MF Doom - Captain Brunch Lyrics

Eatin' Captain Crunch for lunch
Don't get your panties in a bunch
Shorty passed out, we coulda put the whammy in the punch
Had he a hunch, he could get set up like one Cosby
Slidin' off of three snowflakes like Tom Bosley
Remember Charlie's Angels?
They had to make some changes
Three broads with burners, these dames could get dangerous
Dude you never see will forever remain nameless
Two of them things black, the last one's stainless
Don't deal with the devil on a deep level
He see metal and sound off like a tea kettle
Blow the spot up lovely
With no reference to skin color, God don't like ugly
Wise man once said not to showboat
And treat the yacht the same way as a rowboat
Snakes'll hang theyself with they own rope
And watch a jewel transform to a known quote

All I'm trying to do is just make mine
Blindside line ride and trying to take mine
Cause I shine like the sun broad day time
Puttin' facts to the claps and the bassline

It's Mary poppin' y'all, shout to Michael Rooker
You with a mic is like a eunuch with a hooker
Pressure (pressure pressure) cooker
My confusion's organize
I'm the lord of light
Yandu with an arrow's like Eso with a gorgeous mic
Flow holy no gospel trap writin' like
Michael Crichton put the rap in Velocirap-tor, or
I hit you like a trap-door
When it rains it pours
No mental strains, but I stick out like Kurt Angle's temple veins
You got an empty brain
Enter in my lane, it takes balls like a gender change
People talkin' out they ass
Check for the double-cross like 2Chainz at Sunday mass
Hit you with the belly to belly, the suplex
On the roof of the duplex
Willin' to group sex with Steely Dan
Groot, fuckin' baby Groot
The ghost of Dave Brubeck
Alex Trebek, and Boba Fett
Who's next?

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MF Doom Captain Brunch Comments
  1. Tonyisgaming

    I still don't get why this version is less popular than the other. Captian Crunch sounds awful to me. Doom Doesn't sound on beat in that version. This verse fits this instrumental much nicer, also the hook, Esoteric's verse, everything. Probably my favorite track off the album honestly. Only thing that could make it better is if there was more content to the verses that fit the vibe of the beat better.

    Emmanuel Soler

    Tonyisgaming 100% agree

  2. Monkey D

    I'm tired of mf doom being this underrated he's a fuckin goat and nobody can tell me otherwise

  3. jelly bean

    Glad there is still album art like this

  4. FlyingRicer

    So good. Hope there is more to come. This album is amazing.

  5. Brandon Moody

    Instant Classic

  6. Tom Heselton

    Fiiiiire 🔥 always glad to see new Doom art

  7. Fee Knows

    "It takes balls like a gender change."