Miami Horror - I Look To You Lyrics

See her world lit so bright
See her bird take flight

See her face, wild and charged
See her quickened heart

So if we fall, imagine that
Imagination's fine

So here I hope, for what you are
See all that I'm looking for...

I look to you

Future, we've found
To stay here
On higher ground

Future, we've found
To stay here
On higher ground

I look to you

I want to change
The future as I look into your eyes

I want to change
The future as I look into your eyes

I want to change
The future as I look into your eyes

I want to change
The future as I look into your eyes
Future as I look into your...
Look into your...
Look into your eyes

I look to you

Future, we've found
To stay here
On higher ground

Future, we've found
To stay here
On higher ground

Future, we've found
To stay here
On higher ground

Future, we've found
To stay here
On higher ground

I look to you
I look to you

Future, we've found
To stay here
On higher ground

Future, we've found
To stay here
On higher ground

I look to you

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Miami Horror I Look To You Comments
  1. Peter Frank

    I appreciate the beat, which is somewhat reminiscent of Daft Punk, but definitely would love to hear more of the lady's voice.

  2. chris vogtman

    Came here for Kimbra. Good song the beginning was very daft punk ish but you can't say a great baseline only belongs to one band.

  3. Xander Williams

    Im in love with Kimbra, Not only for her beauty and voice but the way she moves in this. Im hypnotized

  4. Zorro9129

    Now this is what I call huwhite people music! Nothing like huwheat fields to set the mood!

  5. John Klockenkemper

    9 years later and I still can't get over that baseline. Like jesus himself playing it while riding a bicycle.

  6. Samira Haddad

    sounds like Lady Hear Me Tonight

  7. Mark Bumpass

    Kimbra is so hot and talented. I think when artist is good looking, it helps. However being talented and showcasing your brain in lyrics makes her even more enticing.

  8. Mr. Red

    Kimbra fine af never really looked until now

    Derrick C

    I remember turning 12

    Mr. Red

    I remember learning how to tie my shoes.

    Derrick C

    @Mr. Red I can remember yesterday as well

    Mr. Red

    I would hope so.

  9. Matheus Steffen

    come meu cy kimbraaaa

  10. baseddiana

    I heard this playing at an Express store. Glad I shazamed it hahaha

  11. Jose David Espiñal Zuñiga

    Súper BASS 🐻🎧

  12. Parker Storm

    9 years later and I'm still dancing to this

  13. Petrus Delassio



    this woman ramped my love of music when no one else had much to offer live long and prosper kimbra

  15. Silvana Collio

    Exquisito sample...!

  16. daft nord

    Who has tabs

  17. Arthur fleck


  18. Ben Heyworth

    Loving this!

  19. Jonathan Swain

    Her eyes!

  20. Marisol De la Cruz Martinez

    Feeling like 90s...

  21. Vinícius Mendes

    Essa música é mt foda 😎✔

  22. Rob Fraser

    She's so ickle - you could sneak her in to see a movie inside a bag and then only have to pay for one ticket!

  23. TLR Sexuality

    I love this songs positive upbeat funky feel. I looked up some of their other songs and didn't like them though (both artists), can anyone recommend any songs like this?

    YouTube Verified Admin

    Neon indian - Slumlord rising

  24. Europa Dolby

    She's always so stylish, add a beautiful voice = star quality. I'd like to see her in movies.

    Nikil Kumar

    lol you're in luck, she's recently acted in a movie called _Daffodils_.

    Europa Dolby

    @Nikil Kumar That's awesome, I'll have to check it out.

  25. TinFoil Overlord

    She doesn't need make up.

  26. K E

    Sample is 'Caviar' - Never Stop Loving You!

  27. Ranz Ali

    OMG this BOOGIE is REAL

  28. mariages mélancolae


    mariages mélancolae


  29. Kiker Cervantes

    Esta canción tiene 9 años de haber salido y apenas la voy conociendo, de mis favoritas!

  30. Plantasia

    Literally every time I hear this song I just jam out with the biggest smile on my face.

  31. Jay Hansen

    2019 and still my jam!!!

  32. Martin Meare

    Just stumbled here - I'm fuckin pleased I did - wow!

  33. Gustavo Castillo

    Kimbra's airy vocals remind me of Catherine Cooper from Alison's Halo. I definitely feel Kimbra would be good doing some shoegaze

  34. oscillatine

    Not good.

  35. TheSushiandme

    What is this... so strange...

  36. jan kowalski

    oh my god that was 10 years ago!

