MF Doom - Intro Lyrics

[Man on Radio:]
So if you, say
Let's say you meditate with the OM chant
It takes a radio to do that

Bishop and umm
Metal Fingers Doom
You follow that?
Ok let's do it, lets go, roger
The human ear only hears between 20 and 20,000 hertz

Hey what are you doing man, hey what are you doing
Come on quit messing around
Listen I'll pay man I'll pay
Hey, not me, man
Yeah you
Hey quit messing around come on
Trust me


We're retarded, that's right retarded
That wasn't funny man
In the same way we can human voices our music on radio waves and the speed of light, we can send our own dialogue

[Man on Radio:]
It's hard to meditate to the OM chant when your neighbor is blasting frequencies of (Jeezy) and (Gucci)

And all that you speak about, he taught us how to tone that out

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MF Doom Intro Comments
  1. gzatronn

    Confirmists be damned. Still a bangin intro