Meyers, Krystal - Only You Make Me Happy Lyrics

I was chasing my dreams
With a coke and a smile
Only You make me happy
If that was the real thing
Then I'm in denial
Only You make me happy
Now my heart's on my sleeve
Don't care if I'm not in style
Only You make me happy

And fleeting
Fashion statements have no meaning

Only You make me happy
Only You make me happy
Everything will change
But You remain the same
Only You make me happy

I had it under control
I had it right where it wants me
Only You make me happy
I've got the rock and the roll
It made me one of the posse
Only You make me happy

Fame and fortune
Blind ambition
Can't replace
The love You've given

Like a song in my head
It lives and it dies
Only You make me happy
Elvis is dead
But my King is alive
Only You make me happy

Only You make me happy
Only You make me happy
Everything can go
Cuz the one thing I know
Is only You make me happy

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Meyers, Krystal Only You Make Me Happy Comments
  1. Philip Jenkins

    got the rock n roll

  2. José Lemas - arts!

    pasan los años y me sigue encantando esta canción!!!

  3. uma rockeira

    lindo cara

  4. Lynn Liddy

    My lionhead rabbit rosey love this song.

  5. Dwampy Fan


  6. José Castro

    Excelente , Great song !!

  7. Lucy Muriithi

    I looove this song...the lyrics and sounds...Good Job Krystal. Gob Bless ya!

  8. Jorge Fernando

    me reennnnncantaaaaaaaaaaaa! .......

  9. Deb daniel

    this is disgusting, leave her alone and keep dreaming about cause its not happening

  10. StealOfApproval

    This is the craziest thing I've ever read

  11. Michael Jenkins

    Elvis is dead but my King is alive,ONLY YOU MAKE ME HAPPY!

  12. katy perry

    God makes me happy jeje[:)]!!!!!

  13. theluizcarlos21

    BRAZIL.. ESTAMOS OUVINDO Krystal meyers... uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulll.............

  14. ZagoniSZTunde

    I also like Krystal, she's amazing <3 And it doesn't matter that other person hurts her by writing. LOVE YOU KRYSTAL!

  15. chickforchrist47

    I love Krystal so much!! I used to listen to A.L. but i didnt really like what she sang about so when I found Krystal I was SO happy!!!

    P.S. This guy who is posting stupid comments about Kystal and him marrying and how her father is trying to kill him....blah blah blah.... he is really really REALLY nuts and needs to get a life!

  16. lemon26182619


  17. BoogerFromHell

    is this truthvstradition person sane or?

  18. Jessica Carey

    HEY! God is good no matter what, and I'm glad that I'm not, and you're not, God. He is:)

  19. Ashley Medina

    why are all the comments so long?

  20. jesse youngs

    @TruthVsTradition hey :) god loves you

  21. jesse youngs

    @TruthVsTradition me by calling me a liar when really im telling the truth and was expressing how happy and blessed i was to be able to meet her and have her be our praise and worship leader at faith heights. i think this whole thing about you confronting me over stuff that isnt true is ridiculous... god bless and god loves you!!!!

  22. jesse youngs

    @TruthVsTradition whatever you say im not gonna have this little war go on about whats true and whats not. just leave me alone. im a 20 yearold youth leader at faith heights and i promise everything i said here was true if you dont believe me thats your choice im done arguing about this when you are here doing false accusations, in Luke 6:37 it says“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven; maybe you shouldnt judge

  23. jesse youngs

    @TruthVsTradition look for krystal hawkins on face book AKA krystal meyers go to info and bam you will finally know the truth. they are at Nashville Tennessee she is now pregnant. go to my face book i have photos with her. jesse youngs is the name if you dont believe me

  24. jesse youngs

    @TruthVsTradition she was actually at faith heights and then she moved back to her home town to start a family of her own believe me or not i know whats true and whats not

  25. BoomerChristian

    Elvis is dead but my king is alive...favorite line from the song I was chasing my dreams with a coke and a smile for some reason the funniest line

  26. kbaym

    I thought this boy could make me happy, but what i really needed was God!

  27. jesse youngs

    krystal is an amazing person!! shes the praise and worship leader at the church i go to

  28. ELITAH7


  29. QuishaPH

    Love this song!!!!

  30. Joao Pedro Miranda Lima

    GOD is BIG

  31. Jessyka ten Pas

    :) great song

  32. Jake Tan

    this came out way before miley cyrus was hannah montana man haha

  33. NOTWGirl180

    @crapbacky Amen to that!

  34. greencase

    something smells like teen spirit.

  35. ILoveCrzyBear

    Before I found out about God and Jesus, I was always Depressed and sad, now I'm happy and I can't believe it, I thank them to the fullest for making me feel better

  36. Jellycrit

    hahaha it so does xD

  37. DiamondDust

    Is it just me or does the beginning sound like hannah montana? :[

  38. Illusion Starr

    wooow she is really pretty xDD

  39. withhe

    I believe in Jesus Christ and He loves me...... He died for souls! Thanks Jesus :))

  40. muna135

    luvn dis song

  41. Shawn Defeudis

    minds me of some hot local gals..and ashley simpson..and someone else...hmmmm who it is?

  42. shohna

    I lovvvvvve this song. Instant happiness from listening to happiness :) Too cool!

  43. chriander

    love this song!

  44. Desert Moon

    What the hell? No she isnt. Hilary is a voiceless Disney robo-ho. Krystal is a full-voiced SINGER songwriter.

    Desert Moon

    What the fuck was I on when I commented this? I enjoy both Hilary and Krystal.....

