MGMT - Love Always Remains Lyrics

There's a place I'd like to go
Somewhere out west
It's not specific
And the pictures show it best

I know there's trees
I know there's sand
And I know there's grass
I know it's somewhere in the past

There's a girl out there who's lookin for it too
She's not sure when she'll go
Or exactly what she'll do
If I am doomed am I the first one or the last?
Am I just someone from the past?

No one has to hear
The sound of people laughing at their fears
And the ocean and sun are always there
To make you happy if you're feeling scared
Of the darkness

If I ever saw a ghost
It'd change the way I think
I wouldn't gasp for air if ever I did sink
I wouldn't struggle
I'd just let it all out fast
And then start living in the past

No one has to hear
The sound of people laughing at their fears
And the ocean and sun are always there
To make you happy if you're feeling scared
Of the darkness

If we hold the hand that rapes the hand
And everyone can feel the hand
And nothing's gonna change
It could be the time we're living in
We'll never feel so safe again
But love always remains
But love always remains
But love always remains
But love always remains
But love always remains
But love always remains

No one has to hear
The sound of people laughing at their fears
And the ocean and sun are always there
To make you happy if you're feeling scared
Of the darkness

No one has to hear
The sound of people laughing at their fears
And the ocean and sun are always there
To make you happy if you're feeling scared
Of the darkness

No one has to hear
The sound of people laughing at their fears

No one has to hear
The sound of people laughing at their fears
And the ocean and sun are always there
To make you happy if you're feeling scared
Of the darkness

No one has to hear
The sound of people laughing at their fears
And the ocean and sun are always there
To make you happy if you're feeling scared

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MGMT Love Always Remains Comments
  1. Mark Meredith

    Raised not rapes
    Go to the original version from mgmt's page and listen to it. You can clearly hear he is saying raised.

  2. somekidnamedold

    I remember when this was uploaded. Damn. So many memories.

  3. Az desertflame

    I think this is their best song

  4. Rishi P

    so beautiful in so many different ways. wow

  5. Joey Shabadoo

    It's future me after mgmt tweeted this out. I was 18 when I discovered mgmt on MTV2, the same month and year this was uploaded. Feb 2008. Now I m 29 and its 2019. How time passes.

    Pablo González

    First song I listened was in 2010. Amazing when I look back

  6. Fiore Deste

    la calidad de este video full hd 4k

  7. wout corijn

    hmmmm yes.

  8. Brandon Quixote

    "If I ever saw a ghost, it'd change the way I think. I wouldn't gasp for air if ever I did sink. I wouldn't struggle. I'd just let it out all fast, and then start living in the past" I can't even begin to describe how much I love those lyrics.

  9. Colin Swan

    Such a beautiful song

  10. Labon L.A

    back in high school days.... skateboarding and smoking some good weed #2011 miss those days

  11. caillou Sk8 sk8

    Before mgmt turned freaky dark they were harmony

  12. faintaz69

    10 years of love <3 thank you my nostalgic angel.

  13. Рус Кан

    Любовь остается всегда ...это великолепная песня и очень грустная

  14. Meervo

    That autotune is so funny lmao

  15. noah bender

    Damn I remember this song lol back when life was simple

  16. Mark Hoppus

    Tantos recuerdos que me da :'(

  17. Josue Pina

    My old life. Something.

  18. Mairiam Onitino

    ANAHATA !!!!! <3<3<3

  19. Coral Ocampo

    recuerdos de la secundaria ever...

  20. Slothman 710

    First time i heard this song i couldnt help from tearing up, its just so perfect 💘

  21. jacob walker

    Amy I'll always love you 😔

  22. Allëcio Fernandes

    I cry...

  23. Mr. W

    these guys are wise beyond their years.....

  24. Gustavo S.Lamarque

    The girl i love, please, if you read this sometime in the future, i just want to say that i loved you...

    Deanna Powell

    I love you too

    Mark Reilly

    I love you too 😙

  25. Melissa Ferrell

    holler if you knew this song in 04

  26. great expectations

    I need this song in #SPOTIFY please fix it! it's for my work 😍😍

  27. great expectations

    spotify? why 😠😠😠

  28. Alejandro74405

    Thais song have been whit me 5 years ago, is muy favorite ever, when i was so happy, when i was in te darkness when i was blessed, is like a friend, always is waiting for hold me

  29. Alexis Sosa

    If we hold the hand, not raise the hand then everyone can feel the hand.

