MF Doom - Don't Spoil It Lyrics

Keep it movin'

[Inspectah Deck:]
I'm from the era that started the park wars
I beat box, pop-and-lock
B-boys spinnin' on cardboard
Graffiti Rock, Beat Street, Breakin' and Style Wars
Above The Rim, Brown Sugar, Belly and CB4
Watch me drop a Wild Style on a Krush Groove
My Hustle & Flow, I'm sure to get Paid In Full
That's the Rhyme & Reason, so pardon me
Who's The Man with the Juice that crashed the House Party
They just Baller Blockin', 'cause I'm Notorious
No stoppin' me 'til I'm dead or State Property
How High can you fly over New Jack City
Look up, Friday, I Got The Hookup
I'm hip-hop's Most Wanted
Comin' straight outta park hill
Call 'em Idlewild, my bars ill
Get Rich or Die Tryin', but Never Die Alone
Love to my Boyz n the Hood, I'm Ghost Dog

[Inspectah Deck (MF DOOM):]
(Ha ha ha ha)
Don't spoil it
(Ha ha ha ha)
Don't spoil it
(Keep it movin')
Don't spoil it
Don't spoil it

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