Meyers, Krystal - Shine Lyrics

The way we look tonight
I know nobody else can get in the way this time
Just can't stop the light
I know nobody's gonna get in the way of my...

It's futuristic, kinda mystic
But I like it, like it
It's so realistic, thought I missed it
Till I tr-tr-tried it
And it won't let me go
It's not that typi-typical
Ain't no body rock
Electric shock
Could get this glow

The way we look tonight
I know nobody else can get in the way this time
Just can't stop the light
I know nobody's gonna get in the way of my shine

I'm in orbit alright
You got me feelin' like a million
Got me flyin' so high
I-I just cant help myself
It's You nobody else
I-I just can't turn it down
Let it fade or burn it out

You can't get in the way of my shine
Get in the way of
You can't get in the way of my shine
You can't, you can't
You can't get in the way of my shine
Get in the way of
You can't get in the way of my shine
You can't, you can't

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Meyers, Krystal Shine Comments
  1. ゴンベー


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  3. Joanna Mellinger

    love her!!!seriously people are offended by her shirt

  4. uri99 a

    krystal is an excellent singer i love her songs

  5. invisiblezero

    For fuck's sake.  You crazy people and your "eye" conspiracies.  Thank god I don't have to see any of you crazies in real life.

  6. Rachel

    Why would she wear such a shirt like this? If I were a Christian artist like herself, I don't think that I would want to associate myself with such a controversial topic if I didn't want to get such a mixed reaction.

  7. chloe steele

    She is a christian woman shes singing about god and the eye on her shirt is the all seeing eye- whos the all seeig eye? God is - idiots

  8. Empress Daisy

    Discovered this around the beginning of 2012 and I love it so much. I'm glad I stumbled upon this video. I used to imagine I'm at a dance party at sunset and being the one in the spotlight, dancing my butt off. Ugh! I can't wait till that time. Anyways, I don't think I'll ever tire of this song. 

  9. gabytetel

    I love Krystal Meyer is an example that you can worship God in different ways;)

  10. chickforchrist47

    people. listen to the song. stop arguing. it's pathetic!

  11. z779959

    Jesus is my savior is to rock my life. My shine is shine my body and shine my spirit to my heart. I can be the only one because of this song and then to shine my brain to overcome the hardships.

  12. z779959

    Body Shine is shiny. I say that is about everything is shiny inside my body. I like to talk about my figure and then to rock my world.

  13. MushroomNr1

    @ismaelhernandes Personally I think krystal didn't want a reference to illuminati. In other songs and interviews she's really clear about Jesus. He's her saviour (she sings about it!)

  14. Emilee Manning

    i am in love with this song!!!!! <3 <3

  15. nikthuyortega

    all celebrities are now illuminati. END OF STORY.

  16. 18steps

    SHE NEEDS deserves more views and credits!!! Anyone agree??

  17. ꧁Spice Princess Art꧂

    @Dman761 17 actually

  18. Dman761

    i'm guessing no one here actually listened to the song just because of a stupid t-shirt.

  19. Dman761

    @abbyfanduby how old are you 40?

  20. Schazaura Danae

    @rubenalder u kno i will have to agree!!! lol!!!

  21. n Ja

    @lorevelas :Her shirt here really freaked me out.

  22. Nichelle Ann

    why does it matter to anyone who an artist is and what they believe in? if the music inspires you,it inspires you.Thats all that should matter-how you interpret it into your life. so what if jesus isnt in every song or whatever.The only reason i began BELIEVING again was because i listened to artists such as krystal sing ABOUT how this lifestyle makes them feel, yet anytime i here an A-typical gospel i dont feel touched, it doesnt feel right to me.Thats all that should matter,how it touches ppl.

  23. JoyPhronesis

    @robnorman1 i never said he needed my permission. The main point of my arguement is What message is this specifis singer sending across? is she with us or against us? This has nothing to do with God's permission. We are in the last days, open your eyes.

  24. JoyPhronesis

    @robnorman1 an one more thing. Jesus will not walk around with a satanic top. How can you be considered to be a gospel artist if you don't sing gospel? If your songs are not a reflection of the bible?? ANYTHING outside the bible is NOT gospel. period.

