MF Doom - Rhymin Slang Lyrics

[MF Doom:]
Coppin' pains at night
I'd be better off going bar hoppin'
Waitin' to fight, right?
Nobody want to get tapped by the gauntlet
If you got it flaunt it, they say rap is haunted
By the livin' dead, rip 'em to shreds
Give 'em the bread while sippin' the red, bled
Chip in the the head, MCs is bought and sold
Their rhymes ain't worth the weight it cost to gold hold
It's like a thin chain from here to Brisbane
Y'all shall not print his name in vain
Rep the insane, gotta do it
Snottily putrid, true grit
Came to spew spit like bodily fluid with mucus
Crews is useless, act like you knew it
Either that or get cold smacked like bluer Chewit
Rules is rules, backed right into it
Ghouls is fools that's too cracked for school
Prove it

All the way, the UK to BK
Hear the echo of the bang and the cockney rhymin' slang
Hurricane rippin' through your terrain
Hear the echo of the bang and the cockney rhymin' slang

No guts no glory, what's your story?
Bore me poorly, saucy oftenly enough for coffee
Rarely scarcely scary glaring stare, let's be very clear
MCs is derriere, as well as aware, warily
Just don't be nearly near you hear me? (Yeah!)
Slow flow speed beats see what's on his feets
From your nosebleed seats
DOOMington son, once all the shrooming's done
Leaves the room with the groom's unassuming blooming nun
Lady friend
Sodor train, Israelite Berrykin
Hair radiant wavy, baby skin
He stay pimpin', rocky diamond ring
Uncle Joe's grandson, cockney rhymin' slang
(Crazy brin)
Flows is handsome, cockney rhymin' slang


(There go your anthem, cockney rhymin' slang)

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