M.I.A. - Bird Song (Blaqstarr Remix) Lyrics

I'm a parrot
I'm robin this joint
Not a lyre bird
Sure ain't a vulture
Don't swallow that cause I make the culture
I'm not a lyre bird
Staying staying rich like an ostrich

Free up my love
Free up my love
Free up my love
Free up my love
Staying staying rich like an ostrich

Drop down get your eagle on
Like a falcon
Fly phenomena
Humming higher than a drone
Doves cry
Are you going home alone?
Squad flock
Migrate for the summer
Duck out for some hot weather
Birds of prey and I'm shaking off my feather
I believe like R. Kelly, we can fly
But toucan fly together
Staying staying rich like an ostrich

Free up my love
Free up my love
Free up my love
Free up my love
Staying staying rich like an ostrich

Now watch the sky, watch the sky
Keep watching
Wa-watch the sky, watch the sky
Keep watching
Wa-wa-watch the sky, watch the sky
Keep watching
Wa-watch the sky, watch the sky

Is that a crow on a crane?
Is that you or a plane?
Where's your chicken at?
I'm watching like a hawk
I need more birds!
Gully like a seagull
Gully like a seagull
I'm coo coo for you, let's talk

Free up my love
Free up my love
Free up my love
Free up my love
Staying staying rich like an ostrich

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M.I.A. Bird Song (Blaqstarr Remix) Comments
  1. Rachel Prior

    Because she has natural beauty. I know an 80yo that looks awesome.

  2. Prissy Turah

    still 🔥

  3. Luv Agin

    Never over this song 🕊️

  4. #Dougi3

    This ones more ratchet.. in a good way

  5. Ka.Elanthamizhlan

    After 2015 n neeyaa naanaa show

  6. Allison Suleiman

    this is my alarm clock (i chose it for no reason) and it wakes me up every morning at 6:30....birds really do work..

  7. DjBurakUlus Remix

    M.I.A. + DjBurakUlus + Harem - Dub The Buka Trap Remix 2018

  8. Vault Boy

    NGL....my ears hurt in a good way after listening to her tunes. They are all banging!!

  9. CHASE

    M.I.A. Is currently in 2050. She’s ahead of time. 💥🤫

  10. Arun Manogaran

    mann....classic tamil tune in the mix,some trippy shit here!

  11. BC99

    The ORIGINAL is "Oru Kili Uruguthu" (in the year 1983) composed by the GREATEST ever composer ILAYARAJA.

  12. skizodavid

    2018 aun me pone la piel de gallina

  13. William Morales

    lovin this.. love M.I.A !!!. I am Flying from Connecticut.. come walk wit me

  14. Spvce Guwop

    Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam 2017?

  15. Will Holbert

    she has a parrots nose. MIA is a jungle bird

  16. reinterpret_cast

    what a music

  17. diego yoshi

    vinnie paz beats

  18. Miguel Angel Medina Rise

    Not as good as Diplo, but this is still respectable.

  19. Shaye Salazar

    Sorry Diplo but this is better

  20. tens of sumos

    people who didn't like this song are too young for it.

  21. Arun Manogaran

    man...m.i.a never fails to amaze everyone with her knack of creating awesome track by sampling Tamil movie songs,she's a genius !

  22. Karin Castro Studio


  23. Arular

    i like this one better than diplo's one

  24. Bluscorpion

    "I need more birds"

  25. ShaJaja88

    I Don't understand why she Didn't bring out the Drums version as official Single, which hundred times better than the "original"...

  26. what's my name

    watch the sky

  27. Chariray Romasanta

    packing yeah love her since I was highschool

  28. Usama KHan

    better remix than diplo mix

  29. crispy

    i like both versions ♡

  30. Petra Novaković

    better than the diplo version lol


    Petra Novakovic i highly disagree

    Petra Novaković


    Tony Juarez

    Calm down😂

    Anonymous Anonymous

    Petra Novaković christ, that was embarrassing

  31. Classified Chappy

    Even though I starting to listen more of MIA ever since I first listen to her 2010 album she released when I first heard Born For Free song where that song was amazing, even though it seems she tried her little best to sing with the content she does in this album where I actually understand of why things annoyed her with the industry I think, the production in mostly every song is so amazing that I appreciate of the way she sounds and I just starting listening to it since I watch Fanta no's review of her new album

    Anthony Groves


  32. Iris Martinez

    mia is my cousin's name

  33. Complete Quality Review

    love it..Nothing more to say. love her style.

  34. spellbook asmr

    this really grows on you

  35. Planes Duxx

    Очень круто !!! MIA - ты лучшая!

  36. Yovanka Guzmán

    Diplo forever

  37. Sasuke Uchiha

    why is she wrapped in a tamale shell.

  38. ohdoii

    When you hear the Diplo version first it's weird listening to this one.

  39. BigFatBabyLegs

    Favorite version. but I wish I could listen while doing drugs :(

  40. C99

    this one's better than diplo's. this is not an opinion.

  41. aletha girl

    yall gotta be awaken to understand this song. I LOVE IT

  42. alan

    staying rich like an ostrich

  43. AeroAngel

    Love M.I.A <3

  44. Hussain AbdulHussain

    The Diplo mix of this is awesome... this is awful, Blaqstarr should be embarrassed his name is on this, lol

    ciro m

    shut up

  45. M I N A _ H A R B

    Her music is totally different !!