  25. JoyPhronesis

    @robnorman1 Again u are wrong because d book of esther and solomon is still in consistent with the word of God. don't forget that Esther was a prophet and prophets speak the mind of God. i'm not saying she should say Jesus in every sentence what i'm saying is that so far i have not heard a song of her that talk about the gospel. Jesus is d only way 2 slavation, if u will not talk about him or his gospel how will u lead people to salvation?

  26. JoyPhronesis

    @robnorman1 i never called God lukewarm, i called krystal lukewarm there's a difference.

  27. JoyPhronesis

    It's evidenty satan is trying to get into the church and he'll used 'christian' artist to do so. I don't want 2 judge bt dis song is a possitive song but says nothing bout God or christianity (kinda like the other songs i've heard from her so far). 2 make matters worse she's wearing the all seeing eye? Whose side is she on? She has to choose and stop sending lukewarm signals because God hates lukewarm, he spits it out. i'd like 2 believe she's geniune but i'm not quite sure. We'll see.

  28. Tigerlilyeyes

    @rubenalder thank you!!!

  29. Alder

    Watch the intervieuw with Krystal Meyers, part 2 and start at 6:05.

    There she clearly says that she wants to be a light for her generation, and that she wan't to encourage her generation to grow in their relation with christ.

    Her music is great, i love her new style..

  30. Ck87JF

    @princessliz15 - I think you missed my point. I was trying to say that just because a song does not mention the name of God, does not mean it is automatically not Christian. I love it when they do mention God, but it's not an absolute necessity. Kutless is great, but so is Skillet. Skillet's "Better than drugs" doesn't mention God directly, but the way they're talking, it's pretty clear they're saying that God is better than drugs (or anything else this world has).

  31. Ck87JF

    @carrotbarrot ("I do not hear His name at all in this song") Possibly the most popular gospel song, "Amazing grace" similarly leaves out the names "Jesus," "God," "King of Kings," "Christ," or any other name for God.

  32. TheZackarios

    Yes, it is wierd, read my comments. It does make sense if she is successful, because to be successful in the music industry/ and maybe film, you most likley need to be a freemason, which means not a chrstian, but really the opposite.

  33. TheZackarios

    Then you have to think to yoursevles, most successful people in the music industry, etc, are freemasons, so I guess that would support the idea that she is, along with the occult symbolism? Is she successful? I'll have to find out.

  34. TheZackarios

    This is deeply hypocrytical, and very worrying. Do the freemason/occult/ and the devil have almost complete control over the music industry, and others for that sake? Because to me, it is certainly beginning to look like that.

  35. TheZackarios

    Yes, you're absolutely right. I just happened to be watchign God tv, and one of her songs came up, 'hallelujah', which I listened to and thought it was really good. Then went onto the interent, saw that she is a christian, so I thought, this is good, and then I saw the all-seeing-eye on her t-shirt, on the album cover, this one in this video. Very very worrying. She says she is a christian, and is even featured on God tv, yet this symbolism shows the opposite.

  36. Tigerlilyeyes

    @lorevelas Most people will simply interpret this as a cool thing to do or a fashion statement.

  37. Relax CreatorM

    I agree at least,if somebody is not sure if its for God or for the devil doesn't buy it!My mom said me its a Christian symbol,but i don't like it at all...

  38. Tigerlilyeyes

    She wears a shirt the says "Buddhist"? Well thats freaking weird and STUPID.

  39. JoannaM.

    shes goooooood !♫♫

  40. bbrasia

    she looks as little like meghan jette martain from camp rock

  41. Rusher4God

    you should listen to the "Beauty of Grace."

  42. Bricksoupp

    I didn't even Krystal sang Christian rock when I got her CD. she is really awesome!

  43. MushydeeTV

    yeah she probably doesnt know what it means

  44. WordRider


  45. Benjamin Hatmaker

    The eye on the shirt is the "All Seeing Eye," which in Christianity is known as the Divine-eye of Providence - It represent's God's omniscience. It was a common symbol in the early church, and still is in the Eastern churches. And the Freemasons are a God-fearing organization, they forbid atheists from joining as the "scourge of the Earth" and repeatedly refer to God in their literature. I'm glad you like the song, and I worship Christ too, she probably doesn't even know what the symbol means.

