Metric - Monster Hospital Lyrics

Monster hospital, can you please release me?
You hold my hands down, I've been bad.
You hold my arms down, I've been bad.
I've been bad, I've been bad.

I fought the war but the war won

Monster movie, Daddy Warbucks up against Bobby Fuller
And he beat him hands down
Lead in the head
Put a little lead in his head.

I fought the war but the war won't stop for the love of god.
I fought the war but the war won

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Metric Monster Hospital Comments
  1. Donald Duck Trump

    I remember seeing one of their shows live about 13 years ago, and she was completely high or drunk and it kinda ruined the show.

  2. oyze

    hahaa only 315k fkn sellouts

  3. Ozzy Head

    nice nightmare on elm st. touch with the hands in the wall

  4. Misheard Lyrics

    Much music Halloween omg the memories I miss that show so so much

  5. Saintnick90

    I fought Thor.

  6. William Borowski

    This video used to scare me so much as a kid haha

  7. Александр Шамаев

    Bad trip)

  8. OpTic Wannabe

    Coach: "Is this a joke son? Is this meant to be funny, because if you've- Oh fuck!"
    Best ending to a film ever. xD Tormented 2009

  9. Waiting for an Indie Apocalypse

    More music like this! This is one of my favorites

  10. Zoo Crew

    holy shit this sucks. dislike.

  11. PyramidCeres

    I used to have the stems of gold gun girls

  12. neo

    the universes
    hi user steven

    user s.p

  13. Dead Pegasus

    DUDE, okay I love Metric and yeah there very Underrated. I seriously can't stop falling in love with Emily Haines Vocals their very Outstanding

  14. Rj Davidson XYX

    Brian Harkey

  15. exxumma

    first radio hit and still their best

  16. Public Platform

    The remix is wayyy better

  17. Drumin Rebel

    Thx metric and choir of mind for beeing u and us everytime

  18. I.P. Knightley

    Love Metric but prefer Imperial


    There's an ounce of truth in what you're sayin.

  19. DarkKnightTrinity

    Great music video, awesome album, masterpiece of haunting and subtle storytelling.

  20. darbi rhian

    Bam chicka bam chicka boom boom boom

  21. sarcasmo57

    Had this song in my head for 10 years, finally looked it up. It was nice

  22. Mark Holness

    Metric love them

  23. MrGleamMusic

    So Strong

  24. Bee Kwadi

    views dont matter

  25. Ben Smith

    One of the best songs humanity has ever created.

  26. Luke

    art reflecting life if feminist desires after cucking white could drown a toddler on those delusional panties

  27. KurtCobaya

    Muchos años sin escuchar esta canción.
    Me recuerda a mi pre-adolescencia.

  28. Endorphins27

    I like the raw version better. This just seems to fast and choppy in comparison. Still great.

  29. Emmanuel Alejandro lozada peza

    2018 buena canción

  30. Marios Skordos

    I don't even like this, it sounds bad. Dat PS4 announcement remix tho. Damn.

  31. paralyzer paralyzer

    The only reason I love Russia is cause they love metric and I'm Canadian =)
    Just kidding

    paralyzer paralyzer

    French Canadian


    Спасибо. I guess :D

  32. Crash Palace

    Excellent song from a phenomenal album.

  33. ParadiXe311

    This song could exorcise the listener, if they're possessed by demons.

  34. Peter Marreck

    I'm playing the game Vampyr (which features... vampires in hospitals) and I can't help thinking of this song, so SO BE IT. It will play whenever I'm near Pembroke Hospital lol

  35. lemsdarkapprentice 2

    epic song [el'sda2].

  36. K A R M A

    2018 and still Loving Metric!! 😘😘😘

  37. ODB88 yy

    que perra cancion con todo me recuerda a un viaje al sur de mexico cuando tenia como 19

  38. Zett Compact

    One of the best rock & indi bands of the 21-st century. Emily ROCKS! It is the song i fell in love with Metric.

