Meyers, Krystal - Up To You Lyrics

You gave me your hand so long ago
But now our house is burning
You're never home
I feel sick looking at our picture frames
I turned them down and turned you away
I wanted to hear your words my whole life
But now they cut me like a knife
Hiding under the covers
Crushing dreams
Am I your lover or your enemy?

And at the end of the day
I never wanted it to be this way
You sure it's what you wanna do?
I'll leave it up to you

I packed my heart in boxes yesterday
I fell asleep last night in my room all alone and afraid
'Cause my blood is cold and body is numb
Oh God, what did we become?
I feel you love to say that you don't miss me anymore
But anything I feel I choose to ignore
I pray that once my anger dies I'll live
And once my tears are dry I'll learn to forgive

I know the love we had was real at one time
And if you give me one more chance I promise to try
Seasons change, lovers bloom and some die
But you'll always be part of my life

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Meyers, Krystal Up To You Comments
  1. Nikki Baker

    I still love her music its 2019 but I'm 27 now

    Bella Silva

    Me too, I'm 26 yo.

  2. Shay Johnson

    I've always loved song. Beautiful.

  3. Nadya Im

    I wanna hear YOUR words my whole life but now it cut me like a knife.
    At the end of the day I never wanted it to b this way. YOU sure this what YOU wanted do YOU?I leave it up to YOU

  4. Luis Style



    Adoro as músicas da cristal meyers

  6. Cynical Succubus

    I'm not even christian, Her music just good to me. Sucks she doesn't sing anymore. She really should be using her talent.

  7. David silva

    amo d+ essa banda

  8. Ely Sampaio

    Amo esse clipe😍😍😍😘

  9. Michael Mohan

    She may be the best Christian pop artist. Nice sound

    Styles Lee

    I agree she has her own sound catchy

  10. Cps Inc

    It's up to bible bangers to seek the real truth and not believe in fairy tales and their little boy touching priests!

    R. Schmidt

    @Cps Inc Why are you listening to a Christian singer then? Are you insecure about something? Nothing more interesting to do? And by the way, people believe what they want to believe and this is none of anyone's concern.

    R. Schmidt

    @Cps Inc "Bible bangers have a proven low IQ"  Sooo???? Does it affect your life so much?? What does it have to do with you??

    I'm just commenting here because I believe that everyone should respect other people's beliefs, no matter what they believe in. Respect is what this world really needs. 

    R. Schmidt

    @***** My point is not IQ, my point was respect, the other person mentioned IQ, and I said 'So what' because if a person has a high IQ or low IQ, regardless of their religion, it has nothing to do with she/him. And yeah I totally agree with you, and I'm a Christian by the way, that's why I'm here, for her beautiful music, but he/she was here just to hate on other people's beliefs and that is something I totally don't agree with, even if we were muslims, jews, whatever. People have to respect other people's beliefs. 

    R. Schmidt

    @***** I'm sorry if I was misunderstood, now I get what it seemed to be. Well, I meant that 'if' Christians had a low IQ, as he/she said, which is obviously not true, it has NOTHING to do with him/her. This person should stop hating on other people right now. I hope you get what I meant :/

    Cps Inc

    @Pieces of Me Acrtually it IS indeed true. In fact, it's been proven for the past several decades now. Most scientists are atheist for example.  

  11. Brooks Carter

    @musicfriendsandGod I agree with you , cause if dark is on he cause he thinks she's hot , then he and anyone else of the same is on here for the wrong reason , is about singing for The Lord !!!!!

  12. zoie tedrow

    love this song=)
    it is beautiful=)

  13. Lineth Caterine Acevedo Gallego

    Krystal come back! 3

  14. Joseph Percy

    She's not in the music business anymore; now she leads worship at Faith Heights.


    Thanks for that Joseph. I wondered what happened to her.

  15. newstargreat

    where is she now?

  16. orange parmejohn

    statements like this, are what gives us Christians the reputation of self righteousness that we have.

  17. chickforchrist47

    that's why I love her SO much! I used to listen to A.L. but because I dont love what A.L. sings about I stoped listening to her and started listening to K.M.

  18. TygraDancerBBG

    @rolfeijg2 You obviously arent christian ... if you are you should be ashamed of your self ... "chrisanity" means Christ follower Christ believer .. that's why the word Christ is in "Christian" ... in not a label .. it's a life style and faith ... and you have no respect for it in general ...

  19. TygraDancerBBG

    @rolfeijg2 but alot more mature and not ignorant as you ... you may have freedom of speech bit choose your words wisely .. the things you say will dictate who is willing to be around you ... and for you to intentionally right this on here as to instigate and start something a christian site .. is very low of you ...

