Miami Horror - All It Ever Was Lyrics

Standing in the gutter
Watch the sun burn all the hours with you
You look right through
Rain causing nostalgia
Only proof it's getting harder with you
I'll wait for you

It's all I ever was
It's all I'll ever be
It's all I'll ever be
It's all I ever wanted
Something to believe in

Changing by the hour
As the stars begin to shower on you
I'm changing too
Waiting this is sour
So your secrets blowing louder on you
I always knew

It's all that ever was
It's all I'll ever be
It's all I'll ever be
It's all I ever wanted

Something to believe in
It's all ever was
It's all I'll ever be
It's all I'll ever be
It's all I ever wanted
Something to believe in

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Miami Horror All It Ever Was Comments
  1. Чумазый Флексер

    А что, балдежно!

  2. Amarildo Quadros

    Algum BR em dezembro de 2019?

  3. Diet water

    Ugh this is trash. Who actually listens to this. 0/10. Ruined fifa 16

  4. Jesuá Maradiaga

    FIFA 16 😭😭😭

  5. Azdeek Jr

    FIFA 16 really was one of the best times of my life.

  6. Nahom Worku

    I always get sad when I hear FIFA 16 songs because I miss that gold year so much. I would pay to get that year back. So sad.

  7. F R

    Back when life wasn’t so hard and you just played fifa 16 all day

  8. zinat sam

    Final de temporada de FIFA 16, esperando las noticias y los traspasos y pensando quien se va retirar la siguiente temporada

  9. Christian O'Brien

    The Nostalgia 😢

  10. Sky Blue Studios

    Joe Mama brought me here

  11. SevenOfNine_2 -NNN-


  12. ChooseyJoker

    Fifa 20?

  13. F R

    Brings back memories of 2016 when I stayed at my cousins house for a week and we would play fifa 16 all day... wish does days could come back

  14. Kelvin Campos


  15. Sinan

    This will be in GTA 6 100%

  16. drakegeorge12

    Who came here solely cause they love Miami horror. They made thisss.

  17. jj smith

    love this song!

  18. Jona Alava

    Fifa 16 fue el ultimo en tener buenas temas musicales ..

  19. shrimon sinha

    Best song Ever!!!!!.....

  20. Blaze

    Who else cried

  21. Clorox bleach

    Time flies 😢

  22. champagnemami00 _

    I hated this song playing fifa 16 ,,, now as the time passed I don’t anymore

  23. Jhonny

    3:08 la mejor parte comienza ahí

  24. Jinxtation TV

    Anyone here June 2019

  25. Lexdiirran xD

    fifa 16

  26. Mix منوعات

    😪😪😪😪😪😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 fifa 16

  27. Lolo Neuf

    3:42 when your match begins in fifa 16😍

    Herm The Worm

    Lolo Neuf I miss playing Fifa 😪

  28. OS.


  29. Kevin Diaz

    Anyone feel like this song sounds like M83?

  30. Rafael Guimarães

    Wonderful song... nice, nice....

  31. Shinfonii :3

    even now in 2019 this song is still brilliant, brings back memories of fifa 16, and it makes you feel like you're somewhere or with someone extra special, love miami horror <3

  32. Hayk Manukyan

    an extraordinary music, i love it + fifa16

  33. Maaz Ahmed

    Why does this remind me of a deserted nuke town with no humans

  34. Krieger Stein

    This Song Makes Me Cry

  35. Lokesh Ramdas

    FIFA 16

  36. The Weed Panda

    2019 april 19 babbyyyyyy LONG LIVE FIFA 16

  37. Victor Castro

    The reason I’m here it’s because of FIFA


    Fifa 16
    I miss this game😭❤️❤️


    I loved that game just because of the songs.

  39. Tony Msalame

    3years down the line and I'm still listening to it,,,,lol!! 2019 anyone?

    scatcher 27

    No one in 2019 .. ur all alone

    • Brian •

    Right here

    Tyler Humphrey

    Never gets old

  40. Arjun

    My favorite song ever and always will be. I have been attached to it since FIFA 16 three years ago. It has helped me get through high school. Who knows where I would be today without this song.

  41. Daniel xD

    2019? 🎶🎶😎

  42. yannick varcin


  43. akmal faiz


  44. Mir fällt kein Name ein

    The lyrics



  45. Payet Squaddd

    best song in fifa history

  46. Sumit Parker

    1 january,2019 anyone😀😀

    Alexandre Baillou

    Sumit Parker yeah

  47. Jack Alda


  48. LHS

    Forza horizon 3

  49. Josue Palma

    Alguien en 2018?

  50. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

    The nostalgia is real

  51. Mauri120

    Alguien ?

  52. siddhant kashyap jha

    Coz of fifa
    Fifa lover hit like 👍

  53. Tom Morrow

    Sounds like something out of gta vice city

  54. Dw1

    Gives me a boner

  55. Cristian loquendero

    que recuerdos :")

  56. Francisco Lizardi

    FIFA16 :')

  57. MAA

    Listening to it three years later it's a good tune


    FIFA 19

  59. Manuel Venachi

    fifa 19

  60. Bryant Hernández

    My favorite song of FIFA 16

  61. osama aliraqi

    FIFA 16✌😍😍

  62. Denis Torres

    Nostalgia 😟😢

  63. Mijake Menso

    This is the best song in fifa 16 <3

  64. ماجد

    this music is fifa16

  65. Matt Vorn

    This is a straight m83 midnight city rip off, sorry 😂.

  66. ncc1699

    Still love this tune because of FIFA 16 - and it's been three years since I heard it, can't stop playing it :)

  67. lie of love

    God song uffff

  68. Fkuino

    Fifa 16

  69. _official_ Nuno18

    I can remember, when I back Tots Griezmann and this song come🤙🔥👌

  70. Saad Jamadar

    This song is so underrated

  71. fitri 88

    2nd best song in FIFA 16

  72. John Kearney

    This song brings back good memories

  73. Dave Tone

    This song is beautiful


    I love FIFA 16

  75. Rasheda Mabud

    This song should be the best song year award.

  76. Ultra Gameplays

    2014 and 2016 best years of the my life, is nostalgic

    proud patroit

    Ultra Gameplays yeah same

  77. Lee Shop

    when FIFA songs were good ....


    Ohhh yeaaaa


    Fifa 16

  80. Gloc Beam

    This song makes me wanna go to a beautiful beach in the middle of no where on a nice summer day

  81. Jeffrey B

    FIFA 16 had the best soundtrack

  82. Marcos Perez

    FIFA 16

  83. Papyrends' Trash

    I found out I liked this song in 2016, now I came back in 2018.

  84. Jayce

    Gives me a Walk The Moon vibe.

  85. Vitor Oliveira

    Nostalgia nível 1000000 com essa música...Fifa 16 boas memórias <3

    Ultra Gameplays

    Vitor Oliveira bons tempos

    Eric Polpeta

    SSDs do meu modo carreira no Tottenham na época :Kane 81,Lloris 85,Eriksen 83

  86. dobro Alex brother

    You guys are fucking ass wholes i like this song

  87. Fekete Krisztián

    Fifa 16

  88. OLEKTRIAN 316

    No jodas que nostalgia ptmre!! :'V

  89. Алексей Иванов

    panda fx