MGMT - We Don't Care Lyrics

Step out of your skin,
Put it in a jar.
I thought they were my friends
But they were cannibals.

Where should I begin?
Tell you what I am?
I'm a normal alien.

We thought we were alone
But we had just started
We thought we left home
But we never departed
There's poison in the air
But we don't care.

Tell you what I'll do
We could fall in love
Take me home with you
I'll do what you want

Put me in a lab
Splice all of my genes
We can fall in love again

We thought we were alone
But we had just started
We thought we left home
But we never departed
There's poison in the air
But we don't care

We thought we were alone
But we had just started
We thought we left home
But we never departed
There's poison in the air
But we don't care

We thought we were alone
But we had just started
We thought we left home
But we never departed
There's poison in the air
But we don't care

We thought we were alone
But we had just started
We thought we left home
But we never departed
There's poison in the air
But we don't care
We don't care
We don't care
We don't care
We don't care

We don't care, don't care
We don't care, don't care
We don't care, don't care
We don't care, don't care
We don't.

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MGMT We Don't Care Comments
  1. Tarik Santos

    This is so much better than "We Care"

  2. João Victor Lopes Pantoja

    2019/12 ??

  3. Sylvia Burger

    So incredibly bummed I cant own climbing new lows on vinyl,its the only thing missing from my mgmt collection. If anybody knows a way let me know I need it.

  4. Patrick O'Donnell

    I can't STOP listening to it.. I'm in trouble.

  5. Saci Albino

    Listen this 2019 yeah

  6. gorepool records

    damn, this is realllllly old

  7. Erik Rudolph

    I'm holding in my pee to finish listening to this


    Erik Rudolph same here

  8. Maxime Rolland

    Merci pour tout. You re the best ever

  9. Christopher Cannone

    Thanks 🤗

  10. Akshat Sharma

    What does this song mean? I mean what's it about?

  11. Jamie Coulson hi guys listen to my song inspired by Beatles Floyd blues

  12. Landon

    Meanwhile in newer music...

  13. Lea Williams

    Reminds me of Kings of Convenience


    Take off all your skin, put it in a jar, I thought they were my friends but they were cannibals... such a fucking good way to start a song, love the spontaneous lyrics

  15. Ludwig II

    Reminds me sooo much of The Unicorns

  16. Aaron Liss

    :U :U :U :U U:

  17. Twilight Sparkle

    is this a theremin?

  18. Charles Faust

    1:53 Best solo I've ever heard.

  19. Jullia Gomes

    "we care" and "we don't care"...humm

  20. intrterrest NYC

    I'm normal a- li-en

  21. Blizzard S

    2008 😱....

  22. Guilherme Previati

    I would subscribe the channel, but I did enjoy the actual number of people who follow the channel

  23. Leo Ramirez

    2018 is here and MGMT is back <3

  24. Joygill Moriah

    they basically returned to this sound on the new album


    Yeah but a billion times grander

  25. backpages98

    Little Dark Age kicks ass, it's always fun to go back and see where it all started.

  26. Giovanni Lucchetti

    I love you, H.

  27. Amal A

    aw this used to be my fav

  28. Lucid Memer

    Theres poison in the air but we dont muthafuckin care

  29. Annie Moore

    2018 anyone?

    Danny Mether

    2019, and 2020, and 2021....

    Daniel Farris

    2019 here


    Get with the program, it's June 2019 now

    Christopher Cannone


    Can Onur Öz

    I have better. 2019 December.

  30. Astral Honey



    Sophia Echols RIGHT

    sugar coffee green big pants man

    Say it louder for the people in the back

  31. SynthPea •

    I misssssss thisss MGMT anyone know something kind of like this ? I already know about homeshake so yeeee

    Sam Maddux

    SynthPea • Hot Chip?

  32. Pop Quiz Time

    This is their best album. an amazing album in originality. everything after this is downhill.

  33. Caden A. Lethgo

    My fav song of mgmt

  34. Dani Padilla

    The high pitch scream in the middle reminds me of "one flew over the kukoos nest"

  35. MisterSir

    dafuq is this shit.. i think mgmt took too many drugs for this

  36. Dawid Cz

    Pizzagate brought me here. Good song.

