Metronomy - Walking In The Dark Lyrics

Holler if you need me
Holler if you need me, girl
Holler if you need me, girl
Just holler if you need me
'Cause I couldn't stand the pain
Of seeing you hurt again, girl

Holler if you need me, girl
Holler if you need me
Holler if you need me
Holler if you need me, girl
Holler if you need me

I'm here if you need me
I'm here if you need me, boy
Holler if you need me, boy
Just holler if you need me
'Cause I couldn't stand the pain
Of seeing you hurt again, boy

Holler if you need me, boy
Holler if you need me
Holler if you need me, boy
Holler if you need me
Holler if you need me, girl
Holler if you need

Holler if you need me
Holler if you need me
Holler if you need me
Holler if you need me, boy
Holler if you need me
Holler if you need me, boy
Holler if you need me

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Metronomy Walking In The Dark Comments
  1. Rudi Ramadani

    I see Gamelan from Indonesia !

  2. Mario Korn

    Congratulation , Nice music...sounds like Men without hats.

  3. Ben Hajioff

    Modern art.

  4. moonbyuli

    Another reason why I wish weed was legal in the UK. This video is the most incredible thing I've seen.

    Nigel Camilleri

    I mean you can still buy. I've met 16 year olds with some weed imported from California

  5. BW Creations

    Dear Metronomy, I'm glad I found you so long ago. Please never change, or keep changing, or whatever the hell you'd like to do. Either way we'll all be listening...

  6. C. Starosta

    ive listened this on acid and i felt they were mamonsitos, mexican slang word to refer they were like too fucking awesome

  7. Ciropa Paulino

    the best

  8. Méli Méli

    J'adore ! Ce son est d'une puissance énorme

  9. Skully Smalls

    i think ive finally found it. the peak music video to watch while high. I don't thinks it's beatable.

  10. auxnoise

    I like guitarists shirt

  11. Izabela Kečan

    this is just fucking wonderful <3

  12. David Morel

    Bissexual vibes

  13. Romain Viry

    What say more about Metronomy, listen and enjoy it ! I love Metronomy, congrats !

  14. Bob Langford

    That's one hard hitting bass line!

  15. fgblvn

    1:31 "if your party doesn’t look like this don’t even bother to invite me"

    Enzo Maran

    JUST DO IT! and invite me

  16. Samuel González Correa

    I just can not imagine the f****** heat into that suit.

  17. Michael Kiptoo Mwaniki

    I have no idea who or what metronomy is... but a dj dangermouse post led me to this 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Inés Regina Bermúdez Solis

    Metronomy forever

  19. MC G

    This is just genius....

  20. Dream The Endless

    Hes definitely rocking that Fallout 76 raincoat though..

  21. Rebecca Timoteo

    You're still giving us good music!!

  22. PHD18E

    This is so SOULFUL

  23. Olga Lebedeva


  24. Juan Arteaga

    Thanks Spotify for recommending me my new drug.

  25. m lee

    Essa música relaxa a alma

  26. Jean-Philippe Goo

    damn that's good

  27. Patrick Cardiff

    I accept that it has to be derivative. But why not work a little more on the lyrics?

  28. bryanmcb19

    This edible ain’t shit
    1 hour later 0:45

  29. Tio Karnelindo

    You know what, that is gamelan. Indonesian traditional music.

  30. Good Guy Lakloy

    Indonesian gamelan 🔥🔥🔥

  31. annet

    wtfock ❤

  32. Jimmy Catalina

    Very weird. Like l like

  33. Kamal Kaur

    This is mind clearing. Thank you. I feel purified.

  34. David v

    La grande classe, bravo

  35. Sergio Echalar

    i WANT TO DiE

  36. Lauren Doshier

    You all were in my dream last night. Thanks for the good times!

  37. Manu Grand Est

    Il y a beaucoup trop de synthés.... C'c'est mauvais,
    Et trop repetitif

  38. Ef G Pérez

    Si curraa🤘

  39. Zé Rui

    Música boa da boba serena, chega deu um arrupio

  40. LazuliKafe

    I just imagine myself flying through the universe with this song

  41. katethekat

    0:04 is that gamelan

  42. Stefarooh

    Not crazy about the new album to be honest. After a few spins it just hasn't grabbed me. I loved Summer 08 but didn't care for Love Letters but then once again loved English Riviera. At this rate it looks like I will only enjoy every consecutive Metronomy album so bring on the next one. Judging by the stats I am bound to love it.

