MF Doom - Still Dope Lyrics

I'm still dope even if the bag ain't Coach
Even if I don't smoke till the hydro roach
I'm still dope, rock a thrift store coat
And a fresh pair of moccasins
Comfortable for walkin' in
No A&R marketin'
This is my reality
Still dope, power walk, burning off the calories
Fact and not fallacy, Metal Face family
Imminent fatality, taking us too casually, I
Got it, it's cool, just
Part of the school, and I'm
Acing the lesson, it's time, so quit stressin'

Still dope, vibrant, natural game:
No ring, no chain, still bringin' the pain

Still dope, got no choice but to cope
Listen, take notes, I'm showin' you the ropes

Still dope...very high dosage
My approach is: lights out, "Buenos noches."

Hold my glasses so I can get Riddick
Send 'em home tail tucked, holdin' they fitteds
Cold as a Guinness-"One pint miss!"
Yo Chill, watch the table a fish might flip!
Crack jokes spit
Pop mad shit
That's what it's made for, cop that quick
"Drop that, vic!" Butterfingers, oopsie
Signed away your publishing for Jordans and a loosie?
The old one-two, see; solo not groupie
All over they ass like sweats by Juicy
Cats is puss like Sagwa and Morris
Stay spittin' lines, there is no chorus
Deploying the troublesome, sleep in bubblegum:
That's a double dumb, hum if you feel where I'm comin' from
Do it till ya lips are numb, you gotta go for it
I stay moving forward; I'm baby bear porridge

Knick-nack paddywack, fuck ya'll critics
This dime on the grind when it come to the spinach
Conquered the Id, Vicious like Sid flow
Not a nympho, IMpress Official!
She rock mikes; you wait to exhale
She rock shows like DMC rock Cazals
She rock shells, manicured nails
Rock for every belle with a spliff to inhale
Holdin' she own cone of homegrown shrubbery
Won't go hungry: the flow too lovely!
Leavin' grills dented on a SUV rented
Classic as vintage Impalas that's all tinted
Raw bidness: like how them wifeys get hitted
Authentic, the track is so love, I'm all in it
Aww quit it, of course I'm inclined to shine, did-ick
Line for line wit it, climbin' infinite

¿Tu no sabe? Yo soy una bien mala madre
Confident aren't we? Playin' it smartly
Word to Dios, Estrella is lethal
Flow muy frio, roll the dice chico
Live crazy decent insanely frequent
Strangely sleep wit' one eye open not jokin', outspoken
Provokin' and chokin', ego strokin' is lame
Word bonder than James, four alarm wit' the flame
Way ahead of the game, still playing the same
Royalty in my veins, it'll always remain
Forever doin' my thing, solo or crew I can hang
Like ylang and ylang, bring the Yin to the Yang
They got placenta for brains, testing my venomous slang
Fools get fitted for bangs and rented for change
Some people think I'm deranged, others a little bit strange
Just trying to rattle my cage, cause I'm way outta they range

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MF Doom Still Dope Comments
  1. Josef Alkozaiy

    still dope!!! 9/3/2019!!!

  2. fruckyoutube

    Sample: Arthur Verocai - Seriado

  3. MrKikoFisto

    This should have been in a tony hawk game.

  4. Jesus Walks

    this sounds like hooptie lol

  5. Naveyah Vernal

    I cringed so hard when she tried to speak Spanish.

  6. Jennie RedRose

    10th year anniversary!!! 😹❤️💚💛💜💙🔥🔥🔥

  7. elusiveErmine

    2019 and it's still dope

  8. Ryan Cheverie

    Now compare this to Nickie or cardie B you cant it's a shame they made it out the ghetto and this chick didnt rather hear this then what yall chicken heads listen too

  9. Mat 444

    Got this tune on repeat! Still dope got no choice but to cope

  10. abyssal

    Still dope til now. Almost 2019 ;)


    This bitch is crazy

  11. zJazz

    this sample is so madd. for you who don't know about it, do ur googles trust me it's worth it



  13. wissen

    Doom really recognizes talent for giving Empress Stahrr this dope spotlight of a banger

  14. Takehiro Taniguchi

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure except instead of stone masks that turn you into vampires they turn you into fire MC's.