  30. Romo Sapien

    my favorite rolling song 💯 🔥

  31. Vloggy

    I remember crying to this song

  32. Armelle LAGO

    Je débarque 10 ans plus tard mais il dit "RAISE" 🤓

  33. Ivan Ivaninsky

    Love u kadance

  34. Mark Reilly

    This song reminds me of my college years.....dunno why it just does

  35. Jan Berrios

    This song is beautifully honest. ♡ All I ever need.

  36. James Anderson

    If we hold the hand that rapes the hand and everyone can feel the hand then nothings going to change... love that part

  37. Nice Booty YT

    when i was 13 i listened to this all the time, holy fuck i have such a deep sinking feeling in my heart hearing this again.

  38. Jess Recalde

    el tema mas hermoso y la letra mas perfecta del mundo ❤❤

  39. Willian Brandão

    I saw your video years ago... this music make me remember the past. thank you for posting it :D

  40. TheGreenJellyGangYT

    its litt

  41. Jesse Villegas

    Destroy Moore anyone 2010 anyone

  42. poprockgooey

    Different from what I've heard so far from MGMT but this track has really grown on me. A truly emotional song 💕

  43. Hunter

    Polyphony or heterophony..?

  44. yushi linnn


    jacob walker

    I'm crying with you

  45. OrbitCityCards _

    I love this song. Just a great summertime jam. MGMT are so legit.

  46. Kenneth Wilburn

    Marijuana memories

  47. Kenneth Wilburn

    RIP high school

  48. Benedict Sloth XIV


  49. TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson

    I think this song is nostalgic to everybody who has heard it

    Eli Herrera

    Lo es, demasiado.

    Melissa Ferrell

    are you being facetious?


    I only heard it for the first time like a year ago and it's already nostalgic. I think that if I had heard it when it came out, me being in high school, I'd almost cry listening to it now.

    Randy Blayn

    This music and those moments made me who I am today

    Brian McKnight

    Randy Blayn so true

  50. Sven

    The girl i loved moved away out west to a place with sand and trees, she met someone just like her. For me this is a cruel and bitter sweet song.

  51. briganda13

    This is just pure cringe

  52. Katja

    This song is one of their bests.

  53. Erin Woodbury

    I love your music on our levels and demesions you've spoken a tangle between me and him.thanks

  54. Sebastian Siekiera

    Love always remains with victims of terrorist attack in paris !

  55. DoYouDigItNow

    What is that, Idioteque under the surface?