  43. Kateryna Vitruk

    Metronomy, u are awesome! thanks <3

  44. Letizia383

    I love this song so badly <3

  45. Fred Blair

    oh yea, this is dreamy, I love it

  46. Meri Beth

    La weá buena, llegué de casualidad y me envicié

  47. thatguywiththegun1

    It can't be just me, but this song gives me vibes of the Gorillaz every time I listen to it

  48. Ramiro Cladera Ojeda

    0:00 what instrument Is it?

  49. David Leavell

    This song is so tight.I love it.

  50. And7vasq Vasquez

    Wish I could live a happy life like this

  51. Enzo Maran

    Feels like Tame Impala.


    *tame impala feels like metronomy

  52. Cassdp

    Excelente! Suena muy bien

  53. E E

    this guy looks like he is now addicted to coffee

    E E

    and heroine

  54. N E C Δ M Δ C H

    I love metronomy but i completely dislike this!

  55. SPINNER3108


  56. Theo Teboul

    au bord de l'ennui ou au coeur de l'ennui ! je ne sais pas je suis perdu ! de ce point de vue, très belle réussite

  57. superImpious

    WTF is this atrocity?!!

  58. sethdamurdoc

    1:55 feel like i get a whip damage

  59. Soupmanson

    How the hell did I get here ?... and now I sort of want to stay........

  60. bakelite

    Can you guys make 10 minute extended version of this, pleeeeeeease

  61. patrick kelly


  62. Aji Alzena

    is that Bonang my bruh...?

  63. zann

    First i see Gamelan..

  64. yamaha rider

    if only i could pick up the girls by introducing myself this way, it'd make my life less awkward.

  65. Koke Acosta

    Sounds like make love by daft punk or is only me?

  66. Theodisc

    He kind of reminded me of good old Emperor Ferdinand II bopping around in his raincoat

  67. Rifai Alvin

    gamelanya bagus

  68. Nick Rosmini

    I really want an instrumental version of this!

  69. slavic putin

    Why do I vibe so hard to this shit

  70. RetroSound

    Love it!

  71. Suckz Channel

    Gamelan ? It's so awesome dude

  72. Bernd Berndner

    well, at least I know I gotta get some mushrooms soon

  73. federico pichilli

    Oscar Cash is the Luke Skywalker of music

  74. Guilhem Coste

    In the first 5s, the xylophonist is playing something which does not coordinate with the music

  75. Gabriel Frost

    love this band, keep making great music !!!!

  76. joker3

    *M E X I C O* 🇲🇽

  77. slimounet slimounet

    addictif et jouissif...

  78. Crash Combate

    Q porra é essa mi ermano

  79. Jim Rankin

    Wow! What an interesting, enchanting sound!

  80. boffrey baginthwaite

    These guys have got the moves

  81. That70'smusic

    Good song

  82. Dee

    Is that gamelan from Indonesia? But i heard no gamelan here

  83. tzuetz

    cómo los amo

  84. bao s

    i'm hollering!! come save me from Ebola!!

  85. Timothy Kim

    there's only one head poncho, and thats poncho billa
    but this guy may qualify as the 2nd

  86. Mariam Guniava

    This kinda reminds me of Reservoir

  87. xᴇʟᴍ

    he looks so depressed in this video & i fucking feel that.

  88. Izzy

    Gamelan?????? 😂 Nice music tho

  89. Valeria Sist

    How you read this? How you song this ?

  90. Mirek Hruska

    Prostě nejlepší bizár :D

  91. Alice Madness

    Lol how high were they when they made this XD? XD

  92. Tokyyto

    what a great band

  93. numbon valium

    This 100% reminds me of the Groove Is In The Heart video from the 90s.

    Natalie M


  94. Guillermo Olguin Mendieta

    no usen drogas banda no mamen

  95. Metronomy

    Well, thanks everyone, I guess thats it.
    Behind the scenes video for this is now up, check it out innit!

    Herwan Dinata

    thanks for showing gamelan guys, greating and love from Indonesia 🙏🏻

    Chris Joaquin

    Thanks for making this 😃


    Happyyyyyy!!!!!!😍 See you in Benidorm 🤗🎶💟

    cinthia escalante balderas

    Waiting in Mexico ♥️ coming soon

    This is Pi

    Metronomy ❤️Thank you Metronomy! See you guys tomorrow:)