MF Doom - That's That Lyrics

Already woke, spared a joke, barely spoke, rarely smoke
Stared at folks when properly provoked, mirror broke
Here, share strawberry morinin, gone an more important spawnin
Torn in, poor men sworn in
Cornish hens switchin positions, auditionin' mortitions
saw it in a vision, ignorin prison
Ignoramuses enlist and sound dumb
Found em drowned in cows dung, crowds flung
Rings a tinkerbell, sing for things that's frail as a fingernail
Bring a scale, stale ginger lingers
Seven figures invigor
Nigga, fresh from out the jail, alpha male
Sickest ninja injury this century, enter plea
Lend sympathy to limper Simple Simon rhyming emcees
Trees is free, please leave a key
These meager fleas, he's the breeze
And she's the bees knees for sheez
G's of G's
Seize property, shopper sprees, chop the cheese
Drop the bris to stop diseases, gee wiz pa!
DOOM rock grandma like the kumbaya!
Mama was a hole hoppa, papa was a rolling stone
Star like Obama, pull a card like oh drama!
Civil liberties
These little titties abilities riddle me, middle C
Give a MC a rectal hysterectomy
Electron removal of the bowls, foul technically
Don't expect to see the recipe
Until we receive the check as well as the collection fee
More wreck than section Z
What you expect to get for free? Shit from me, history
The key, plucked it off mayor
Chucked it in the ol tar pit off La Brea, player
They say he's gone too far
DOOM'll catch em after Jumar on cue lacka!!
Do what'cha gotta do, grarrrr
The rumours are not true, got two ma
No prob, got the job, hot barred heart throb
Scotch Guard the bar the with cotton swabs, dart lob
Bake a cake, sweet
Jamaica trade in treats on the beach make a skeet til her feets meet

Can it be I stayed away too long?
Did you miss these rhymes when I was gone?
As you listen to these crazy tracks
Check them stats then you know where I'm at
And that's that

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MF Doom That's That Comments
  1. Anshuman Tripathi

    best way to start a rap ... oh my god ! grammar god

  2. bobolinkr

    DOOM rock "grandma" 😂😂😂😂

    I don't think so dude, but nice try ☝️😭👌

  3. You’re A Botski Kid

    Two words: Holy. Shit.

  4. Tristan Farris

    RIP big pun

  5. Monsta Andy

    i think he is rhyming here rings a Tinkerbell with
    sing for things that frail
    so may be you need colour for a,for ,that.

  6. weirdnewfie jr

    Why has this been hidden from me for so long

  7. Leroy TDF

    Bake a cake, sweet :)

  8. PixxeL_Music

    Wft genius

  9. Mr. Bruhmoment

    My head exploded. This is too crazy

  10. strangegyoshi

    DOOM, The CEO of Words

  11. Spellbound46and2

    Voice of an angel

  12. Yagn Adusumilli

    Absolute GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. TadBlue_Sketches

    I’m so baked it sounds like he’s talking backwards

  14. OG All

    Please share some of your rhymes to those Mumble rappers


    The nigga at the end was singing and shit doom is a fucking clown his voice is so iconic tbh

  16. Football Stat’66

    It’s ‘DOOM rock grammar like the kumbaya’ not grandma lol

  17. Erick Quintero

    Sooo nasty!! I almost cried no joke, and I didn't even understand most of the lyrics :')

  18. Rallbot Ø

    Really highlights the lyrical genius. This is still the only song if his I've listened to.

  19. TheFamousMockingbird

    Make her skeet till her feets meet

  20. Raheem Williams

    Grand puba

  21. akshay bhandari

    How rappers claim to be the GOD,didn't they listen to this?

  22. ScrubDusters

    Plucked it off the Mayor, Chucked it in the ol tar pit off La Brea, player.
    DOOM 2 Nice with it

  23. Rahul Damala

    Mind = Blown

  24. bd bd

    Not one of these bars make sense to me but that’s probably why he’s the goat..

  25. It is what it is


  26. Alex Carter

    And I can still see rhymes you missed. That's ill

  27. StefanSW

    Meh, he just put together some fancy words not even rhyming and he is a genius for that?! LOL
    but i respect him.

    Deffientlly not Jalen Butler

    How is this not rhyming hes a genius f ou r being able to string together crazy rhymes like this coherently

  28. Dylan

    Doom sounds like he's always out of breath, but he just keeps going.

  29. Louis Low

    So stoked, almost forget to hit the like button!

