MF Doom - Retarded Fren Lyrics

An honest day's work for an honest day's pay
Stay taking wages the anonymous way
Pay to the Amish selling
Promise me gold brawn, palm itch swelling
With no "tack", tho
Ipso facto
Wondering in pictures why his lips is so black, yo!
No question
An ounce of prevention
Is more than a pound of raw cure pure intention
No throwing stones at the homeless
Or else ye' yourself may end up with your dome blessed
Chrome dust, nano-sized particles
Stop telling codes through the YouTube, retarded fools!
Defeats the purpose
Greedily slurp up the surplus
And burnt puss
And so nervous, you can shirt must gush
Hush, hush. Trust
Villain til' the Earth crust bust
Self-defense, think he's not real
Up until you blink twice and feel the hot steel
Take it how you want it
Fake it or flaunt it
Need to put some brakes on it
Shake it, dog-gone it!
Dead drop
Leave it right there
Chop it off, heads bop
Breath it like the air
You hear?
Study the devil
Played the game and choose to deuce her on a bloody level
Who sent him?
Steady losing momentum
Ol' who'll eat a rapper one-a-day like Centrum
The mask is like a Gundam, dumb-dumb um
And don't matter where you come from, you bum!
What happens when the poles shift?
Won't matter for shit. Who you roll with?
Cold and stiff
Hold the if
If incase you need a facelift
Sold a gift
Rip it like space time foam, fold the rift
The sun still shines in the morning
He ain't promised you more, but it's definitely scorching
Like an iceball, off guard, soft, hard
Ask him do he give an F like report card
Out-spit em' like Jona
Add bonuses, intel suggests they had no cojoneses
On this microphone business, it's slaughter
That's on his 3 pre-mature daughters aortas
The thoughts was a quarters, halfs, wholes
A roll
And good times sold like good dimes
It's just begun to began to begin
To end, to start back again for smarter men and women

And their forgotten retarded Fren

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MF Doom Retarded Fren Comments
  1. NaturligFunktion

    What happens when the poles shift?
    Won’t matter for shit. Who you roll with?
    Cold and stiff
    Hold the if
    If incase you need a facelift
    Sold a gift
    Rip it like space time foam, fold the rift

    Honestly it's too good

  2. Saleem Frazer

    Instrumental reminds me of A Tribe Called Quest - Once Again with the glocken-like synth instrument melody. But everything else is on a whole other level.

  3. Morgan Kelly

    Damn he went hard🔥🔥🔥

  4. Ryan Smith

    Massively underrated album. Amazing shit.

  5. Everyone wears a mask


    Defeats the purpose.

  6. Scott Millett

    That Bobby hemmitt so lit much respect 👁👽



  8. John the crazy guy

    TOP 5 dead or alive DOOM is just incredable i cant believe he just spit this shit 6 years ago

  9. Carsten Kuehn

    This beat is mental

  10. GoodGambleFilms


  11. bobbobobboable

    What happends when the polars shift? wont matter for shit who you're rolling with.

  12. Yaad Rana

    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE POLES SHIFT?? wont matter who u rollin with?


    Yaad Rana He wasn’t askin a question. Was telling it

  13. Butt Socks

    "the mask is like a gun-dam, dum dum"

  14. Grub-Xer0

    The beat during the skit is retarded

  15. Somerandomguy

    ya see what I'm saying

  16. Travis Carty

    2017 doom - ''Inlakesh planetary kin , red overtone dragon make ya barethary spin'' so much knowledge in that ... please do your googles


    Travis Carty yeah

  17. Larry Brian

    Born a villain,

  18. dandeville81

    Who sent him?

  19. Allan Kent


  20. Strata Lounge

    Six fools...

  21. Viktor Vaughn

    Not one doom album I don't like.... This guys is the fucking goat fr

    Viktor Vaughn



    Joseph Woodruff no question

  22. shanetheclassic

    "And it don't matter where you come from ya bum
    What happens when the poles shift, won't matter for shit who you roll with, cold and stiff"

    fucking GENIUS


    hold the "if"

    Enrique Munoz Martinez

    hold the if...