  20. TygraDancerBBG

    @rolfeijg2 and she is a good singer .. In sure she will be going to heaven over you any day with what comes out of your mouth ... you don't deserve God mercy more grace.. but that's me Im only human and flawed like you ...

  21. TygraDancerBBG

    @rolfeijg2 Are you christian or a non-believer ... why would you post this comment on here .. especially when it has nothing to do with you if you don't believe in God as your savior and respect others and there beliefs ... Im insulted that you even posted this on a young christian girls song .. It extremely disrespectful.. and I don't appreciate it at all have no reason to say those dehumanizing insults ..

  22. Randy Stahla

    Fantastic song - great chorus & harmony; superb vocals & performance!

  23. Sully

    @musicfriendsandGod i agree shes SUPER PRETTY

  24. lorylene pedroso


  25. Andrea Romero

    isnt this song 4 pl who r divorsing?????
    not inspiritional..

  26. spao777

    I like <3

  27. Jade Realin

    love, Love, LOVE her voice! <3

  28. JuliaKsmile

    @rolfeijg2 God is alive. He lives.
    "I could live life alone, I could live without dreams, I could live without a lot of things.
    But I know I couldn't face my life tomorrow without your hope in my heart. Lord I can't live a day without you, You're the heart beat of all I do. I don't want to live without your loving arms to hold me... but Jesus I live because you live. You're like the air I breathe, You're everything to me."

  29. DarkEphemeral

    Once upon a time, I fell in love of her voice..

  30. josk1d

    @rolfeijg2 don't have a daughter...but I am sure you have a mom. No, I wasn't offended. Just felt so sorry for ya!

  31. Rolf Eijgenraam

    @josk1d I do not have a daughter :) hope you felt offended by my comment :)

  32. josk1d

    @rolfeijg2 Talking about your daughter pal? hurts when freedom of speech is on you right?

  33. Rolf Eijgenraam

    God is dead. Krystal is a prostitute, she sings horrible, It sounds as if she's choking on male genitals. I would like to have intercourse with her while reading the satanice verses. All hail the freedom of speech :)

  34. rosiedozen92

    breathtaking song...

  35. TheAmanimal

    I love this song, Krystal, and JESUS! Hallelujah

  36. David silva

    cara éla é de mais

  37. InfinitMelody

    @musicfriendsandGod I never thought of it that way o: But it's true 0.o Thanks for opening my eyeballs :)

  38. Esteban Yim

    @YESHUAISMERCIFUL I think it's cute when people take my jokes seriously :).

  39. Esteban Yim

    She's too hot to be a christian

  40. Mimi Eagle

    @musicfriendsandGod hahahaha I am totally agree with..... very good lol, I am pretty glad to see that there are many young ppl thinking like you keep making the difference and preaches the gospel of peace: draw near to God and God will draw near to you James 4:8 :P God bless u

  41. Mary young

    @musicfriendsandGod i totally agree with u on that one

  42. Kelia Coleman

    @Rach1495 I don't get some of them either! like this one!

  43. Rachel Engle

    Her music seriously confuses me! She's labled as a christian artist, but I dont always get that through her songs.

  44. dotdiva123456

    i luv this song!!! oo and the it kinda of reminds me of clumsy by fergie, like the beat, but better XD

  45. Zion

    Gostei. Ela canta muito. Só pode ser coisa de Deus.

  46. Michelle Biller

    This is a sad song but I can relate to it!

  47. Emmalisa Tilli

    haha! thats awesome!! looks like ur friends future husband/boyfriends will have to get through to you first, before the parents do.. lol

  48. Emmalisa Tilli

    good on ya!! hehe.... :)

    have to love girls like you who stand up righteously like that....

  49. audra brister

    totally a break-up song. some bits sounds like shes talking to God, but she's clearly talking ABOUT some dude.

  50. Kirah Nicole

    Without knowing what this song is about, it'd seem like it was about her and a guy, but she said that it's actually inspired by a friend of her's that was getting a divorce.
    This is what she said about the song: "This song was inspired by a close friend of mine who was going through a divorce. It shows vulnerability and bitterness and talks about loving someone even when they make a choice that hurts and you dont agree with."

  51. Farah Villares

    krystal has gone out to be worldly :( pls come back and the Lord will be delighted!

  52. Michael Monteiro

    i sorta agree here
    she's a gem
    she shines on her own
    i want her to be free

  53. Perrin Robinson

    this should be released mainstream america

  54. phoenixoyaji

    i lov this song its beautiful