  37. Roma Strasnii

    Those Lips...


    I know!!!

  38. Nathan Ramos

    kimbra is so cute in this video 😉

  39. Katherine Huencho H.-

    Podría escuchar mil veces esta canción 👩🏻‍🎤

  40. G T


  41. Axis78

    i am here

  42. Mphatheleni Matidze


  43. Nathan Ramos

    i havent heard of this song or group until just yesterday yet this song came out when i was 20 years old??? wtf?

  44. spjMrLahey

    Go Go Bizkitt! brought me here.

  45. NitroRock & Pop

    Es una de las canciones que no me canso de escucharlo lo máximo saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪

  46. mariages mélancolae


  47. Silver Note Studios

    I don't remember taking LSD?

  48. Eric Otto

    This is awesome!

  49. Zeek M

    Hm, this seems to be what I asked for but not what I expected.

  50. Tyler Wood

    Future can be funkey too.

  51. Gabby C

    Can anyone out there recommend songs similar to this one? Thanks om advance!

  52. gatovillanueva

    duck girl

  53. Graham McDonald

    Still holds up beautifully.


    Kinda timeless, at least for me.

  54. Dayanna Sotero

    Una de mis canciones favoritas, es una que puedes escucharla y literal nunca cansarte. La amo❤️

  55. Madej Gwałtowny

    ale funkuwa

  56. Alex ghincia

    4 years ago and I'm still here!

  57. alexandre costta


  58. Андреи Матвеев

    гадость а не музыка

  59. Riley Trần

    She look so young in this. Beautiful tho.

  60. G T

    Stargirl love uuuuu

  61. harumitdb

    I cry with this song, it's like i'm in paradise... Masterpiece

  62. Lori Brady

    Dam I keep discovering new groups where have they been when I was young , love this music

  63. buffalo bill

    great remix, song and voice

  64. Vergmort

    Anyone jammin’ this in 2018? 🕺🏻

  65. vani vani

    El virus de la pasarela

  66. Leonardo Viveros Villaseñor

    Bobby no! Vos también

  67. Jake Caratacus

    I got hooked on "Sometimes" after hearing it while playing GTA 5. Now, after so many years listening to that one track on loop, I finally decided to look up a few other tracks by the same artist(s). All I have to say to myself is WHY DID YOU SUFFER FOR SO LONG WITHOUT THIS?!

  68. Adawale Odoamne

    She kind of reminds me of Life is Strange, Maxine Caulfield.

  69. ivvitan

    It's the first Kimbra's appearance before Gotye?

  70. dj super jeans

    What is more Beautiful? Dua Lipa or Kimbra

  71. Kenny Michael Alanya

    Retro guitar riffs👌😍

  72. Pedro Seba


  73. Arcane World

    Gives me a vibe similar to Skylar Spence-Fiona Coyne

  74. ­ eightbO

    Disliked for having 'official HD' in the title
    Disliked again for it only being 480p
    Liked for the song
    NET: 1 dislike

  75. Beca Coelho

    I used to listen to this yearrrrs ago, the memories are all coming back now, makes me so nostalgic...

  76. Jennifer Wood

    why is she so fabulous??? ❤❤❤🔥🔥

  77. MrPirruLongoria

    2018 any one?

  78. Shad X

    Seems that this beat is sampled from Caviar - Never Stop Loving You.

  79. flower power

    My high school days.. Better times

  80. George Loxa

    i love the son

  81. George Loxa

    i love the son

  82. Alexander Moreno

    Aquí desde hace 7 años haha :D saludos

  83. Tatyel Music

    Malditasea , ella lo cantaba , pero , no se me ocurrio jamas , diganme que es cover , ya que suena tan 2000 . NU DISCO .

  84. Can Mehmet UYANIK

    all time favorite!!!

  85. nivlcuhcggd gc

    She is beautiful*-* omg

  86. jorge pardo

    escuchando esta rola provoca ir a una fiesta indie el fin de semana.

  87. Megafenixfull

    Playlist 2018

  88. Thomas Rousseau

    That's going directly on top of the "Funky" playlist :)

  89. Flo Dess

    lets danse

  90. A.I.M. Project Recordings

    Caviar - Never Stop Loving You


    837 fuckers know nothing about music. This is simply amazing!


    P.D. They know nothing about Kimbra....

  92. Daniel Grove

    Dreamy. Makes me want to drift away...Aquarius, reborn!


    Кто еще семь лет смотрит это?