MF Doom - Thank Yah Lyrics


(Thank you) Thank ya...

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MF Doom Thank Yah Comments
  1. Soham Sali

    DOOM the absolute GOAT

  2. Mel Catalyst

    Only instrumental that made me chuckle

  3. Larry Quick

    Finally long version of (thank ya). Love it.

  4. Nez Nesmith

    this was my ringtone for years!! All Praises To The Most High!!!

    China Moon

    Where can I find this ringtone, please?

    China Moon

    Where can I find this ringtone, please?

  5. jj roman

    Taaank Ya ! Lol

  6. kuntknuckles

    Dis one is my most fav special herb... OOOOHHH PORCUPINE!! 🦔

  7. medlenno

    ფუ ეს გასიებული

  8. QueenBoi 601


  9. ultra inferno

    Damn, felt like I went to church

  10. MeteoBlitz

    pepe le piou in the cut, saying oh la la
    "je suis offusque, suis-je un chien ou un chat?"
    murder verbally, gee don't get your tight pants in a bunch
    i mean hypothetically, i could take your girl out to lunch
    faux pas on the beat, that's a thousand thoughts a minute
    sting the police with kindness, and that's it, innit

  11. MeteoBlitz

    coca leaf to thank the heavens, still consider me a heathen
    just a bit of apple pie and chardonnay, no tv though
    the bitties feel, not feel like a heartbreak supreme, oh lordy
    it's like, do i really want gonorrhea for a bit of dough?
    humerus, quite humorous

  12. Isaiah French

    TIGAH!! oooh PORCUPINE!!

  13. thatonedrewguy

    Came here from Salty Bet, how bout you?

    Weaponized KALE

    Love listening to doom my dad met him before he was doom.

    Marv Aff

    @Weaponized KALE that's dope!

  14. Akaimayn

    Sample :

    "One More Chance" (Featuring First Lady Subrenia McDaniel)
    Bishop Eric McDaniel & TLC Cathedral Choir & First Lady Subrenia McDaniel

    Album : We Are Healed (Live In New York)

    Fat Juan

    On point statement thank yah💯

    Ken D.

    Thank you

    Marv Aff


  15. joe carter

    Awesome!The Hip-hop mad scientists a genius at work.

  16. defreg1

    Thank yah ,, halleluyah

  17. LostSoul

    It sounds like she's saying "HIGHER"

  18. Swallow_Skyla

    tank ya...tank ya...TIGAH !! ....TIGAH....TIGAH...TIGAH !! Tigah.
    Sagat: No, it's "tigerrrrrrrrrr" *shoots fireball*


    @Swallow_Skyla DAMNIT NOW I CAN'T UN-HEAR IT!!


    +Swallow_Skyla it was what I first heard

  19. Mugen123456789

    i first heard "FIYAH!! (fuck you) Fiiiiyah (fuck you!) FIYAH (fuck you) FIIIIYAH)

    El Maestro

    Mugen123456789 LMFAO!

  20. Atari火

    Thank Yah.....Savior 

  21. Elohist

    \Thank yah

  22. mrworldwide8

    Whoa….. Thank ya😁

  23. Pookie Power

    Is he screaming "PORCUPINE!" or "YOU'RE TOO KIND!"? I hope it's the second.


    I hope it's the first. It isn't, but that's what I want it to be so that's what I'm always going to hear

  24. J R

    when he speeds the mpc drums like they do in church I can't help but to chuckle… this is a really dope track, orris root is probably my favorite tho 

    Jermaine Harris

    lol yup

  25. Blk Lion

    I Thank him for saving hip hop , I was almost done with it.


    :-) :-) :-) :-)!

  26. 500 Subscribers Challenge! Without any videos.

    Always thought they said behind you! pretty scary lol

  27. SpecialHerbsOg

    This is a sick ass outro its a big thanks for all of us listening to his dope album yee. Lol!

  28. Swift Artist


  29. SmokeyMc weed

    All I hear is: "TANG!"

  30. MrSuperjam789

    2:23 is when DOOM was listening to the sample and was like "Fuck, I found my loop" and started programming it in immediately.