    Salvattore Beteta

    lol how did pizzagate bring you here? just curious

  37. Lisel Ramírez

    8 bits?

  38. Graeme Cadle

    was twipppin on some unicorn tears and didnt want music til I found mgmt a while ago. keep up the moment.

  39. Beatrix Bootsma

    still the best

  40. 6joe16ful

    The winter of softmore year

  41. Jacob Beasley

    I don't care !

  42. icecoldmilk



    They were going to name the band The Management, but another band had the rights to that name.

  43. Joshua Brandy

    Modest Mouse + Pixies + 80's pop + pink floyd

    pineapple surprise

    Joshua Brandy no MGMT is MGMT

  44. slipinr

    Lowkey wish the whole song sounded like the first 5 seconds

  45. Sarah Black

    This song makes me want to play wii games.

  46. Dan Of The People

    This is pretty much shite.


    Dan Of The People We dont care :D

    streaker sloth

    Dan Of The People

    your taste in music I'm sure is utter garbage lol

    Dr. Jasontheman

    Dan Of The People “but we don’t care”

    sugar coffee green big pants man

    We don't care. :)

  47. Helawolf

    Sounds like early Chromeo.

  48. Nisa Nur Şahin

    no one likes us, we dont care

  49. Seir

    damn, just realized how pixies/moldy peaches this is.

  50. Enutrof Salta

    Love This

  51. Sara Shafer

    you know what's funny, I always thought this song reminded me of "this must be the place" by talking heads. and I found a video of them doing a cover of that song. I guess there a fan lol

  52. Frosty Oreos

    This song reminds me of napoleon dynamite


    +Frosty Oreos holy shit, accurate

    Eduardo Oropeza

    we don't care

    Jacob Beasley

    Frosty Oreos I caught you a delicious bass

  53. breer

    this song is so addictive i keep listening to it

    Eduardo Oropeza

    we don't care


    +Wolf Hannah THANK GOD! You said addictive instead of addicting!! ♥♥♥ Finally! You've no idea how long I've waited. o_o

    Felis Silvestris: one hell of a kitten

    sanedem ?



  54. Henry Vivar

    good beast

  55. An Thai

    listen to this with lucy *__* haha magical dudeeee


    I agree!

  56. polyneux74

    LOL!!! This sounds and 1985 got together at  party and ended up with a child from a one night stand! LOL!!! Love it! :)

    Grant Williams

    You couldn't be more accurate if you tried.

    Citizen Z

    NEVER! their sound are unique

  57. Alien Breaks

    finally hit one million views

  58. Spencer Fernando Lebotse

    this song is bizarre but I strangely like it.

  59. Dairo Alberto Morales Morales

    Super genial esta banda la amo

  60. eric rolland

    it's the last day's overall , what would you say to get laid. .. lol

  61. Joe Work

    This song mentions chem trails! ''There's poison in there and we don't care.''

    Joseph Ran

    @Joe Work nah if anything its saying they know about chem trails in the air but theyre still gonna go out
    side and enjoy life (like tripping on shrooms in the woods) etc...

    Ame Ame

    +Joe Work Its Fart

    Joshua Brandy

    Joe Work triggered

  62. skeaneable

    John, Paul.George and Ringo would have been so proud!

    Dr. Jasontheman

    skeaneable oh Paul can still see.

  63. deee-freddie

    This reminds me of something that would be playing in the background of Wii games😂


    Counterfeit Rainbows That's exactly what I thought xD

  64. Marina G.

    0:33 and 1:13 .... Who's singing ? 

    Al Kazazian

    maybe Ben...

    Sylvia Halcyon

    @Alison Cherioux yeah i think it might be ben idk

    Insert your channel name here

    +Marina G. i think it could be andrew without any autotune or someting idk, the beginning of verse 2 is ben tho

    Sylvia Halcyon

    @fifacheata nah i think its ben because andrews voice doesnt sound like that life and he doesnt use auto tune 

  65. Vishnu Vardhan

    I swear.. You know how you like a few of a band's songs and are afraid to listen to others or less popular songs by them thinking that they won't be that good? That doesn't apply to mgmt I mean EVERY single one of their songs is
     FUCKING mindblowingly amazing oh god

    Matias Alonso

    Vishnu Vardhan i know right, i kinda think that their most popular songs are not even the best, just good ones.