  30. Kiran S K

    This makes Tupac look like kid

    Mr Makaveli

    Rap is not all about stupit rhymes. He didn't give the 1% of Tupac's messege here. Don't compare a "rhymer" to a POET like Pac

    Deffientlly not Jalen Butler

    @Mr Makaveli h ou w are these rhymes stupid you pac stans need to grow up

  31. Kid Nesta

    I’m gonna be honest most of his lines goes right over my head 😭 That’s how much of a god he is

  32. juanito

    shit looks like code. can't get away from college god dammit

  33. srajan kaparwan

    gucci gang rhymes with gucci gang

  34. Mass Effect 4

    1:03 what video game is that sound effect from? $20 to whoever answers correctly

    TheOne Tom

    Death sound from twisted metal 4

    Mass Effect 4

    @TheOne Tom correct, also goldeneye 64

  35. Denver Louis

    This guy🥴

  36. Alexander Mangaard

    "Middle C" sample of explosion from Looney Tunes watch?v=h1rXcm2mbKI
    Song is called "That's That" ... likely a reference to the "That's All Folks!" shouted at the end of cartoons.

  37. Syed Isamuddin

    I showed this song to myself.

    I became confused.

  38. Syed Isamuddin

    You did a great job with highlighting the Rhymes!

  39. Syed Isamuddin

    Unfortunately he goes over my head too often and I can't have him in my top 100 list for that.

  40. mike w

    If all music was this good! World Peace...

  41. Diego Austin

    DOOMS singing voice is so beautiful😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Loris Majestic

    This Man Is A Amazing Rhymer

  43. Willie Thomas

    Doom said he gonna make her skeet till her feet’s meet!!!!😂😂😂😂

  44. vitor leone

    Doom rock Grammar* like the Kumbaya

  45. o k

    How to rap like MF DOOM.
    Look through the dictionary for the most random, long words to flex your mental capacity.

    Use 1 syllable words in between bars to flex that ''cat hat mat'' steez.
    Then hit them with the old ''Mugwort'' or ''Pinidae'' to shake things up.
    Once you have written your Better Homes and Gardens rap, proceed to spit it off beat as fuck.
    Now you're one of the edgiest rappers in town !
    Go gather your fan-base of 18 year old white kids who think being purposely bad at rapping is intellectual !

    Syed Isamuddin

    Harry Wormwood no.

    It's just going over your head.

    Me too though so it's aight.

    Syed Isamuddin

    Harry Wormwood I'd say his flow is smooth tho ngl.

    Some of the lyrics I understand but nah not all of it. I can't keep track of the multisyllables and the meaning at the same time.
    Too bad it's not G Rap

    o k

    @Syed Isamuddin The guy doesn't have a flow, he purposely raps off-beat because he wants to be Kool Keith. The guy is ass to listen to imo. He raps about miscellaneous objects and rare plant species, his album is just a better homes and garden mag. Each there own I'm just memeing brosef.

    ezrek 4you

    Syed Isamuddin I’ll have to respectfully disagree here, I think his rhymes are pretty creative and are kinda amazing on how many powerful rhymes he can fit. But that’s just mr

  46. Eddie

    Me: English is not my main language, but I still comprehend it rather well.
    MF doom: hold my shit a sec

  47. Johann Beatrice

    Chocked it off the old tar pit in La Brea. I live in Trinidad where that pitch lake is. Sick to hear him reference it.

  48. Norsk Hip hop

    he likes tongue twisters, no doubt.

  49. Gavin Smith

    This sound like gibberish from Alice In Wonderland to me, because my brain refuses to admit that the english language can rhyme this consistently, and thus arrives at the conclusion that the words must be fake. Praise worthy as the lyrics may be, DOOM should not try to sing at the end. Glory to Latveria.

  50. scumbag supreme

    “Sickest ninja injury this century, enter plea lend sympathy to simple Simon rhyming emcees” God daaaaamn‼️

  51. Zackary Rogers

    I wish he still made music

  52. Lars Lauvålien

    this is so genius, it allmost brings a tear to my eye

  53. illiterate thug

    Where do you want the statue mate?

  54. Pablo Enrique Rodríguez Rivera

    Did he miss some rhymes to highlight?

  55. Mellow Texan

    Hardest guy to ever grab a mic. 35 yr old white guy approved

  56. Pablo Enrique Rodríguez Rivera

    Who made this beat?

    Pancakes__ _

    Pablo Enrique Rodríguez Rivera the villain himself

    Syed Isamuddin

    Pancakes__ _ the villain is MC Ren.

    Don't get it twisted.