  45. Ezequiel Nascimento

    she is really good !! I love this song : )

  46. Janjan Abu

    now she is like hilary duff. LOL. :)

  47. Ruth N

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  48. Trippy Rippy

    she is really good!

  49. Kathleen Phillips

    Elvis is dead but my king is alive...
    i like it

  50. Hans Van

    This girl really rocks Hannah Montana is a JOKE!!

  51. liliedove

    Hey hey you two, settle down! I mean really, your making a big deal over a misunderstanding. Okay, for Shiley116, sadly most Christians here are not radicals about it and are sleeping on the job so to speak... And for Zoey260, I really don't think God was real pleased when you typed like that... And yelling at people in that way will only make people want to ignore Christianity more even if you're trying to help.

  52. Leah Faye

    this song kind of reminds me of a VBS song...doesn't it sound like it could be a VBS song?! I totally see the choreography and everything haha!

  53. Jessica Bob


  54. fillysunray

    Woohoo! Only God makes me happy! Keep up the music, Krystal!

  55. José Castro

    Solo tu me haces feliz......
    de krystal, y me hace estar feliz....
    God Bless You : - D

  56. Relax CreatorM

    yeah guys she's a bit like them,and Elvis that was a Christian he's maybe in hell!but btw is it bad to dye my nails with black glitter polish?My mother was taken by surprse when i asked her to buy one!
    but u know teens want to react somtmes so i want to try it bad??

  57. bennyluvsdisneystars

    I really like the line, Elvis is dead but my King is Alive! I could just hear Elvis saying "That's right baby!"

  58. Sarah Rebekka

    it's a girl with own style and christian:D
    that's whats better on krystal
    and btw avril is christian(?) but doesn't sing that
    eeh sorry i'm just silly:$

  59. Sarah Rebekka


  60. Maddy Rumford

    i like the line where she says "Elvis is dead, but MY KING is alive". it is so true! our king is so alive!<3<3<3<3

  61. Savannah Durr

    I don't care how many times I hear this song, I have to get up and dance when it's on!

  62. CrazyLuciiee

    Elle a un petit air de Hillary Duff et une voix ressemblant de très près à....
    J'men rappel plus du nom...
    Bref, j'trouve ça pas mal...

  63. Josephine Goh

    nice song...

  64. lynnctodd

    this song makes me smile whenever I am down or stressed and reminds me to keep my focus on Jesus. Rock on Krystal!

  65. InstantInsanity

    my favourite song in the world. thanks for this song.

  66. K8ie121

    She's awsome! Such a great role model

  67. xKoreanx

    This is an Audition song! I had no idea this girl sang it.

  68. Desert Moon

    This isn't Britney Spears/Lindsay Blowhan buddy. :D

  69. sevenguiry

    before she looked like a crack hoe.

  70. Andre Gerstenberger

    avril is avril and will always be, kristal is a good girl and avril is not eveyrone wants to copy avril!! avril rocks forever, and will always be known, even in 20 years , i swear!

  71. speer17al

    And beatiful

  72. speer17al

    She is awesome.

  73. Rawk4Life

    I don't own any albums by Krystal Meyers, but I'd listen to her over Avril Lavigne or Natasha Bedingfield any day.

  74. Kayla Way

    wut the heckie is an audi?!


    i feel left outt!!


  75. Desert Moon

    Intro is stunning. The whole song and her songs rock!

  76. Tamara P

    !!only you me haces feliz!!

  77. zolat20

    this song has such a positive meaning, i love it! its makes my bad day turn to a good day, after i listen to this song and it makes me think about some people that always try to cheer me up lol

  78. Alax

    yea but horrible comment

  79. BombbbProductions

    i can play this on drums:)
    i love her music though.

  80. Alyssa Germain

    she says only you make me happy like 18 times. count it!

  81. smileitsme33

    this songis sooooooooo good! i luvv it!

  82. brubzinha

    nossa o começo parece smells do nirvana..
    q tosco

  83. Jennifer McManus

    this song always makes me feel happy : ) X

  84. Desert Moon

    Wow. You really ARE an Avril fan! XD XD XD XD XD!

  85. Desert Moon

    I think it's because she started her music career in 2002 and Krystal in 2005. AND it's because Complicated made Avril famous. Krystal isnt that well-known.

  86. Desert Moon

    Krystal owns Avril's ass. FACT. Avril cant sing for shit. Her vocal style is amazing, but her voice sucks. Just like her 3rd "album". I cant tell the difference between a pile of crap, Paris Hilton and Avril's current CD.

  87. Rebecca G

    no ones ever gonna be better than Avril!

  88. Tijmen Compagniee

    great song, great singer

  89. happyCollegegirl

    I love her she has a amazing voice!!!!!

  90. Desert Moon

    YEA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo I LOVE this song! I have a message for you K.M fans: I've said some TERRIBLE things about her and I apologize.

  91. Tamara P

    Sólo tú me haces feliz !!!

  92. angelriku201

    she doesnt look like Hillary..the only thing that makes them look the same is that they have blonde hair ( well hillary used to)
    shes so much prettier than Hillary =]]

  93. Tamara P

    yaaa ves tronko se parece a la hilary en esa foto!! la canción es muy feliz :D viva la vida!!

  94. Desert Moon

    Only they look and sound different. And Krystal, whie sounding a thousand percent different live, can ACTUALLY sing EVERY song!

  95. Josh Aquino

    Yeah haha! This is now my fave song LOLZ!

    LET'S ROCK! :D

  96. 1ason

    rock on!!!!!!!!

  97. Josh Aquino

    "Elvis is dead
    But my King is alive" Yeah BABY! :D