problemas, luego sale y se lleva una desagradable sorpresa, que la tía en el año que la tuvo a la sobrina, se ha encariñado con ella y le propuso conjuntamente con su esposo william, le pidieron que querían adoptar a la hija, y obvio que el padre dijo que no, y se alteró poniéndose molesta, pero no contaban que la hija papita amaba tanto a su padre que ella le hizo prometer a el que no la iba a abandonar, haciendo promesa cruzando los dedos meñiques, y la tía como tenía dinero le implantaron un juicio al cuñado, pero no le pudieron ganar, más bien eso sirvió, para que Elizabeth se diera cuenta que su esposo lo engañaba con su secretaria, y que además la tenía embarazada, y quede eso se enteraron los jueces, y que Elizabeth se iba a divorciar del esposo y el juez obvio no les iba a dar a un matrimonio con esos problemas, la crianza de la niña, y ganó el juicio, pero fue tanta felicidad, que se mezclaron, para el padre de papita que estando feliz con su hija en la casa y que la hija mientras descansaba, claro luego de que el papá le había leído los libros, el ingreso al baño, y en el mismo le dieron nuevamente las epilepsias, y le duraron más tiempo de los habituales, que cuando pensó que ya le habían pasado le dieron nuevamente en el interior del baño, y como consecuencia se ha sujetado de la cortina de plástico y no le resistió y cayó su cuerpo con la cabeza del lado de unos tubos galvanizados y se quedó inconsciente, y la hija no lo pudo sentir, para que al menos pudiera pedir ayuda al número de emergencias y al siguiente día se sentía la profunda tristeza de la hija viendo a su padre en el interior de un ataúd, en donde al final si se quedo con la tía pero por las circunstancias, pero ella le dijo que si quería decirle algo al padre se acercara al ataúd y le diga algunas palabras, pero es obvio, la hija no tenía mucho que decir, tan solo la frase que ellos dos sabían, pues que eran "SO VOY A SER TU PAPITA PARA SIEMPRE"

    Avechuchos Valdez

    Lenin Hidalgo excelente historia

    Chayanne Mendez

    Star Kid i