MF Doom - Astral Traveling Lyrics

Metal Face

[Vinnie Paz:]
The one thing I learned from Eazy is be ruthless
The bullets balls of fire like Jerry Lee Lewis
The wasteline and shoulder strap is three Rugers
Them jump-out boys'd vic you, you'd be shoeless
Listen, you'd better listen to rules
Or this british bulldog gon' rip through your jewels
Now his tail between his leg and he lickin' his wounds
I'm a Cus D'Amato acolyte, I stick and then move
I rip 'em in two, I show 'em what the biscuit'll do
Money shoulda done the opposite and listened to you
I'm dissin' you too, you do the shit a pigeon would do
Because bein' a rapper ain't something you fit to pursue
He mister Magoo, this blind dummy couldn't see the sentinel
My dick go in and out of holes like it's an exit wound
The left strong like the bolsheviks and socialists
My goons bloodthirsty, they will rush you like the Soviets

[MF DOOM (Inspectah Deck):]
Yo, astral traveling
The tracks go off in this direction
It's the metal!
Without a doubt

[Inspectah Deck:]
Yo, I'm a modern day Gil Scott-Heron
Headin' down Fury Road with Charlize Theron
No question, OJ and lemon into Effen
Partially wrecked, I'm on the set, see me one-two steppin'
Punch above to get beat down
And they ain't turn on the light so turn the beat down
Have a seat clown, you ain't even in my echelon
Every hero's in peril, the first weapon's drawn
I hear the plague was money, sex and violence
Ya'll doomed, I'm immune to the virus
MF CZAR, we the antidote
I'll probably die before they realize that I am the GOAT
Deck's impeccable, World Class Wreckin' Cru
We ain't do no dirt together, so I don't mess with you
I draft IPAs, that's special brew
This rap's the victory lap, I'm so ahead of you
"We don't like I-N-S, he's too lyrical"
Yeah I'm deep blue sea, stay in your kiddie pool
Wonder how I don't dumb it down
But still get checks, checkin' in another town, yeah
I blacks out like Donald Sterling
Known to make great magic like the wand of Merlin
Yo, I don't Snapchat, that's what fans do
I been ill since kangaroos and Ked shoes
Rebel 24-7, I rep Wu
High on a Friday, with Smokey and Craig, fool

My powers are incredible and astonishing
Yours are uhh...
[MF DOOM:] Mental

Mad Max make your own apocalypse
Poppin' shit, with the politics of Gregg Popovich
Lock your lips queer, yeah I thought I told 'em
They trying to get to the bag, I think that mean the scrotum
Let me decode 'em, unload 'em and show them the true power
They talk about the lyrics, the raps, they ain't wrote 'em
To dead a hater is second nature like steppin' off an escalator
Plus I'm holdin' a thermal detonator
Fly flow, Disaster like Tommy Wiseau
But still got fans leapin' out their Nissan
Like "Eso, you a beast, mon!" Tell me shit I don't know
It's like going toe-to-toe with Finn Bálor and Samoa Joe
You mad shook, fuckin' with you, now that's a bad look
Cut a rapper up like a scratch hook
Sorry, let out an epic laugh, as I'm etchin' graph on your epitaph
Deadly clash, weapons flash, I'm forever first, you're forever last
You playin' chess with somebody with a checkered past
You'll never pass my flow
You hangin' on to old beefs but I'm past it though
These gorgeous ladies wanna wrestle like the cast of GLOW
So I cop a feel kinda like a magic show
No no, I can't say that
G-O-D ridin' out with the CZARFACE, sayin', "Man, play that"

[MF DOOM:] As-as-as-astral travelin'
[CZARFACE:] Astral what?

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MF Doom Astral Traveling Comments
  1. Mark Chandler

    Good lord!!!....thats all that can be said about this!

  2. Mic Raw

    This reminds me of speak ya clout 🔥

  3. SycoMunkee13

    That last beat was too sick!

  4. PM 15

    Vinnie Paz’s verse was 🔥🔥🔥🔥!

  5. MAD MAN

    Vinnie Paz killed his verse 🔥🔥🔥

  6. oshh Doom

    🔥🔥🔥Vinnie Paz