Meyers, Krystal - You'll Never Know Lyrics

Shattered dreams are misunderstood
They left me stranded like I knew they would
All this pain's changing into good
'Cause You got me
You got me
Now You're the only one that I adore
'Cause everybody else has fallen short
I know You'd never leave me wanting more
So come on
Come on

Don't stop telling me
You'll never know
The way it feels to be let go
The tragedy of being so alone
A distant memory
My heart is telling me
That's just something
You'll never know

I get the feeling now that You are here
Your love is something that won't disappear
Whisper to me while You hold me near
You got me
You got me

Over and over and over again
Tell me
Over and over again

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Meyers, Krystal You'll Never Know Comments
  1. Matt's Mechanix

    It's not the length of your hair, it's not the cloths that you wear, its the cross that you bair

    Matt's Mechanix

    If you read the front of the shirt, it asked, are you ready to testify? If someone asks about the shirt and she shares her love for Jesus, isn't that a win in God's book?

  2. TexasVagabond

    The cross is a pagan symbol, look it up. So what of all the Christians who wear crosses? HERETICS! There's no such thing as evil symbols. There are symbols, and if you want to assign something bad to it, so be it, but it doesn't make it bad for everyone else. The Bible also states that to the pure, everything is pure... and that the defiled believe nothing is pure... so I believe the symbol on her shirt is pure because she does not mean anything malicious or evil by it...


    I pray for Krystal Meyers I am not condemning her.I am merely pointing out the truth the symbolism on her shirt is not of God it is a pagan symbol.


    In Zechariah 3:7 God states that He gives those who obey Him the authority to judge, "Thus saith the LORD of hosts; If thou wilt walk in my ways, and if thou wilt keep my charge, then thou shalt also judge my house, and shalt also keep my courts, and I will give thee places to walk among these that stand by."

  5. TexasVagabond

    What lies? That God is the only One she adores because everybody else is falling short? Or how she will never know how it feels to be alone because God with her? Or that God's love will never disappear? What part of that is a lie? If it is all true, you have no basis for an argument to the contrary. How about you concern yourself with your heart and guarding it and stop judging and condemning others whom YOU DO NOT KNOW. Jesus is the Judge, NOT YOU.

  6. thestarbrown

    since when does someone look christan

  7. Cody Malarky



    Krystal Meyers is not a christian, look closely at the eye of Horus on her shirt(Illuminati) that is a pagan symbol used in anti christian groups.She has fallen just like Katy Perry.Do not fall for the lies

  9. mRide5236

    Love this song!!