    Nicolás Villanueva

    DoYouDigItNow lol it's similar

  56. Nicole Hayward

    To be honest, I have two run away children in my house. I am a 45 year old lady. You can't lock kids up because they don't conform. Why does it matter what colour they are, what they prefer as sex and who they love? It matters a great deal, who they are with. I know they are safe here, but what are they running from. They are running away from foster care. I am not allowed to foster children, however here they are again. We have called the police and social services, nothing. I love our police so much, some I don't want to know. However, the ones who keep going in my town are always worrying about these kids. I've been in touch with them, nothing they can do except take my notes. I will keep noting, keep finding the kids and I will follow up on where they are going. Why are they here? They won't say, however, I can see fear in their eyes and I've just hugged them both. They need guidance, love from a mother and a father. This system is not working, why not try and help the parents look after their kids with your support? Then they won't be torn away and grow up hating their parents. The town I live in is full of masons. I hate this organisation because it protects them. Masons have ruled England for years, yet they deny it. Does the queen know, take a look at Rolph Harris paining the queen and then make up your own mind. Watch the making of John Wick, before you see the film. If anyone can save England, it's Harry. They got all the anger out of him, now he wants to follow his mother. Harry is a free spirit and will always be. However, he knows the truth and he is trying to sort it out. He doesn't want to kill, he wants to save. Nobody will stop Harry, but I bet they try. I am scared for his safety, but he will always keep going to places, always to make sure kids are OK. Yes, he's royal, but he was born into this world, what can we say but hope that he along with children across the world force governments to their knees and stop fighting. Stop lying and tell the truth for once. We are ready for the truth, some have been ready for years. Why all the new films? Do you fear something and are covering it up? Why aren't we allowed to sacred places if they are where are parents are buried? Three was a murder in our town and it's been all over the news so many times. Why is the guy who murdered Adrian Palmer is still out there. I'm not going to say the murders name, only the life of the boy he took should carry headlines, not the one who took his life. I know his mother, she knows the truth. So does his grandmother. Help them cope? Also this is most definitely about myself or my family. I am strong, I will speak the truth and I am honest. I will NEVER lie and they know that. So why isn't anything being done? Next, am I capable of killing anyone. I would be a liar if I said I wasn't capable. However, to murder someone you need to really be cruel, calculating and with absolute power and control driving you forward. Manslaughter, this is the act of killing someone you didn't mean to. Well, I think we need to look closely at a lot of overlooked statements and bring the truth out. I save birds, rabbits, nurse cats, ferrets I find. I rescue everything I can. When someone tried to hurt my children a violence erupts from me I find hard to control. I have to protect, it's like a switch inside my head. Once it goes, there is no going back, I won't stop and will fight to the death if I have to. I know I'm strong enough to kill a man with my bear hands and teeth. Would I do that, NEVER, EVER, EVER. I would rather die than let them near my kids. I have got one of my sons and helped the police arrest him after he pushed me over in the street. I love them, but they are victims too. Life goes on and we are nearly there. I want to educate my children to achieve their dreams. One wants to do plastering, the other cooks brilliantly. Well, all my kids do. I have no money, and I will never ask for any either. I will sell items I don't need in a large house I don't want to live in. I want a small place, clean, modern. For my two youngest sons and my wonderful partner. I have waited 2 years 7 months for a divorce. That's all I want.

    foxy shizzamm

    +Nicole Hayward reach out to someone who is AVAILABLE to actually help you..hope all goes well for you...a frank note however: no one likes walls of text. they are exhausting to read..unless you're a troll...which, I didn't even read the whole thing...because it looked like hard work.

    Nicole Hayward

    Thank you very much, yes I was suffering depression and blabber mouth. Much appreciated. 

    foxy shizzamm

    No prob. I suffer depression too. On that note, I'm going to go follow my own advice. Peace, Love and Light.

    Nicole Hayward

    Same to you, i feel a different person now!

    Itta Pupu

    Too much to read BUT! i will say this, *clears throat*

    im gay.

  57. TangyLid

    This songs is about growing older and leaving things behind for new. JMO

  58. LimeC

    This is real nice

  59. Deven Gillespie

    i love this song so fucking much

  60. Davi Silva

    I would like to buy this song from google app store, but it is not there.
    This is the only MGMT music that is not there and this the one I like the most.

    Joseph Jacobs

    use a YouTube converter and just download it

  61. Jo Do

    I'm killing myself tonight. This is the song I'm getting played at my funeral. I love you all. I'm so sory to my family, i'm so so sory

    Donovan Dvorak

    I hope you're doing better

    Tomas Pera

    Ihhh bigodou

    patrick oswald

    Yo you alive

  62. Fox Fields


  63. Emily D

    Loved this song so much, I got the lyrics tattooed on my wrist ☺️❤️

    Alexandria Pinto

    Emily DaCosta me too!!

  64. fallenhard709

    Favorite MGMT song. Just beautiful. Makes my heart ache when listening at night.

  65. sabreen

    s2g they added the auto tune ironically/as a joke bc that's what mgmt does, but the lyrics still hit hard.

  66. Andrew LeMond

    My two cents after listening to this song a quarter million times in 5 years. Whether it is "raised" or "raped" is honestly open to interpretation by the listener. Depending on what mood you are in and how you form the context of the song (ie a happy song about love that remains would be "raised"; seeing the song as one about the melancholy fear of losing innocence and love, "raped" would fit.) Either way, to make it clear, I do not believe anyone in MGMT literally meant that act of sexual assault, but more-so the loss of innocence as we grow older.

