MF Doom - Om Lyrics

When we meditate, what is the word we use? “Om”
I want you to try this, let's all try together

[MF Doom:]
Point blank, right between the eyes
Any fool could get it so don't be too surprised guys
More funner than a clown with a gun
Run for the crumbs, it's the sound of the sun "Om"
To the brain right between the eyeballs
Anybody could get it, so don't be too surprised y'all
More dumber than a clown with a gun
Pound your drum to the sound of the sun "Om"

[Bishop Nehru:]
If you saying that I ain't nice you better think twice
I've been in my room psyched, with the mic giving advice
Plans of giving my life to the game
They saying that I'm insane, attention I'm not paying
My vision and my brain are coming soon enough
I'm pursuing moving musical drugs
The rap game newest plug
I got the fire, you'll be higher off of one hit
Others getting smothered, I came to cover 'em up quick
I told them that son sick, they ain't believe
Went in with the bob and weave and got the profit in the sleeve
They pocketing off of me? Alright I'll let it be
They'll see in the soliloquies, they ain't with me mentally
Born in a different league so they see me differently
Who would've seen this simple teen featuring in magazines
Me, all I really need in the end
Me and intuition rolling through thick and thin

[MF Doom:]
To the dome right between the eyes
Anybody could get it so don't be too surprised guys
More funner than a clown with a gun
Running for the crumbs, it's the sound of the sun "Om"
In the head right between the eyeballs
Anyone could get it, so don't be too surprised y'all
More simple than a clown with a gun
Pound your drum to the sound of the sun

[Bishop Nehru:]
Am I being idolized? Or am I a pair of idle eyes?
I look into the sky, a wise beam of light replies
Telling me the rain's coming in a sec
I still question it, I'm storming passed the rest, then
My mind gets to restin', gotta stay deprived of the stressin'
Thought it's hard and I'm relying on blessings
I keep my mind set in a setting that I can dream
So all the positive things attract more than queens and dreams
Gotta balance out the give and take, cause I made a couple of mistakes
I know you can relate, but now I'm tryna live great
So I guess I gotta give what it takes and I'll live with the greats
Passed the oppression, I fell back now I'm not stressin'
Materials reign imperial, this lifetime's lesson
And it's quite interesting 'cause everybody's spines getting lessened
With they mind and they relying on weapons
So now we seeing death in a frequent rate
But if I keep light working I could change the pace
My ascension's got my visions in a different space
Divine grace, wise in a high state

[MF Doom:]
Straight to the dome right between the eyes
All of y'all could get it so don't get too surprised guys
More funner than a clown with a gun
Running from the crumbs, it's the sound of the sun "Om"
In the head right between the eyeballs
Anyone could get it, so don't be too surprised y'all
More simple than a clown with a gun

Peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace
(Sir Octagon)

It's an area that vibrates when you do, “Om”
It vibrates, and it vibrates the melanin in your third ventricle (hold on, hold on)
That vibrates (What a queen is that) your pineal gland
(okay, okay, I see your Maxi dress girl you looking good) and your pituitary and your optic thalamus
Your pineal gland is a gland (Aye) responsible (For real though, you looking fine in that dress, nahm sayin'? laughs)
For spiritual… (Hol' up, hol' up, hol'up, hol' up, hol' up)

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MF Doom Om Comments
  1. Viktor von DOOM

    Listen to it, the sun really does make an "Om" sound

  2. iTry Sniping VC

    Kid cudi on this would be dope

  3. AtlasSolid

    schoolhouse rock. i like their style

  4. Mozzley503

    Still dope!

  5. Nebojsa Kelecevic

    Ommmmmmmmmm great song 🧡💛💚💙💜❤️

  6. Slya Wisemin

    Now do some shit with jonwayne

  7. Nebojsa Kelecevic

    Ommmmmm.. :)

  8. Mr. Freeze

    No word play punchlines just fillers


    Mann at one point of time this was my favorite verse on any song I've ever heard. But now bishop is Wayyy better than this. His progression is ridiculous

  10. N Edwards

    This beat is evil!