  46. Elke Kruger

    and your point is?? What does it matter, look at the symbols, she has sould her soul to the "Sun/Freemasons/Devil/Baal/Illuminati" call it what you want, it's all the same thing. "The Devil incocnito" Look I love the song, but it's not right anymore, she is not right anymore, so I will turn my back on it because I worship Jesus...

  47. Benjamin Hatmaker

    This isn't rock n' roll, it's electronica/dance techno. Get it right, Gosh. : P

  48. ocachisu

    the evil eye has the same meaning the cross does and originally came from the middle east thousands of years ago (maybe they got it from egypt) except the evil eye has nothing to do with religion, it is just believed to protect people from evil thus the name "evil eye"

  49. Elke Kruger

    I was wondering about that, pity and I was about to buy my kids the album. Good thing I did the little bit of background first, I'm not selling my soul for Rock 'n Roll. What is it with these people, and I don't want to judge, but why does this keep on happening. Is money so important??? Satan keeps on stealing away

  50. Kim Chiasson

    krystal is wearing an "all seeing eye" tshirt...NWO.......and her music/style has changed drastically this second album, as most fans are making comments about krystals sudden "change". Is this the same "change" Obama was talking about??? Anywhooos looks like the illuminati got another enter-tainer!!!!

  51. Ann Johnson

    pray it about it and ask god to show you. you will know. You feel this peace when its the right church that meant for you. God will use you in that particular church. so dont worry and just pray and trust God

  52. TreyRust

    yeah, its hard... thankfully, I think I found a good one... pentagostile Churchs are great... but if they preach anything that is not in the word, or remove stuff... leave

  53. 12342321

    honestly, how do we know what church is right? I have a problem trying to find the " right" church due to i do not want to be mis led..

  54. Tigerlilyeyes

    i think so

  55. Anna Louise

    ♥♥♥♥Copy and paste if you go 4 Jesus not 4 religion♥♥♥♥

    I've heard other Christians say that they don't believe in religion, they just believe that God created one way, one truth, through Jesus Christ. He didn't create religions. Maybe we shouldn't be calling ourselves religious people but instead calling ourselves Jesus people or something creative? coz I guess we aren't really religious at all. *cheesy smile*

    (thanks so much for putting this song up!)

  56. Tigerlilyeyes

    Yes its a Christian song. She is talking about shining for Jesus ; )

  57. Lauren Rohde

    Is this a Christian song?
    I love it!

  58. Kellyn Turrietta

    im not talking about Krystal. i love Krystal. katy, not so much, although i do pray for her

  59. Jennifer Flores

    i think her name's Krystal not katy

  60. Faith Harris

    If you like this song, try "You'll Never Know" by Krystal Meyers. You can find it under my videos.

  61. crazy4horses13

    i love this song but make some noise is better

  62. Kellyn Turrietta

    amen...gosh her songs make me gag!! i cant believe people actully listen to katy

  63. warriorcatgirls

    she was on the revolve tour!


    No, she's still Christian. Listen to her new song: S.O.S.: It says "holy father come and resue me". & in Love It away she talks about how God will love it away. She just has the new pop touch to it. I like it. :)

    John 3: 16::For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  65. Massiel Marchena

    what´s wrong!!!

  66. Crystal Tran

    hyperstatic is what my friends think i am

  67. Abby Lynn

    Awesome video! God Bless!

  68. Sarah Rebekka

    me too
    and this is the kind of musicstyle i hear in mall's and things, i like it but not for christian music

  69. alessi blumentrit

    me too :(
    but i still think her songs are awesome, no matter how much she changes her style.

  70. Jake Cofellea

    love her! just got back from the revolve concert and she really rocked!

  71. Brucev7

    Question on songs-1.Lyrics-'Collide..crashing in to me..' 2. 'Is in my heart..loosing won't hear a word from my mouth..'??? Heard on Power FM last night.

  72. RomanianKitty

    This song is really cool

  73. Brianna Wiebe

    she looks anime in this picture. :P

  74. Rita Ruiz

    its okay apolgy exsepted send me a friend invite okay?

