MF Doom - Bumpy's Message Lyrics

[Bumpy Knuckles:]
Yo what's up Doom, it's Bumpy Knuckles
Just calling to say that I'm proud of the work you been doing dog
You know this whole album and all that that you've been working on my dude
It's like, it's like a long time coming man for people to get a chance to
Look into the mind of a villain, you know like somebody who really has
A serious outlook on their craft, you know there's a lot of clowns out here
With you know, painted faces and when they take the paint off
It's just a clown with no paint on their face
So please understand my dude I'm watching you man and I see what you doing
It's the OG man Bumpy Knuckles straight fly, aight?
My motto for 2009 is fuck everybody, aight?
So when you go on stage and you put your middle finger up to the crowd
Ask them to put it back up
And when they show respect to the villain they should say fuck everybody
Cause that's what everybody's gonna say when they have to show respect for you
Ahh fuck him, fuck him that's the dinkest shit in the world if they write this
Well fuck you
Cause everybody wanna be what you are
You nah'mean? They can't find
Aight, stay focused my dude I appreciate your work
Aight? Soon come: Bumpy Knuckles, MF Doom— soon come

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