  31. Koenma

    my new fav doom beat

  32. Kujorapps

    Thank Yah

  33. hiphopdunnypw

    Thank u doom, for takin it here.... u got to be one of the realest when it comes down to beat makin.... flawless

  34. Mugen123456789

    Fire (fuck you) Fire (fuck you) Fire (fuck you) Fire (fuck you)

  35. D Chaps

    Thank yah

  36. FatToti

    That's actually decent.

  37. B. Blair

    Let the Church say "YEAH!!!!!"

  38. 503305 Podcast

    no it wouldnt...

  39. D Chaps

    Master of the thesis disaster he releases the main factor is the game master is like jesus
    not really but some what comparable when he assigns the rhymes my mind is like a variable hysterical the way i drop synopsis you couldent even stop this if i was diggin in your pockets true prophet poisonous and toxic dont try and mock it or get a sock shoved down ur socket i got it locked kid down to combination im like a monster waiting to stomp your face in givin satan compensation

  40. Bobby Seale

    Funny, I was saying the same thing.... Praise YAH!!

  41. TheMunroe10

    The greatest beat of all time

    Young Basic*

    Not far !

  42. FUZATl

    Sample = Eric McDaniel - One More Chance.


  43. JustGetBlazed

    all praises goes to the Most High YAHuah (the hebrew name of the Creator)

  44. jer3l

    doom took us to CHUUCH!

  45. bml310

    "COULDA BEEN A JUNKaY!!!" LOL I love how he starts the beat with that excerpt Haha good shit

  46. Sagay56


  47. ElohimIsYahweh

    @JustGod7 lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. D Chaps

    Got this style locked like aerial surveillance im preparing some assailants to mail jim carry some Inhalants, only nessescary for his ailments Yes i geuss its scary but hes on a quest to carry out various prevailments

  49. mrworldwide8

    btw...thank ya!

  50. chiborn16

    sound like they sayin ridunkulis

  51. MeOhYesMe

    That was awful. Get on with it.

  52. Joe Eason

    I like the part where they say "THANK YA"

  53. J. Johari Palacio


  54. Xavier Scott Preston

    samplin dat church beat

  55. Diggy22

    It's weird not hearing Doom rap over this beat. Damn, I may as well freestyle over this joint, it's that hardcore.

  56. tOpIk627

    @ClassicGameMaster Yo! that's dope better than the cooperate-sponserd RAP, thats clogging up the radio waves with nonscence. are you MF DOOM?!

  57. GrafPsychofarmaca

    Oh boy he must have had a good laugh while cuttin this....

  58. tOpIk627

    this is brilliant! provin' sampling is an art form.

  59. Cortlin Jackon

    one word for me, one word for him, if you steal his words thats a sin, get your own pen. Ink isn't god, think bigger and let the beat ride in awe. Drink liqour and let your body become raw, smoke sticky let your mouth speak pra-phacy, my name is he who won't be explained, his name is he who won't be ordained. To tame the beast lame, to ride the beast is the game.

  60. D Chaps

    @topik627 Wowin the community like jesus resurrected, vowing my unity but what he just said 's neglected , emcees cheezy like the last skeezy prez elected, leave you breathing wheezy till you need your meds injected, your chillin in a hospital match this spillin is impossible , straight killin like a villain yes im feeling quite unstoppable, hop any obstacle considered logically improbable astrological energy makes up my biological

  61. tOpIk627

    @ClassicGameMaster DOPE! a well thought out...RAP line, you're SUPER DOPE very talented !

  62. D Chaps

    Satanic Doctrine underlines humanity , they panic often but wonder why insanity seems to be persistent, Whats the meaning of existence my words travel from heaven intervening on the distance, I be the savior giving the gospel retribution, crowds shed tears due to an apostles execution, hostile revolution is the next solution, Adam and Eve Producing a twisted generation, spoken through the prophets predicted in revelations

  63. Tyshon Jones

    remember when church used to be like this? Those were the good ol days

  64. jrag1000

    haaaaaa... only DOOM could rock a church... heh

    Only preacher i'd wanta hear a sermon from... lol

  65. beantownn54

    @AlexWalexRalex You arent good.. Thumbs down too you.

  66. NessDendle

    @69thcomment agreed.

  67. NessDendle

    @MFcordero That was tight. Nuff said.