  57. perc nowitzki

    i have no idea what's going on but i love the song anyways

  58. Underivable

    This weed and nba2k are the best combination

  59. Aeromatic


  60. Archle

    I love when he rhymes vigor with nigga. The word vigor would normally call for a hard R, but he maintains the flow by not causing a big jump from hearing that word with a hard R.
    Thoughtful and masterful

  61. Jiminy Lummox

    The explosion scream sound is sampled from the game Doom when the player dies.

    illiterate thug

    Dunno if you know, but the explosion sound is because 'middle C' on a keyboard is C4 :D

    DOOM is a fucking genius

  62. Anshuman Tripathi

    oh my god . why am i finding this now ?!

  63. Zibraan Sayyed

    Reminds me of biggie smalls!

    Syed Isamuddin

    Zibraan Sayyed no...

    It's easy to understand Biggies Bars. MF DOOM goes over everyone's head.

  64. Mr. Bigglesworth

    This isnt a song you listen to, this is a song you fuckin feel 👍

  65. Enutrof Salta

    Lol I'm so done, you can be more expert than this

  66. Alfonso Castelló

    Never get tired of this, my absolute favorite DOOM track

  67. Isai

    I didn’t understand anything he was talking about.

    Pancakes__ _

    Isai go to and search this song and you will find your answers

  68. Steve Blechman


  69. Heather. Duke

    I learnd all this im dead

  70. I Need to go home

    It’s almost as if he’s using every rhyme that makes sense

  71. Swrvv

    Let me be honest, guys. Everyone's saying that this guy is the best all around rapper, and I agree to some extent, for his rhymes are out of this world. But I don't get/ didn't hear a single punchline from this entire song. It just sounds like those rappers who rhyme a bunch but don't actually say anything...

    Maybe I'm just not *intellectual* enough to understand the things he's saying... But for now, all I hear is a solid flow with even more solid rhymes. I really just don't understand what the fuck he's talking about in any of his bars guys.

    Pancakes__ _

    Swrvv if u go to and search up this song it explains every bar the villain is not human


    @Pancakes__ _ ok

  72. Lee Harvey

    One of the cleverest rhymes schemes I've heard 🔥

  73. John Smith

    You missed a few rhymes in there but this is brilliant

  74. The Author of Pain

    Damn this Legend 🙌

  75. Kunta Houen

    Is this what it sounds like when you study the dictionary?

  76. yashoo 76

    Best rap song ever made in my opinion.

  77. Zner G.


  78. Devin White

    Listen on 0.75 speed

  79. Jospeh Stalin

    Man.. This is timeless

  80. Bill Coxon

    None of his fuckin lyrics mean shit, he just says shit that happens to rhyme, wtf is a dart lob

    Olympian Genesis

    Can you tell me which lines you didn't understand? Maybe I can help you

    Bill Coxon

    @Olympian Genesis "sickest ninja injury this century, enter plea" like thats just said with no context its hard to glean anything from it without kind of projecting it yourself

    Olympian Genesis

    It simply means that doom has delivered the biggest/best cut or damage to his opponent in this century

    Enter plea means that since doom has damaged them, he dares them to respond
    His opponents mainly are other rappers

  81. Saladin Daoud

    Anyone can rhyme every word in a song

    Olympian Genesis

    Can you tell me which lines you didn't understand? Maybe I can help you

    Pancakes__ _

    Saladin Daoud first of all you try and make a song that rhymes every word it could be gibberish and it would still be incredibly hard and he does it and it make sense if u don’t believe go to and search this song up

  82. Atticus

    not even a lyricist. the absolute god of language.

    Gabriel Gonzalez

    Hell yeah hes the best rapper to ever do it tbh

  83. The No Win Scenario

    F👍🏻CK!! That "middle C" and Section Z references just mashed my brain! Pure linguistic art on display!!

  84. Nathaniel Liddy

    Every day, I listen to 10 seconds of a mf doom song. Over and over. And I still miss half of the hidden meanings. He's a fucking genius.

  85. Smoke YaSs

    sickest ninja injury but not just in THIS century

  86. Giorgi Khelashvili


  87. Bob Saget

    saw and au was a rhyme

  88. S Emi

    The rhyming patterns were not done perfectly but must have taken a lot of time and effort! Readlly good job, spent more time reading lyrics than listening tbh, MF such a genuis.

  89. Dror Frid

    Who's simon? 0:36

    clippers_sm 1

    Dror Frid my ass

  90. Schlomo Goldberg

    as dope as usual

  91. da zurp


  92. Atomic Baph0met

    He's no MR Bond...but he IS a supervillain.

  93. Troll of 229: Ant the variable

    DOOM has the actual sauce. I have high respect for his work. Like you would a yo yo ma. "The Black Mic isba red Violin" yea yea

  94. Zsnamy Shah

    You missed out the STRAW in strawberry tho

  95. Ross Gardner

    That is fucking insane.

  96. genjink

    That third and fourth line tho!!!! Wtf Doom a legend