  39. ahmedmujtaba007

    Does anyone else has that flash backs of song 2 blur while listening to this track?

  40. Diana Sendt

    This video is shite. Hate it. Love the song though.

  41. Initially NO

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  42. Mucka Smith

    I can't understand why the views aren't higher, innit!

  43. Robert Mcclintock

    It's about Jamestown state hospital in nd @spyit_ground

  44. DoitForTheLolz1

    So it took Vevo just 3 years to upload the music video (2009) but it took the actual record company 6 years (published on 2012) amazing.

  45. Clinton Leonard

    Scott Pilgrim is how I discovered this awesome band.

    Ben Smith

    Clinton Leonard , lol, I used to buy drugs from a guy called Scott Pilgrim.

    Laela Overmoyer

    @Ben Smith you just made that movie 10x more amusing for me now, thanks for that 😆


    I discovered this song while searching for another artist but I misspelled their name and came across this

  46. Paladinfox

    I'm not the only one who thinks Metric is boring, right?


    Paladinfox So if you think they're boring, what the fuck were you doing here?


    Fucking crazy. I was in college when this was out. fuck me sideways

  48. Elaine Komis

    Hotel or Hospital? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. w d

    Just saw stranger things. I think it is uncanny how similar Emily Haines and Winona Ryder look in combination with the wall-effect at 0:52. Wonderful show, wonderful band. probably no connection. haha

  50. Mark Birnage

    Fantastic song heard this for the 1st time today while running ;-)

  51. Ryan Carter

    What a song!!

  52. R. Michael Duttera

    I love that Babylon is on her many understand he wonders...

  53. John Davies

    I fought the war... I fought the war but the war won - stop, for the love of God!... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Robert Caple

    The lyric is actually, "I fought the ward", but I've always liked it better as "war".


    actually it is war.

    John Davies

    OMG! When did it start? With Russia, China, North Korea, who?


    @Robert Caple i like your interpretation. :)

    Robert Caple

    @Tori Thanks! With a song called "Monster Hospital", and "please release me..." etc., I though "ward" made more sense. That, and somewhere at some point I read (or watched, can't remember. Would have been around 2006) that she wrote and recorded the lyric as "ward", but liked it as "war" also after seeing it transcribed incorrectly so many places. For all I know, she sings it as "war" now, seeing as the forever war seems to be a permanent fixture of US foreign policy now.

    Fun fact: the band is from Toronto, and the members are all very active in Canadian alt. rock, however the core group are all US nationals who all moved to Canada.

  54. Mohi212

    Stop, for the love of that line.

  55. Jess in king

    holy fuck how am i just seeing this now even though i listened to this album on repeat since 2012? this is amazing and i relate to this so much!

  56. coreselene

    metric is so underrated ;_;

    Mr Internet

    super underrated


    much better than standard.

    i hate fractions...

  57. Jade West

    I love all that blood coming out of nowhere


    who dat giilrl

  58. Louise Dean

    Love it!

  59. jason kinzie

    Great song, great video! I'm going to have to check out her other videos.

  60. Doom Guy


  61. Bill Taylor

    I fought the law, and 
    the law won

    no one els? really?


    These people trying to correct to war lol
    Guessing either they don't understand or are trying to say its completely unrelated
    But yes I thought this when the song first came out. When I first heard it all I could think was how much it sounded like a slight twist on the lyrics from the clash.

    Ken Feldman

    EstharFalcus, here's the actual lyrics:
    Monster hospital, can you please release me?
    You hold my hands down, I've been bad.
    You hold my arms down, I've been bad.
    I've been bad, I've been bad.

    I fought the war but the war won

    Monster movie, Daddy Warbucks up against Bobby Fuller
    And he beat him hands down
    Lead in the head
    Put a little lead in his head.

