Meyers, Krystal - Beautiful Tonight Lyrics

My eyes have a rosy glaze
(As darkness falls)
I'm dancing on a razor blade
(It's killing me)
Such a dangerous attraction
I'm flirting with fire
A desire reason just can't tame
I'm gonna regret this

It's the shadow inside my mind
And I'm in denial
I'm becoming quite a liar
Does that make me beautiful tonight?
(To someone)
In my sickness can you find me beautiful tonight?

The moonlight plays against my skin
(You found me out)
Midnight sometimes is my only friend
(Don't leave me now)
The hunger it eats me alive
I'm falling, dissolving
It's crawling into my veins
I'm gonna regret this

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, beautiful tonight

I don't want to stay this way forever
Can you make me beautiful tonight?

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Meyers, Krystal Beautiful Tonight Comments
  1. Mio Mio


  2. Cynical Succubus

    My only problem with her music is there's a lot of religious undertones and I'm not necessarily religious. But i still enjoy the songs and it's ok to believe in something 😊

  3. misguided ghosts

    She could've been huge if she release another pop album like this. But it's almost 10 years now...

    Cynical Succubus

    misguided ghosts she works at a church now and has a family. She still sings at her church.

  4. Michael Michael

    she was way ahead of any music artist at the time. Make Some Noise has that different taste in electronic music that takes you in whole new level

  5. John O

    Fantastic song. _"In my sickness can you find me beautiful tonight?"_ What an amazing question that points both to the need to be cleansed of the pain and darkness, as well as the hope that another would go to such a great length to love someone else in spite of such sickness.

  6. Melissa Fuentealba

    My Eyes Have a Rozy Glaze...

  7. Cps Inc

    Science is Beautiful Tonight, not bible banging idiots! She discovered god was one big lie and a fairy tale for people with low IQ's.

    Cps Inc

    The bible is like a children's story book.

    Tiffany Adorable

    @Cps Inc Whatever, im done arguing with you, a little 5 year old kid telling me, god isnt real. Oh! I have a movie for you. ITS CALLED " God's Not Dead " GO WATCH IT.

    Cps Inc

    @Tiffany Adorable He can't be dead if he NEVER EXISTED!

    Arya Stark

    I'm an atheist, and I think you're disgusting, cps inc. If you don't like this kind of music, why did you even search for it and click on it? Krystal is not even mainstream, so it's not like she was being pushed in your face. I happen to like Krystal's music. I came here to listen to music, not see you rage and rant about petty bullshit you horrible troll. I sincerely hope you're under the age of 15. If you're any older than that and act the way you do, you should consider yourself an embarrassment to the human race.

    Arya Stark

    Excuse me, PICK. It's 3AM. Every time you post a reply to this, I get a loud notification buzzer.

  8. Ashla Icebreaker

    One of my top favorites by her! I love the lyrics and the music fits so well with it! I usually don't listen to pop/ hip-hop/ dance etc. but Krystal's newer stuff is an exception (though of course, her rock is amazing as well, and that's what got me into her music in the first place) and this song is AMAZING!!

  9. Ercole Marino

    i miss Krystal!

  10. KiroStun

    aaaah loooong top comments!! love the soooong!

  11. Eric M

    beautiful song! ;-)

  12. nez

    I see the struggle between evil and good. Christ chose to die for our wicked nature. Somehow he loves us even when we fall short time and time again because of our choices. Sin.

  13. Lydario

    Though slightly irrelevant, I feel she looks a lot better in these pics as opposed to the "cuteness" I see in a majority of her pics.

  14. rosiedozen92

    i can't stop listening to this :)

  15. amberozia

    Happy Birthday Krystal!

  16. Lauren E

    she seems more like a model at times, but i still like her music

  17. Lunay LeZarde

    It could be more subtle than that. Obviously, looking the way she does, being in the music industry, there would be some pressure to pay more attention to superficial beauty, rather than the beauty God expects of us.

  18. Benjamin Hatmaker

    The person in the song (I don't think Krystal is talking about herself) is caught between two definitions of beautiful. There's society's beautiful, where she has to do things she regrets, that are destructive, false, and hurtful but addictive.Then there's God's beautiful, it only requires us being pure and true. So she's trying to be society's beautiful, and then realizes it's wrong - but she's addicted- it's a sickness.She's asking will God still think her beautiful. The answer is yes,He will.

  19. Lauren E

    yeah, she does look really thin. she probably a size 1

  20. Hannah Ita

    okay i hate to say this but does anyone know if krystal is like okay?? like some of her photos esp one at 2.20 dont look too good and even vids of her show her looking really thin! cool if anyone knows, like i just hope she okay, ya know.

  21. garbagegabi

    eyah,i see,i see :')

  22. fillysunray

    I don't think it's either. From one of your replies I realise the song may be about cutting and then I think that's what the hunger is for, which makes more sense - I thought it was about her actually flirting with a guy and something along the lies of her other song "the situation". But it makes a lot more sense - cutting. Not the actual cutting, but that it would be the meaning :)

  23. fillysunray

    WOW! I've heard this song many times, and I liked it - but I just read the lyrics and they just astound me. They are amazing! The only thing I don't like is that I didn't come up with them :)

  24. Isaias _90

    she is so beautiful...

  25. Marriedtoanime

    This song is SO tru!

  26. JaakkoAA

    ♥awesome song♥


    Thanks for posting this!