  68. sotocapo

    *stands up and praises THE ALMIGHTY*

  69. MeOhYesMe

    Fuck off. You ain't never gonna' get a deal. Just keep this for yourself, and if it's gonna' happen, thank the Lord.

  70. maztakeef420

    hahaaaaa lemme thank ya, puttin the brains of haters all on blank paper, draw a picture, solve a mystery, all these little thieves, must be drunk on listerine, im somethin that hits quick like reality in a kids dream, mickey mouse scenes painted by walt disney, erased from memory all too quickly.. fallen envies, lost but they keep on goin steady, searchin for a remedy... OR an ending.. but the stories told by the boring old unimportant souls, tell me they were never sure of the road...

  71. SBV123

    Haha, sounds like "Thank yah (Opium!)".

  72. 5Kpro


  73. soundwave0138

    I didn't know what this was saying until I heard the sample source. I just used to say gibberish when I would listen. I would be interested to see if anyone would try to tackle rhyming over this.

  74. 5Kpro

    this is the first ive ever heard a gospel song sampled into an mf doom beat

  75. THE actual TANIS

    all i wana do is download this beat somebody help me!!

  76. damyne77

    doom is sneeakyyy

  77. memphistigers777

    i always thought she was sayin Savior...

  78. Kuaqs30

    Actually the sample is "One More Chance" by Eric McDaniels

  79. Greg D.

    same here, this actually makes me wanna steal some of my mom's gospel cassettes and make some beats. haha

  80. KalphiteGenius

    @JustGod7 lol yeah i can just picture that

  81. wiseblast

    that is hard! good sir would you mind if i use that line?

  82. Ahki eL

    i get a kick out of this each n every time i hear it! its like..OK LADY! UR WELCOME ALREADY! lol..Doom is crazy!.

  83. Temisan Adoki

    One of MF doom's best beats period!

  84. The traveler

    lol at justgod.. preach! haha

  85. ECGTheConduit

    go type "ecg - bullshit and fairy tales" if you like this kind of underground shit

  86. Just JuanGoodCitizen

    this is enough to make jesus come down off the cross on sunday grab the mic and start rippin!

  87. Jnewman2021

    haha this beat is so ill

  88. VideoSensei

    yeah right

  89. GantzIsSloppy

    Wow I'm just noticing that there is a bassline on this song. That sounds clean!!

  90. Robinson R

    I'm not just talking about the things that are tangible. I beleave in god but I also beleave in questioning and understanding the world we live in phisical and spiritual sense. I just dont like poeple who ignore there reasoning in order to blindly fallow their faith.

  91. Robert R

    when I was 12, I went to hell for snuffin Jesus

  92. Robinson R

    Yes blindly fallow your faith. If your lucky it will lead you out of the murky tunnel that is life. I however see the world as it is. I dont dispute the existance of god. I just dispute the the beliefs of man. I look and feel around and what I see hear and feel is what I beleave. Nothing more nothing less.

  93. 503305 Podcast

    you need to watch it the religious part is basically just like religion all hearsay but the part about the gov. is the truth so if i were you i would go back and check your ego and your religion at the door.

  94. 503305 Podcast

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. 503305 Podcast

    shut up with that shit it has no place anywhere.

  96. epshot

    I'd write how sasquatch comes to visit my at my cottage, which is located on the island of the lost city of atlantis where we drink tea with Atlas. Unfortunately for him he's holding the weight of the world... which is getting heavier by the day with all the fast food us fat ass americans keep eating.

  97. epshot

    the blackman is god allah and i think i see jesus' face in my alphabet soup. pretty sure zeus the god of lightning is living in my attic dropping bolts of electricity through the ceiling at the ghosts that shake my bed at night. but that's not the real problem. the real problem are the alien UFO's that keep abducting my sister. She had a virgin birth a couple years ago while living in a big fish that swallowed her for 3 days and spat her back out. I should write the next bible.

  98. jrag1000

    what does that mean?

  99. Shawn Barbour

    fuck yes!

  100. Just JuanGoodCitizen

    i dont believe mufuckas is on here preaching and quoting religious shit just cause mf doom sampled a gospel song!!!! im going to end it right here, THE BLACKMAN IS GOD ALLAH!!!!!!