    I fought the war but the war won't stop for the love of god.
    I fought the war but the war won


    Ken Feldman, yes, they are the lyrics for this song. A song which has a very obvious reference to another song which is what we are talking about here (the reference being to The Clash's song "I Fought the Law")
    You don't need to post the lyrics for this song as it does not show anything about this song not being a reference to The Clash, which a lot of people picked up on.

    Ken Feldman

    From your post I thought your comment "These people trying to correct to war lol" was that people misinterpreted the word "war" and actually it was "law", hence my posting of the lyrics.

    Side note, Bobby Fuller did a cover version of "I Fought the Law" in 1966, and he is referenced in the Metric lyrics "Monster movie, Daddy Warbucks up against Bobby Fuller". Originally recorded by the Crickets in 1960 but it never went anywhere. The Clash did their version in 1979.

    Luis Reliquias

    I fought the war but the war won't stop for the love of god!

  62. ThereIsNoDog96

    That scream at the beginning sounds like the girlfriend in Stan by Eminem.

    Cisco López

    Is just an sound effect, anyone can use it, and i recall that song too :D

    Obvious Bambi

    @ThereIsNoDog96 Glad I'm not the only one who's noticed that.

  63. Scott McHenry

    They fought the war 32 times.  Yes, I counted.

  64. Простой Золотой

    Там своими руками рот закрыла

  65. Darío Escobedo

    I can't stop listening to this.

  66. Traxx5363

    Prefere la remix faite pour la ps4 

  67. Gameswindows

    i prefer version "Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)"

    Ben Smith

    Gameswindows both are good.

    Michael Richter

    That's a great one

  68. Mike Poitras

    Live It Out is still their best lp. Like them all,but this one is the tops.

  69. Richard Townsend

    Only 84k views? Sure 2k of those are mine but this is what wrong with the world right here.

  70. progchick1

    Polanski's Repulsion!

  71. Radu Nico


  72. tiortedrootsky

    when she is lying on the carpet she looks like olivia wilde

  73. v1ccedd

    Strenx 2011 - The Movie !

  74. dzyanist

    This song fucking ROCKS, and the lyrix are amazing !!! Heard it at the end of "Tormented" and had to look it up..fucking RIPS !!

    OpTic Wannabe

    The ending to that film is hilarious xD
    "Is this meant to be funny? Because if you've- Oh *fuck!"*

  75. Mohamed Adel


  76. 144taro

    very good MUSIC

  77. Star BT Studios

    PS4 <3 = Metric

  78. Star BT Studios

    cuandometric era buena :(

  79. iCrimy

    This song sucked.

  80. Daniel Fitzgerald


  81. M X

    this man is right

  82. Remco Schedel—the SKULL

    This clips is actually inspired by the black-and-white psychological horror movie Repulsion (1965), about a woman who thinks she might not be alone in her apartment

  83. Gabriele B

    Man, I love this whole Album..
    Live it out, the best one they made.. so far..

  84. Darrell Mayson

    wow! i love this!

  85. JudeIceCool3000

    Did anyone else's awesome taste in music bring them here?

    Michael Richter

    But of course

  86. Miguel

    Xbox One

  87. Zeke

    Yes, PlayStation and Now Is Good, great movie, and epic presentation of the ps4.

  88. HipHopGamer92

    Thumbs up if u came here from ps4 intro.

  89. borgstod

    The War always wins devouring combatants and non combatants alike....

  90. Thimo

    This song was used in a PS4 trailer

  91. Thimo

    PS4 is winning this round
    Xbox One press conference was extremely bad haha

  92. exxumma

    their best song !!

  93. TheOsmosis

    OMFG the remix is better than the original version xDDD

  94. wenaldy

    sorry but i tried, didn't like

  95. romanianskill

    Both are good, you just don't know how to enjoy the other one yet.

  96. wenaldy

    oh, PS4 RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  97. wenaldy

    This is better than Dubfuckingstep