    The Joyful

    @Andrew LeMond Thank you :)

    Solar Dile

    +Andrew LeMond its rapes lol

    Ivan Ivaninsky

    Billy Wilder
    I hate you
    I've seen you do gay things too
    Don't make me release it
    Take it back or suffer the consequences

    Alexis Sosa

    Andrew LeMond wrong

    anyssa verdugo

    Even I paradise your words are striking! Rip

  67. Drew Blubber

    It says "Raised"... you can hear it especially well if you turn it up because of the auto tune... there is no RAPED, its RAISED. Just listen. Raped wouldn't make sense in the context of the song anyways.

  68. Ian Atchison

    To the people who say it doesn't say rape, literally every site that has lyrics agrees that it is rape.

  69. noah bender

    This song makes me sad

  70. Viperzsx

    Why don't they do this live?


    Big question. This is better than 70% of what they play live.

  71. Veyyes Sanchez

    Love always remains.... R.I.P Carlos Dume and Maria Herez. Love you guys.

  72. Alan Avila

    My favoirite song after Siberian Breaks.

    Chris Rayment

    My brother. love siberian breaks


    brah, you know what's up..

  73. Rebecca Moos

    This song means the world to me. So much meaning in so little lyrics. It describes all I'm going through right now.

  74. Alberto González

    Does it?

    Deniz k

    "heavy breath"

  75. Tyler Randolph

    Does it say "raised" or "raped"? I've always thought it said "rape". That's what it sounds like to me. Although I've never understood that line. Beautiful song though. 

    The Fakey Cake Maker

    Yeah I think it says rape, the idea being that certain experiences take our innocence away from us (I think).  Personally I'd prefer it if it was raised as I think rapes spoils the song.

    Tyler Randolph

    @The Fakey Cake Maker I agree. I'd rather think it says raised, than rape, because it's such a happy song, and the word rape does kind of give it a dark undertone. But I think that is the point.

  76. Kaylie

    i want this to be the song played at my funeral :P everyone will cry their heads off  

    Brian Foster

    haha cruel

  77. Jung Wee Park

    love this song

  78. Mariah Carter

    I always think of this one someone and want to cry when I hear this song

    Paulie Favara

    @Taylor Pugliese very tranquil and thought provoking


    very much so. I haven't listened to this song in years. Still brings back the same emotions it did all those years ago

    Paulie Favara

    @Taylor Pugliese yea there's alot of songs that do that to me sland by the shins is one of them..check out pope is a rockstar by sales I'm liking that track lately too :)

  79. Fazwortt

    What‘s talk about?

  80. SuperConnortron

    Miss you naomi

  81. Kieran Brady

    Funny I'm a hip who got treated by a cop who got tackled by a doctor.

  82. William Rubin

    Love this track.

  83. ihaveacowpillow

    dude this song makes me cry... MGMTs amazing.

  84. Chuck Costello

    This song... true love always remains... to feel this bad something wouldve had to make me feel incredible before. Life.

  85. DetailsByThee

    I recently finished writing a book… A book simplistically titled “Details”… The story’s purpose is to convey a message of kindness and unity. Written for those who love to love. I would be more than honored to share it with you. Additional information can be found on my YouTube profile, in the “About” section. Hopefully, this message will trigger a spark of curiosity, taking you straight to the intricate mystery of “Details”… :)

  86. Westerley Campbell

    Love this song....

  87. Swag Money

    They totally need to get rid of the last 25 seconds of the song, ruins the mood.

  88. Rafael Rodriguez

    Jayne bundy

  89. The Fakey Cake Maker

    A discovery for me...this is just beautiful. xx

  90. The Fakey Cake Maker

    No you're not. You're going to live and be strong and show the world that you are an overcomer!

  91. kexchoklad4konsum

    @Worgen Freeman
    What the hell man!? How can you encourage someone to commit suicide? Your kind disgusts me!

    @Jayne Bundy
    Suicide is never the answer, no matter what.

  92. cjcgangster

    I'm confused by the lack of drums and guitars on the new releases, what are the other band members going to do?

  93. wickedkrazie21


  94. reichol

    but love always remains♡

  95. Auracxe

    It does