  75. Rita Ruiz

    than lets be friends and im dislecsic so thats why I cant spell right. that hurt sooo bad I wanted to cry!

  76. Rita Ruiz

    okay than i'll apologize sorry im throgh. okay sorry thats all I'l still pray for you because you hurt me.Lets stopforget my last comment okay?

  77. Rita Ruiz

    YEAH YOUR RIGHT SORRY BUT ITS JUST THAT I'M TRYInG TO DEFEND MY SELF, LOOK AT THE COMMENTI got from that mean siber bully(emorockerangle101)shes mean!

  78. Rita Ruiz

    I appoligize to every one i cut down but emorockerangle101 she needs to be prayed for. so lets all pray for her discucting salers mouth.

  79. Rita Ruiz

    okay you need the most praying for because you have a mouth like a saler. and how old I am is nun of you dang busness!I'm sure I'm older that you okay so clean your mouth out with soap and deal with life! Is that better spelling for you? Well is it? let stop fighting.

  80. Rita Ruiz

    hey stunningb**ch you know what the other beuaty of free will is? you can also say what ever you want so deal with my comment theres nothing you can do to stop me from commenting bad on krystal.i uesd to like her and a lot. I thought she was awsome. well not any more! she rock better than hip hop.real christans prase god in the church were ever they go but in a club okay.go head go to the club but ill pray for you.

  81. Rita Ruiz

    I agree

  82. Rita Ruiz

    I listen to super chick thak you very much, and i listen to air one al the time i've probable listen to more music than you have ever in your life.So yeah and for the record stace orico is soo not cool on my list eather along with jack valasques. all of them are on my hate list. becaue they turn ther backs on god by makeing crossover songs and doing moves like chaseing pappy.just face it it a crossover son my opinon live with it like it or not okay?

  83. Allison Marshall

    It's not fact. You cannot judge her heart. That's God's job.
    I believe that God can use any type of music to reach people, so don't be hating on her new sound! lol
    I didn't say this to rip into your opinion or anything... but I think you should remember a very special verse:
    "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." Matthew 7:1
    We're all Christians here.

  84. Allison Marshall

    Don't say that. God is not absent from her third album. Not all of her songs from her first two albums mentioned God by name. The lyrics of this song aren't much different from "Anti-Comformity" and no one was slamming her for that song. She's still got the same message, the only thing that's changed is the style. And singing to club music is no more likely to make people get drunk and grind anymore than singing to rock music makes people do drugs and smoke.

  85. Rita Ruiz

    Its up beat, and i can see a bunch of drunk people at a club danceing, bumping and grinding,like i said all this girl needs is to stop makeing these crossover songs and actually sing for god. Is she ashamed of him now? Did she forget that god put her hear on this earth and with out him she wouldn't be so famous after all, he gave her this talent and he can take it away!! like my comment or not it my opinion!! really it's a fact!

  86. Eden Woolard

    I love her new sound

  87. Massiel Marchena

    I love this song !!!!!!!!!!

  88. Ken Chace

    On the "Make Some Noise" video Krystal has gone totally mainstream. Flicking her hair around it a Britney-Like fashion like it's "All About Me!"

    I like this new song, but that "Make Some Noise" video is not anything a true Christian singer could look at and be proud of. That is not how you Glorify God with your musical talents.

  89. Massiel Marchena

    i like the song but i don´t get it so well lol

  90. Massiel Marchena

    ít´s ok it´s like u know when u finished high school and then u go to college u don´t know it it is gonna work but at the end it works .

  91. Andrisell Martinez

    in what station did you hear it??

    i love her and this is my second fave of her songs!

  92. KunoichiHinata1

    I LOVE This SONG!!!! ITS soo addictive! Krystal Meyers ROCKS!!!!!!

  93. XxTemptedAngelxX

    When it comes out, does anyone know how I can get hold of the CD? The music shops have never heard of it...

  94. smileitsme33

    I LUUUUV THIS SONG!!!! nice video too

  95. Tijmen Compagniee

    im defenitly gonna buy the cd

  96. Ghost Ghost

    Great song!!!

  97. Marisa Riggs

    pretty amazing song!