  15. Spiked Mace Entertainment

    That was fucking awesome

  16. robotsweat

    Man i always hate when this song comes on, from Cellz to this, such a jangle on the ears

  17. Federico Spada

    Verocai whatup

  18. gone for now

    this whole track is fire.

    Mat 444

    I love this song the lyrics are amazing! Haha yeah it is like fire! It inspires me

  19. FatherElectric

    This needs about 1milliion views!

  20. Calvin Coleman

    Who the hell disliked


    Nigga who aint dope no more

  21. Cragmortis


  22. Herbert Young

    Shit smooth.. my jam

  23. TheSnoozeFox

    Easily my fave on the album

  24. Dominique Williams

    I swear doom wrote this

    Dominique Williams

    IMA check her out


    @Dominique Williams
    If you like hardcore beats and rhymes hip hop you won't be disappointed.

    Supreme Buffalo

    Is she not Angelika? From Guinesses? I think I've been incorrectly assuming it was her since this came out.


    @Supreme Buffalo I thought so too?

    Christopher Andersen

    @Supreme Buffalo and shes on the Viktor Vaugh album.

  25. Jonas Polsky

    Not a nympho
    Empress Official

  26. thirdshift47

    ATL hip hop is still dope.

    Word up!

    Saje'- Antoine Rose

    +thirdshift47 i do follow the Atlanta hip hop scene. the only shit out in Atlanta rn is trap music. Thats why i said the Atlanta music scene is not dope


    @Saje'- Antoine Rose
    You obviously don't follow shit but what's on corporate radio,homey.
    So take your L back to Toronto.

    Saje'- Antoine Rose

    +thirdshift47 i don't listen to the radio sus boy but tbh idc ab Atlanta its sus there


    +Saje'- Antoine Rose
    I didn't say what you listen to;I said what you follow.And you clearly follow nothing outside the corporate media in the US.
    You have no firsthand knowledge of the A so your opinion is moot.
    Simple as that.

    Saje'- Antoine Rose

    @thirdshift47 no

  27. doomfan12345

    Give me the instrumental for when the beat changes, I mean that shit splits harder than a motherfucker!


    Update - It's "Passion Flower" off _Special Herbs_

    Saul Field

    Original sample for both parts is "Seriado" by Arthur Verocai.

  28. Caleb

    The instrumental to this by Doom, "Passion Flower," is a lot better left alone in my opinion. That breakdown is amazing.

    Brad B

    These lyrics are dope as fuck, just so you know.


    @Caleb still dope, tho

  29. MordecaiKart64

    She goes so hard on this track

    Confirmed Sociopath

    That last verse is pure fire. Her flow is insane.

    Cornell Anderson

    +Confirmed Sociopath Yeah the flow, delivery and punchlines oh my goodness.


    Dokm wrote it

  30. FDLR01

    still dope


    Still dope

  31. Anthony Sellers

    Listen to still dope by hdxmulla, some production was inspired from this song

  32. Ean Kerby

    right now the main stream rap game is only talking about like money and cars and shit oh ya bitches too.. but thats just how i feel so dont take it the wrong way or anything...

  33. Sean Dafny

    this is a great song but what exactly is she saying thats so much better than what "mainstream" people say? Help me understand

    MuteTeam Forever36

    Sean Dafny dumbass

  34. patton303

    Love this.. old school...

  35. Chris C

    This is one of my favorite tracks off this album, but this is by far not the best DOOM album or collaboration.

  36. futhegod

    This album wasn't too good altogether.
    But no one said ALL underground is amazing.
    There's a lot of doo doo tracks


    futhegod I can listen to every song on this album besides Tony Stark’s Angels dude just didn’t have a good flow in my opinion

  37. mypersonalpllist#tmp

    What?? Shut the fuck up rai rai

  38. NetxEnigma

    ...This Is my Reality!!!!

  39. jabb11

    Antoinette has flow for days!!!

  40. NoWifi

    this is my shit !

  41. Crucial Bunny

    signed away ya publishin for jordans and a loosey?

