M.I.A. - Go Off Lyrics

No focus lost, I concentrate
And now you got it wrong
No focus lost, I concentrate
And now you got it wrong

People love position
So I stay way up on a level
Like my name is Neymar and you know I’m not normal
There is no competition
I’m gonna talk and you gonna listen
I’m on ten like men, even better than them
Yeah I don’t lose focus like a German called Sven
My third eye’s open and my focus ain’t joking
Yeah You got it wrong, cause my focus is so strong

Run-pama pama pa-pama pama pama
No focus lost, I concentrate
And now you got it wrong
Go off on em
Go off on em
No focus lost, I concentrate
And now you got it wrong

Yeah I’m pressing buttons
Dropping pins on positions
Cause my words go far
And this rain is so foreign
You blow the place I live in while
Watch I could keep it going
Go off on em
Go off on em
So check up on your messages
Know what the message is
Like aliens in villages
We’re here for all ages
Fans back home
Got my tracks bang on
Yeah you got it wrong
Cause my focus is so strong

Run pama pama pa-pama pama pama
No focus lost, I concentrate
And now you got it wrong
Go off on em
Go off on em
No focus lost, I concentrate
And now you got it wrong
Go off on em
Go off on em
No focus lost, I concentrate
And now you got it wrong

At least you tell your children I came from London
Start talking about me long time like she was random
When I was in your life fella, I was hella bomb
But I had to go off just to stay strong

Run pama pama pa-pama pama pama
No focus lost, I concentrate
And now you got it wrong
Go off on em
Go off on em
No focus lost, I concentrate
And now you got it wrong
Go off on em
Go off on em

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M.I.A. Go Off Comments
  1. Will Mooney

    thank u for pointign out the nonsesne that goes on

  2. Play Or Die! Meloman 99%

    Cool song 💖 👍🔥🤘😎👍

  3. Wanda Mccloud

    💋🥰😊Go Off 🤩On them🥰😊💋

  4. İsmail Kesiciler

    Bayrağı dikiyorum 🇹🇷

  5. Elaisa Grace

    MIA ~~~ Go. OFF. That's an Order, General Sharmela Sunder. IAMCC/IYA 🙏🏽

  6. The Defcalyon

    what is that place ?

  7. Oh no

    Found it, and now I can't stop it..

  8. Magno hustle

    Que triste el video, me pone sad saber que cada vez el planeta está peor, como el poder llego a distanciarnos y nos mata de apoco, el odio que hemos generado entre prójimos, el planeta esta cerca del final y será muy tarde para un cambio..


    very nice song

  10. Дмитрий Чумаков

    Привет я искал русский текст не нашёл, а ты я вижу нашел))

  11. Genna Tuelz

    "M.I.A. go home" has a better ring to it.

  12. The hOEP Project

    Thank you for including the pictures with the electrical discharge from the explosions.

  13. Tsoof

    Baba Telefon type beat

  14. Sky night fury duechle

    Sniper anyone?

    Just me ok.

    Did she just say she's hella bomb

  15. Dominga Doflaminga

    She needs to team up with Riz Ahmed and do a massive rap track

  16. Brenno Sartório

    She is just a work of art.

  17. Bitsof Bytes

    Amazon sellout.. F this. Good track shityy sources.. Viva democracy now org X

  18. mamali Hassan

    I don’t get that fucked up watermark, wtf

  19. Artemis La Belle

    Mia go awf on them 💣

  20. Evelyn41

    What a very beautiful sounds

  21. kolomba mos


  22. Kail Rockwell

    Yay 3 min about dirt

  23. Denise ' s account

    Chi qui dopo 3 anni?

  24. Calet Aldhair Correa Figueroa

    I Love you M.I.A., Skrillex Blaqstarr. This song is amazing.

  25. Calet Aldhair Correa Figueroa

    Is awesome. Thank you M.I.A. & Skrillex

  26. Coco Oh


  27. Irs IRSGram


  28. AhmetGamer TR

    is this trap music?

  29. Antriksh Sharma

    There must be more views.

