MF Doom - More Rhymin' Lyrics

More rhyming, pure diamond, tore hymen, poor timing
Raw lining, Paul Simon touring... I'm in
Boring type an, snoring pipe when. Hyper than four hype men
Excited writing, trifling times ten - long stay
Songs play, gone haywire, wrong way on the interstate - integrate all day
It's just a small phase, that's what them all say
Then fall prey in a mini-mall hallway
Meant to be sold not told to friendly enemies
Remember these intentionally, empathy please
Silent moment. Violent prone atonement, miles a minute on a microphone
Own rent, loan spent
No debt, ass bet, fast get cash jet
Master mix smash, asterisk, stashed it, last not least
Pass the pot of hot grease
Gease shot, not easily spotted, plot cease, snot release
Hold your insulting tongue and mark his words well
Or end up to the curb and shocked by third rail
Get the message by bird mail or turds flail
Villain man best nerd male ya heard wail
An absurd tale of books, nooks and crannys
Before she look he have his fancy hooks in them granny panties, a plan B
When in Rome, go back home and get real dome
From a well known crack gnome
He talk to hiself
when he need someone to hate on
The black McCain campaign negative debate-a-thon
Gone wrong on a song
Who's zooming who? Knew it was you DOOM all along
Ever since he first started the art it's been worth it
Soon to charter a stint on part of the chitlin circuit
Word kid! Get your ticket from the telepath
Wikit wickit wickit! On electroencephalograph

Villain, nice to meet you
You born like this?

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