  11. elmo olmen

    thought i was tripping...but the picture's actually moving..sheesh

  12. sam sporle

    wanted to use this in a skate edit but video was removed in 100+ countries...

  13. Dinrai1992

    Dat resistance, learn your Hz!

  14. Sonny Starshine

    Schoolhouse Rock- Little Twelve Toes! Goddamn Doom!

    Erik Parker

    +Jumaane Whiteside his samples are always vintage and on point!!!


    This blew my fucking mind.


    I feel peak when I hear shit like this and realise ive gone 18 years without it 🔥 🔥

  16. Paul Peyrolle

    allé l' om!!!

  17. Gabriel Pacheco

    Shoutout to Dr. Kaba for the Intro

  18. Clancy English Beats


  19. Clancy English Beats


    Nick Manos

  20. Pyroclastic DOOM

    *"Am I idolized, or am I a pair of idle eyes?" O.O*

    Mr. Freeze

    Pyroclastic DOOM illest bar

  21. Renji

    DOOM X Earl Sweatshirt X Bishop Nehru X Mac Miller X Vince Staples 
    This would be the SICKEST song to ever exist.

    Jon Carr

    Now, you have to exclude Mac.

  22. Lupe the killa


  23. Mikel Knight-Garrison

  24. Mikel Knight-Garrison

  25. Clinton Brooks

    Holy shit!!! -=immediately faints=-👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. BlackPDigitalMedia

    I used that sample back in 1997.. lol

    James Thompson

    Where's it at doh

  27. TheGameStopClerk

    This is so good 

  28. Kevin Ocampo2

    They keep on trying to make new fucked up music like wu-tang, THEY GOTTA REALISE WE WANT THAT OG RAW SHIT!!!!

  29. Ezra Anyi

    damn nehru kinda sound like young version of guru 

  30. So Icey Boyz

    Dooms voice is so annoying

  31. Thug Shark

    he sounds like Lil Herb in the first verse

  32. Terry Dow Jr.

    Fuck those that dislike

  33. jimmiesrustler

    dude im high as fuck and it was fuckin semi impossible finding this joint but its so totally fuckin worth it!

  34. Éric H. P.

    The force is strong with this one

  35. dylan

    anyone else go 'om' to find the area where you get a sensation? 

  36. burtha3

    Poetry for the proud.

  37. prie71

    Om !! that beat is the bomb  : ))




    @PlanetBerlin1991 Old fashion boom bap beats 4 the head,and also very good to dance to eighter.

  38. SubjectD3lta27

    I really like the villainous beat

  39. Doughboy1871

    DOOM is smart to team up with upcoming young artists, they sell-out and go mainstream and doom gets put on and makes $$$$

  40. Tajae

    Twerk to this

  41. Walter Johnson

    This beat is from Schoolhouse Rock "Hey little 12 toes" that's DOPE!

  42. Funny Sunshine


  43. Trae Tibbs

    WOW Kaba Kamene aka Dr. Booker T Coleman at the intro and outro of this track

  44. Paradox

    Is out of the ballpark for me to say ab soul would fit this

  45. Hi there


  46. Drew Jdjdsaj

    Doom x black thought = mind blown

  47. vanilla kush

    Dope shit man!

  48. Aaron Calloway

    reminds me of Wu




    MF Knight


    Dilated DOOM


    MF Prodigy







  56. Causmos Raps

    Can real doom fans check me out on rhymes like dimes? Let me know what you think and If you get the story curiosity killed the cat!

  57. Justin Widle


  58. DEX 1

    Nehru is nice, but I'm not sure about him over this beat. This is definitely something DOOM would flow over..