  30. Irs IRSGram


  31. Shifty Girl

    this whole production is so satisfying

  32. Noah Baker

    Shit slaps 🤦🏻‍♂️🔥

  33. Mario 1023


  34. Cristina Andreea

    2K19 🙂


    RIP evergladeZ

  36. Fatma az

    Write in YouTube baba tlefon (the song la la la la la ) that shameful

  37. Jack Baldwin

    R.I.P my subs in my car :( bouncing the bass ! ❤️

  38. Thúy felt special bc of twice

    She gon talk and I’m gon listen

  39. chrissy b.

    produced by skrillex💞

  40. Kacper 08

    Love it 😍

  41. Sternal Origin [Soldier Abdel Kader]

    I had to go off just To stay strong


    My fault. Perfectly legal. My job is to collect statistix. Enough said.

  43. Lonely Kid

    Go off sis

  44. NCTRN


  45. Dora the Axe-plorer

    Wayyyy too underrated!

  46. Diamensul

    Collapse is coming...

  47. Levi Meyer

    U just like amrican girls your thirsty by

  48. Levi Meyer

    I think she's the shit is she to fancey to have friends cus I learned rich people are so fanny lololol but I get people don't want to show weekness, but I feel that's to facey

  49. patchai waiaree

    If I Click 🖲. If you run......burn resident Palace. And ล้มละลาย....close the sky.

  50. Mitchell Maniglia

    This made me cry

  51. Vanessa Orellana

    It’s 2019 and this is still one of the best songs out here 🤩

  52. First Name Last Name

    Baba telephooooone

  53. Crushi .Music, Art & Love.

    Could we please already make MIA a God?

  54. Za God

    Damn they straight up GUTTING AFRICAN LAND, and we sound Crazy saying something like WE the problem smfh

  55. addictedtoxanax MTA

    Skrillex did an awesome jobbbb :O

  56. sven vangerwen

    who is here in 2019?

  57. My Channel

    Stop using Arabic kids soundtracks 😂

  58. biarritzzz

    so genious how she just put her "trandmark" on top of the images like it's a stock photos lol

  59. DEL ROJ

    This is the literal description of the sentence "drop the base"

  60. gmo delira

    lil kim go awff

  61. Wiesław Dubicki

    cool song for summer 😎

  62. rinopótamo a

    Baba telephone

  63. Дмитрий Игоревич Котельников


  64. sassy shamso

    The lalla part is from baba telefon it’s Arabic song about not lying

  65. Pipi Pipi

    *One of the best music videos ever. Without looking like one. Silence in absurd. NEGLIGENCE. Exploration. No human value in front of destruction... Greed...*

    *This is how the world will end and no one cares*

    *Those who care are mocked and left to die or killed.*

    Seeing this as a Brazilian bombed with this same mud and nasty explosions for the sake of making phones and buildings around while hundreds of people without decent education and no source of income from a decent company, getting killed because of this absurdity... *It's quite prophetic.*

    Capitalism values capital. Not people. The opposite of it is common sense.

    Do not work for corrupt companies. Stay away if possible as distant as possible from these shitholes of greed and dishonest laws and exploration.

    They are billionaires who have no human dignity. People are just commodities to them and none of them will smell your rotten body when you die because of them.

    Negligence will kill humanity and numbers and plastic will be all that will survive.

  66. João Neto

    brumadinho :(





  69. I’mMax

    go off ig

  70. Sarah Wilson

    I love M.I.A. so fucccccking much!

  71. Amethyst Aries

    i love herrr

  72. Young Trumpet

    Why do I like the other go off more?

  73. Mr Nobody

    Snatched anyone

  74. Timothy Dean Firman

    Muon Is Abel (M.I.A.). Ghost or G-Host

  75. Victoria Arzú

    I saw her at the House of Creatives fest in Miami last November. My life is complete.

  76. Always Dr3aming

    Am I correct in saying that Skrillex produced this? Some of the sounds have his style, especially the snare at the drop

    gmo delira

    he did produce it

  77. jar the star

    My fake computer back home as a kid grew so strong.....we got touch screen ipods....sp cool thanks g momma had 11 kids super cool. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  78. swAlison

    I admire anyone who confuses me. Luv u MIA.

  79. quaesitor


  80. jar the star

    #nieces #nephews #nuffofju #nices #isis

  81. Jaz 3ee

    2019 !!!

  82. Kirby

    *Tonka brings me here*

  83. jar the star

    When they say being fruitful and multiply doesnt mean having lots of kids 😯🤯😩🤪😳😱🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  84. Mohammed Siddique


  85. Mohammed Siddique


  86. Mohammed Siddique