  23. Andy Mejia

    Best beat on the album.

  24. Haunted Man Sun

    man there's no instrumental version of this?

    Ryan Byrd

    when you buy the album you get the instrumentals


    Lyrics are so dope. Fuck asking for an instrumental

  25. 94 Crates

    Woulda fit right in on the '96 Mobb Deep album

    Leethan Carroll

    94 Crates ehhhhhh not so much

  26. Jughand

    definitely swarming

  27. Jughand

    tuhblacko in my gold spliff

  28. Jughand

    look at the air, and say some letters ya pun

  29. Jughand

    pronto bitch

  30. x3i4n

    Music from the fucking future son

    Light Of God- CHRIST FAMILY

    x3i4n Sounds like a beat made in the year 3000 as a parody of oldschool hip hop to make it simple but instead the effects and and sample filters sound ahead of time😃 LOVE IT And this dude just spits the truth and wisdom he sound paranoid like he has a higher insight and he is on the run

  31. Lee Smoove

    "Honest days work for an honest days pay....
    Stay taking wages the anonymous way."

    Tshepo Molane

    +Lee Smoove one of the most impressive intros ever.

    Lee Smoove

    @Tshepo Molane
    This entire song is lyrically brilliant. I know all the words. I play it everyday before work.

    Tshepo Molane

    @Lee Smoove
    it is always in my skate playlist.


    +Lee Smoove this bar pops up in my head all the time i always have to come back to listen

  32. davidnitro333

    This instrumental is really one of a kind, never heard anything like it before!

    Leethan Carroll

    davidnitro333 welcome to doom 😈

    Saleem Frazer

    A Tribe Called Quest - Once Again is what it reminds me of. At least the main glocken-like synth melody. Everything else is on another level.

  33. The Epitome9

    DOOMS the truth. GOAT

    William Walker

    The Epitome9 FACTS

  34. Asr Ast&Hru

    I'm loving the Bobby Hemmit skits. Em Hotep Nefer

  35. Ashford Jenkins

    so nervous you can hear the shirt must... damn! so ill!

  36. Zen Jenga

    I prefer the Thom Yorke/Johnny Greenwood mix of this track, but this is still really good.

    Lee Smoove

    @***** I agree.


    That version is awful...

  37. jackrobot1

    Fucking shit rules!

  38. Ethan Gardner

    One a day like Centrum! Illest joint on this album

  39. Aaron Easter

    idiot savant theme song!

  40. doe cuh

    The instrumental is awesome

  41. Nophera

    Have you not met our pet Fletcher? You must be new here then.

  42. VCMP Gulk


  43. ENJ4321

    Yo chill this troll is DOOM in disguise. He is trolling his own videos on purpose, he has a plan in the works for reasons we don't understand. yet. He is a supervillain, and a certfiable evil genius.

  44. Matt Stygian

    Is this a remix? cause I could of sworn DOOM spit the same lyrics on another bet.. same title too


    Bone Chillen there was a Radiohead version (which is how I found out about doom)

  45. c2daj2dat

    so, is THIS the remix or the one with thom yorke?

  46. SNAFUdaGoat

    My man DOOM still killin it. Ask him if he give a F like report card. Villain

  47. boh0555

    He's like D.B. Cooper


    boh0555 out with mula, let her get a outfit

  48. Drew P. Baulsach

    The crickets own. Beats tight. Mf Doom is ill. Peace to all my hip hop heads. One love.

  49. Lex Heartz

    worddddd me toooo yo

  50. ILLSmith

    LOL! I THOUGHT I WAS the only one that liked the crickets!

  51. LiL G Is Dead

    I just finished Operation Doomsday Bro <3

  52. Svander2388

    Self-defense, think he’s not real, up until you blink twice and feel the hot steel. Yes. This album is fucking awesome.

  53. Dmaccabees


  54. thor2012

    "Eat rappers one-a-day like Centrum" lmao DOOM is back!!

    Gerardo Leon

    thor2012 I don't get it.

  55. kalman zsamboki

    You got it back on???

  56. Lex Heartz

    the crickets make the track so spooky