MF Doom - MF Czar Lyrics

[Inspectah Deck:]
MF Czar, we the antidote
MF Czar, we the antidote

What I write sting, I'm The Night King
How I'm floatin' you would think I'm on a kite string
Yeah, extra strength, no PEDs
DOOM Face takes the kief with the CBD
I never wore women's clothes
So many rappers exposed, but anything goes
I'm from a different cloth, I remain like hieroglyphic walls
24/7 in the kitchen rippin' sauce
Before you hear the drum or the bassline
I bring it to 'em face time, zip them up, D-E-cock shine
A worker and a boss, that's a easy check
'Cause your boy rain fire like Khaleesi pets
Deck thorough, I wreck worlds
I'm on a futuristic ride homie, catch me in Westworld
I'm black on, I'm like the flick of a light switch
Bars like ours come equipped with the ice picks

MF Czar, we the antidote
MF Czar, we the antidote

Congrats, ya teeth catch a dope slap
You got Strahan teeth there ain't a close gap (nah)
Between us ya team seem sus
Freshly dipped like a painter with a clean brush
Genius, I let the pimp lead
A couple eyes on his name like Embiid (they watchin')
I'm rustlin' to pay you pretend chi (it's fake)
The rhymes specialize the content speed
Yes raps wrath of [?]
Keep it a Buck like Giannis or fuckin' Jack Sikma
Deck is you ready? (Yeah) Yo Metal Face is you ready? (Yup)
Machete on the teddy, kill the mic then be Jetti

[Inspectah Deck:]
MF Czar, we the antidote
MF Czar, we the antidote

Lyrics, don't blow it, bein' heroic
And don't make me tell you again, stay stoic
Nowhere near the radar, way below it
Barely ever what they say they are and they know it
Let 'em be what they wanna be, pros see methodically
Properly, somethin' ya gotta test periodically, ironically
As far as humans, loyalty is an oddity
As far as bein' snakes though, it'd probably be two outta three
Make sure the inner heat match the outer heat
Mask on, get that bread, undoubtedly
Seen a presidential suite on a balcony
Watch how he make it all happen through alchemy
That's unimportant, levels get deeper
True essence lives behind the mind of the seeker
Curiosity's great, but effort makes you weaker
Relax, just be what's comin' out the freakin' speaker
Eureka (his shit twisted, scriptless)

[Inspectah Deck:]
MF Czar, we the antidote
MF Czar, we the antidote

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MF Doom MF Czar Comments
  1. Rowe


  2. Chuck Dumpster


  3. DLX Infinite

    Nice....but this sounds like a long loop. It lacks real time sounds.
    DOOM sounds distant, uninterested....didn't even clean up his last bars.


    damn i agree tho, deck and eso were dope but yeah man just got this in the mail today, i waited, im disappointed

    Vagisil Bill

    I thought the opposite ... To me... Doom sounds distant on purpose... His flow on this beat is perfect.. It's fire...

    eulogy jones

    Ya i thought he sounded pretty good actually. Fire verse


    fair points, mf doom always sound so quiet. song is still good imo

  4. Marvin Washington

    I Like this shit right here

  5. Primitive Glacier

    Ooooooooh fuuuuck 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

  6. mangekyoumaster

    The most fire track that I've heard off the MF DOOM meets Czarface album yet. 🔥