Meyers, Krystal - The Way To Begin Lyrics

Dear God
It's me again down here
Don't wanna sound insincere
I'm lost
Sometimes you're so unclear
What can I do?
I'm feeling so far from you

Disconnected from it all
The weight of the world
Has pushed me to the wall

I surrender
To you I'm giving in
Come take me
Save me
I want to start again
I'll open my broken heart
'Cause I've reached the end
And you are the way to begin

I've seen a million empty smiles
Living in denial
I don't wanna live like that
Where nothing's real
I hate how it is to feel

Disconnected from it all
I'm breaking
I'm aching for something beautiful


All the riches in this world
Couldn't fill this great big hole
It takes something so much more
Only you can take me
You can make me whole


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Meyers, Krystal The Way To Begin Comments
  1. WarriorForChrist85

    My thoughts

  2. Ana Dib

    Amo as músicas da Krystal!

  3. uri99 a

    god bless krystal. she is an excellent singer

  4. mrm64

    Maaaaan this took me back :'o

  5. Maddy Arana

    My sister had this as her alarm for about a year. This brings back memories of throwing pillows and crazy haired girls.

  6. jenilopez

    amo a krystal es una gran cantante su musica me encanta es la mejor para mi y lastima que ya no sigue sacando musica quiero que vuelvas krystal, esta cancion es magnifica su musica no es como la de otros cantantes adolescentes que lo unico que venden es imagen 

    Melissa Fuentealba

    pienso lo mismo!
    Krystal, aunque ya no cante, es mi artista favorita

  7. KiroStun

    Patos ateos y sin plumas?

  8. Day Dayy

    Fico muito feliz com as musicas da Krystal gosto de maiss Glória a Deus por uma musica legal assim hehehe ela só precisava lançar um cd novo já ouvi taaaaaaanto

  9. Ashley Sandoval

    Muy Patos.. Los 3 Que no Les Gusto..!!

  10. Dillon Karolides

    @Dj4God Im a guy too and i sing my heart out to her songs lol and there is nuthing ebarrassing with rocking out to good christian music :)

  11. Joao Pedro Miranda Lima

    POTOKI!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOW DEUS E D+

  12. iloveintensegum

    It's not the end. This is the begining.

  13. Vane Cardenas

    i love the song

  14. girlofmanycultures

    @barrettb05 haha i agree

  15. Nikki T.

    Still a great song!

  16. B. Barrett

    @yaejiXmassacre more like nine trillion nine hundred ninety-nine billion nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine times better....

  17. Kelia Coleman

    love it

  18. Josue O. Sanchez M.

    Really? Wow good for you.

  19. Hannah

    awesome :D i love her :D

  20. Josue O. Sanchez M.

    I like Krystal too much i think she is my favorite rocker girl singer. I would like to meet her just once in my life.That will be terrific and amazing.

    Luneth _1

    Josue O. Sanchez M. Did you ever meet her?

  21. CindyClint

    haha yeah. well Krystal has often been described as the Christian Avril Lavigne.

    L C

    CindyClint I was trying to figure out what kind of music it sounded like, and I can totally she her being a Christian Avril Lavigne!

  22. 54spiritedwill54

    my fav christan singer

  23. Caitlin Jones

    Great song, whether you believe in it's sentiment or not.

  24. brenda

    love this song!!!!

  25. matthiasv2

    No, you are wrong. "Him" is not a proper noun, even when talking about God, and therefore should not be capitalized. God on the other hand is always capitalized because it is a name and therefore a proper noun. All of my grammar was perfect except I didn't put a period at the end.

  26. matthiasv2

    ScarredScaredandSad I agree with the two replies you got, if you look for God you will find him :D

  27. Desert Moon


    No words to describe the talent Krystal has. Her voice is mesmerizing. Live??? *shivers* I hope to meet her and/or watch a concert or two someday. *dreams* haha. Krystal rocks! :D

  28. jillian charlotte

    this is my FAVORITE song! what a great message!

  29. eupories

    I'm not religious, but I love her! All of her songs are amazing!!
    I wish I believed in something this strong. It's a great message. Keep up the good work!!!

  30. Hannah McMachen

    i love this song!

  31. Hannah McMachen

    dude ur amazing, i dont think ive ever heard a guy say something like that.

  32. Danilo

    This is one of my most favorite songs. Krystal really rocks!

  33. XxTemptedAngelxX

    I love all her songs, but this one's my favourite...

  34. joriexx

    she is amazing!!

  35. kneplerd

    this song is pretty much amazing i always get it stuck in my head thanx for posting

  36. dragonsofliberty

    wow, i love this! thanks for posting! hey, i've been trying to find krystal's songs "My Saviour" thats from this same album, i think- d'ya think maybe you could post that one? its krystal's only song not up on youtube...