  42. NetxEnigma

    Yeah, Thats What I'm Talkin Bout.....

  43. SuburbanoidMisfit111

    Cats is puss like Sagwa. Oh my god, dope.

  44. Kongsmo

    i m the 200th liker

  45. Weltall

    I dont know who she is but she fucking ripped

  46. Jonas Polsky


  47. Kongsmo


  48. MichaelSwg

    i love this, tbh i think she tears it up, she rides the beat hard

  49. mradamcooley

    hate this song. which sucks cuz the rest of the album is 10/10.

  50. Pouch of Ouch

    yeah he does, new album coming in august i think

  51. Murdoc Sicàrio

    so mf doom procuded thijs? does he still rap?

  52. Chimpfinga

    stahrr kills it !!!! best female mc out there!!!

  53. chrizles


  54. eblancor

    In addition to her lackluster lyrics, she has a terrible-sounding voice, just like some of the earlier comments point out.


    eblancor At this point I think you have a personal problem with her. She flows flawlessly on the song especially in the second verse

  55. eblancor

    I like MF DOOM a lot. That's why I checked out this video. I like underground rappers such as Del the Funky Homosapien, Slug, Aceyalone, name a few.

    But this chick didn't impress me at all. She lacks originality. That line about her "word being bonder than James" Canibus said that in '97, as well as a few other rappers whose names I don't recall. She's wack, sorry. Just not to my liking. But DOOM is still dope

  56. Mad Deals

    Title says it all.

  57. Collin Willis

    This is my sister (by blood same mom and dad) and she is dope.

  58. eblancor

    Damn, she is wack. Why would Doom work with her and give her an entire track on HIS album?

  59. stahhr

    yup.. thats me

    Donovan Henderson

    stahhr Do you think you could beat Remy Ma?


    Only discovered you last week , where you been all my life , much love from ireland


    bruhhh...can't wait to see you tonight lol~

  60. MaddMan621

    DOOM KILLED this track.

  61. Le Ciudad

    "Im still dope, rockin thrift store coat and a fresh pair of moccasins, comfotable for walkin in!"
    Now thats dope

  62. B0ker


  63. snipersLock

    @stegz an illusion for the masses

  64. TheCookieCrusader

    whers doom come in

  65. c2daj2dat

    THASS THE CHICK FROM GUINNESS from MMM,,FOOD?...LOL THERE!! she just said guinness again @ 0:46 just as i was typing this!!

  66. samurai Briggs

    @gw07 whos that?

  67. angelique shaw

    @stnd456 nicki minaj

  68. angelique shaw

    waaayyy more bars then nikki

  69. zenapena12

    whats the album?

  70. musiclover01ization

    @samfrompasingtime are you even listening to the lyrics?

  71. samfrompassingtime

    Her voice sucks ass

  72. Joe Stamile

    tu no sabe?

  73. LION Cardenas


  74. BokMah78

    @adrock4 I'd say the same about her on the track, "Guinneses" on DOOM's album, "MM... FOOD!" (the credits say Angelika, But If you listen it's Starhh) I think he made those beats just for her. & that's why no one else can rock those particular tracks so well.

  75. NetxEnigma

    Yeah buddy!!
    Dis is da Shytt! Lovin it, EMPRESS Keep it coming!
    I got chu on my twitttterrr!!


  76. alex morales

    @gogan everyone sleeps on doom, you only find treasures like this when u search for it... everyone else gets spoon-fed commercial shit

  77. 850iStyle

    shes pretty nice, still wish Doom hadda rapped over this tho

  78. PickleJuiceAsh

    wats the name of this beat ?

  79. MRBURNSakaEarlHazard

    I can go all day.... Nikki Minaj who???

  80. cool videos

    Man, Empress Starhh makes this beat HERS. Seriously. I think she runs with this beat better than DOOM could. On THIS track, at least.

  81. gogan

    how is this slept on?

  82. Namriu94

    empress starhh u got some dope stuff goin on , idk thought u should know that :)

  83. AR15SHOTS2U

    so relaxin' so dope, sooo hip hop! I mean that...

  84. donwill70301

    Good ear for that break id kid