  46. Keonas NerdTalk

    Blaqstarr still got the magic touch I've been waiting to hear in this remix. Hopefully she puts this on the album, but if not YouTube it is. XD

    Nyar ttaffom

    This version and diplo are both on the album which drops this Friday.

    Keonas NerdTalk

    @Ryan Moffatt Awesome and thank you.

  47. Mark Villa

    Omg I can't wait for this album!!! It's about time we get a good female version of diplo lol


    Ew what a weird annoying song. MIA please retire 😒


    blow it out your ass


    eat my dirt star


    die breathing


    @sonofab33ch I live forever bitch 😒

  49. Jeremy Fukala

    BIRD UP!

  50. Leo Bird

    |\Flyyyyyy/|\(^)> ..

  51. skate hero

    partner sample

    god bless- vinnie paz

  52. lukedro

    Underrated beat, wish someone would remix it, spit and kill it.

  53. Jamil Dhillon

    This is better than Diplos in my opinion...

  54. CoraleComics

    its lit 💡

  55. Louis Gardner

    it's all the birds and the bees 4or 3rees

  56. ricardo medina

    00:01 i love this song

  57. CaptainWastrel

    This song is quite haunting, the lyrics are great, haters can go figure out why they aren't rich like an ostrich!

  58. Dazed & Confused

    diplo version is way better

  59. Ian Robertson

    wish I could find just the instrumental...

  60. Suarez Sebastian

    dafuk is dat annoying sound yo, MIA used to be good...

    tens of sumos

    Alfredo Sebas , you are too young for this.

    Suarez Sebastian

    I'm 36 you dumbass... get your shit straight bruh.

  61. Triff Tone

    I'm grumpy in the morning ,until I get my MIA.

  62. crispy

    i like it its chill and it complements the diplo version well

  63. Eosphorous Sanchez

    I feel like Diplo's accents the Kazoo more 😆 fucking kazoo...

  64. Yuri de Albuquerque

    you are my special friend

  65. Yuri de Albuquerque


  66. Nada A

    How can she be 40 and look like 20? Really she's so gorgeous!

    Polo Sucks

    Not a hoe 😹😂😭their is women atleast in some parts off the world

  67. Rivio


  68. Pitch Black

    background music stolen from a 1980s indian movie

  69. Deniz Burduroglu

    such a fresh taste in the beat

  70. Shabeen V

    New sound... MIA Killin it

  71. BrazCoolZ

    Where's the original version

  72. sahil xt

    I got headache with this background sound fuck you birds

  73. vanessa borja

    She's always been ahead of her time. Brilliant.

  74. Aamon Fire

    the Signature Track for a brand new "Don't Do Drugs!" Campaign isn't it ...

  75. anomalek

    It's interesting to read the overwhelmingly negative comments here. I think the original is fantastic and this blaqstarr remix is splendid and very true to the original. Diplo's version released today has overwhelming rave reviews in the comments and yet its AWFUL, really a generic butchery of this lovely, quirky thing.

  76. TheSuns ShiningGrace

    this song sounds spanish

  77. mESCALINe

    what the fuck is this shit ?

  78. scribblezgfx

    This song is stolen from Vinnie Paz - God Bless

  79. Cel nocturn

    I like the song..

  80. hxgh

    Background music stolen from Vinnie Paz - God Bless ..


    No one will ever know that's the sad thing


    the background music is a sample, since the artist buy the copyright, they can use it anyway they want. the black eyed peas used to do it a lot :)

    Vyas Pranar

    I know where both got the inspiration from - it was on youtube but now I'm having hard time locating it - and it's was an improvised version of some 1980's Indian song.

    Sammy Virk

    +Vyas Pranar what's the name of it?


    No, it is not it is sampled from this:
    Aanandha Kummi | Oru Kili Uruguthu Song | Ilaiyaraaja | Vairamuthu
    It's from a Tamil movie

    Vinnie Paz sampled the same source.

  81. Rosie Espinoza Ruiz

    I love it , it has really grown on me.

  82. I DON'T KNOW

    Diplo version this the best sorry

  83. umut kaplan

    Cibili cibili şak şak

  84. Chantal

    I like it :D

  85. Kitana Kojima

    Lol I like how people complain about this but prefer go off. Go off is awesome but it's one of those songs sort of designed for the masses as opposed to this which is more like her classic style. That and It's a remix of a pre existing song, calm down.

  86. Dz in China

    M.I.A. is THE Artist!! other ones are just fakes!!!

    Gustavo Delfino

    twigs tho

  87. 600Lotus

    i just wish the bird sound was toned down just a little. no hate. ill always love M.I.A. it seems loud or something? no hate


    sounds great on the headphones

  88. mm1996

    If you listen to this without expectations and actually give it a chance you'll like it. Stop whinging


    mm1996 And then I heard the Diplo mix

  89. dav

    prantice the art of fly, be free, free your mind, high

  90. Suasha W

    Ur actually 1000 000 baby

  91. lil duress

    This song is horrible! That lead sounds like a rabid chicken getting jerked off underwater.

    Kitana Kojima

    Did you listen to the lyrics or look at the song title at all? Of course it sounds like a fucking bird you dolt

  92. Brenden667

    "Oru kili Urugudhu" song. I liked Vinnie Paz's "God Bless" version a little better, but still like M.I.A.'s creations.

  93. Llanfabon

    That background birthday party horn is absolutely awful

  94. SelfishPinoy12

    Kill Bill Vol. 3 please. This sounds like something from Kill Bill <3