    You should try listening to The Dear Hunter :D


    I was thinking that 5 minutes before seeing this comment, how they're the only band I know in which I LOVE every single song. I feel like it's physically impossible for them to make bad music. Hella excited about the album coming this year though!!

  66. Samuel Tonon

    there's poison in the air but we don't care...

  67. tidyyouth

    Apparently nobody loves me, because I have to find bands like these on my own.

    anyssa verdugo

    tidyyouth same as fuck

  68. RENY RAD


  69. oskachu

    This song is so Napoleon Dynamite


    It truly is though

    Esme Corona

    Haha!! Yes! 😂

    Al Kazazian

    Vote for Pedro !

    Joshua Brandy

    Good ol' nappy D

    Erik Rudolph

    It's more crocodile Dundee but whatever I guess

  70. Victoria Fernández

    haha it's funny, because there is a "we care" song, and here we have "we don't care" XD

    Lynne Griffin

    same album ^^ the first song is we care the last song is we don't care lol my college experience

    Matias Alonso

    Lynne Griffin hahahah so accurate

  71. itzlegion123

    mgmt when downhill my opinion

  72. Jan Black

    Groovy some-how. ^-^

  73. Luis Ibarra

    Can someone please tell me the name of the album of this song?:-/


    Its the 'We Don't Care' Ep but you won't be able to find is on iTunes :(

    Insert your channel name here

    also on the 'climbling to new lows' album

    Dr. Jasontheman

    Luis Ibarra I’m afraid to say we don’t care cause I don’t know if you’re fake it literally.

    sugar coffee green big pants man

    On the "We (Don't) Care" EP. Also on the demo album "Climbing to New Lows".

  74. ravenofsorrow777

    theres another version of this song! i was like waaaat?

  75. Bo Do

    Itunes and Pandora definetely need to have songs from this album

  76. sulumsphony66

    They have another track on this record called "We Care"
    So draw your conclusions from that

    Schwinn D.

    sulumsphony66 ambivalence

  77. honeypot

    I used to love this song :) It's been a while

  78. laura Aguilar

    I a mgmt. fan a big one check out my google+

  79. Phone Thief

    My mind's theme song.

  80. Ayin Zeple

    Make up your mind MGMT! You make some of the best psychedelic rock of the century, do you care or not?

    Dodo Christ

    Love how that was the end of this conversation, and now 3 years later i'm commenting


    Dodo Christ h

    Radio Quark

    I give them permission to do whatever the fuck they care, or not care.

    Strawberry Tea


  81. travis trainor

    Ween wantabies

    Crazy Horse

    What are you trying to say?

  82. Florence Smith

    paul already admitted to being an mgmt fan lol

    Electric Kool-Aid

    Yeah, he actually said he would work with them if they ever asked.

    Florence Smith

    People would freak out if Paul and Management made a song together.... it would either be really good or painful.


    @will jones i would jizz my pants to death if that happened!


    @will jones You refer to them as Management still? I mean, you must be a long time fan to do that :D

  83. Vgo Zelganger

    I think IRONY is a BIG PART of MGMTs appeal ... They point it OUT w/ a ... 

    Cedric Capou

    as Foxygen ;)

  84. JewLion

    Well 2 are still alive so.. They still can be

  85. snek snke

    dude no...they did that on purpose...

  86. ordude123

    Pink Floyd would have been proud, since they created psychedelic rock.

  87. AnyWhat?

    Paul & Ringo are alive, so they wouldn't have been, they ARE !

  88. blablac

    Let's ask Paul and Ringo...

  89. Kyle Marciniak

    powerful mgmt

  90. MTDF3


  91. samrudi


  92. Electric Kool-Aid

    Psychedelic Rock

  93. Odeli Hernandez

    Oh my I've fallen in love all over again

  94. Sidney Smith

    The sweet sounds

  95. Crocodile Deathspin

    If that initial electro hook doesn't get you, something is wrong