  59. Vinson Vargas

    I know Doom was with FlyLo and Earl to make "Between Villians", but they really need to make an album

  60. Linus Boudra

    Soccer am brought me here. This rap act sound a bit like asop rock

  61. Atari火

    DOOMtheCreator, EarlSweatDOOM, Joey DOOMA$$

  62. Saint_Grover4


  63. Pharaoh Johnson

    its olm BTW but this is a dope track keep that shit up Bishop and Doom ima be up there wit gal soon enough

  64. Jason Coyne

    heard this on a TV show in England this morning! absolutely banging tune

  65. DAPS1

    Awesome! They got the artwork done by GHOSTSHRIMP.

  66. Zach Pope


  67. Ariel Chapa


  68. Trinity LegacyGroup

    Nehru reminds me of one of those random guest rappers on any of Doom's previous albums. But I know what is going on. MF is going to develop him into a beast.

  69. trumen bukowski


  70. Ramses nieto gonzalez

    muy bueno!

  71. Eric

    Listened to the leak. Its pretty dope, just short as fuck. 

  72. savetigerlily

    i wonder how many of you are saying this track is "fire" just because dooms name is in the title. not impressed

  73. Bobby Craves

    iLL. ONES

  74. Rap Revival

    DOOM x Mac Miller would be sick as fuck

  75. Dom's Sketch Cast

    Holy shit.

  76. Mike Hollins

    for real tho...

  77. dave wil

    Yo bishop youtube made your video Darkness not available in my country.. im in Canada, fuck youtube

  78. DOUBLERR516

    Damn can't wait for the project, I believe it's going to be greater than JJ DOOM

  79. Piero Scaruffi

    I listened to the leak of this, and I gotta say that DOOM once again put out a half assed release. Why do people still like this dude? His monotone flow was boring to begin with and his production has just fallen to shit, with Nehru caught right in the middle

  80. bingoo662

    Yo, does anyone know the sound clips they are using???

  81. noel cruz

    Hey guys, how about a De La DOOM album?


    @noel cruz still waiting for ghostface doom

  82. El Crespo Visionz

    yeeah!! :)

  83. gank

    Hyped af for this

  84. Braden Smith

    Am I the only one that likes the DOOM x Bishop combo rather than a Joey Bada$$ or something

  85. Christian Martinez

    where is the sample from? in the begin.....

  86. HeZitant

    so goodd can't wait for the full album

  87. lunch box

    When's last time doom made a beat maybe all those special herbs were really subroc beats

  88. mlk960

    I'm all for Nehru but I get the feeling he can't put stuff like this out consistently. If he can develop himself he'll be going places.

  89. Neon Reign

    Would love to see Black Milk and MF Doom collab on an album, or with Pharoahe Monch, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, I could go on and on. lol. Nehru isn't the worst though, I'll say that. But, he has plenty of room to grow and Doom obviously saw something in him. I'm still very much looking forward to this album and others this year, it's a great year for hip hop (underground anyway). 

  90. thanksfornothing



    DOOM x Earl Sweatshirt


    I reported this comment cause its so dumb


    Ideas i want to happen
    DOOM SWEATBANDS (Earl Sweatshirt x DOOM)
    DOOMDELUXE (Daedelus x DOOM)
    DOOMBOT #9 (9th Wonder x DOOM)
    DOOMCLOSURE (Disclosure x DOOM)
    Sympathy for the doctor (SBTRKT X SAMPHA X DOOM)
    DOOMSHA PALACE (Shabazz Palace x DOOM)
    XXMMYYFF (xxyyxx X DOOM)
    DOOMnd the Side Quest (The Weeknd x DOOM)
    Fuck it everything with DOOM

    Mak Corleone

    C.O. Doom

    Dio Brando

    @Emmet Dailey parole officer

  91. Mambo 47

    Where is the intro part originally from Does anyone know ?

  92. Yannick MALO

    Sound like Guru

  93. John Morley

    as sad as it is that doom isnt the main element of this album, im just happy to see more music associated with him plus nehru can spit for his age #doomtothedeath #nehruvia

  94. Ethan Johnson

    This cover is super dope.

  95. Ethan Johnson

    If fantano thinks this could be dangerdoom level you've done something very, very right